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Just Kill Me.

Just Kill Me. for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by ふんどしパレード located at tokyo kokubunji minamicho 3-15-4. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Funny but... gets old fast! The gameplay is no diffrence. A round is an HOUR WICH IS LESS THAN THE 3RD GAME. Overall.. i hate the 3rd one. I got spoiled
i can't open the app becouse it just crashes when I open it. i have seen really great reviews I Would like to play it nyt I just can Btw my phone is. Samsung a40
It is a ok game but it is really repetitive and the upgrades are kinda expensive and there are.only three upgrades
pretty great all around so far. ive only gotten to the 4th god but i absolutely love the music for this app. just for that alone it deserves a download. definitely give this a shot if you like abnormal games
The game is so full of ads it's unplayable, there is constantly video ads playing whenever you do anything
Great But does any one know if there are multiple endings or does nothing happen if you Uninstall it... I haven't tried that yet
It's an amazing game but the wait time for the blast is too long. Otherwise, the graphics are great and everything else! Thank you for making it free too!
Aye what can I say it's fun, I like the concept and I broke the one rule, not sure if I should have but I did break it.
It's a great game I would definitely recommend with a great story and weird characters. But after you kill the 72nd demon god it gets kinda repetitive.
*slowly peeks up* This is a really good game. There are some things that I personally don't like, but since they were all mentioned by others and improved in the sequel, I'll just say that the story is extremely well made and the game has a beautiful charm to it. By the way, is there a second game or is it just 1 and 3?
Refuses to work. As soon as trhing to open, the app crashes immediately. I tried force stopping the app and reinstalling. I wanted to try the first as I have the 3rd which works perfectly fine with no errors such as this. I don't know where the 2nd one is (in English) to try it so haven't been able to try that one either.
I love this game because it's fun, has great story and is easy to navigate. But whenever I use the Fever Gage it crashes and the Fever Gage resets, along with all of the tama. Still, I enjoy playing this game but every single time the Fever Gage just resets, and the game just crashes. I'd give it 5 stars if I didn't have such a hard time playing it. Good work!
When converting prices in other currencies, they're showing only first two digits. So I just got robbed for 370 rubles instead of paying 37, like was shown in the game.
This is a great game, graphics are awesome but it takes a long time to finish, the waiting is what I didn't like much, the amount of ads were a little bit too much too, but apart from that, it's an amazing game.
I like the game a lot but ads when you buy upgrades and even ads after you damage him. Remove half the ads and it might be tolerable
I LOVE the story, I'm not fully through yet but its SUPER GOOD. Plus, the only ads you get are the ones you ask for, and there is no constant RATE US thing in my face
This games got some interesting dialogue and is easy to pick up for a minute or 2 then forget about till next time
Hilarious game completely unique in story telling and makes a standard clicker game interesting 100% worth a try even if not your type of game
This game is a straight-up advertising machine; it's a total waste of time. There is barely any gameplay, the script is poorly written, and a 30-second video advertisement pops up every few seconds.
Cute game. Love the cheeky concept. Too many ads! Then the ads between the ads? Haha! If that wasn't enough, the game crashed at Stage 3. Lol
Despite having to redownload the game after getting a new phone, losing all progress, I still am amazed and love the contents and stpryline within. Great job dev, thank you for making such a game!
Great game, albeit a little boring. Ads are more frequent than I would prefer, but mostly end within 5 seconds unless prompted. The story makes up for the lack of components, and if more was added I would love to give 5 stars. :P
Fun but extremely tedious to play. The attacks come slow and I wish there was an upgrade to make it faster or fever reload time faster. But other than that the games fun! The ads waste my time in a good way.
Great overall but i cant find out his favorite food! Thats the only thing i would want out but its a good game, and i cant wait for other chapters!
I love this game so much and it seems really fun but there is just so many AD's but even then it is a really fun game.
I found this game incredibly fun, it looked great, the plot was nice, and it was simply just one of those games that are just hard to put down
Good game but if the whole thing of just kill me 3 is don't play it if you played just kill me then why say "just kill me 3 is out do you want to kill me again?"
This game is honestly pretty good, but I do not like the way that you have to wait for all the Tama which makes you bored, I wish that you can just tap as fast for Tama to fall on the ground, and to wait, you have to wait and watch an ad to pass time, but you still get a chance of getting money, which is kind of acceptable.
This is one of the most mind numbing games ive played and its not fun at all bordering on aggravating
Man...i can't tho--- this game is to much fun for me! I gonna cry TwT i hope one day i can meet the creator LOL :v it a nice game :3 i love killing but at the same time i was lil sad to lololol :v but i still really love this game! the creator deserve's more!!!💓 p/s: i fell inlove👁👄👁☕💓
I go in the battle and when i clear the game from games it still says ''your full of tama can you clean up?''. Can you fix that please?
Not enough mechanics, very boring after a few minutes of gameplay, 2 stars for the quirky dialogue, nothing more.
I absolutely love the game. Story is amazing, characters are amazing. The demon gods' names are beautiful. Innocent is adorable. Troy is creepy. 10/10 god of destruction, 999/10 demigod, 10/10 giant eye monster
ok, just want to say.... WHAT THE EFF AM I PLAYING?? 0_0 I am enjoying myself don't get me wrong. but this whole game is just a clustertruck and mindcluck of a game. I absolutely love it though xD If you are interested in a game to play just for the absurdity of it, play this one. it's worth it xD (even with the multiple ads which can be fixed by just turning off your wifi or data).
To be honest this is a amazing game there are some quirks about it but overall it's a game I enjoy when im in a bad mood ಥ‿ಥ amazing
Ai would rate it's five star but it's too grinding like the health is a lot and it's gridi to weird and just refill tama do it all over again developer if your reading this plsss lower the health of the cat guy pls it's ok if it's only 2k or just 1k just lower the cat guys health and any other than dad it's a good game reqmonded
This gamevis amazing, its not just clicker game theres an interezting story to go along with it. It has three games which is just three time the fun it isnt that long either. The ads are annoying, but you can just press back on your phone.
The pop-up advert videos are annoying. And you're forced to wait 5 seconds to play this good game? Unacceptable! but the games good
This game just keeps crashing Google Pixel 4 Doesnt matter which version Also crashes my Galaxy tab A Why does it need to make phone calls?
Too many ads, and gets boring FAST. Gameplay is literally the same thing on each level, only it gets more and more tedious and redundant each and every level. There are 72 rounds, not 11, and by the 35th, you'll need an HOUR for each round. I was hoping it would get better, but it doesn't. It just gets really old really fast.
It's a fantastic game and all but there is one small yet fatal flaw that the fifth god, Jacob, makes and that is saying "destory". As you can see obviously I myself, the player cannot cope with such an illiterate god. Now correct me if I'm wrong, does the first god not make you wanna make white pee? Either way 3 star rating that one singular minuscule mess up is something I simply can't bear, now if you will excuse me imma go smash some phat demon booty cheeks with them little tama balls.
Every time I try open this app it crashes immediately... I rated it five stars because it might be my device that's the problem it doesn't seem like it's happened to anyone else so that's likely? I'll probably come back and Ty it again haha..
TOO MANY GODDAMN ADDS. I'll sometimes get ads popping up when I open or close a menu. Horribly frustrating. Also, it's a game based on waiting, and waiting doesn't make for fun gameplay. If you're interested in this game, just play the 3rd one.
I like the game, I've played it before on a different phone. But it won't run on my current phone, it crashes as soon as I open it.
honestly, I'm just trying to reach the end. I've had it for over a week and am only at god number 11. Its slow, and the gameplay is boring, but if you can wait it's actually a really cool game. Personally, I'm just so invested in the story. I want to know what will happen once I kill god 12, cause it says there are only 12. Then again, that might just be a trick. Hope my review helped.
My first time reviewing an app as far as I remember but this is just bad. I didn't allow Just Kill Me to make and manage phone calls and it won't even open. I know it's not just my phone because I don't have problems with any other apps and t only happened when I denied access twice. Why does a game need to make and manage my phone calls? And I can't even change my mind anymore if I want to play the game.
Great game great story I love game it's one of my favorite and I did not expect this out of a mobile game this game deserves a lot more respect than it gets to the creator of this game great job the third one is amazing to
Eh. It's ok I guess. Not really bad on ads. Only shows them when you leave or enter the shop and when you are unable to do anything else, and the ads are almost immediately skippable. So, good. I guess.
Awesome game. Can't wait to get manipulated by "That Guy" in the sequel which is apparently a prequel. ;)
Honestly, this was a perfect game to play while doing my homework. I freakin love this game. But the only problem were the ads... They pop up almost every ten seconds. I guess I can reccommend to play this in offline mode since it is way easier.
Easy to the point where you can "catch" the 'things' necessary to reach the End asap... A little Too easy.
Its seems funny and has a good story and all but its SUPER simple, not to mention the wait for the fever recharge. Good game tho