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Kawaii Kitchen

Kawaii Kitchen for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Platonic Games located at av Valladolid 27 Madrid , Madrid SPAIN 28008. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My little sister forced me to get this game, and now I'm addicted to the adorable characters. The amount of time to make the order is an even enough amount of time to make the requests, but still feels like you need to hurry to finish the day well. The sprites for the characters are beautifully rendered, even for my terrible phone. Truly an excellent cooking masterpiece for anyone needing some extra kawaii in their day.
Kawaii Kitchen is a great game! I recommend if you like anime and like kawaiiness, because there's a lot of that in this game! With the cute food and characters, Kawaii Kitchen really lives up to its name. The only reason I'm not giving it 5/5 stars is because some buttons do not work when you press them. For example, to turn your Google Play Games on there is a switch, but when you press on it, it doesn't work! The leader-board button doesn't work either. Otherwise, totally recommend! :)
Okay this game is actually good!! It's challenging from the get-go, so those who have experience playing lots of cooking games would not easily get bored (aka me). Ads are skippable (5/5 stars just for this alone!) and graphics, music and voiceovers are super cute! Lots of characters and costumes and restaurants to unlock! I see myself putting hours into this and I'm excited for it! Keep up the fantastic work, devs! You're doing great! :D Edit:Forgot to mention THERE'S A COLOURBLIND MODE.πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
This game is amazing! It has amazing quality, alot of cute chef's, customers, and outfits! The only thing that bothers me is that, I downloaded sailor cats, but it still wont give me the outfit they said I would get if I downloaded it. I think it's just my phone though, but anyways this is a great game, definitely worth downloading!
It's a cute simple game. Kinda fun way to pass time. There are ads, but it's easy to play without them. Edit: I would like to give a shoutout to the awesome developers of the game. I emailed them regarding my data file and they responded immediately and resolved it. :D Another great feature is making the game playable for colour blind people! It's very of kind of them to add this to the game.
I give this a five star because I love the cute and my talking and it's just really fun to me and I love the cute costumes that they can wear and I think this is highly recommended and I really love it it's just amazing how cute it is and you can get little different characters it may take you a while but it's worth it's worth getting all those outfits and those characters in the super duper cute I love it it's highly recommended I think you guys should download it too
I really like the game, It's cute and fun! It's a little more challenging as it goes on which is a nice change of pace. My only problem is that I tap something and it doesn't get put on the burger, but I bet that's just me. Other than that it's a great game!
I absolutely LOVE this game! (And i bought this game only an hour ago!)This game is super addictive and cute. I also love how you can upgrade, buy costumes and buy cute new chefs. Kawaii Kitchen is now one of my favorite games!
I love this game and how cute it is and the good looking food and outfits, also how there are not many adds, but I dont know if this add is originally Chinese or english/american. I mean I know that China or Japan made kawaii. Anyway away from that it would be very nice if you could change the voice in a new character and the colour in like the cat and stuff. But other than that its great and I really recommend it to others.
Really nice and cute game!!!! I will play this game like forever cause this game is really really cute!! And the best thing is this game won't force you to buy gems for unlock but just complete the mission. Really recommend other to play this game.
I fully reccomend this, of course I cant understand the cat in a unicorn onesies. If i had to choose one Favorite part, it would have to be when the cat screams; EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Its incredible. It's super cute and I might just cloud my phone with cute kawaii stuff to fit the memo, anyways Install it! :D if you like it, Keep it!
I just downloaded it and so far I'm liking the game. It cute as the game suggest but it isn't too simple and boring. It's a good idea for a game if you want to pass time. Well done πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’—
This game is the best thing ever I think I play it more than my other games and I love that there are not that much ads it's a great game but when I download the game to get a free outfit It didn't gives it to me please fix this but this game is a great game! πŸ‘
Kawaii kitchen is calming, aesthetic, and is great for all ages! I definitely recommend this game to you and your family/friends. This game is challenging in a super fun way, there's so many food and outfits to earn! I hope you download this game whenever available byee!
it's really cute and fun but something I'm having issues is I don't get any of the outfits I'm supposed to when i downloaded the other games, the same goes for those as well. I STILL don't have the outfits! every time i go to play one of them I'm still getting a pop up telling me to download the other games. i already have all the games so please just fix it and give me the outfits!
amazing game!! the burger buns look so good! the top one looks real, so real it makes me hungry! this game is so cute and easy to play! you can collect new chefs and get new items! its just so fun, i have no problems! the ads arent even realizable, ive never seen one in this game before (but it says there's ads so im confused) but anyway, bravo!
Absolutely adorable. Only complaint is the short amount of time you get to serve a customer. It causes (at least me) to panic and mess up really easily. Maybe lengthen it just a little? Also I have sailor cats but it wont get me the costume on here, or on there. I've run both games, and it still says I need to download the other Edit: I realized that the time thing us an upgrade. Oops
Honestly for me this game is really therapeutic. I'm not a kind of game person who plays complex games. To be precise I don't even play games bcz of their complex and too many layers. But this game is really simple yet entertaining.. Hope to see more such games for people like me.πŸ˜…πŸ§‘πŸ§‘
Hi! I recently started playing this game and already loving its aesthetic appeal and the content, I came to edit my review here because I wanted to unlock the sailor skin, but for that I have to download another game, I did download it, it's called "Sailor Cats" and I love that new game, but I think there is a bug because when I downloaded the game, after that I came back to Kawaii Kitchen only to see that I haven't recieved my new skin, please fix it... ‒́ β€Ώ ,β€’Μ€
I love this game it is amazing and challenging in a good way it is a good way to build up muscle memory, and stay focus. It really helps pass time and it is not so hard that you get feed up but not so easy that you get bored. I love the costumes and constant rewards, like the coins after each round and the dayly coins, chests, and dimands. I really recommend this game for older kids or adults, little kids might get bored fast.
It is such an amazing game it never says if you did something wrong when you add a wrong ingredient or the costumers saying something when they are getting angry of there food not coming and the outfits are very adorble and I really love the effort in this game especially the drawing it looks really so much effort and hardwork for the drawings overall this is such an amazing fanastic game
This is a really good game and is very fun and you can get lots of characters and so many kinds of different Foods and ingredients but it tells you to download a game and you download it and then you go to see if you did that costume but you don't and the same on Sailor cats and happy hop
:0 This is sooo fun! We have a lot of cute animals,skins,and foods. Don't trust the one who gave 1 star, they are tried to make idoit to their self, well anyways i love it love it love it LOVE IT! please do a new fun game, i bevilve you! Com'on! Show every game who boss! I wanna give 100 stars! I not gonna lie! Thank you for reading untill the end! <3 πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ’Œβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’―πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸŽ–πŸŽ–πŸŽ–πŸŽ–
Its very very good I just don't like the way it's still speaks Japanese when you're in the option English can you at least try to translate the words they say to English please I would love that I still giving 5 stars no because I love you no no no no wait because you're my favorite game in the whole wide world Peep and the Big Wide World
Great prices in the game, the cutest artstyle, barely any ads, an overall great game! I will edit this review if I have any issues, but at the moment I'm comfortable with it so far 😊
This game is so fun, all the other ones I get bored of. Very aesthetic and it is very hard to stop playing. There is nothing wrong with it to be honest. I am giving my honest opinion this is a absolutely great game! I recommend to play if you want to have your own restaurant and do quests to buy prizes and just have fun then play this, I hope you like it and the creators you should keep adding cool things, thanks if you read this and see this creators I appreciate it btw graphics are clear!! ☺️
i love this game a lot. very addictive & a great time passer. i used to play on my tablet- but i also now play on my laptop because i have bluestacks. it's a fantastic game and i really like it. the whole game is really fun and it may get boring for some people over a while,but definitely not me so that's why i'm giving full stars! i believe this really should have 5 stars
Overall, this game is really fun, it can get a little hard once u unlock everything, but its still really fun and not too much pressure on yourself when you play
Fun game but the speech isn't in english. Other than that it is cute and fun and much easier than any other cooking games like crazy kitchen or anything similar.
I love this game, the only thing that bothers me enough is that my sync button doesn’t work, I thought my cell phone was broken by that area, but no, it’s not like that. I even gave it up again but now I don’t see that possible, if I restart again I would lose all the restaurants I already have, help. Why isn’t my sync button working?
I love this game a lot! I play it everyday and i never get bored of it, the gameplay is simple and fun, the graphic and artsyle is adorble, and the japanese noise they make are also adorble, and there's not much adds which is nice
Really fun!! All the levels are so funny and you get to get lots of easy rewards. It has really good quality and the style is ADORABLE!! I recommend very very much!!!
I think I finally chose the one for my aesthetic phone. This game is so cute and adorable! Two things I don't like about is when you start the game, It's super fast to get them angry and even if you downloaded the other game, I still don't have those outfits. I wish that it'll fix soon. And again, please keep up the good work, make more kawaii games and I just wanted to suggest a game for you/this entertainment to make a game like dress up things for pets. Thank you and Good Luck!πŸ’–πŸ˜Š
The game is great! You can play it offline with no issues. There is a completely adorable kawaii art style. The game is so addicting with a couple bugs that aren't too serious. And nothing else to say but DOWNLOAD THE DAMN GAME NOW!
I love it!!!!!! The graphics are great!!!!!!! I dont rlly know why people would rate this a 1-4 stars :( Its a rlly good game!!! And its cuteeeeeeee I recomend this game for people who has bad days!! I always have a bad day and trauma and anxiety. But this game takes it away! :3
This game is very fun and pretty easy to play, there are so many characters and restraunts and you can earn gems and coins. The game doesn't have much bugs but there are many pop up ads.
Cute game but I had to uninstall because it would crash. I would keep playing and redownload but my hard earned items are gone. I could care less but I definitly recommend this adorable fast paced animal food server. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks. 😊
it's really cute and fun and I have the outfits now after a very long time of waiting but I'm glad I have them now. I have a suggestion becsuse i have got all the upgrades and dont need the money so maybe instead of letting it build up you could refresh the chest with 10/100,000 coins it would be useful
This is a wonderful and amazing cute game. They dont penalize you for getting orders wrong, and it is a great way to test you how fast your response relfexes are. I spent a while reading the 1 star reviews which was pointless. I totaly recomed this game, and if your unsure just try it, its free. Theres no harm in trying it!
Super fun! There are many cute outfits you could unlock, as well as food and drinks. It's really entertaining and time-consuming! I recommend this 100%!
Such a cute game! I love how nice of a time killer it is too! Also, they have a color blind option that I thought was a thoughtful touch!
I downloaded this game yesterday and already I'm in love! 😍😍 It's such a cute and fun game! I especially love that there are not that many ads and no playable ones that make it so annoying like in other games when you need to get things or are trying to just play the game. What I would like to see in a future update is more food items if there aren't any already and more outfits. I haven't experienced any glitches or problems in the game, but will gladly inform you. πŸ–€πŸ‘
I love it!!! This game is perfect for when I'm in little space as its cute and childish but still has bit of a challenge. The reason it only have 4 stars is cause the time limit is very short and I wish it was a tad bit longer. Other then that, amazing game!!!!
Its an amazing game! The quests are so much fun and the characters are so kawaii!! Ive been leveling up really quickly but, i do wish that there were more outfits but overall this game is well developed and amazing.
Get this game! It's one of the best games I've played, and Platonic Games has made loads of other fabulous games too. I wholy recommend it, for the adorable animals; smooth, cute gameplay; and even though there are ads, there really aren't many. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Super fun game! I play it if I have internet or not! I love the options and the adorable outfits I unlock! If I could rate higher it'd be 100 stars because it's that awesome, also I'd like to thank the creators of this super, fun, awesome, amazing, entertaining game! I think my age rating would be about 4-25 because of the offline fun it provides. Also like I said I'm super glad it's offline, because, honestly, I don't like the chat system! :3 Again, this is a super fun game! Thanks, creators!
This game is awesome! Make bugers and more! Ofc five stars for Kawaii Kitchen! The charaters are so creative and cute! You can also dress up your charater!!! The game is super fun and creative! I love the game.
it's so cute and easy, I LOVE IT ! there's sometimes ads, but not while your actually playing only when your in the menu which is ok to me! I really recommend downloading this!
THIS GAME IS SO FUN- I've been playing for hours and haven't even gotten bored yet! The fact that it has no ads is great! The characters are so cute, and the graphics are awesome! This is my favorite game made by you guys so far! :)
I don't normally rate games, but kawaii kitchen deserves a review. It's a fun, addictive game that HAS BARELY ANY ADS I LOVE THE LACK OF ADS. I see some reviews that say there are a lot of ads, and they have to be lying, I get a pop-up ad like, every 10 levels. And everything else is so cute and fun and it's so easy to get gems so you don't have to buy them with money ( tho I hope you can support the game as much as you can!) Kawaii kitchen deserves to be more popular than it is.
This game is really fun and cute! You never get bored of playing! Though sometimes it might be stressfull when it's a rush but it's so cute and it's easy to make food and get points and level up! The costumes are adorable and I love the new items for our shop! All and all its amzaing!
I love this game! It's cute, addicting, and very fun! Very easy to play and get the hang of. The art style is adorable and fun. I highly recommend this game!!
Very cute no bugs and ads are very low love these cute animals obsessed with this and the cat urghghg it's so stinky cute!!!!!!🀩😍🀩😍🀩😍🀩I love this game add more like different places dress up shoping and homes to live in so it will be more interesting but overall it excellent very recommend.you should try it!!!! Quick what are you waiting for?
Not usually my type of game, but it is fun, quick and cute. Just unlocked my second character which I didn't know was a completely different restaurant with it's own items and levels. Blew my mind.
This game is cute, fun, and super addictive! I don't normally rate apps but this one is deserving of a review! One of my favorite things is the lack of ads. All ads are totally optional, and can be skipped after 5 seconds! The game itself is cute, and I find myself wanting to unlock everything! Gems are easy to earn, so it's not pay to win! Kudos to the creators! I LOVE this game!
This game is actually fun! I play this whenever I have no internet. So it's good for me. Very high quality, not much bugs and cute as well! You basically make some burgers by watching the menu list of the ingredients, get money and gems. You can buy other restaurants with the gems and you can upgrade your speed, extra coins and extra gems with the coins. You can do daily quests for some outfits. And more! It's really good being from the fact that it's a mobile game and can beplayed offline.
The game is cute and fun. There barley is any ads which is a big breath of fresh air. Most of the games no a days are just cash grabbers but this game is great. The only nit pick I have is the fast timer. But if anything the game is good and highly recommended.
Best kawaii game ever! I really like the graphics, also the kawaii of the charcters😍 the only one i want for this game just give more adventure, like a map, maybe an animal land, so u can go to the island full of cats, or maybe the town under the sea, that would be great😳 but over all, this game was really fun and interesting~
THIS GAME IS SO CUTE!!! I just downloaded it and when I first saw it I was just 😍😍😍 and there was not that many ads so my opinion is I this game is the cutest and the best game ever! This is my only game that I have that involves food and my favorite character is the πŸ¦„ so if you don't have this game you HAVE TO GET IT TODAY!!!!! But overall I love this game so you should download it and you may think This Game Is Really Cute like I think it is so pls download it today!
The app is amazing, its an addicting game for thoughs who love cooking. The gameplay is amazing, the graphics are well done, and the controls are easy to control. i really like this game.
I love this game! It's fun and also cute, which is a real bonus! I didn't experience any bugs, so that's great. I hope this small business becomes a huge success πŸ‘ The thing I like most of this game is that its offline, and also compatible with anything, really. It's great! I highly recommend!
Well, I think this game is soooo cute and challenging. The outfits are also free to get but some apps are needed to unlock it, I don't have some of the apps needed to unlock them, but its still a very cute game too !
I really enjoy the game! There aren't too many ads, though my only downside is that "iie" is Japanese for 'no", so....why is the cat screaming "IIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE" at me whenever I'm doing something good?
This game is amazing!!! You can unlock animals,costumes and while you go through you get 3 quests so if you do them you get chests download this game it won't waiste your time it's worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
This is a really cute game! You can get cute costumes and characters! I think this game is also really fun and entertaining 9/10 would recommend!!!
The game is amazing, specially it's not laggy at all.the buttons works perfectly. There's ads when your online but this game is offline too so you won't worry about ads.
I really like this game. Makes my brain go brrr brrr. I started out playing another Platonic game, Sweet Sins Superstars. But it's newer so there's not many levels :( I was surprised I liked this game so much but I can play it for an hour in a row.
Cute game, very addictive. There is nothing I can say that is bad about this game, as the ads are not excessive, and it's really fun and not hard to play at all. I don't feel like I have to purchase coins or gems to get anything done, because it's easy to acquire them. Great game, keep up the great work !! (◍‒ᴗ‒◍)❀
This game is honestly a great time killer, alongside being adorable! The graphics are outstanding, and the gameplay is like the old style cooking games! Outstanding, I couldn't say less about this game, great job!❀
Really nice! I love it! It's simple and easy to play. Plus, I really like how whenever there's a new ingredient or when you just restarted the game, You will get introduced to the placement of the ingredients so that you can adjust and don't get too confused. Plus its great that it have a colorblind support system.
Love it. Love it. Love it. LOVE IT!!!!! Not much help... okay. The game involves agility and skill and a very good taste in kawaii. I can stress this enough. Rating these games are so cool ( I am only rating them for the cute costumes hehe ). Anyway, thank you so much for making this game. I am a huge fan of Platnic Games!!!!!!!
I love this game! Even tho I can't understand what they are saying, It's still really fun to play! I think that they are talking in japanese but japanese is actually my favorite language. Oh and also, I play this game everyday for now on. I remember that I downloaded this game on Feb 2020 i think. But I deleted it on accident. And while I was scrolling through play store. I found this and I got memories so I just had to download it! And here I am now! So, 5 stars! 🀩 Download it now!
Omg this game is sooo cute and each animal you unlock has their own little shop and I love it! When I first got my phone this was the first game I got and so I got the game again and I can't stop playing it it's o much fun and I highly recommend you play it. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
I love this game its the best in the world I love the cute little animals 😍 and during the serving time they make cute little sounds and every animal chef has their own different style of restaurant and food and their more than just that it's the best cute little game in the world I think but yeah it's awesome!!!!
It's really a fun game and Soo fast but that's the point of the game,if you have fast eyes and fingers it's definitely perfect for you,and it's easy to play at the start it shows you guide on it,I really like this and I'm playing it like super live or the screen is not laggy,and it's fine,it's super kawaii and it's for kids too, 5 stars for this game
I like serving the customers and I like that that there's a timer so can you be more of a challenge and I really like that you can earn more ingredients instead of just serving the same thing over and over what's different stuff but I like that they switch it up every time and I also like the really cute characters in the cute big eyes
The art on this game is so cute, and the pacing is amazing! This is a really fun and simple progress game that I never tire of!
It's quite fun, and the style is adorable. The characters and most of the cosmetics can be unlocked from playing the game, which feels really rewarding versus unlocking them with money. I hope in the future they add more kitchens and characters. Holiday themed ones perhaps?