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JustBuild.LOL for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by JustPlay.LOL located at Habashan 18 Rishon Lezion, Israel. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game I liked it because it is comfortable to me . But there is a problem that when we click on that spike like thing it is automatically builded.
This is awsome but I can't download fortnite on my laptop or phone but thank you sooooooo much but the link for justbuild. LOL is not working on my laptop but 1v1.LOL works and it's also awsome but my mouse broke and I can't buy a new one cause of the dollar crisis in Lebanon we'll thank you bye
Add the hdu or whatever its called but make it that u can change the placements of the buttons please
This game has amazing potential but like other people have mentioned it would be great if there was an edit button, you could move the controls around and if there was either an online mode to fight people or offline bots to fight if you have no Wi-Fi.
It's very good for practising. But the movement, & some other things should be done perfectly. Hope it'll become a better one.
This game has potential and it is a pretty entertaining game. I just wish that you add a multiplayer, make it so you could toggle the building so the blue and red doesn't get in your way while your viewing your building, and make it so you can make ramps that could go down. If you could do 1 of these three things I would be satisfied.
i hate it i pad for weapons,bots and multiplayer and nothing hate this game is so bad it sucks dont dounload or pay it is the worst game ive ever played in my whole life it sucks so bad i hate it so much
Make less lag on phone it would be good but other than that i like it make a second version of this one online so people can play against me and other people and friends list
This game is nice but it have some problems.Why the edit buton is with money.Camera is to fast.Maybe you need to repair this game.
Please fix ... When I connect my PS4 controller in my phone( realmeC2 ) And open the app and play the game . The L3 is working perfectly ( only working perfectly) I pressed the X it doesn't Jump then when I pressed the O it jumps.. The L2 and R2 leads me to the settings... Idk why The other buttons doesn't Work... Please fix and send feedback please... Add custom button for touch screen And add pvp like the PC version please Looking forward for improving the game Nice game btw
I think this app needs to have free editing, item shop, guns, different modes like battle Royale, and you should be able to make your own custom room and invite friends to play but yeah this is a awesome game to play and I love how you can customize the controls.
It's good but you should let other people join like a private room to 1v1 friends and practice with them. Also make edit be free and add weapons and glider that's all but other than that it's a good app or game. To the creators of the game PS:can you do some of those things at least by December 14
I love this game the only thing is that the edit costs money but my parents never let me waste money on games but overall its amazing if you add shooting and battle royale i would rate this a five star whoever made this game you are amazing. And if u make more gameslet me kmow so i can play it
I would give it a five but here's the issues first there is no guns and second u can't edit or play online with people or battle.
Pretty good, but when i exit and go back to normal building, it wont let me look around at all. I have to reset the game, everytime. Paid for editing and it doesnt even work properly :/
It's okay but I have two problems First:everytime I go to hud layout in the save button there is an ad so I can't change my hudπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ˜­πŸ™‡ Second:you expect me to pay $3 just to edit.PLEASE fix it😀😀
It's very good but when I bought the pass for guns bots no ads and multiplayer it just gave me no ads does anyone know how to get guns?
I hate this version but its ok but pleas ad a battle royal mode to the other one on mobile so its so so so so fun!!!!! and pleas ad it i will give it 4 stars becuz this version needs to pay so you can use edit
Love it. But ive encountered a bug. After editing the buildings for a bit i can no longer look around and the only way to fix it is by reseting the game and its getting pretty annoying. Pls fix. Thanks.
i wish they would bring access to controller on mobile that would be really good and i would play it alot more if they had it
It's a good game overall but add pvp creative like fortnite you have to pay to edit structures but my mum's credit card is hidden (I'm a kid)
It's pretty good to be honest. All smooth and easy until you build too much and the fps drops, the customizable HUD is amazing but I did buy the editing thing and sometimes it stops movement of the character or I cant move the screen to look around and have to try edit again to get back to normal. But it also said that you added autorun but I cant seem to find out how to use it... a reply for this would be nice cos auto run would be quite useful. Would give 5 stars otherwise.
This game is so bad that there us no players you have to play alone you cant fight there are no people to play with in justbuild.lol .
This is the best game ever! Its just like fortnite. But you can only build and you have to pay for the editing if you wanted to do edits. Moving your character seems pretty weird. Please also make the edits free to. I understand your trying to make money but at least get us weapons and target to play around with. Its still a very fun game. I hope to see the mobile version of 1v1.lol. If there is then try to do it on other devices.
Its so bad content adds the hole point of the game is to practice building and editing how am I suppose to practice without edits
its an ok game i just wish you could play with people and be able to move the controls around to where you want
Amazing! This game actually helped me learn how to build on pc and mobile. Its very smooth on my high end gaming phone but I dont know how it fares on older devices though. I highly suggest getting this app.
Good game but like why do you have to pay for edits like they should change that before there rates go to 1
its ok it helps you with your mobile building but i need it to change where the building controls you can move it also the ability to resize your button's
It's a great game to play to improve your building skills but there are a lot of things you could improve on like adding Pyramid builds or editing would be awesome....Maybe even a multilayer build battle mode or even adding weapons to take down enimy builds....Also an item shop would be really cool where you can buy skins or customized builds...Another update would be to earn points from skilled builds like 90s which you can then spend on skins or other items.....Keep it up and nice game!!
It is lovely for practice but i gave it a 2 star because you need to buy the edit button Cuz i wanted to practice my edits my friend said editing is faster on mobile dan console then i see that you have to buy edit button i uninstalled it
It's okay but you have to pay to edit. See this is why fortnite and creative destruction is better than these crappy games. You have to pay to do a key thing to a game. So is this the ea of just build? Because I think it is. Very useless 2/10 don't recommend it
Great game. But im only giving 4 stars. Because i want to play this with a duo or a squad. Developers please add this option. Thank u.
I know this is a building game but I wish they could add guns like an AR, SHOT GUN and explosives and some game modes like 1v1s , battle Royale were u jump out of the battle bus, and box fights if they could add all of this I will quit 1v1.lol and play this game for the rest of my life
I think it is a good tool and just fun to play in general. I just wish that they would add weapons and more cutomization.
I hate this game.1its so glitchy 2 I can't even put down the spikes.3 it was really scarry bplz make better games I'm going to dellet. This app right now bey
Who tough it would be an good idea to make it cost to change your sensitivity tf the PC version is completely free, People use your app to learn how to build not get an virus because we try to get an free version of the game just to change sensitivity.
It's really fun but can you make it where I can play with my ps4 controller so I can't practice counsel
Its stupid you should not have tooay for editing and there are to many ads u couldnt save my edited screen buttons on it uninstalled
It was really fun but i noticed at one of the corners of the map that there was a big screen of the players joysticks and it was really fun till i fell off the mapπŸ˜”πŸ˜₯
The build is very good if you make a battle royal your game will be a good and amazing game in the mobile and if you make an edits
I love the game i will play it everytime but one thing that i want to complain is can u not make it run on a wireless keyboard and mouse or something because that is just unfair to play with a controller
You can't even play online in this and it's a copy of 1v1 lol honestly 1v1 lol is better and this you need money to edit WHAT!!!!
I kind of like it but it's really boring. There's no one in the game just you. That's why I only gave it two starsπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜΄
I want to give it 1000000000 stars but there is only 5 star limit. It is very nice but thing I hate about it is there is no doors in the game.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
the only thing i would prefer is the sensitivity for controller is too high. please make it lower. Besides that problem this game is very good for practicing building and 90s
If I could I will rate it 0 stars . It always glitches out the game every time . The reason I only downloaded this game is because I want to get better on fortnite . Unfortunately I got better by 1v1.LOL
It doesnt help u with anything theres not even an option to auto build or graphics setting and a controller layout.
It's good but why do you have to pay to edit other than that it's good for let's say you have no internet and you want to build like if it was fortnite well this is your game and it takes only a little storage I would give it 5 stars but WHY DO YOU NEED TO PAY TO EDIT STUFF that's all.
I wanted to give it a zero but we have 1 star the least so I cant. This is full of bugs when I connect my controller I dont have control over I can move around and the button also are so messed up for example when I put R2 for ramp/stair it shows another button there. Therefore dont recommend even downloading it! TRASH❗ If they fix the bugs with connecting controllers to play the game and fix the messed up buttons then I will change my review for sure.
I am giving 3 stars since the game is cool but when I use my controller to build the character turns 360 100 times per 1 sec and I am changing the sensitivity and nthg is happening but if I play on phone with no controller the sensitivety changes so hope you fix thing cause the game has potentials to become gd
It's so bad I have to pay to edit and how is it gonna be called just build when you get disrupted by ads this game is so bad you have to pay 2$ just to edit go play 1v1 lol mush better game
Best building app ever the graphics are mind blowing for the size of the app but its so amazing and the only reason i gave itma 4 star and not a five is beacause there is no online multiplayer function so please add one πŸ˜€
It's a great game BUT 3$ TO EDIT I understand your trying to make money but at least make editing free. Usually games like this have 40-50 fps BUT 60 for a mobile game that's really good. I tried hooking up my ps4 controller to the phone and it wasn't turning and the trigger buttons pauses the game. Can you please add shooting to the game it will make it fun and to play with other people just like the PC version
The game is great, BUT! How do the creators expect me to enjoy when i have to pay 3$ to edit, how am i supose to do 2 edits or even edit a wall? This would be much more fun if u could 1. Edit free 2. Go against online people like the one who cranks the fastes 90s, if u do this, the game will be a solid 5 for those who cant play fortnite, plz make this changes plz
This game is so fun you can build anywhere and build houses,towns,tall buildings bjt it helps you practice your building when you play fortnite moblie so i rlly think you sould download this game
I gave this a 2 star because it's really hard to play. I tend to use scuff when I build and was pretty disappointed when I couldn't change my HUD layout. Also the building is pretty delayed. I had to press the build button 3 times just to build a ramp. I suggest you practice on actual Fortnite or practice building on the justbuild.lol website on PC.
this app is really good! i gave 4 stars because of the ads, i know you might need ads, but only atleast 1 each 10 minutes or so. but oversll it's good, and can you start making matches and shooting game like fortnite and add our own character creation .
Its Trash Make It Like The PC One How You Can Edit And Other Thing And Make Server Where You Can Add Friends And Play With Them!
make it so that you can move the building things anywhere you want and make it bigger and also fix the sprinting and then ill be able to play the game properly
I love this game so much because it help me on building when i'm playing fortnite and i can get way better at the game that is why I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH.
It's really fun to practice with but when you try sometimes it bugs to where it don't show you builds please fix this I love this game.
building is fun but. wish we could build battle other people. person who keep the hieght ground for 2 munites wins.
I dont like the new sensitivity feature it makes thing worse and i cant even play the game without my screen moving to quickly.
I think you should make it So you can change the placement of the controls because I use claw but right now I use a mobile controller for that reason and make it that when you change the sensitivity it doesn't stay the same when you try that is what happens to me but overall it is a good game but I hope you fix that stuff before the full game is out thank you for this mobile version so mobile players can get good looks console and PC
I would say that this game is perfect for those who wants to improve for fortnite mobile, because building is a pretty hard thing to do in mobile. Thank you for making this game. And add some other building ideas. Or probably add some wood texture or brick.
This game is a stimulative version of fortnite battle royale. Already a great idea of simulation and an almost perfect execution of this idea of building to survive.
Good game,going proπŸ˜‚ ,Add custom Controls, and pyramids and edit function to be cracked like mongraal and yea.
I saw T-Fue and Play it and that got my attention, i checked it out and its liittyyy... Yall need to make a justshoot.lol game fuh shoooww
this game needs to be better like adding pyramid and also it should allow editing building and destroying them..
I really don't like that the building is slow and you have to pay like $1 to get edits and I . Don't like that. but I'm not saying the app is trash but update it and I'll give it a 5/5 stars
This game is amazing! I love how you can practice building like in mobile fortnite. But the only thing i don't like is that you have to pay for the edit button which i'm sort of fine with but i would like to practice editing for mobile fortnite too. But otherwise the game is amazing. Oh yeah and see if you can add a 1v1.lol feature because then i would add a 5 star.
Well I think the game is great, it just needs some changes to it like, when you press build it should build it and it also needs some better graphics as well as better sensitivity.
overall great game but can u add weapons and make it so you can spawn in bots,also we need multiplayer and edit.thank you!!!
This game is fun but 1 3$ for edits 2 the game sosent eun smothly. Please make these changes and thank you.
Yo this game is so amazing! Its just like the real game and barely has any ads! Its almost lag free, but the only thing I can complain is the editing. Im not going to spend money on editing I just want it for free. But other that that its amazing and addicting
This is pretty cool.I love the graphics. But the reason its only 3 starts is because you have to pay to edit which is a bit annoying.
I'm saying it's 3 because there's no guns or fighting but there is a solution to that just have building fighting free editing in 1v1.lol same company and this is someone's solution who wanted weapons fighting so I suggest 1v1.lol and that's it just giving a solution and suggestion.
i can't play this on keyboard and mouse, it just won't let me. Overall this game is just a copy of fortnite and is not fun
I don't like it you have to buy the edit button and the graphics are not great the the gameplay is good