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Justice Rivals 2 - Cops and Robbers

Justice Rivals 2 - Cops and Robbers for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by RuNix Games. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is fun but there is a few problems i keep going through.The first one is the frag please fix it to where the frag dosent hit you even tho your quite far away.The 3 problem is when you are getting shot at and you go behind a wall and the enemy cant see you no more but you still get hit by his bullets please make that stop.And make it were you have to have a reason to kick someone from the game cause i keep getting kicked for no reason.And have someone be kicked off for being afk to long
This game is amazing but there is a reason I gave it 4 stars is the game producers didn't put No. of each level. I recommend you to download it or be a chicken 🐓🐔🐓🐔🐓.See you in my next review 😃😃
Some people say the ads mess up the whole game. I totally disagree. The game is super fun and I love to play it. There are a lot of ads, but I don't care. Keep it up guys!
Hellboy =>Good game but laggy fix that lag and add more map thats it otherwise the game is very very good
I love this game but I think it should have more action in it and more of the environment and the swat trucks they can actually jump out of the back
Would be a good game if only the kick system wasnt a vote thing since you will get kicked just by being good at the game
really good game I've had it for a long time now but right now i keep getting kicked out of matches for no reason when a hacker wasn't.
This game is good but some time whenever I play there is hacker in this game.so you have ban those hacker is in the game.
Well this game could really use a few updates like adding friends, voice chat, a few maps, and of course some some fixing on the glitches. But really so far so good players are really friendly. Weird to note that some people look for girlfriends or boyfriends there so there it is.
This game is good but I like justice rivals 3 better I want you too do this the swat team are at the police station and they get a report that there is robbery and we drive to the place that is getting robbed but game is good
This game has alot of cheaters but I love to play it regardless it has alot of different types of guns and you dont have to pay in game or real world currency. I love this game.
Justice rivals 3 is sooo much better than justice rivals 2 why justice rivals 3 has better graphics and better sesativaty for the guns and better movement
This game is so good I like cops better because they can kill robbers by there own and I like there weapons and I like how the cops die 5 rite for me because there's even multiplayer best game ever!!!😉👍👌👍👌
I love this game because I can play with Friends and you can play buy yourself! And it so fun when you play with Friends go play this Right now guys and give it 5 stars and be com and dont make bullys ok and be nice to people ok guys come play this RIGHT away its soooo cool and go play it!
it is super fun because the teammate you get on single player helps a lot. the cops are my favorite team this is an epic game in my book.
Wow it's a good game and can you ban all of the hackers i experienced two hackers For my experience when i got shot by a hacker i died instantly
It's a really fun game but you gotta take the auto lock OFF!I'm trying to get the incidery rounds and auto lock is the reason I keep dieing..it's really not cool.if you can't even use it in multiplayer them what's the point of it
The game is amazing but the only problem is that halfway through a match the screen would turn in to all colors and get all fuzzy it's kinda hard to describe
Needs some updates, like: Jumping, Dancing, 3rd Person Mode, Buying Guns And Skins, And Stats Like Wins. But Still The Best Game.
Well,this is a very good game,but,add more maps pls,and also,i wanna play JR3.But iuts uncompatible to android 4.2.So pls can u reduce the OS requirement?Btw,theres some things i wanna be added.There should be at least a crouch button.Aim Down Sights(ADS) feature.And pls reduce the weapons carrying by only 3.Make a shop where u can buy more weapons.Add a tdm timed game mode for singleplayer and multiplayer.Add a lan multiplayer mode.Add a killstreak weapon like Air Strike or Assault team.Add AWM
This is good game I am playing from 1 2 years but now the multiplayer mode is not oning so please see
Its an great time killer it has easy controls but the drones are really hard to control but fun and easy game to play try it out its AMAZING!!!
I have to say I can find nothing wrong with it I love this game just because there's not that many ads a multi player is very competitive
Stop this kick option.. or make any place where all top player play game i am best player of this game but when i join everybody kick me ... please update
This game is very annoying.Why will there be ads coming up in the middle of a game. The game is fun but you can't even play it if there are ads coming up.... Pls fix this
It's REALLY FUN. Most importantly their are many features gizmos and gadgets to use. If you were mvp or star player you get to use an attack drone.
Best game for kids (10yo) to make them better at mobile gaming.I played this for 2 years,best game back to time playing with friends.After this ppl should check Standoff 2 and after they buy computer they should play CSGO. This is just my opinion if u like action games and u dont have pc
This game is so good but first practice and if you want online teams multiplayer go and join a player many join or not many its ok if not many
This game is alot like counter strike instead of terrorist and special ops forces you have swat police against bank robbers the overall heist sets this game in motion and both sides have there own weapons and overall look there are just enough maps to play through and if you play both sides even on single player its still fun and its free thats why there are adds but thats fine with me well made well thought out much better then the first one you relased
The game concept is good. But it's laggy and the controls are not good. Gameplay is rubbish. Make improvements bro.
Love it needs more maps and guns and also a tournament just for fun winner gets 50 levels more 2nd gets 30 levels more 3rd gets 20 levels more the rest gets 10levels thanks nathan out byeeeeeee
It's a good game. You get to comand the other people by telling them to follow you or lead the way or stay there. you get to chose to be a cop or a robber.
I like this game but when some one reset my phone i tryed danlowding this game but it didnt work and on justice rival 3 i think theres no casino or bank and things like that
The game is very good but if you trying for level in this game so that was fine please download the game
Love the game, it's really fun, and I appreciate your imagination to create this game, for new updates we could steal money and become RICH like in Justice Rivals 3, and maybe new better characters, thanks for creating this game!
This game is bogus too many adds you will just waste your time and data do not download it it has problems it will just show lost connection don't download it pls🤯👏👏👏👏👏👏
Okay just gonna change my review, I just realized that this is a game where parts and series start. There is already JR3! I'm so excited to play it. Well, good work devs. I will keep looking for next updates.
I like the game its just the problem is when they kick you out I figured out change your name and so you can get back in the map
this is a awsome game i love this but why cant you restart your kills and people kick me alot and i playing with my friend when im getting kicked but i love this game its the best you know you should make a justice rivals 3 cops and robbers
This game is awesome and has awesome multiplayer combat in different settings, there is different weapons and you can choose to be a different team to. the graphics are good and I dont really find any issue in this.
this is a great game and I love that it's not pay to win and it's more about how good you are but I would like them to up date it please new maps,newguns,more ways to interact whith the environment and many working cameras,ect but all together good simple game please download and spread the word so we can get more players Cuzco at times its a bit empty
Absolutely Amazing! I Love Playing This! I Love Creating Crime, And At The Same Time, Discovering It! I Played This For A Long Time, And It's Getting Better And Better. I Also Recommend Local And Lan Play (Maybe With An Optional Companion.) Anyways, I Love It Man!
Please and cars and smoke grenades that would be sweet other than that it is the best game. GET THIS GAME!!! And add hand guns.
It is one of the best games ive played but.... their is a lot of ads but overall the game is amazing.🙂
Apparently, most people dont know what graphics are. the graphics are... alright, but I dont care about that. What I care for is the games quality. Besides the fact that most rooms are filled or empty, it's alright and I enjoy playing this game.
Pls add a new update -Host can create servers -No vote kick only host can kick -when host left the server closed.my problem:The players kick me because they thought im hacker i was skilled player also i got cyberbullied pls add a automatic kick when cyberbullying.Also I hate this game a bit 50% hate and 50% like because im level 32 now and I hate is the noobs are always kicking me because my nametag was always showing in "best player is:".
This is like a 2010 game. I have no idea how there is a player base or why this is popular. Maps are horrible, gameplay trash and controls are poor. At least there are no fees for buying guns
best game!plz sir make a impact at walls when were shooting to make this game more realistic...thanks sir..and plz make it lan or bluetooth multiplayer so we can challenge our frinds even without wifi..more power sir godbless!
This game is AMAZING. I haven't played it and years! But once I did again it gave me so much nostalgia. Try it and see for your self.
fun game, all up, some small bugs, the kick system is terrible though. this game is fun and definitely worth trying. if you find it hard and confusing Just got play some single player to get confident with the game.
I think I used to play this 2 or 3 years ago and it's really awesome!!! One of the best mobile games and not trash.
It is a very interesting and fun game. The only thing it needs are more maps and objectives but other than that. I highly recommend this game