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KAMI 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by State of Play located at State of Play Games Preston Park House South Road, Brighton BN1 6SB. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
simple, pretty, no ads, good puzzles. fantastic casual game to kill a few minutes rather than scrolling social media.
Fantastic causal game! No annoying ads after each level like other games. Just a simple, offline game. Couldn't be happier with it!
can't even start the game, the only reason i'm giving it this high of a rating is cause i played the last game. pls fix. Im on a samsung galaxy s7
There's not any adds and it's completely free! This game is so relaxing and fun and I'd recommend it to anyone who just wants to take a break!
I really like this game, but it would be nice if I could watch ads for hints :^( Also, I can't seem to access the list of possible achievements from the button in the settings provided. I've downloaded and redownloaded the app and force stopped it and it isn't working still??
Beautiful game, but it's hard and not always intuitive, and there's no option for help without spending actual money. Let me watch video ads!
Thanks for fixing the scaling. I can enjoy this game now, tho the stage clear animation + tune bother me for some reason.
I want the desperately give this 5 stars but I cannot. This is a wonderful puzzle game and deserves more attention. The graphics are pleasing and it's got very thought provoking puzzles. It even has a custom build mode that you can share with other people or complete other people's puzzles! My only issue with this game and the reason it lost a star for me is because of the "Hints" system in place currently. It's horrendous that you only get one free hint and then you have to buy the rest.
I love this game. But all of a sudden, it won't load any new games, just keeps telling me it can't connect to the internet. Please fix.
app will no longer launch at all on my moto z2 play (worked on my fire tablet though)--hopefully a fix coming soon
I would've given a much much better review because at the end of the day it is a good game, but they really need to fix their add for hint feature. Sometimes levels are really hard to get through and they offer a hint if you watch an add, but they're pop ups not videos so there's no timer. Meaning it's a never ending pop up and if you close it you don't get a hint. Fix it soon please it feels like a scam to get us to directly buy hints.
I am loving it! This game ticks all the boxes; addictive, logical, needs thinking, planning and the most important, imagination! Especially, the daily section!
The game is well done overall, soothing and addictive, by turns easy and challenging. The one super irritating thing that I docked a star for is that the puzzles don't format to my screen properly, so there are bits I can't even see. It sucks to clear everything visible only to be told I'm out of moves. A minor complaint is that it doesn't save a record of which daily puzzles I've completed. Oh and please stop condescendingly telling me "this one's difficult" when I'm taking too long
Clean interface, beautiful colours, could be improved if can undo move by move instead of restarting the set piece.
Great premise for a puzzler and possibly the most fair puzzle game in the play store. Not a single ad to be seen and the cost of hints seems quite fair considering the high quality of the rest of the game. Even has a good level editor for player created content.
I love this game, but something bothering me. There are no ads in this game (which is a good thing), but the sad part is, when you need a hint, the only way to acquire it is to buy some hint with real money. Would be better if you can acquire a hint from watching an ads.
This is by far the most enjoyable puzzle game on Android I've tried so far. Pros: 1. No advertising whatsoever! 2. Very straightforward game mechanic 3. Easy in the beginning, challenging in the end 4. Simply calming and relaxing 5. Simple and colorful graphics 6. Endless supply of new puzzles! 7. Create your own puzzles too! Cons: 1. Battery consumption is huge on my Huawei P30 Pro. Review: So far I managed to finish all puzzles from the adventure mode and finished the 50 daily puzzles too. Do not believe the reviewers who say some puzzles don't recognize when the screen is one color - look at the corners of your screen please. They simply didn't see the small patches in the corners. I finished every single puzzle without any technical problems described in some reviews. Considering that this game is free and doesn't feature any in-game advertising whatsoever, I almost feel guilty for not having spent some money on hints how to solve some puzzles. I simply didn't need them. But, you can unlock some nice color patterns for 0,89 € (probably 0,99 $) for creating your own puzzles once you blasted through the main adventure mode. I think I will do this right now because seriously: With an endless supply of new puzzles and being as fun as this is, this would be a steal even for around 4,99 €. Great little gem of a game you should definitely try out today if you like logical puzzle games which are not solely aimed at very young audiences!
So good. Update 6/12/21: Won't load any new levels. Says internet isn't connected, but it's clearly a problem with the host.
Good game and but for some reason the app doesn't go to the top of my screen so I can see my phone's home screen at the top of my phone and they want access to my camera for some reason. I gave it access at first because I thought it might have something to do with the game mechanics but it doesn't, at least not as far as I can tell, so that super sketchy. Also it drains my battery way more than you would expect for a simple puzzle game so maybe they're doing something sketchy in the background.
Really great game - pretty visuals, smooth gameplay, good level design, only opt-in ads, what more could you ask for? The only reason I'm rating 4 instead of 5 is to hopefully get dev attention for a minor QoL setting I would like to see: I love the music and play with my volume up so I can hear it, but the loud flute riff that plays when you beat a level is very jarring and disruptive at that volume. I would love the option to turn off the "level complete" sound effect!
I really like this game. Im just having incrdible trouble getting the game to open and load. I try over and over and it doesnt open. There are lots of good games out there- this is turning me off.
I want to play it but for some reason the game won't open whenever I click it it says Kami 2 has stopped working or something like that
Good: No ads, pleasant music, no time constraints, good challenges Bad: Only 1 hint overall, could provide hints for viewing ads. In daily challenge, it doesn't show if a challenge has been completed or not. It shows when I complete, after that it doesn't show.
Like most puzzle games, simple to understand, hard to master. Makes you feel like a genius when you get finish a hard puzzle though
I loved this game till i realized that the way my samsung phone renders the ui i cannot touch the corners on the game board and there are levels you can't complete without touching the very edge. 🤬
I love this game however the past few days I'm getting an error message saying that there is no internet connection, I try using both wifi and cellular data, please fix this!
very pretty and reasonably fun game, but like others I keep running into an issue where I've solved the puzzle but the game doesn't recognize the solution. it seems like a pretty basic thing to make it so the game accepts more than one solution, since many of the puzzles have more than one way to solve. I hope this gets fixed soon.
A great game, my 6-year-old daughter loves it. And I also do, it gets progressively more challenging and it's still basic math and logic but presented in a beautiful way. And I really like the music, too.
While there are some puzzles in anti-protestor (or just eye-burning) color combos, this has still become one of my favorite games. You only get one free hint ever; you'll have to pay $ for hints packs, if you want more, or do what I do (puzzle over an answer for a day or four). You can even design your own puzzles for free, so other people can play them. The music and sound effects are also quite lovely.
Decent game, but the left and right side of puzzles are cut off as they extent past the edges of my OnePlus 8T screen viewing area. I'll often fail to complete a puzzle due to missing a color for a shape I can't see.
Great game, but now it will not connect to play challenge or daily or explore puzzles. Please fix then will rate 5 stars
Love this game but it stopped working. It suddenly won't load daily, challenge, or explore sections and says I need to connect to the internet or update.
Wish the challenge category is fixed and running numbers assigned to every puzzle. As it is, after I reinstalled the game, the puzzles in this group are different from before and seemed easier somehow. Would be great if one could return to a previously solved puzzle too. But overall I really enjoyed the game. Thanks! PS. Will u be adding more puzzles to the journey category? I hope so.
Well, looks like a case of fix it 'til you break it. The designs fail to load so you have no idea what the puzzles look like and the game keeps freezing. I would almost swear that it's the very first version.
It's a great game. It's fun and challenging. However, some of the levels are very difficult and you might need a hint or two to help you out. You can watch a video to get a free hint for each puzzle. If you want anymore hints you have to pay for them. I'd give a much better review if it wasn't for this.
The game does not scale to different phone display resolution. Edges of puzzle got cut off for my tall phone, sometimes making it impossible to solve.
There's a scaling issue with the galaxy s9's curved edge screen. I've only found 2 times where it impacts gameplay, but it makes those levels really annoying considering you can see all one color and still not complete the puzzle. I'd love to give the game 5 stars, but this bug forces you to use hints, and hints just ruin puzzles for me.
Fun game, but after a few tries it bugs you to watch an ad for a hint EVERY SINGLE time you hit reset. If I'm trying random combinations, this is really frustrating
It's a very simple, but challenging game to play when you're bored. Great game if you're into puzzle games
Enjoyable and genuinely challenging puzzle, however every time you open a puzzle it expands beyond full screen so you can't see or interact with the exterior parts of the puzzle. I've been stuck on a level for ages because there's a tiny panel of different colour somewhere I can't see
A wonderful game, however there is a glitch (I think on page 17) where the puzzle is solvable but the computer won't accept that result, and now I can't progress further
OMG I love this game! It's the perfect logic/puzzle game. I can't say enough how much I love this game. I have it on all my devices and on my PC. Thank you for all the fun developers. You rock.
Beautiful game, challenging, relaxing. I took off one star because the hints that I paid for disappeared when I left the game. Some of the user submissions are wicked hard and that's great! But if I pay for a hint I should get to keep it. Not cool guys... I won't be buying any more hints.
Sound effect is very satisfying. Some puzzles seem impossible at first, but for the first few sets of 6 I've managed without any hints.
Wonderful game! The graphics are stunning and the puzzels are both simple but challenging. The ads are unobtrusive, which is really nice.
The game is really good. My only complaint is that this game doesn't really offer daily hints or the opportunity to get hints through watching ads. And that can be really frustrating when you're stuck on a level but you don't really want to pay to get hints. I feel like having something that can reward you with free hints could make this game less stressful, in my opinion. It may be a bit stingy to some, but that's just how I feel.
I like all the possibilities here: journey mode, challenges, as well as playing other users' puzzles or creating your own. It's a relaxing yet challenging game; colorful, simple, creative... I love the aesthetic.
I honestly love this game. But when I downloaded it again and tried to open the app, it continued to say "Kami 2 has stopped working." If there is a way for this to be fixed I would love to know.
The last update made challenge and daily modes impossible to play. Now it always says "check your Internet connection"...
Fun game, and a great concept. It's simple and complex, but often a little too easy. However, I am annoyed first by that you have a limited number of moves, as opposed to a recommended number. This make the "perfect" designation pointless, since it's really a pass/fail kind of deal as opposed to a perfect/okay/fail grade. This also doesn't give you a chance to try to do better and earn badges. The badges are automatic as you move forward as opposed to doing extra to earn them.
Beaitiful, entertaining game. Levels and puzzles are well done, challenge progresses at a satisfying pace. Very good and original puzzle game.
This used to be one of my favourite apps, but since the last update, I can't run it on my Note 8. Every time I try to open it, all that happens is I get a pop-up that says the app has crashed. I have reinstalled twice, hoping that would fix it, but to no avail.
love this app. but now it stopped working. uninstalled- and reinstalled it but it wo'nt start .when clicking on the icon nothing happens; any ideas? got a huawei P smart. android version 8.0.0. I'm using the in-built virus tool
It is a very nice idea but the journey got me bored quite quickly, I would like to be able to skip the animation that says perfect after each level, and also the first few packs are so easy that I lost all excitement and uninstalled. I can imagine how this gets more challenging later but I didn't feel like waiting. Very nice graphics and music though, and in general worth trying.
Smooth mechanics, ability to make and play additional puzzles, and lack of ads are wonderful. There really needs to be an option to shrink the puzzle area though, as corners can be hidden/inaccessible depending on your phone screen. There also seems to be a bug with daily puzzle scores being lost, and lately when I try to publish a puzzle it simply disappears a few minutes later, with no way to recover it.
I love this game. I do wish that each page identified page number and/or game number. Ex. Page 1, puzzle 1 or 1/1-6 I am stuck on last puzzle on pg18 (I think). I have resorted to the cheats on YouTube and on YouTube it shows thT the puzzle has 17 steps but actual puzzle has only 15 allowed steps. I have attempted this one for the past 2 weeks and cannot figure it out in 15 steps however 17 steps would be sufficient. Is this a developer mistake? Thanks
I've never reviewed a mobile game before, but this one was good enough that I felt it deserved my support. There were no overly intrusive ads. The gameplay and sound were just right. The difficulty could have been greater, but it didn't need to be. I wish there was more to the Journey mode so I could keep playing.
Intriguing puzzle mechanic, soothing visuals and sounds, community content implemented beautifully. I cannot rate this game highly enough.
The best puzzle game ever. So far so good. Its challenging and refreshing to play something this different. Basic concept of the game is to create one color. Sounds easy but is very challenging. Makes you want to keep playing.
One of the challenges is wrong. I finished it with 1 move remaining. When I randomly changed colour for that move as the level didn't end, it just said out of turns even though the screen was all the same colour. Yes I checked all corners. Challenge by LfBSidTO33
I love this game and the section where you can design your own, it is a daily stress relief outlet. But lately what tf? Game won't load and says no connection when there is plenty of service. Need to fix quick Kami techs!
love this game, and everytime I solve a puzzle, I get a craving for a Crunchwrap Supreme...not sure why...
Great game until you sign in to your Google account and the game crashes. So I uninstalled and reinstalled, lost my game progress, but the game still crashes... please fix this issue
I liked that the game allows users to create their own puzzles. I was just wondering if this game can save progress across multiple devices.
Easily one of the most calming experiences I've had on a mobile game. For anyone that needs something to distract from the busyness of everyday commitments, this is the perfect game to pick up and just play. The game never makes you feel like you absolutely need to progress and that for me is worth even more than 5 stars. If I have to rub off its really easy to pick up where I left off. I'd highly recommend this to anyone that thinks they don't have the time or energy for that matter to relax.
Originally gave it 5 stars but I've had to revise that rating. My reason being that it often gets stuck on the loading screen for some reason. It's forced me to uninstall the app and upon reinstallation I've lost all my progress despite having an account on the game. My final issue is that you're not able to speed up the animation when changing colours. As pretty as it looks it gets real old real fast. Besides that it's a great game with no pop up ads :) would recommend.
Played for hours and hours. Unfortunately some glitches made me eventually give up but still i would rate it highly.
I like this game. It's not too hard but not too easy either. It's a good game to play when you have 5 min or 30 and you can pick it up anytime. If I get stuck I wait a day and try again and figure it out. So I'm on lv 102 and it still interests me. I find the user made puzzles too advanced for me as a new player but I can do some now. Haven't purchased an helps. No ads really. So I'd recommend for a good brain exercise...
this is a very beautiful and challenging puzzle game. it offers a generous number of increasingly complex puzzles and levels. a big thank you to the makers!
I absolutely love this game, but after the update on June 18th 2019 it legit won't even open, completely broken ☹
The game is addictive and calming, but I'm frequently running into a problem where I've solved the puzzle (the whole screen is one color) but the game does not recognize it as complete and will not let me progress. After looking up a video I realize I solved them correctly but did the steps in a different order or position than it expected. I'd give the game a perfect score if it were better at recognizing multiple possible paths to a solution.
1. after the last update ... the preview of the puzle doesnt show up ... please fix it 2. sometimes hint arent show the first step
Please help ! I love this game when I play it on my sista's smartphone. I have downloaded it in my Galaxy A5 with android 8.0.0 and it doesn't play ( it says "Kami 2 keeps stopping" everytime I try to open it :( I have tried uninstalling and installing, nothing has changed
Not optimised for samsung galaxy 8 edge screen. Causes gameplay issues such as hidden triangles with different colours. for example it looks like i completed a level (everything is same colour as far as i can see) but it wont progress.
I used to really love Kami 2 and its predecessor Kami. However, the app no longer allows me to complete levels, even when I complete them in the correct number of moves. The original Kami crashes when I try to run it. I've tried to email the developers, but I have received no response. I'd recommend against downloading this app unless the bugs are fixed.
Great game, would add the ability to see how the level was passed after being passed. I wish to remember what trick was used previously without having to figure it out again.
Lovely puzzle game. Excellent presentation. Puzzles that quickly surprise with their fiendishness. So good I didn't mind spending a couple of quid on some hints. No ads either.
I love this game, been playing for months, but all of a sudden the app won't connect to the internet. It tells me to uninstall and reinstall, but I have hints that cost money and I'll lose them. Please fix this bug!
The game crashed when I try to log in into Google Play. I had played this before, but uninstalled it, and now I want to play again. I'm too lazy to redo from level 1, can you fix this, please?
It's a very good game that makes you think. The comments that show up like 'this one is tricky', are very annoying. Wish there was a way to turn them off.
I got this game last night, and I'm already getting rid of it. The game itself is beautiful, creative, and I really like it! The problem is I'm already stuck, and after the first free hint, you have to pay for more. I got this because it was free, I'm not spending money on a phone game. If you could watch ads to get hints, I would keep the game! But you aren't getting my actual money. Also it requests camera access upfront? Idk why but it's a little sketchy...
Very beautiful and comforting game for me, 1 star off becouse in some levels you can't complete them in certain ways even tho it would fill the whole thing with 1 color, good example would be lvl 15, if you start by coloring the blue area.
Very addicting game. No adds. Users can create and publish puzzles, meaning that there are tons of different puzzles. (Corners of the puzzle window does not fit to the screen but you can see the entire puzzle just after you start the puzzle.)
Great, addictive and relaxing game, with one MAJOR flaw on 2 Samsung phones I've played on. Maybe an android issue? But it cuts off corners, and in Android 10 it cuts off the sides of each puzzle. I had to delete the game because too many puzzles are unsolvable for me because I can't access the sides. If it was just a corner issue, you can solve around it. But sometimes the key is the side! This does not appear to be an issue with iphones. Super frustrsting!