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【かわいいライブ壁紙】はなまる日記 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by ラインバレル located at 静岡県 熱海市渚町4-1 いそべビル4F. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So cute. When having a bad day, I can just open up my phone and look at the adorable flower girl and it makes me feel better. Simple concept, but it works, and it doesn't drain my battery like other live wallpapers will. The controls are pretty straight forward and easy to figure out, even if you don't understand Japanese.
This wall app is great but it crashes suddenly i hope can fix this but now i give 4 star is because cute and adorable characters. If fully fixed this i give 5 star.
This app is amazing... who would have thought using the live wallpaper as the source of connecting you and your plant together :D if only there''s an english version that would be very very cool :D and i expect, if that happens... this app will go BOOM :) and keep up the good work...
Great wallpaper really awesome but can't understand the Japanese language well to figure it out (update) I've figured it out some of the settings and menus one menu changes the eye color,the other menus are types of girls you choose,other is items for your plant,other menu is for background animation so far. Now as far as I know it's like every so often when the leaf comes up on the status bar you must attend to your plant. And use items. That's as far as I know
It. Is. So. CUTEEEEEEEE. I don't know that a moe-ness could kill someone until I downloaded this app. X'D Lack translation, though. It'd be far than perfect if there's English version.
This is a great idea! Making a live wallpaper where you can take care of cute chibi plants! The only thing that would make it better is a english version as well. And if your stuck and dunno how to unlock more plants you should change the heart meters status when it says you can evolve.
I dont know why but after i apply this app into my live wallpaper, my phone become vibrate continuosly until i restart my phone.
I'm into it for days. The characters are so adorable but when I clicked the store the application keeps crashing. Hope you guys fix it soon. Android 4.4.2
Im stuck with rose girl and the blueish flower girl. Im lvl 10 and got penguin and rabbit item but cant use it, the 2 plants that those 2 also cant be selected even after unlocked. Pls help
Jz a AMAZING APP!! But i cant understand japan writing.... Can some1 help out? How to unlock plant? Untill now i only get 3 types of plant only...
Every now and then I just sit there looking at the adorable little chibi on my phone. Still can't read Japanese though, its not like Im not the first person. The instructions are relatively understandable and you get the hang of everything after a bit. 5 stars I recommend this app to everyone with eyes.
It's cute, fun and all it takes is downloading, it levels up over time! (Also different plants grow in different months I.e. change the calanders on the main page to get new ones!)
Already unlock Iris and Rose. Getting no.5 flower and some other free flower is hard T-T. But it's a good life wallpaper :) you should try it. (P.S. To unlock no.37 you should use some grown up plant (i use rose) and swicth the month to 7円 wait until it finish grow) Hope that help ;)
I can't get bored staring at my phone. But how come plant no.16 and 17 still not usable even though I unlock them?
Its awesome app that combine LWP and simulation gtowing plants, of course the cute chiby too 😆 but i have a problem, suddenly my LWP close and i don't know how to make it again, anyone know ?
I never review an app but this one is just adorable. The only problem would be the language barrier but aside from that its a nice app to have.
Please,make in english :((((((((( If you're stuck and don't give you any new girls just go to setting and clear data of the game,the girls won't disappear and you can get new girls
It so cute waching it grow and lots of happines. make english i love this app be cause of the cute ness pleash add english be cause i can't understand japan words :) and. ⭐Fix the sound pleash⭐
Very cute character. I like the design (Even though i only understand 10% of the writing). To bad the wallpaper does not scale properly for wide screen making two large black bars on the screen.
This is a good app, that you can only do few things as live wallpaper. It needs to be in English though..... 英語ください!! English please!!
I already installed Kanon in my phone before I install this LWP and then I notices the alarm clock on the inventory section and I tap it and accept. When I return back to home, I saw Kanon sits on the window! Nice work.
I enjoy it but I don't know what any of the words mean. I would enjoy it even if all the strings were put through Google Translate. I've also used this enough to the point in which I wouldn't mind putting money into it. Unfortunetly I don't know Japanese to figure out what the items do.
I love this app >u< They are soooo cute but only problem is that I can't speak/read Japanese D= English version pleeeeease
This is currently the best live wallpaper app I ever seen. interactive,cute and sort of realistic (you can't use the evolve button more than once per day. .. I know it takes more than a week to grow a plant in reality). Character changes, same goes for the plants which allows you to choose a variety of plant and character for your wallpaper.
It is cute, Hard to understand at first but now I know how to unlock stuff.... So, just a quick tip for anyone: Try to mess around with the parameter which is ♥ and ♪, they not always need to be full or max. just one of them should be maxed too.
This live wallpaper is so cute, I love it. There just needs to be an english option on it. Sound would be good too but since its just a wallpaper there's no real concern for it
It's very cute and awesome app. I really like it . It's magical and make the wallpaper of my smart phone very beautiful and magical . its difficult to understand Japanese language. It would be better if it is in English language too.
Why didn't anyone else think of doing a live moé wallpaper where you can take care of it w/o going to the app itself? This is really a nice wallpaper and a Tamagotchi-ish idea! Thanks providing an FPS or animation smoothness slider. When I upgraded my phone though, even with my backup, it wasn't able to transfer/restore my progress. I wish you can utilize a cloud-saving progress like Google's for that function. For some reason though, it remembered my already-gotten flower forms.
I dun understand a thing but watching it changes everything is fun. Patting them and seeing them smile is the best. Just gotten the rose girl, the best so far.
I have this live wallpaper for a while now and I change who I see almost everyday :3 Wish there will be more free plants though and can someone explain how to use dog and bunny ones? Btw someone uploaded a guide translation, just search Hanamaru Nikki on the web ^^v
Not bad for an app/lwp combination, but I'm not sure what the gifts do. Would be nice if the room could be decorated with the gifts. Wallpaper can glitch about every 2 wks requiring a temporary change to another wallpaper to clear it.
On my device it does not cover the entire screen... it leaves black bars at the top and bottom where the picture dosn't spread... please fix! Then it'll get 5 stars for sure! Its a great app!
Even though u cant understa d much I still like it lol its bc er cute and fun. My Japanese isnt all great but most of this is easy to use and very simolr and its so kawaii♥♥♥♥
Google translate will help you even its not exactly mean it. ♪and♥ are the Condition of the girl, the level itself will appear if it Notifies you. Ribbon=items, Book=Plant Selection, Little Plant=Shop, Flower=Your Flower on now, Handshake=Recommend. The numbers there are Background/Calendar which it affects the evolution. This takes patience.. Don't be rush having more evolutions. It takes few hours and Days. No matter what the condition of the girl is.. It can evolve, just be nice to them ._.
I love it, it is super cute and awesome! but i don't understand how to unlock new fairies, i keep getting them same ones over and over again...
GUYS all you have to do is download Google translate, it has a camera option that let's you take a photo of words in other languages and it translates it for you! It's not always accurate though but it helped ALOT.
Cute lovely, live wallpaper no exact gameplay to say except you have to be careful where you touch because you might accidentally hit her. This is for people with a lot of time or just a bit bored from playing or work, pet her, once in awhile to soothe your very tired soul.