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Justice Rivals 3 - Cops and Robbers

Justice Rivals 3 - Cops and Robbers for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by RuNix Games. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very cool games but can you add some doctors to save cops if they die because that thing is cool to save cops and can you add a hospital and army base play as a army and ambulance car very very nice I love this games agent responsible style and can you create a bad cop and can you create LAPD army More cars like Add MR. President in the game in the Single Police cars like highway patrol SUV police motorcycle and more please update Again
This game is the game i have been looking for years! Thank you runix games! I recommend this game to anyone who likes roleplay and stuff other then that you can become police and have to stop robbers from robbing or become a robber and hide from police after robbing to get money and with money you can unlock cool weopens! This game is multiplayer which makes this game so fun
relly good game please make a jusrice rivals 4. though the game should have a jammer to stop the cop gps from working in robber. and should have a crew to and in single player you should be able to pause and moltyplayer you should reduose deathtrap wanted time please. and you should make the shotgun relode speed. and the 2 story net belding glass should be breckalb though you need a grapple hook to get down and there should be a story mode for cops and robber were you do evre heist
Awesome game, love role playing as a cop it would get 5 stars but it needs private servers and voice chat definitely voice chat, its tricky to call in crime when driving. it's still really fun.
The games is great but please add civilians in multiplayer and if possible could you add money trucks for police it would be easy to put that in the game coz they will collect the money like thieves and drop it off at the bank but robbers can rob it and more guns like rocket launchers but good games overall
Hello devs! I wanted to play with my friends but when i clicked multiplayer it said "failed to connect to multiplayer! Please make sure you are connected to internet or try again later!" So i restarted the game and checked my wifi but it said the same thing. my friend have the same issue. Please fix it thanks.
Game is not okay,so there is problem.To be robber is easy(you stole something get in car and go you will also drive without stopping).if you police man you need to chase them and he is faster than you.police cars are slow.and if you going with helicopter.You have to land and then to shot em,but you cant bc he is gone with car.And he can revive in car. I just want to say you need to update game (you can shoot from helicopter(and car if you want).police cars to be a little faster.) That's it.
How can someone go inside the wall??that's not fair When i get in the cops car im not wanted and also the cops shoot me when im not wanted how??? Why can't the cops revive each other.. Why can't the robbers get out of the car when the driver dies that's not fair for the other robbers!! And why can't we swim you guys should add a swimming button. Why when we take the cops car we become wanted but when the cops take our cars it fine?? Why don't cops have all the guns??
This game is so cool this is a very good multiplayer game but when you play as a robber will you have the options to buy a mask as well anyways this game is awesome
Its a very good game i play it 24/7 and i like it i play it alot and got alot of kills just one problem doe when you try to kill ads pops up just fix that but i give the game a good 4 stars
Best game ever! The only thing I can think of that is not good is there should be hand cuffs and be able to go in all the buildings but other than that I can't think of anything else so 5⭐.
This game is good but one thing is that it will crash that when you are about 1 sec to finish wanted it will stop and The car you in will disappear to its spawn n som1 will drive while you still driving it 😐😐fix that and it has bugs, update please 😑
I love the realism of the stances of the guns and cars i have a suggestion makee it so you can pit cars and you can make yourself anomyus by having to hold a button down while your in the car but overall this is one of the best games on the playstore
Loving the game so far, can't wait to see where you take it. I've played the first two as well, and enjoyed them. This game could use some improvements, like aiming down sights instead of hip fire, more vehicles, the ability to buy a vehicle of your own that you can lock, actual armour on armored vehicles... and a voice chat function! Voice chat is a desperate need, because you can't call for backup if you're being shot at in multiplayer, because text chat is too slow. Otherwise, doing great!
Hey this is an amzing game I gave it a 3 because it hasn't for seen its true potential. I think you could add handcuffs to arrest online players and ma,e every room in the police station enterable also add it so you can choose your rank and choose what car you drive and add a proper police radio and also a hospital fire dept with a fire dept team ok thanks pls do some of these thanks bywpe :)
I love this game. HOWEVER, there is a problem. When the picture ads pop up with the "close" option, it won't work. So, I have to quit the game and try to hope that one of those ads don't pop up again. They get really frustrating, especially when I'm right in the middle of an epic chase or something. Please fix this, and I'll bump up the rating.
I like this game your maybe wondering why I put four stars in my review because there's 3 things I want in this game 1. I wish you can punch with your hands 2. I wish there 3rd person mode so I can see myself 3. I wish there's a 1st person can in the car cause I want it too be realistic
How about you add something good is so good is police silent lights how about you doing the silent lights brighter and does look like a real life police car see! and 1 more is the only one is part of the world is buildings We never been go going in the building I like it it look like a mission! And that's it all done!Oh my God I'm not done yet! Add even more police cars and build and Rhobbers car and even more better and that's it all done! I am not joking you i am done! And new map desert done!
Awsome game add more places to rob like robbing houses an make it so u can go in the police station there just some ideas i have lots more ideas for this game to make it better I doubt you will ever see this but thanks for adding one of my ideas Another few ideas i came up with is Planes Houses/garages A helicopter for robbers More cars More money in heist Quicker to take money in heist Thats it for now
It is great but could you please do like a partner, dispatch and other missions that would be great and could you do where you can control your own swat and fbi team
if you can add handcuffs and more cars (undercover crown Vic and charger and motorcycle and ferensic van) also in single player can you add ai crimes when you patrol and ais pull over when you put your lights on and a Id and computer In car and motorcycle rider character and helicopter driver and ferensic and ferensic building and detective and detective tools and marked suv and when you die your body gets picked up by detective and ferensic? If you can it will be a tad better please thanks
Its a great game .. it just needs more cars and customsations(change Rims,change car colour and drop suspension) ,second person view more places to rob(bottlestore,shopping mall) and add a speedometer on the car.
The graphics are good,but i can't go to online. I checked my internet connection. The internet is good but when i play singleplayer its like im playing half life game. I feel like there's no NPCs. I saw a lot of easter eggs. The game makes my fear go up. And remember.......choose a role and choose a car and livery
This is one of the best games for mobile roleplay. But there is one thing, iam 14 years old and own a roleplay server on discord, we want to use this game, but we can't create our own server. I would really appreciate it if the devs made it possible to create your own server. Thank you, hope you get this message.
Guys this game is very nice I like it. But could you guys odd a speaker to the multiplayer part of the game so that instead of typing to tell your friends something you can just press the speak and talk, for example if you are a cop and you go to a place that is getting robbed and you need backup instead of typing you can just press the speaker and talk, because some time by time you finish typing you get killed, so please do this in the next up date and the game will be better.
Just cheesy and so stiff acting , even the death animation is stiff, you play a cop and it doesn't give you alerts to robberies on screen so you open up the map and then crash the car , also why would a cop car have infinite gas and others don't it's like trying to be realistic in that aspect but messed it up
This game is especially marvellous, and I think that some more features and more graphic is needed, so that this game may be more enjoyable to play
The game is really cool but can you add police tap why 🤔because robber who are not wanted intended on standing in front of the door and blooking it pervernting the cops to shoot at the robbers inside so can you add the police tap and police barriers please that will be nice to because people who are not wanted also intend on flipping all Of the cop cars outside to povent the cops from chasing the robbers that are trying to escape from the crime seen also can you add a panic butten for cops 🙏
I love the game and i hate the ads poping out and there should be a shop where you can buy some really good cars and love your gane i hope for some update.
Hands down this is one of the best underrated games I have ever played, the graphics are not bad gameplay is epic, VERY GOOD GAME!!!! But if they could add a buy house option and bammering ram. Police would be able to break into wanted people's house with the bammering ram that would be like 700 dollars but anyways I recommend you download
Can you guys please add more weapons and can you guys please add an iron sight to every weapon so that it is more realistic, but the game is great, it deserves five stars and it can be a way to meet new people. edit: please add more weapons like the more ARs , more snipers, more pistols and please add a way to customize your weapons because I think it is the best way for people to be more immersed
It is very nice game you can play with your freinds online if you want and if you want offline . It is very nice game . Having a robber with your frends and other peoples it is very nice game . Download it .it dont be waste your time .i like this game and i say to you to play it with your friends. And See it its the best game
Its the best cops and robbers out in the play store indeed. I had a lot of fun, the graphics were smooth along with the gameplay. There are weapons to buy and use, Driving cars and even you can find hiddeb cars such as the Lamborghini and SWAT car. Though i wish we can change and customize our own character, And more weapons and vehicles. Boats, helis and planes can be also appreciated. Apparently from that, We need more buildings to rob, expanded map and a story mode. I highly recommend it.
Glitches: Bullets faze through ppl sometimes, down to ping in sure but still. When Im driving, when holding down any button it spazzes out. Basically what happens if flickers in and out of being held and u held, causing the car to stop amd go,stop and go etc. Please fix these thanks
I really like the game especially the multiplayer mode and I really really like it but by the way can you make smoke granade so police or robbers in multiplayer cannot see clearly and please make more powerful guns like double barrel
This game is pretty fun and I loved your old games, cant wait for more updates. One thing the game needs to inprove is aiming sensitivity or at least the sniper scope sensitivity.
Itssss really really good but I wish the police have they own police car that they can lock it, and I wish next time no find player and can't see the player in map, I wish the game made super realistic can open the car door and have rope in heli, I wish there have cuffs, and I wish there are garage that we can get cars and can garage our car, and no time to get free it's on police code 4 or not that is what I observe in other player and that's will be helpful thank you for this game runix
Good game but if you add first person or car destruction in vehicles that would be gourgous! Some people like me want us to have like soghts for every weapons cause of people saying modifiying weapons
I've played this game for like a year now and it's pretty good. The graphics is great. But on the next update can you guys add a working spot light on the police helicopter? And maybe add a plane bc there is an airport!
The game is very good and there a lot of features. One problem is that you can not arrest anyone, i would suggest adding handcuffs or like able to have cells in police station. Edit: please may there be an update i know the developer has being trying very hard
very good game. yall should make map bigger. more skins. clothes. you should be able to have your own house or crib. shoot when inside car. more cars. bruv this is amazing but it can be way better.
Can you please remove ADS IN THE GAME! They are very annoying and what's the use of ads? Nothing its useless I got killed because of random stupid pop-op ad on my screen.Also Pop-op ad can cause my gameplay to lag. Please remove it
Its a very best game i got in my phone i gave it 5 stars because its a best game cops and robbery! The graphics is cool to and the controller is good it cool like a gta v controller and the cops car are cool to! And can u add more cars so it looks more cooler also can u make an update that we can buy cars and supercars and pls add more characters! So i can choose that i want!..and if i die i get always ads if i die but thats ok i really love this game!!this is the best i got on phone!.
This game's is fun and I want to have story mode the robber will do drug dealing and start robbing a convenience store and joining a gang and will do medium Heist job and doing weapons Trading and fighting off rival gang in the City and then doing a Big Heist a cop start off as a off-duty cop and fighting against drug dealers and then joining the the the police force fighting and arresting criminals and gangsters and then and then become a SWAT officer and joining in in the army fight terrorism
It's a very good game I really like it, I think you should either update it or create justice rivals 4 with a new map new cars new shops to rob more equipment like spikes you could put on the road to pop the robbers tires.
Superb Game Guys Good Job Done By The Developers,It Would Be Cool If You Add Some Of These Features Like Add Some AI ROBBERS To Fight Alongside With Player, Add Shadows,Add An Option To Shoot Vehicles While Driving, Add Bikes,Cars And Some Other Vehicles, Add Dynamic Weather Systems Like Raining With Storms And Etc... Like That,Add An Option To Make Hostages While Robbing,Add Some Peoples In Watch & Jewellery Shop.So,It Will Be More Realistic.Looking Forward For Updates.Thanks For Reading...
I really enjoyed the single player mode, I beat it everything, I robbed all of them but the problem is that the reload animations is slower, would've been cool if it was faster, just like those shooter games. the multiplayer mode.... wasn't good, I didn't enjoyed it, it was lagging, buggy, I can't even kill someone, they killing me everytime. but still, great game :D
I could write a book on how easily this game topples so many others on the entire app store just in general. It actually gives you the freedom to play the cops and robbers role, with guns involved, multiplayer, co-op, decent size map with free roam threw vehicle or foot with multiple vehicles to choose from. What can I say, the game is just soo well designed. My Only request is that they add a few more Criminal vehicles, another cop vehicle to slightly keep up with the Lamborghini, and traffic
this game is pretty realistic, and it will really be if they are going to add warrant, traffic stop, and crime investigation as well
GOOD GAME they have even added FBI Cop character and car you can also choose between a SWAT or a normal NYP cop you can also be a robber and rob many stores BUT GRAPHICS ARE AMAZING GOOD GUNS AND you can choose your character which rarely a game has .GÒÒOOÒÒOOOOOD GAME
I like the game you can play dis game in online and offline and it's fun to play it but something broblem when i play multiplayer and i play as a policeman and when i see a robber robbing a gas i notice that the robber has no mask so is easy to identify who is the robber. I want that you can also wear a mask anytime also ad NPC citizen also and NPC police which guarding the police station because sometimes the robber shoot as in the police station also add CCTV so we now why is the players doing
I like the game but I would like it even more if you are driving in a car if there is someone else in the car they can like shoot out the window at other people
I've been addicted to this game ever since I got it Three more things Can you please make an update on where you can call for extra backup in missions and freeroam, and can you call officers to get in your squad car and command them in freeroam as well and add a state trooper skin please? I love this game and keep up the good work From Harvey pollard
Its a great game...its so interesting and influencing..its one of d best games I've seen bcos its global and i like dat...the controls are gud...the graphics are great...i love d updates so far and i can't wait for more updates...but why i gave it four star is bcos...after installing d update..i lost half of my current data..in d game..i wonder wat happened...and it requires more kills to get to another level...plz get dis checked up on
This game is phenomenal. Never thought there would be an open world game as good as this. Many cars, guns, things to rob and has a pretty cool drift feature. But there is one problem which is why it only made 4 stars: ads. The developer(s) are generous enough not to spam them but when they do come, it is in the middle of something, shoot at an enemy and an ad pops up. Please make it so that you only get ads when on the lobby or when you respawn. Just a little fix which really improves gameplay.
Love the game but one thing, you need to add more roles to the game such as firefighters. Oh and can you add handcuffs to the game so you can arrest robbers and please add a Police van so robbers can be taken to the police station and can't escape, other than that it's amazing
This is an awesome game but need some more creations in the game 1 when you choose robber in offline single player put some teamates so that they can cover you 2 put offline multiplayer and its hard to escape when you are a robber i robbed the gas station and i escape so many times there still there😬😬😬😬😡😡😡
-Now add can host a server and with pass too for private servers. -add Sensitivity settings -Auto run -Increase the fast movement while sprinting -add Vehicle Explosion - Character Selection For Single Player - Add Knifing Button ( So you can stab someone with it) - Add Building that snipers can camp With elevators - and Shadow settings Thank you
add it please ok add like a police suv i like this game i'm trying to say escort the game but the game don't let me so can you fix that i wish the police car normal car do not disappear i wish you can add more i wish you can add a helicopter and i wish the Add more robbing place can not a big city it's a small city the gun ammo glitches ot said 96 ammo but there's more
Best Cops & Robbers game ever. Great graphics, engaging fights, fun, and more. But hey, I'm gonna give some suggestions to make the game even better! 1) Water Physics 2) Rain Weathers 3) More Places to Heist (Ex: Mall, Mini Bank, Factory) 4) First Person Perspective View 5) Map Expansion 6) More Vehicles 7) More Guns 8) Boats/Motorboats 9) Melee Weapons 10) Recruit Members (Singleplayer) 11) Smoke Grenade 12) Game Modes anyways, there is more but the limit..! So Devs please consider adding it ;)
I give it give stars because it's pretty new and HOLY it is sooooo I would like a flash bang or pepper I mean take ur time tho don't rush I kinda want a tow truck and I wish we could have a setting were you can kill civs for rp purposes again like a taser a TASER like omg ya not best graphics but not at I'm speechless keep up the good work
I like it but the single player robbery it's hard to get away you should do the wanted time like in online but in single player because it's hard you get away and make more guns and maybe you can make your owner severs maybe pivite sever but idk.....
I wish there would be a bigger map, more cars, guns, heist locations, houses that you can buy, car shops, clothes shop, restaurants, gunshops, weather's (for example snow or rain) and graphics like GTA 5. And anything else that has in the GTA series that I did not mentioned right now!!! I know it will definitely be in the top charts of the app store and someday, almost everybody will play this game!!!
Good game, I didn't try it on online because is glitching or bugging. when I try to connect to servers is says you need connection but I already have, I have wi-fi and is good but still same if you fixed this I will rate the game 5 stars. congratulations on doing this game.
Not bad driving physics could be a bit better but so much fun ,!! Robbery takes too long 10 mind sitting there then 10 mins to become unwanted sucks also should be able to buy and customise you own car
Hi this is the nice game I ever played1).I would like you guys to add local Multiplayer lan2).Please Make the Windows in cars clear3). Pop lease add more servers for instance:RSA,NG,Lesotho4).please fix bugs and glitches But it is still a good game I wish it could be no:1 in GOOGLE PLAY
It's a good but can you do some more updates for it more weapons and more ammo different maps more cars and more different story play thanks and make multiplayer bit better I give it five stars 👌
The graphics are good but there is one issue that I have. The problem is that they are garages in the city but I can't open them. I want them to open because when you are a robber and you finish robbing a few places, the cops are chasing you and I want the garages to open so I could hide inside. Please put that in the game but otherwise, it is good.
It was nice, fun game. Wish you could hire like more robbers to have more team mates and for the cops as well. And changing youe skin to police officer to a swat person would also be better.
This is an amazing game it is excellent, and i want to add something in the game, like the helicopter has a machingun so that we could shoot robbers in the sky and also the cars, i want to add also the cybertruck in the game and also the nuclear bomb like if you press the red botton inside of the police station, when you press it the time will be in top of your screen it will be 60 seconds and that's all i wish it will be add in the game. Thank you! :)
it's so fun I'm always the robber and when your the robber you can rob bank,bet,watch store,gas station and blue corp !!!!!! when you cop you can kill the robbers when they have a red name if they have a grey name you can not kill then have fun playing this game!!!!!!
It's such a nice game but it could be better if you add more places to steal on, make a quests type of thing, make it so that you can like own a bussiness and make a dealership. I only have a single problem. Please fix the ram physics. When I try to ram a criminal, instead of him getting pushed, I'm the one who flies. Please fix it. Thank you.
I like the game but. There are not enough cars. (⚠️Warning⚠️:Lots of update Ideas incoming!!!) ➡️Add more cars we need more cars and better driving experience. ➡️Add robbery helicopters we don't have a chance to get inside a heli other than getting "wanted". ➡️Add a speedometer that counts car speed ➡️And add motorcycles and speedboats that you can drive in. ➡️We need more guns more cars more you now houses ➡️Add a new map. Or connect cities to make is bigger. Thats all Ivan say hope u updateit
if u integrate voice into the app try zello or something for the radios think voice for cops would be good and a 911 or dispatcher or something like that Absolutely my favorite game I quit playing pubg for this game takes way less space on your phone... I think you should add private voice chat for both teams and name the street or make the map and a universal Mark so your teammates can see where it
I love it, very good game but it has so many bugs and adds. Like example the robbers can walk threw the wall, the cops can fly, and most important even the cops/robbers are not pointing and shooting you, you will be damaged and die...... Can the RUNIX GAMES remove some bugs and loads of ADDS
This game is fun but there are a few problems... Players would jump and run all the time, making it difficult to hit them. I suggest a stamina bar, so that players wont jump that much or simply just making jumps smaller. Next are cars, when a robber is in a car he will most likely get away. Thats because when you crash into them, your car would spin so much and yet the other car would be untouched, then the robber would inevitably escape. There are a few bugs, but its still a pretty good game.
Pathetic game.Ads pop up while your playing then you get killed while the ad is playing.Expensive guns are just as effective as the cheap, so if your having a shootout with someone with a cheap gun and you have an expensive one it doesn't make a difference.Need to improve gameplay.Don't get this game!!!
It's an alright game for its size, a couple of places for missions and a good enough list of items to purchase. The issues that presented itself were enemies shooting through walls and the ai having no real tactics other than rushing into the building. There needs to be a priority weapons option as I find myself scrolling through the entire list to select what weapon or etc item to use. Modifying weapons if possible. A safehouse to access. And more heists and operations. That's my honest take
Amazing game, really entertaining and fun. But can you please add AI traffic and some more weapons and gadgets such as smoke bombs. Also can u also include the planning process of a heist as well as the actual heist and maybe handcuffs. Thanks for a great game! 😁
the game is quite cool, but it should have a little more realistic physics, because we crash into another car and nothing happens, usually when we crash the car into another car, we are the ones who get screwed and the other one is unharmed. if they get better at physics I'll give it 5 stars
The game is really cool, but can you add police tape why 🤔 because robbers who are not wanted intend to stand in front of the door blocking it and preventing the cops to shoot at the robbers inside,so can you add the police tape and police barriers please that will be nice to because people who are not wanted also intend on flipping all of the cop cars outside to prevent the cops from chasing the robbers that are trying to escape from the crime seen also,can you add a panic butten for cops🙏.
I can't wait for justice rivals 4 I have some ideas for justice rivals 4 they are 1. Pls can u make devices with weak network signal to be able to play without ping being high just like justice 2 2. Can u make it to be day and night and rainy and sunny 3. Can u add more cars like a car with no roof 4. Can u add more guns like nova etc 5. I want the lowest time for wanted level should be 10:00mins in heli Thank u if u if u listen to my suggestions for justice rivals 4 no more space so byeeee.
This is the best game to play with friends also is very good with role play and is very nice keep up the good work and may you bee the most popular game on the play store I wish you could get there
Can you make an update where there's random criminals walking around in the city and can you can search people and arrest them if they have anything bad on them, and also, please add radios to call for backup in single player and multiplayer
u need to fix this mine has a bug where in multiplayer all players are lagging and cannot move and im the only fool who can move this sucks! so thats y im giving it 3 stars
This game is Amazing specially with the Role Playing community the game devs for sure made a good job and people are loving it?! gameplay suggestions: .It would be cool if in servers u could choose a server to play RP .being able to revive citizens and cops as cops .adding more location or a bigger map with more players would be wonderful .being able to destroy cars when in a pursuit .make civilians and robbers not enter police cars because its annoying GREAT GAME officer 3030
For this game is great but for cops can u add a military unit for cops and a new army vehicles and for robbers to be honest yall need to add more girl characters after that this game is great also for robbers when people get killed in a robbery they spawn at the cells for 1 minute and otherwise that is gonna be like the best game in the world!!!
Great game, only problem is the ads. Please make the ads lesser and only once every 5 times you die instead of the whole time.
I like your gameplay but i have suggestions like make robbers and cops have an equal health , also give more types of vehicles and guns and lastly pls remove the ads IN-GAME Thanks
I like this game, but could the developer stop making later games like rivals 2 and then because I keep having to download latest game to play more better just stick with these games and add more maps and add motorcycles and robber helicopters, planes etc and make map bigger and more places to rob explore and etc. make the single player mode better also make the police so they can arrest and add a prison where they can put the robbers in when they get arrested
The game is good but something I really hate is when sometimes you are shooting at someone the bullets just go through the other player and they deal no damage
This game needs a voice chat and pls. add a feature that allows another cop to drive and another officer to shoot while being on the same vehicle and also pls. make the cop cars faster and also I would like when you,re driving the black police car it won,nt be visible on the robbers map.If all of those updates were implemented, maybe then I will rate it 5 stars.
The game is really cool but can you add police tap why 🤔because robber who are not wanted intended standing in front of the door and blooking it pervernting the cops to shoot at the robbers inside so can you add the police tap and police barriers please that will be nice to because people who are not wanted also intend on flipping all Of the cop cars outside to povent the cops from chasing the robbers that are trying to escape from the crime seen also can you add a panic butten for cops 🙏
Hi I really like roleplaying on the game 1 can you add some building so like a campfire or a bow and animals and a forest 2 make it so you enter houses and before you inter it's says who it belongs and if you want to break in these will make the game 1000% better
I LOVE THIS GAME it's so good. There are something's I think that would make the game better is if you enter the bank/casino the heist doesn't automatically start. What also can be good is if you could make it so the watch store and the jewelry story if you crash into the windows with a car they break. That's all but over all such a good game
Low star because robbers are hard so how are we ganna get money? Low star too because there is no parachites cant even hit enemy with car this is bad one more thing.... ADS POP OUT IN MIDDLE GAM but recemtly i still like this. u cant even select characters in singel player mode!
although, this is the best and underated cops and robbers game with decent multiplayer, there is some issues i discovered, in singleplayer when you rob several places or having a huge long shootout, the population however decreases, the cops in the pedestrians street disappears after some time, so fix it or add a custom population for singleplayer in the settings, second in multiplayer ads rarely pop up during game, its really annoying even on gun fights, overall this is the best online game.
The game does a really good job, it feels original sence I would think people like me would think this is a payday knockoff, 4/5. Really original.
I've been addicted to this game ever since I got it Three more things Can you please make an update on where you can call for extra backup in missions and freeroam, and can you call officers to get in your squad car and command them in freeroam as well and add a state trooper skin please? I love this game and keep up the good work From Harvey
1 star since you could actually control and go where ever you want another 1 start since you can drive cars 2 stars since you can fly a helicopter and 5 stars since these game a so good get good the other to the first one is 3 start second one 4 star AND THESE ON 5 SUPRISE ME PROBABLY MAKE A PART 4
Love the game <<>> equipment for example | handcuffs | police tape | speed radar gun | spike strip | and please add a RADIO with some channel so you can which to different RADIO channels like a real cop and the criminals can use mobile/cell phone to contact each other for role police and can the developers move the SIREN option to on of the corners as it get in the way of the great looking vehicles please work on different abilitys like Communications Details / (E)lighting
Help me, I can't load the game's multiplayer. 1 - The Experience is very very bad :( [KIDDING, THE EXPERIENCE IS DAMN HOT!] I prefer some updates - 1] Build an Police Bike asset, script same siren/hooter. 2] Make Customizable Characters. Only Players who is in Cop Can Use Cop Uniforms. 3] Make Private Server creation ability. Maybe Those took hard to scripting, but please, add those! I am waiting. At least add private server creation ability and bike!
Sorry for giving four stars .It's nice. Must install i gave four stars because of three reasons . 1.Graphics 2.Characters 3 .Storage used . Otherwise it's nice .
It's really fun but the cops can't die in like 1 second plus can you add aim down sights it's not easy hitting the robber that far and give robbers less health for the pistol because it takes almost the whole mag to kill them.
Game is good but needs a bit more variaty here and there.Graphics is perfect, (not too demanding but still pretty) Oh yess and please please make the cars faster, especially the lambo, the chopper was a great idea btw, add more stuff like that👉
Needs more missions and actual patrolling as well when you are the cop when you're the bad guy they need more missions like drug dealers and weapons deals and things like that and fighting for Turf if you can make that happen on this game you guys will definitely get five stars from me!
This is a very good game I love it but I'm giving it 4 stars because u need to add more features like more guns and more and more places make the map larger and a feature that I want that I can message my friends when they are offline from the friend list ok that's it keep it up
This game is good bt. Whenever im wanted the swat dont come. In my single player. Fix it or something.
I give it 5 star,because it's a fantastic game. You all developers did well job on weapon design,vehicle design,reload animation,character design etc. Map design is so good! Make a trailer for this plz!
I love the game but I wish in single player as a cop you can pull people over to do that you would have to turn on the sirens and hop they pull over and there's a button to chat with the Civs and you can check there id and search them for any drugs or stuff and if they have it on them you can arrest them but the civ can run away and when you use your taser they well stop and listen to to you and if they have a invalid Id you can give them a ticket, and if they have a Warrent you can arrest them.
For some reason all my levels, friend list and owned weapons have been reset. I have my google play account linked and that did not seem to help.
Best game ever for a police/robber game. But swat van and helicopter and all cars spawn very late pls fix it the ads are the only problem when I'm shooting an ad pop up or when I'm running from cops or chasing robbers an ad pops up pls fix that
Pretty good game can be lagging at time but still good nice game can you make a arest options for cops so robbers can go to jail and they can try and break out that would be cool
I love this game but I have some ideas that will make it more interesting Add undercover police and sheriff and K9 (canine) character and dog add SWAT raid mission and arresting criminal option and new weapons and cars like undercover vehicles sherrif car new swat vehicales new police vehicles add masked criminal character
My biggest problem in this game is ADS!!!. During robbery,all cops are sorrounding the area then the advertisement pops up then after seconds, Im dead and get killed by cops,Im suing google for making the advertisements.
Not a bad game if you like role play or just playing a free roam cops and robbers game, this is for you also it's fun try I try and Mabry you think the same.
All things are perfect accept this two things 1. There are very less shops to rob 2. There should be bikes also .Other things are so good that I say it is the best game of police and robbers For playing online or offline
I play this game for like 2 years and I want you to add highway and have if we are in a cop chase for so long,we need a damage to robbers even cops car like car overheating,transmission broken,which tyres are low on air and which part of the car is broken and etc.And we need a report about an incident like where the incident,people,etc.Hope this game will have first person camera though and when we are in first person camera.One more thing,add some manual change for the gear and and turn signal.
I love the game so much that i play it every day and i buy data for this game this is my favorite game of them all I just wish that everyone can experience how fun and entertaining,enjoyable, awesome this game is I love the multiplayer players part and I wish I was in the top ten most kills and that is why I love this game p.s AG Mfulwane
This game is the best CAN YOU ADD EXRA POLICE LIGHTS TO THE COP CARS LIKE HOW REAL POLICE CARS ARE IN REAL LIFE the car is fine but it only has a light bar it needs to be realistic with police lights everywhere on the police car.
Its amazing game but can you fix some bug and can you add more place to rob.... Thank you..... And can you add parachute for police while skydiving... Thx... And fix achievements... And less some ads
This game is amazing! I really admire how it changes from an fps to open world. One thing I'd like is to make the driving psychics better and also modes to the game. That's all I have to say. Hope this game becomes even more popular than the first
A very Good game but can you add the drone back and also add new cars,new weapons,A weapons dealer,A safehouse that you can buy in a hotel and save it if you buy it,npc's reaction,you can destroy CCTV,you can kill the shop owner,voice chat,exploding cars,Handcuffs for cops and also masks for robbers that would be so cool (I have a problem the time is too long how about you need to make it back to safehouse or airport to make the time gone and fix the ping.)
Even if I had ever played this game but many people tell that this game is the best. This is my first experience in this game and it sounds so much fun because you can be a cop or a robber and it is good to choose.This game is very fun guys you should try .......IT!!!
This is nice game.super but sometimes after update when I shooting cops but they not lose blood that killed me I lose blood.iam wanted and lose like this so many times.and after update I lose level from 83 to 33. some glitches are there to fix.except all these this is an amazing game.
This game is very fun to play. But the reload speed of weapons need to be faster and switching to one weapon needs also to faster. Also cars are just flying on collision. I hope on another update those vehicles who collided should stop one vehicle.
The game is amazing but can you add citizens and an option to arrest wanted criminals and add cctvs and a silent alarm in all the robbery hotspots
It is an awesome game but I would like it if you guys could make it more fair were robbers can get money to when they kill a cop just like when a cop kills a robbers but the robbers gets 200 or 500$
Super fun!!! I absolutely love this game. Being a robber in this game is great. Being the police is hard even though you say it is easy. In my opinion there the opasit and the police is hard and the robbers are easy. I don't know if the first and second one are good. I just found this and tried it out. This one from the pictures looks the best though. Keep up the super duper great work! Oh yeah... Is there going to be a fourth one of justice rivals? If so I would be happy to try it out. Good job
I would put 5 stars if they add crime on single player and have them make you have lock to your car please Vary fun the reloading guns are really good am really happy ya'll made it like that i really am happy ya'll did that and when you update it can you please let the lights stay on on the cars and police cars and on the police car can the sirens stay on to when we want them to please
Three stars for the controls and 1 star for the graphics when I rob the gas station no cops come and multiplayer is a amazing download game it's awesome to much ads also when I am playing when I am killed an ad comes it's so annoying 😡😠
As always this game is good. I love everything in JR3. But I have something for the 3rd update(DEVELOPER PLEASE READ). 1) Add ranked games so if you wanna get better at the game, play it online with others players and get different 🏅 (metals). 2) Have private servers so players new to the game or annoying people don't disturb you, and be able to host a private server with your own passcode to join the server. 3) Add robbery places to change the amount of money you get. Please read/add this!!!!!
Very good game because this is much more like open world game like gta online you can heist with crew but you need to make the wanted timer a little bit short cause its too long to wait for like 10 minutes or 5 minutes and you need to make a shop that can buy cars and not like make cars spawn on random places and perhaps you could add like hostage situation and if you are robbing places the hostage would raise the alarm and trigger our wanted level very nice game i hope you can improve it👍
It's so cool but it has to have like the criminals have rpg and we have cool and effective weapons in this police should have shields that actually work developers
Awesome and add enterable houses and garages and add team army and add sheriffs department with sheriff vehicles with sheriffs skin and player model and add female FBI agents and swat officers and add IAA player models and vehicles and add FBI dodge charger and explorer and keep the Tahoe and add patrol ford tartus and explorer and police transport van and add locker room and add team CIA with CIA Vehicles and CIA Player models and add Spike Strips for Law Enforcements please add
I love the sniper rifle because you can one shot them. Also, great quality! I'm absolutely in love with this game. I hope you make more games.[5 ☆☆☆☆☆]
This is best cops and robbers game that I have ever played well there still a few things that need to be fixed but I have been a problem for the past few weeks I have been having the same ad over and over again sometimes when I'm trying to kill the person I'm trying kill I die sometimes because the ad I have to exit out & then ideas up dead because the other player had more time to kill me or when I'm chasing a criminal or trying to escape from the cops i either get killed or the time ran out
Love this game can you add a trooper suit and car and handcuffs and a bail bond agent and car with with a bomb squad and can you make a pursuit and and bomb mission and ask for more officers on the scene or a murder case and a under cover skin and a under cover vehicle like all the cars on the game great game love it and can you make partner if they want to and can you make a officer say stuff like hands up on the ground and can you make a suspect stay on the groundwhentheygetcuffandputthen in
Very cool games but can you add some doctors to save cops if they die because that thing is cool to save cops and can you add a hospital and army base play as a army and ambulance car very very nice I love this games agent responsible style and can you create a bad cop and can you create LAPD army and new cars
It's pretty good for mobile. Seems to have been updated decently since I last played. I'd like to see directions on the map north, south, east, west. Hard to know where you're going without being on the map the whole time. also a mobile arms dealer that offered slightly cheaper weapons that caused you to be wanted if a cop saw you together with him would be cool.
It is just that when I try to shoot someone , I can't hit them ,and then I die . I also can't open doors and for me it is like my game is like 20 seconds behind. Please fix this problem , and I really want to play it. And I am using a Samsung Galaxy tab 4.
Wish you could customize the guns and character Hopefully you can later in future And also It would be cool to pick roleplay servers as well Finally It would probably help the cop side especially When rping have commands and to give callouts To ping other cops/units Other than that its awesome
Great game please do an update soon add more things and please sort the driving out out its a little difficult sometimes
Such a good and bad games i ever seen when you shoot on online its to hard damage to small but when enemy shoot you your damage is pretty high. And you need to add more cars and boat and handcuff for police and mask for robbers and hotel safe house and robbers need an own vehicle and house and add a room for training room and we can visit on beach we can swim. Thats fantastic if you want to upgrade your game follow the rules it will become nice offline open world.
Gameplay is good but plz add something like voice chat and the ability to actually go in homes plz add more guns ,cars,outfits,etc. Other than that this game is good
All in all the game is the best police/robber game on ios and android I can't find nothing like this I like how everyone in the sever you play in roleplay like in real life I love this game so much for someone to come out with a game like this is actually so cool and I find it so good this game is definitely a 5 star
Great game just needs a first person perspective (fpp/fps) mode when driving. You should be able to aim down sights rather than just hip fire. Also when aiming down sights there needs to be recoil to make it more realistic. Another good feature to increase realism would be player flinch when hit (aimpunch). Another VERY IMPORTANT feature that needs to be added is vital shots (when you are hit in the chest or head it takes away more health than when hit in the limbs. Otherwise fantastic game!