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Kakuro (Cross Sums) - Classic Puzzle Game

Kakuro (Cross Sums) - Classic Puzzle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Pink Pointer located at Rua Domingos Turato, 166 - Campinas, SP, Brazil CEP 13098-587 - Loteamento Parque dos Alecrins. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the puzzles. Great for mind refocussing. However, I seem to have hit the limit at level 20. Are there more levels coming?
Great game, simple ui & concept. Ruined by excessive ads: before start, after win, reset, resume, and randomly throughout. I'm averaging 8-9 minutes/ puzzle and am seeing three 30 second commercials consistently. 1 per puzzle would be acceptable.
Standard Kakuro game but does not have an intuitive platform that removes pencil numbers when a correct solution is applied to an adjacent cell. I'd rather play with pencil and paper if I have to erase the incorrect clues myself. You're welcome and I'm sorry it wasn't more positive :-(
It took me until the "evil" pack 8, puzzle 9 until I found one little imperfection in this app (it doesn't have a unique solution, but rather two very similar but equally valid solutions). Apart from that, this is a perfect little puzzle app.
Nice plain visual UI. Slightly inconsistent paradigm when in draft mode but ok once you get used to it. Would really love to be able to enter my own puzzle e.g. from a newspaper, so I could solve it within the app.
Great app, tonnes of puzzles (although working my way through very hard and not as challenged as I'd hoped!) but the ads the bottom of the screen have started glitching and expanding to cover the number input panel. Very annoying as I have to reset the app every time! And it's happening more frequently!
Smooth, polished UI design. No destructive ads or pop-up. No glitches, loading fast. All typical and needed settings are present. Good levels design. So I feel it really good 😊 and can recommend if you want to play good kakuro.
The actual puzzles are good but the app has an add at the beginning and end of every puzzle. The app just doesn't work if you don't have an internet connection. Even menus sometimes don't load when not connected to the internet.
Great game. I like it more than sudoku. After you get used to the way of thinking, you keep in going.
Several ads don't work, forcing me to have to need to restart the app to get past it. The actual game play is okay, but doesn't make up for the broken intrusive ads that aren't sure what they're attempting to sell. Edit: I understand I can remove ads, but I shouldn't have to when the dev doesn't want to put in any work to make sure the ads work
Was a really good game but is currently unplayable as the board is now too big to fit on my phone screen. Please fix. Further info - issue is only affecting my Samsung Galaxy S20FE - works fine on Huawei honor 8x and Samsung Galaxy A5
Great bugfree game with plenty of difficulty settings. Lots of unskippable advertisements though. I don't mind ads, dev's gotta eat, but I think it is overdone a bit.
Always has been and probably always will be my favorite puzzle app. Simple UI, modern look, no clutter.
It's really good app for kakuro, but the ads glitch out and make the game unplayable at times. I uninstalled but might come back if it's fixed. Edit: the glitch/bug is that the bottom ad will take up about 70% of my screen ad I can't play anymore
I love these puzzles. As soon as I got the app I was able to play the 'evil' packs, which is awesome. No wasting time on easy levels. Ads only come between levels, and sice I take about 25 minutes for these puzzles, I barely get any ads beside the ones on the bottom of the screen. I love the multiple color inputs, and the puzzles seem overall well designed. I also like how it tracks overall time spent each pack. I currently spent 1550 minutes, almost 26 hours straight on this game. Addicting!
Nice game, works just fine. Ui and layout are good too. Only reason it isn't 5 stars is that there is no cloud save. Would be nice so I could also play on my tablet.
Great app but IT KEEPS MY SCREEN ON Forever, it stops the phone screen from going to sleep mode I play these kinda games to fall asleep and waking up and realising my phone is nearly dead because the screen was on all night isn't pleasant. Please add an option to stop this!
For the third time, this app has forgotten that I've paid to remove ads, and fails to find my purchase when I try to restore it or gives an error if I try to remove the ads. Reinstalling, clearing data and cache, etc, doesn't solve this. The last two times, my purchase was restored with 24 hours or so, but this time has been longer. It's not a bad app when it works, albeit with only a fixed number of puzzles. The controls are a little clunky at first, but become more familiar with time.
Update developer has removed those intrusive ads. Game is great! My problem was with the ads. 2020.08.01 Latest update has mandatory 1 minute long ads between puzzles and at beginning. And no you CAN NOT exit the ad after 5 seconds! Sometimes you can't even exit the app!! Total BS. If not fixed I'm uninstalling. This was a great app- I'm sorry to see it go.
The game itself is really enjoyable and nice but ads before and after every puzzle is so irritating. It would be 5 but because of ads it is 3.
Great game. Although it was challenging at first but once you get used to it, it is easier (still need to think a lot though)
Tons of puzzles at every difficulty level. Click on a square to see all possible combinations to get the desired sum. As squares are filled in, impossible combinations fade to grey, making it easy to play without scratch paper.
Simple and to the point. Definitely worth paying to get rid of the ads if you play a lot, but if you only play occasionally they're not too bad. Just finished the last puzzle - there are 1000 in total - and never had any issues with the app.
The game is great.. What's not great is that in every action there is an ad.. I don't care if there is an ad since it is your income..but please when i click back, ad pops up, i click new puzzle ad pops up.. Theres even ad below when playing puzzle
No unique number list. You must press to use pencil every box instead of letting you mark it all in pencil first. Not a good layout. Not enjoyable.
I downloaded this game even though I don't know how to play it. But after finishing the first game I instantly love it. I'm addicted. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Game is great! I suggest to enable the option to select multiple cells to write with the pencil the numbers available for those selected cells.
please add an overall counter on how long I've played this game to validate the insane amount of time I've played this game
Way too easy, even the evil level. And I'm not a genius of any kind, I just really like Math and logic games, otherwise would be a perfect app, the usability is excellent, the best that I could find so far.
Excellent brain training. Great for beginners to build conference and progress through increasingly challenging levels.
I got this after finishing the puzzles on another Kakuro app (by Conceptus). I like the interface & look of this app better, and there's more customization options. This app isn't as challenging though. "Very hard" is about equal to "medium" on the other app, but with a smaller grid. I also wish there was a way to create a temporary save point so I could try out a guess and then go back. The ability to copy all the notes (small numbers) in a cell and paste into others would be nice.
Easy and medium are good too learn on. Hard and very hard are challenging, but totally doable. Ads are not bad. ... After playing for a few weeks, I still give this app very high marks.
Very fun! The ads only show up when you leave/enter a level, so they don't bother too much. And if you want to pay for no ads, it's very cheap as well. Overall, a very nice game. Edit: A suggestion? Add an option to just wipe the board without resetting the timer, please. Sometimes I screw up and have to restart but want to keep the timer lol
When sending this many ads, at least make sure gesture navigation is not limited by making them completely full screen. You cannot leave the app when a full screen ad pops up. 😒 Edit: I am aware that I can pay to remove the ads. However, even if I would, it should never block navigation and I stand by that. You can do full screen ads but never hide the navigation bar at the bottom.
Very good. I've probably finished, uninstalled, and redownloaded this 3 times at this point because the UI is probably one of if not the most intuitive and quick UIs I've encountered in this genre. Given the UI quality (which usually makes or breaks these types of puzzle compilations) I've been able to finish an easy puzzle in under 10 seconds and I have a lot of fun seeing if I can lower my total time per same level pack. Watched my avg time drop from 40m+ to ~10m per expert and I feel smarter.
i love such riddles and puzzles, but already got bored from 16×16 sudokus, already understood how to solve these, and my record is 24 minutes yet! thank you for such puzzle, gotta try something new and tricky!
Used to be much better without the intrusive ads that play at max volume. Now I don't even know what the ads say. Cannot find the close button because it is in an unrecognizable language. Way to go...
Super clean UI and intuitive functions, knew nothing about this game but was still able to learn and play in no time
Won't let me edit my existing review. I still love the game, however now that I'm cracking out on this, I'm completing some evil levels in 4 - 8 minutes. I wish there were bigger, harder puzzles.
I really like how you can add notes by just typing the extra numbers in, no selecting a pencil or similar nonsense. And the list of possible number combinations for each set is great. I'm just sorry I've done all the puzzles now.
Simple and clean kakuro app with plenty of puzzles. I play almost every day and have never had any problems. The only issue might be how often you get ads, but you can pay a little bit to get rid of them.
So horribly confusing. What do these numbers mean? All it gives you is a paragraph of badly translated english 'explaining' how to play the game. Want to learn about Cross sums? Don't play this game, I beg of you.
Love the game but ads have gotten worse in the past few months. They're longer and more frequent and include sound based on the media volume even if the app setting have sound effects muted.
Fun game, but I think it needs a more extensive tutorial: it doesn't explain that the "H" and "V" show all the possible combinations, making it way easier. It took me a couple of levels to notice them...
Love this game, spent many hours getting better at it but a recent update has made the board so big that it no longer fits on my screen making the game unplayable. I hope one day it is fixed so I can continue to play. Last play was yesterday but it has been a bit since I had opened it before that.
Awesome game design! Once you learn how it works, it becomes very relaxing to solve. But until then it will give you some headaches. Compared to other kakuro apps, the ui is more elegant and readable, making the experience smoother. I've skipped all the levels (after learning the basics) and i am solving the Evil stages. My lowest time is like 3 minutes. I don't know if the game rules and mechanics allow for harder levels, but i would love for even harder than evil difficulty to be added.
Have become slightly obsessive about this game - easy to learn, tricky to play - settings can be adjusted to suit my own preferences of layout etc
Great to solve kakuro puzzles with this. There's no proper tutorial so you pretty much have to know the rules already. Even the easy puzzles are difficult for people new to kakuros
Simple and fun. There comes a point when it's no longer challenging; would be nice to have super hard level packs
Ads are too invasive and take 15-20 seconds to cancel, and when in-game ad changes at the bottom, the whole screen flickers. This happens every 10-15 seconds.
I skipped past the easy packs, but Im not an expert at this game, so i love that each puzzle gets gradually more difficult, and im learning techniques as i go. I think the ads are minimal. Idk what the invert button is used for. i wish i was able to manually eliminate a group of possible numbers that i know don't work, but I like that i don't have to figure out all the possible combinations on my own. Features, like error detection, are nice.