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KenKen Classic II

KenKen Classic II for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by KenKen Puzzle Co. located at KenKen Puzzle LLC 29 King Street Chappaqua, NY 10514. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Be careful about playing the easy games first. You do not have access to all the games that appear. They repeatedly charge you to unlock more games.
Games okay. Keep running out of +-*/ at the level I like. Emailed many times. The procedures didn't work. Going to hard level and clicking on magic wand when stuck.
I absolutely LOVE this game, and the site also. So many options, very user friendly and NOT a zillion ads like other game sites, that constantly interrupt your game. A lot of thought went into this site. WELL DONE!!! A++++++
I started with the 5Γ—5 puzzles (hard). They are challenging without being too difficult. I look forward to moving to the 6x6's.
U can make a better app than this. Pls improve the app atleast it's not a paid app. So i admire it :l
Not a bad piece of software but it's not really free. 50 games then you have to buy more, and I played 50 in a couple of days. There are loads of better free games which show no more ads than this does so not worth buying extra games unless they made the game ad free. Also I agree with the other reviewer who said the undo behaviour is erratic.
I would actually quite enjoy this if it didnt bog me down with ads after every single puzzle. To top it off, once I beat a certain number of puzzles (took about a day) all the puzzles locked up, wanting me to buy more. i get you guys need to make money, but you get to pick-either spam ads for cash, or try and get us to make in app purchases all the time. both is just bad form.
It's an amazing game with math and thinking! It teaches it if you have never seen it before (I have seen it before this) and it goes from super easy to hard, and it chooses short commercials so we can keep playing after 2 or 3 seconds! Amazing game, love it.
Best brain excercise apps ever! I think it's better for developer to keep the history for each puzzle likes the time taken to finish it, number of attempts, hints used, etc. I want to find the shortest and longest completion time puzzles for my future review but i couldn't find it.
I really enjoy doing these puzzles. They are time consuming (in a good way.) I spend a long time doing these a day. Some of them are challenging but I like all the hints you can use. I really like this app because it is fun and enjoyable! Not many people like Ken Ken because its challenging. Thank you for making this hame....I enjoy it a lot and I'm only young! So ya!!!! The only thing I dont really like is that theres a timer. It kinda rushes me and then I have to use a hint or I get it wrong.
I absolutely loved this game but was only able to complete 50 puzzles and then have to pay if i want to do any more. I would rather watch ads than pay. Guess ill look for a different ken ken app to play
A very good KenKen game, easy interface and useful options. But I am not very fond of the constant ads. I don't normally complain about the ads, it's only fair to watch some especially if you are playing the free version. But they are too much. If you go out a game and resume it just a few seconds later, chances are that you will have to watch an ad. Also, I've noticed that the game doesn't always add a number straighaway, requiring to tab the screen multiple times. Everything else is great!
Many puzzle choices beginner to expert in all levels. Lots of fun. Very challenging. Never disappoints me.
I watched more ads on this app than I solved puzzles. Sometimes even had ads before doing a puzzle first. Deleted after a day.
Fun take on Sudoku, decent app, 50 puzzles is a good start, and getting more is cheap enough. Ads are all 5 second cancels which is nice, and it has a paid ad free option. If you like math and number puzzles, check this out!
After every single puzzle you solve there's an ad. After EVERY puzzle. Even the ones that only take 20 seconds to solve there's an ad.
The app itself is fine, but the customer service has no customer oriented mindset. They didn't refund my payment (one of my payments) when the app didn't sync on my different devices. And this year I can't get new puzzles in 9x9 expert category and they really don't seem to care. THEY ARE REALLY CHASING MONEY with such cheap tactics.
Absolutely amazing game very addictive... Bought some in app puzzles which didn't come through straight away but I contacted the owner/creator of the app and explained the problem, which was then sorted in less than 12 hrs of emails between each other... To some up great game great customer service πŸ‘πŸ‘
Good aside from the ridiculous amount of ads. After every single puzzle, or pause, and when you open the app. And, once you complete 50 puzzles, that's all. No more. So you get 50 puzzles as a demo and then you have to pay to continue, just so you know.
Way more challenging than Sudoku. Try 8x8 medium with sum only. Adding operations makes the combinatoric easier (if you know basic algebra.) Kenken can be dumbed down by using pencil and erasor. The point is to make logical inferences, not to be diligent. Lovely to have levels well suited for 8 year olds too.
Undo feature has erratic behaviors. The game will let you enter the same number on the same row or column as the same number (obviously incorrect) without any notice to you, letting you waste time on incorrect progress. 9 by 9 easy puzzles are not easy, not that they need to be, but 9 by 9 puzzles can be made for easy play and this note is just here to indicate that the puzzles are not curated in any way. Difficulty is inconsistent.
This game is much more interesting than plain Sudoku and doesn't require a tedious set-up. Similar logic but with basic math functions. I recently had an excellent interaction with customer service. They were prompt, courteous, and offered viable solutions to my problem.
Works and I've spent countless hours on the game. You can run out of 9x9 expert addition puzzles though. Which I only found out after buying more puzzles :/ would have been 5/5 but felt kind of cheated even if I still use it for other modes
Quick fun. Ideal to fill empty times that are short as they most are these days. Quick enough that the search for the next move is not frustrating. Ads do icrease the level of annoyance but, wih this KenKen, the annoyance level is low. If it would increase significally, I would have to find another game. After all, the purpose of any game is to have just fun. I like the clear display of choices of grids and levels of difficulty. Altogether I'm quite happy with the diversion this game offers. Plus it's an intelligent game. Makes us think, or at least calculate.
Puzzles are supposed to be saved when upgrading devices thru Email. Thru a long, very frustrating experience, it is absolutely FALSE. Users beware!
This is by far the best KenKen that I have tried. I wish that the green and pink selection wasn't so close to the bottom of the screen as it is really easy to hit the home button instead. I'd also like to have the gameplay recognize when you're trying to play out all the solutions rapidly and you choose a number,tap a cell and choose a number only to realize that you are still in the first cell.
Recent update forces you to listen to audible adverts for 5 seconds before you can delete them and actually start playing. Given there is no paid, ad-free version of the app, this is heavy handed and intrusive. I've sadly deleted the app.
Love KenKen. Please, please update it with DARK MODE or night mode. I like to play before bed and the white background is just too bright!
Amazing must download improves kenken no doubt if want ro learn or want to practise just download but there are ads but no props ad as there is max limite of 3 secs to skip must download it says to buy more puzzles but they give free puzzles as per talent
Very good puzzles to play on free time. Only free 50 puzzles to play though. So, I went for those hard ones so that the free 50 puzzles can last me a long time, before I have to buy more :).
Made me play a game during an un-muteable ad. Audio for the ad game was terrible quality too. Immediately uninstalled.
Great game to keep arithmetic skills. Builds reasoning skills as well. I taught mathematics in secondary school and college and I think this is a good educational game. It keeps the mind sharp.
Was set up to autopay annually but it did not give me another 365 days, and ceased to allow any new puzzles. Too bad, it was fun while it lasted (one year).
major issues on Android version. I paid $20 and I get ads. Also, UNDO does not restore all pencil marks as they were before. Finally, when you start the puzzle and choose pencil marks, the top left box gets highlighted even though you choose other boxes. Last year we had the Apple version which worked perfectly. a true ripoff
Awful implementation on the undo function, first tap of every puzzle registers in the wrong cell, lots of ads, and the price to continue after the first 50 free puzzles is laughably high.
I originally gave this app 5 stars. That was last week; this week, I ran out of puzzles, even though the app shows dozens of untouched puzzles without any lock on it. Apparently I need to buy more puzzles. I feel lied to.
Always enjoyed playing this game. Glad I found this. Appreciate seeing my completion time and like the pencil in feature too.
Great design, and the ads are relatively non-intrusive. I used to play KenKen on paper, and I love how easy it is to keep track of your options and change your choices on this version.
I love this app, and just bought 1,000 puzzles. Then the app glitched out and deleted my progress and reset everything. I don't have my 1,000 puzzles and just got scammed out of my money! Does the developer have anything to say about this???
Works great, mostly. The undo button seems inconsistemt in what is being undone, and the annotations are easy to mess up (accidentally type a number in a space when you meant another one? Correcting that cell is fine but the annotations are automatically cleared based on that first entey and undo doesn's always put all annotations back)
Puzzles are good. Sometimes has trouble registering taps when it first boots up (highlighting the wrong square, not registering a tap at all), but that may also just be a device issue instead of an app issue.
Game is fun, interface is pretty intuitive. My one suggestion is to make the game friendlier for red-green colorblind folks by writing "impossible notes" with a strikethrough
Never received the puzzles I bought. I've spent a week emailing customer service and they have been completely unhelpful and barely responsive. Edit: I ordered the puzzles on 9/22 and they only fixed it today, 10/12. With no response from customer service for the last 2 weeks. I guess at least they fixed it, but the whole experience was pretty terrible.
If you're a numbers and puzzles person, like me, this is awesome! Very few ads and they're short, lots of puzzles, and engaging for hours!
Finished puzzle disappears immediately so you can't examine the board see what worked, to learn from it.
The amount of ads is sickening. I spend 20 seconds to do a puzzle and have to watch a 5-second add between every single game. If you want to waste 20% of your life watching ads, this app is for you. You have to manually close the ad yourself. Do not install this app.
Great, except....Annoying "intro animation" for every puzzle (while the timer starts running). The first tap on every puzzle NEVER registers (while the timer has already started running). Horrible and loud sound effects and music are on by default (you can disable). EVERYTHING ELSE IS PERFECT!!! I paid for extra puzzles to remove the ads. Worth it. If it weren't for these two issues, perfect app.
I have a kenken exam and i was looking for an app and i was searching and i saw this app. This cost a lot mb but it has very less mb and helped me get 2nd position in my exam
Honestly I would rate this app a 0..... cuz when I want to solve a puzzle it takes me to a black screen and music(music that calms the brain , basically music that makes u focus) starts playing .... and IT CONTINUES EVEN WHEN I CLOSE THE APP ....πŸ˜ŸπŸ€¨πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ΆπŸ₯΄πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ€¬πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘Ώ
Excellent game, but I have too many and I get the New York Times (which it is in). Also, there is a lag when entering numbers.
This app was so good I will thanks to him who have make this app I will thank to him because from this app the children are going to learn faster how to solve the kenken puzzle this is really good and I will give it 5 star and hats on you
It's helpful app it's brain app KENKEN APP. I LOVE THIS APP VERY MUCH. When I finish study and when I have free time I play with this KENKEN GAME. I HAVE LOTS OF FUN. But little problem there is too many ads. I am very tired to see this ads🀀🀀😡😡😱😱.
Overall decent, but UNDO is extremely buggy! Gives you 50 Free puzzles to try app, but must buy more after 50. Fix the issues with the UNDO function and I may consider continuing to use, but in the mean time, looking at other apps.
Took less than 30 seconds to solve each of the first two 3x3 puzzles and was treated to ads after each. No one's got time for that.
Just paid $1.99 for additional puzzles and got no additional puzzles. The link to buy new puzzles is broken.
Ken kens are my favourite puzzle (came across them in The Times). Not too many adverts and those that appear are more interesting to me than all the game adverts that appear in other apps.
Fabulous puzzle - and the interface is much friendlier in the app than on the website. Can put notes in multiple cells at once.
It's a good app, though there is a delay of about 3 seconds when you first start a round. Not sure why but I can't change cells within the first 4 seconds, though I can input a value. Overall I'm pleased.
It keeps reverting to an easier puzzle when you push next after you played one puzzle otherwise I would rate this a five-star
The best game I have ever played! I can listen to my favourite songs due to the 'Add to the playlisy' option and that makes it more amazing!
You have to sit through an ad after EVERY puzzle. Sometime it would go to a black screen and I'd have to close and reopen it. In the puzzles, it often selected the wrong square when you'd click on one, if it registered it at all. it's not my phone because no other apps have that problem. Could be a great app, but the insane amount of ads have completely turned me off to this.
I get to play the puzzle after 1 ad. I love the KenKen in the paper, and I get to do so many more playing online.
It went from 5 stars to 2. Played it all the time, but now the phone app crashes after the first screen of continue game. They have always been great with customer help, but for this no responses. I'm just glad it still works on my tablet. I have uninstalled, cleared cache, restarted, return to default. Nothing will get it to work again. I can accept its a flaw they can not fix. I can not accept no customer service. Other than that its a 5 star game.
They stole $19.99 from me. I agreed to this charge for ad-free play and more puzzles, but I did not get either. I requested a refund through Google play, but it was rejected. I don't know how this is legal. A week later, and after countless emails and offers to be refunded, I still have not been refunded.
Stulidly and unreasonably expensive to buy more puzzles. Not even close to being worth considering buying more. Its a shame since I like the game and have played it for a long time. Even bought 1000 puzzles for like Β£2.50 a few years back on my iPad which have since inexplicably dissappeared. Shame I'll have to delete the app becausd its far too expensive to consider.
I like this game because it develops my critical thinking, analysis, and maths skill. More power to the developer and thank you.
Endless ads, with sound as well. It takes longer to sit through the ads than it does to play each level. Waste of time.
This is a very absorbing game and somewhat for fun than Sudoku. The interface is clean and the variety of levels let's you pick how much time you want to spend on a game.
Meh. Kenken puzzles are great but this app is barely tolerable. Enter an incorrect number by mistake and you may as well start the whole puzzle over - the back button works sometimes, other times it takes you back 10 or 15 moves for no apparent reason. Poorly conceived and executed user interface. There is no way to keep sequence notes which are key to solving difficult KenKen.
Similar problem to others. I love the game but I bought 1000 puzzles but they don't load. I reached out to support and they responded first by telling me to install and reinstall. After that they told me my user ID wasn't valid. I didn't type the user ID - I sent them the email from the auto generated email from the app to report a problem. After that they went silent. Time to get a refund. And based on what I'm reading here probably have to go to my CC to dispute the charge. Update: so far Google has been worthless. They have denied my claim for a refund because it doesn't fit their incredibly limited description of what justifies a refund. Way to go.
It went from 5 stars to 2 now it's 1. Played it all the time, but now the phone app crashes after the first screen of continue game. They have always been great with customer help, but for this no responses. I'm just glad it still works on my tablet. Edit - doesn't work on my newer tablet , but works on my new phone. I did get a response 'We know of the problem' 1 year ago. Still no fix. And I paid for games!
Recently learned about this game. It's challenging. Combination of Sudoku and math. I can't quit playing it.
Love the puzzle itself. BUT, the Undo doesn't work properly and actually ruins games, which is particularly frustrating after having spent so much time on it.
You took my money and ran away with it. I paid $19.99 for ad-free play and a bunch of additional puzzles, but did not receive either. You offered me a refund but never followed through. I just want my money back guys.
Great game with a couple of issues. The buttons are way too small. I keep exiting the game accidentally. Also the game is not pretty. Different color options would go a long way to fixing that. Also, a landscape mode would be nice.
Very unclear with how the purchases work. I assumed paying would unlock more puzzles, but when you purchase it gives you a set number of "plays" for puzzles from any category to play. Basically like buying tokens at an arcade. I paid $2 for 31 puzzles, which took about 20m of play time. Very misleading and a waste of money.