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Kakuro - Real Kakuro - Cross Sums

Kakuro - Real Kakuro - Cross Sums for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Luiz Deucher located at 23388 SW 113 Passage, 33032, Homestead, FL, USA. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There are 5 levels from easy to expert & 600 games at each. I've downloaded it 4 times & when I get to level 600 again I'll do it again.
it is a nice game.In free time a great tool to increase your Mathematical tools.Great for me.I always in my free time find it my best friend like tool to find myself busy in the skills.
This is my new favorite game. So much better than sudoku. Love the pencil option and all the levels of difficulty.
I love kakuros and this app is perfect to play it on. It is free, with quite a few levels and in each level there are so many kakuros to play, so you get better and faster, racing against the clock. You even can see the combinations or not. And tells you if you have put the wrong number in a combination vefore even finishing adding all numbers in the combination. So I love it.
non-infinite boards, but then, i don't play that fast... didn't see a save option the last time i swapped phones, but, that was a couple years ago...
Works well, my favorite app of my favorite number puzzle. Ads not intrusive, only suggestion for improvement is to add more levels of difficulty between the top two. Definitely recommend.
Awesome game, many puzzles on each difficulty level. Just hoped it didn't reset puzzles that I have solved already and could have an account linked to keep the progress.
I absolutely adore this game. I have played a lot of different Japanese number puzzle games on my android phone and this is easily the best one. I would like to be able to reset all the puzzles without needing to delete the game. It is well worth the small cost for the ad free version. Thank you!
Great game. Eases you in gently and the more you play, the better your brain works things out. A good start to the day.
Dev:Want better review? 1) Change the back arrow button from "exit game" to "undo last move". 2) place the exit game function further away from basic game controls. That's it. Everything else is ok, but that current layout and functionally SUCK!!!
Quick or more difficult challenge it's your choice this game has it, and really well designed it's a keeper.
I really enjoy playing this game. I'm very happy with the different levels and toughness. When I feel like a great challenge, I enjoy the highest degree of difficulty, having finished 10 of the most difficult levels.
One very convenient addition to this game would be a SAVE and RECALL option. SAVE would save the current game and RECALL would restore to the last save. Love the game. I used to solve CROSS SUMS in crossword puzzle books, but this is much better.
Overall decent game, after playing it for several hundred games the graphics fail and the game starts displaying the numbers at roughly 1/5 of the normal size. The game still works but its difficult to play what you can't see. I've simply uninstalled and reinstalled to fix the problem.
Been playing this game for a few years. It can be relaxing or challenging depending on the level you choose. I like a game that keeps your mind active.
Enjoyable game offers a relaxing challenge when your bored. Well set out and clear to visualise, with good skill levels. 5 🌟 from myself.
Very easy interface, no glitches, no ad in between. Must for recreation. Lots and lots of game available till you drop dead
This is a great game to work on logic, simple math skills and ratios. It should keep the mind heathly for any individual.
Love the chrat sheet. You can just play instead of adding numbers and trying to find all the combinations!
Really nice game to just unwind in the evening, i find. Boyfriend recommended it to me and Ive been enjoying it ever since.
This is exactly what i wanted for this game. This is a good setup - so I am very happy with it. It is easy to work the board and pencil in possibilities. No undo button but that only makes it more challenging.
An exellent game. Plenty of levels, so you won't run out any time soon. In game tools to help keep track of things if you want them and options to disable some of them if you don't. Just a well designed brain game in general.
I play this to keep my mind active. Great interface. I don't find the ads bothersome or intrusive. It's a great app.
great thinking game! hints aren't very helpful but the features enable to write options on the side, like pencil marks
It is very challenging. So many different combinations . Just when I think it's right the last number throws everything off. Just started playing a couple of days ago .
Relaxing and bit of mind jog at the same time. So it's guilt free in a way. I enjoy it regularly. Quite a good logic, so speeds up the thinking of alternatives. Overall a nice game. Still enjoying even after a year.
I play it everyday. Great game. But the cursor is unnecessarily distracting when you are trying to focus. Needs undo function.
Fun game with hundreds of puzzles at different difficulty levels. You'll get hours and hours of enjoyment out of this app!
Excellent! I've tried a few kakuro apps, but this is one is by far the best. Quick, challenging and effective.
Smooth experience with little to no intrusive ads. When i realize there's a mistake, i want to rest puzzle. Make a button for this instead of manually erasing every cell.
I like this game but 3 things would make it a lot better: to be able to select multiple cells to enter the same set of numbers, to see the complete list of options for a particular set of cells and to be able to eliminate options (ie cross them off)
Lovely Kakuro app; large quantity of puzzles & nice grid design. (I like the brown tones on paper & bamboo-mat background; atmospheric without being intrusive or over complicated - N.b. i have paid to remove ads.) I use it quite often; to help fire-up my thought processes in the morning, & to help focus my mind away from work during breaks or at bed time.
I paid 2,20 euro for removing the ads, but it doesn't remove them at all, contacted the creator, which advised me to just buy it again because google would not charge me twice. Guess what...they charged me twice. And the ads (and the button to remove them) were still there even though I paid twice. I asked for a refund from google which luckily they did give me for the second purchase, but I still paid 2,20 euro for nothing...
Love this game. Only done paper versions before and this enables you to easily amend your numbers when required. The ads are relatively unobtrusive too.
I was looking for harder Sudoku... and found Kakuro in another multi-puzzle app! I love it! A different brain game for sure!
Love it. I haven't done a pen and paper puzzle for years. I have to uninstall and reinstall when I finish them to clear the times and start over.
Love this game, one of my favorites. Only 3 stars because lately, not every time, after sitting through the add and the "X" appears, you click on it to return to the game but are still sent to the play store to install an app you do not want and just indicated you do not want. Then when you exit the store and tap on the game app it sends you right back to the store! It just happened 3 times in a row. I am just about ready to uninstall, the irritation is about to exceed the enjoyment!
600 puzzles on each of 5 levels. The easy ones are too easy, though. Did them all and expected some reaction, even if only a re-sent, but nothing. On a phone the thing is too fiddly.
Very good game for working your brain. I like the pencil option as well the choice to show the possible numbers.
Good.. Challenging puzzle No 30 has error in it for calculation of 22 on row 6.The minimum that can be made is 24.
Always loved these puzzles. I have been doing them with pen and paper since I was a child. This is the first Kakuro app, and I love it. I find it extremely relaxing. I have completed all puzzles in the Easy, Medium, Hard and Challenging. I'm up to number 41 in the extreme category.
Simple game play, and no glitches. An undo button and easier navigation from cell to cell would be a nice upgrade.
adding is easy. logic is hard. the app has tons different setups to play. you are probably done with a difficulty you can complete in 5-10 minutes consistently. great if you like logic puzzles. there us an option to see an answer. make sure to keep it off to get better at solving them!
So far I've really enjoyed this. Lots of puzzles, be organised by difficulty. Interface is nice, especially the ability to use a pencil to draw in possible values. Only two minor criticisms. First, I find the difficulty levels a bit inconsistent: some "hard" ones I find easier than some"medium" ones. Second: I sometimes find the number pad less than responsive, but that may be my phone. Oh and I wish I'd realised earlier you can turn the cheat sheet off!
Impressive. It has ample games to play which are organized into appropriate categories based on the level of skill required.
Good but can't change settings. You get annoying 'clapping' bar that covers most of the screen whilst trying to play, which happens every time you put a number in, which is v annoying having to wait for this to clear. I'd rather the option to remove this.
Love it! If you hate math, it's probably not for you, but if you need some help drilling the basics into your brain, try the Easy level. If you do like math, it's a great distraction from real life :)
Dev Needs to move back button away from number buttons. Current button there should be re-mapped to "undo" functionality. UI is often twitchy and unresponsive. This could be great but currently there are several better alternatives
I happened on this puzzle in a magazine and loved it. This app is exactly what I wanted. If you can find a cheat sheet that tells you all possible combinations that total a specific number it helps. This is my new fav.
Only 3 star, keeps telling me an update is available but there's no facility to update app, v disappointing if it keeps telling me update its going to trash
This was the first Kakuro app i ever tried. Its been 10ish years and counting across multiple devices! I LOVE this Kakuro platform. I've tried several other versions over the years but always come back to this one.
I really love this game, but recently I've been unable to play it because it just keeps crashing, don't know if it's been an update or what but thoroughly disappointed.
Fun, lots of levels. I did all the Hard puzzles, and have started on the Challenging level. I can tell the difference, so I think anything beyond that will be beyond me! :-b
Intriguing puzzle game. So satisfying to logically and mathematically solve the puzzle. It is visually pleasing, and the game controls are logical and well-laid out. I'm very much enjoying this game.
A mentally stimulating game! Requires more skill than Sudoku. But still accessible to anyone who can find sums of digits 1-9. The app has good funcionality. Lots of levels. Diverse levels of challenge to keep things interesting!
I have paid to remove ads but the ads still pops up. I would give 5 star if this is corrected as i love playing this game
Recently installed and enjoying every minute, some of the puzzles are quite puzzling and really makes you think
This is a fun and easy to use kakuro time waster. It keeps me busy during times I have to wait. The ads are not too intrusive. I approve.
completed it a couple years ago, came back to do it again. wish there were more puzzles. recommended for those who like Kakuro.
It is very challenging. So many different combinations . Just when I think it's right the last number throws everything off. Just started playing a couple of days ago . I still find it very challenging especially past the hard level.
Game works great, good challenge. Wished they had larger puzzles, they all come in the same size grid.
What happened to my results? Finished most of one section and misclicked on a new puzzle which brought up, what i thought, was an already finished puzzle and it was BLANK. Although the time taken was still shown the puzzle itself was empty. How come?
Never played it. The game tried to force me to play on my tablet in the wrong direction. That sounds dumb, I know, but when I play, it's upright, in a stand, this game will not flip, so my tablet is standing on the power and vol. buttons. It isn't even giving me a chance to play. I tried a couple of different settings, it just won't let me flip it. Uninstalling, until this is solved.
How do I blank out the entire puzzle to start again??? Sometimes I get halfway thru and realize I made an error somewhere, but I don't know where. And there's no way to find out.
Love this game, been playing for ages. Different skill levels. Never had a problem with game freezing as with some other games & Ads not too bad.
I've enjoyed playing Kakuro. Not being familiar with the game, this app makes it easy to catch onto. So you know when your total is to low or to high. I can see spending a lot of time playing this game ☺️
If you love Sudoku and Kenken then you should try Kakuro. it has 600 games per complexity and there are 4 difficulties. This gives hours upon hours of mentally engaging challenges.
Thoroughly contemplative! I love this game. It is such an excellent mental stimulation game combining mathematics, statistics, and logic.
I really enjoy Kakuro on paper, and this app is just as good. I love that I can "write" in pencil the possible solutions, and change it to pen when I'm sure I have the right value!
Kakuro is more interesting and challenging than Sudoku. This app does a good job of ranking puzzles by difficulty, providing the available combinations, and then staying out of the way. Some banner ads, but nothing obtrusive.
Great game, but the only ads I see are in support of the Orange Traitor. Considering he's not even smart enough to do one of these puzzles, seems an odd choice
Lots of puzzles. Gives the possibilities based on what you've entered for each sum but does not highlight the numbers you have used in those possibilities (otherwise it would be a five star).
Very challenging, mentally. While a few squares can be filled easily, as their solution is obvious, there are many others which force us to rack our brain cells to work out various permutations, to get to the final solution.
Third phone I've installed this on. Soothing to play. Easy to note possible numbers. Puzzles are never impossible
Love the "cheat sheet" option. I always make them for myself, so this saves me. If I input a number that ads up wrong it telks me right away. Saves time. Love the digital version
Solid set of Kakuro puzzles with a nice UI and minimally intrusive ads. The game grids are often on the easy side, but the sheer number of puzzles makes up for it.
Have loved kakuro for years. The only suggestion would be to have "penciled" in numbers removed as pen numbers are placed. Also, an "undo" would be nice, not just erase. Otherwise, this game is really fun and addicting!!!
Great relaxer while keeping my mind active at the same time. Negative is the errors. I found 3 in the first 11 Easy puzzles. Can be easily fixed by developer changing some totals.
5 levels with 600 games in each so plenty if you complete a level to start again & not remember what you have previously. Can use pencil type jottings & game also shows allowable combinations both can be useful but would be good if you could turn them off
I'm the nerd that bought variety magazines starting in jr high back in the 90s, almost exclusively for the half dozen of these puzzles contained within. My 1 complaint...where you to mark down multiple 'could be values' each number appears in the same place within cell. I always used where in the cell it was placed to identify each group of possibilities. Ie. 2x cells total 17. 1 gets an 8 in the upper left and 9 in lower right. The other gets the locations reversed. Helps see the big picture
One of the few games I really enjoy because there aren't any flaws. Or at least I haven't found any yet. The different levels would challenge almost everyone. I would REALLY like to find more card or sudoku games by Deucher. Would give it a SIX star if i could.
Fun & somewhat intuitive game. Doesn't really require hard math as the hints help remind you what numbers are available, and the suggestions disappear if you've put the wrong numbers in. Similar to sudoku or other kinds of games I've enjoyed playing.
Instructions were very easy to follow and understand, well laid out, with very clear given examples. Great alternative after mastering Sudoku. Very simple, yet pleasing layout. Not much for options, no Settings menu, but the simplicity is great for those that just want to get to solving the puzzles. Ads are not intrusive.
Great way to complete challenging Kakuro puzzles and exercise your mind. Love the wooden aesthetic of the game and ads are not too intrusive.
Great app! Really like the interface. Love doing a couple first thing to get the brain stimulated. Been playing Kakuro for 15+ years now. The difficulty level rating of the puzzles are pretty close. Sometimes easy puzzles are quite challenging until you find that 1 piece of logic, then it cascades. For those looking to do a quick one, most levels i can do a puzzle in under 15m, usually under 5m for the easier ones. A few of the hardest ones I've had to come back to several times, some a wip.
The puzzles are nice, but the app crashes after every level is completed. Please fix this bug. I have to restart the game everytime I complete a level which is annoying.
Lots of puzzles and easy to use. It would be nice if it had an undo option. It would also be nice if when you make a number that it removed the pencil marks from the corresponding boxes. Overall a fun game.
Superb. I do a few if these each night before bed as a wind-down to empty my mind. The only improvements I could suggest would be to raise the number input pad a litle higher above the bottom of the screen (too low to use if tablet is rested on soft surface, like a cushion, or my gut) and the ability to select your own clour screen (the world is basically too bright for me so I prefer dark colour schemes). Other than that this is a perfect Kakuro.
Wish there was the option to check for wrong entries on the hard and extreme puzzles. Otherwise the game is great
The best kakuro game I've found. I have completed all levels more times then I can count. Kinda wish there were more levels or an easier way to reset, as I end up deleting all cache to reset the levels. 10/10, probably spent more hours on this game than I'd want to admit.
600 puzzles on each of 5 levels. The easy ones are too easy, though. Did them all and expected some reaction, even if only a re-set, but nothing. On a phone the thing is too fiddly.
As an established puzzle game. This app hasn't done anything too revolutionary. You either like number puzzles and kakuro, or you don't. That said, this free app provides a plethora of content as far as pre rendered puzzles go. The UI is extremely user friendly, quite easy to use. And ads are non intrusive. There is a 5 second ad every few levels complete. If kakuro is something you enjoy, I highly recommend this app. I personally couldn't live without my daily number puzzle. So I love it.
Enjoyable & relaxing. I very much enjoy number games. However, I play this game on my phone and the number pad is very small and sometimes hard to work. There is plenty of empty space for them to enlarge it.... (hint hint)
Entertainjng. There is advertising but it is not intrusive and does not interfere with game. Recommend.
This is definitely a game that acts as an exercise for your brain and also helps a person to think mathematically. For instance, if you are adding numbers in real life and three of the numbers are 789, if you play this game regularly you automatically know that sequence equals 24.
It's challenging! I'm catching on, but it's not easy even at the easy level! I don't like games that are too easy, so this is my idea of fun!
This game has been so fun! It took me a bit to get the hang of it but I really enjoy it. I am still currently on the easy puzzles and I am really loving it. I like that they're automatically timed and that it times how long you're working on the puzzle not the time it takes for you to finish after you start, so if you play for two minutes, close it out, and open it an hour later the time is at two minutes not an hour and two minutes. I love that. I would definitely recommend this game.
I enjoy how easy it is to toggle between draft mode and pen mode. There's also many puzzles to choose from.
very nice simple way to use app with a huge collection of puzzles. just wish it would grey out the numbers that have been already used in the chat sheet
One of the few games i really enjoy because there aren't any flaws. Or at least i haven't found any yet. The different levels would challenge almost everyone.
easy to use, gives good clues, easy to reverse mistakes ,it enables me play through. great for concentration
I've had this game for years and it is one I keep going back to. Better than most apps I've tried. I do kakuro regularly as I am dyscalculaic (number dyslexia) and it helps me retain my number sets.
Easy to use and great fun, these puzzles are so addictive. I've only done the first five easy so far and haven't had an issue with ads yet as they don't interrupt me during a puzzle.
Great game with math and strategy; however I would like to play this across multiple devices without having to start from the beginning.
So far it's great. Challenging and fun. Ads come after you finish the puzzle which is fair, so I don't mind watching. I highly recommend this game.
Seems to play fairly well. A few querks that I haven't figured out yet. Strongly recommend add free as the ads are really annoying.
Error in puzzle Puzzle 47 in Extreme difficulty has a contradiction and is unsolvable. As I've been going at these puzzles one by one, this has spoiled my fun.
Would be 5 if you could change the color scheme. Numbers are small and hard to read with the colour they use. For me anyways other than that it's great
I love this game! It started out difficult for me until I got used to the patterns, and now I love doing every level of difficulty!
Lots of puzzles and lots of fun. Has enough different levels that you can always find one that's hard enough or easy enough to enjoy.
great challenge like the Cross Sums puzzle. But I do wish it had a "answer" or a "check for errors" option when stuck.
After trying out the game for a while, I actually purchased the game and gave it a 5-Star Review last spring. I have enjoyed Cross Sums for many years and this is the closest and the best I have seen. I play this game as often as possible, can't tell about the ads but the game is great
Nice kakuro app, works fine. Pretty. Ads are not too annoying. 4/5 stars. Update after 10 months: Still not bored. Happily paid 2.20€ to eliminate ads. Changed review to 5/5.
such a great game!! you build your mental muscle in your strategy as well as your counting, adding, and subtracting skills. it's addictive and exciting! but, you need to update it so that we can have an account so we don't lose our levels in case the app gets deleted or we add the app to another device
Why do I have to select pencil or pen? Why not allow me to enter more than one number into a square without having to switch from pen to pencil. Other than that, excellent.
I Love this game!!! This is my Favorite Kakuro App!! Don't bother with the other ones! This one is perfect!
still like the game. The puzzles are working quite well, but I am a little disappointed by the "Remove Ads" feature. I paid the in-app purchase to remove ads and it rarely remembers. Even if I click the "remove ads" button again, most of the time it removes it without asking for more money, but at other times, it refuses to press. It would be nice if I actually got what I paid for
I've been playing this game for several years. The locals of complexity and challenges are excellent. Playing is a great way to unwind, while keeping your mind sharp. Go ahead, play it and see for yourself.
The remove ads is broken. I paid to remove the ads and it removed the banner but I still get spammed with video ads after every level
Error Free, tons of levels, low price and only to get rid of ads, varied skill levels that are true to form, I really enjoyed this game and have played over 2400 levels.
Very enjoyable. It has puzzles from easy to CHALLENGING and provides endless entertainment and exercises the brain. One of my favorite apps. I am also very impressed with the very generous amount of free puzzles available. 5 out of 5 on all fronts.
Very pretty design. But lacking a lot in the gameplay. The pretty graphics forced the number pad you use for input to be a very small size. I'm on a 6.3" phone, and it's a small keypad. Also, when you're using notes, and you enter the correct number in a box, the corresponding note isn't automatically erased. And an Undo button is sorely missing.
If u love sudoku and math, you'll love the challenge of combining the 2, and there's plenty of puzzles.
the best time passer I've had last year. i have unfortunately completed the entire game. but i loved it and it was wonderful for me to just play this while listening to music in the background.
Relaxing and bit of mind jog at the same time. So it's guilt free in a way. I enjoy it regularly. Quite a good logic, so speeds up the thinking of alternatives. Overall a nice game.
The graphics of this game are beautiful, very pleasing to the eye. The levels are wide ranging. It's a good ap for people who are playing for the first time or have been playing for years.
Fun game. Would be nice if the cursor guessed which square to move to next, especially when I'm working on a number with only two spaces.
So happy I found this app. love kakuro. Works really well and haven't been bothered by adds. Really good late out and easy to navigate. Thanks.
Love this game! Challenging and fun. I play it every day ☺ Update: I still love the game but I got a new phone and I couldn't transfer over my saves. I've played a lot and I hate seeing the empty spaces for the previous puzzles I completed. So I removed 1 star.
Great mental stimulus: Speeds up mental arithmetic. Enhances analytical skills. Have solved nearly all the Easy, Medium & Hard Kakuros and am now on the Challenging ones (given up on a few). The App is well designed with a good tutorial. The "Cheat Sheet" facility is a useful tool when completely stuck. The graphics are relaxing and not garish and are pleasant to view over long periods of time. In conclusion: A well constructed and presented App which is well worth trying! 4.95/5.
A simple little game for a brief diversion and exercise of the mind. So far I haven't found the ads to be intrusive.
Different difficulty levels and lots of puzzles. Great app but I wish it were easier to do trial and error. For example, two different colors, black for the real numbers and green for trial numbers. Still it's a great app and lots of fun.
I love this app it does what its suppose to do and looks beautiful. If I had to knit pick number pad could've been bigger as it causes problems when trying to speed run I accidentally touch wrong numbers.
Great free game, I get ads but I have a trick so it doesn't bother me! Regardless, more levels (600 per difficulty) than you can shake a stick at, will keep you loving this game.