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Just Get 10

Just Get 10 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Binary Ray Games located at Edificio Fiumicello. Piso 4. Apartamento 12. Avenida Santa Ana. Urbanizacion Bello Campo. Municipio Chacao. Codigo Postal 1060. Caracas. Venezuela.. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was good before the update. Now it crashes before I can even start a game. The one time I did get a game started, the new look made it a headache to play. In addition, the button to turn off vibrate didn't work for me. Used to play everyday and would have rated well, but will probably not play anymore.
If you liked 2048, you'll like this. It's much the same sort of thing. Tap on groups of numbers to create once block of the next number - so clicking on a group of 1 blocks would give you one 2 block. You also get to choose where that block goes - just tap the group to select, then tap the block you want to merge it into. I managed to get to 10 fairly quickly on the smallest grid. My only complaint is that the game difficulties are in the wrong order. Ignore the words "easy", "hard" etc and just look at the colours. Easiest is the green button and hardest is the red one. Otherwise, nice little game to play on my work breaks.
Two things preventing a 5 star review. Saved games don't I keep your score. You keep the same board but are back to 0 score. Also it is lacking ad free version
Love the game it's great for passing on a train journey. However it has one or two bugs on the game so you have to close it and restart it. Would be great if you could pay to remove adds. Dort this and I will give five stars and buy game :-)
Too bad the creators don't know how to instruct people on how to play. Love the game once I read over there reviews and figured out the concept. The hardest levels are the easiest to learn on and play, and the easiest levels are more challenging. Click on a group of matching blocks to get one block with a digit higher. (Click a group of blocks with the digit 4 on them to get a block with the digit 5 in the place of the block you click on.) Continue in this manner to make groups of two or more blocks with the same digit until you can click k on two or more blocks in a group with a 9 on them, successfully creating a block with a 10 on it.
The update sucks. You used to be able to click and then decide before you click again and now you can't. One accidental bump by my toddler and my whole game is screwed. Put it back like it was!
This is fantastic. It took me a while and I found it easier to learn in the hard mode as it concentrates your mind in one area. In the very easy mode you can find it hard to concentrate as there are so many rows and columns to deal with but when you get it, it is brilliant. Still only got up to 12 though and I've played each day for a week! Persevere. It's great. I've had no bugs, the game play has been flawless. The games not broken if you just can't do it! Simple to learn difficult to master. More like this please. I'm addicted. My tip always sort the top of the grid before you match at the bottom!
I consider myself to be very good at puzzles but I can't get 10 even on very easy setting. It's got limited appeal because you can't make pairs diagonally so just get to point where all tje colours you want to pair off are set like a chequers board and you can't get a column to drop down to line them up. I've had about 100 goes on the very easy level and can't do it. Fundamentally flawed game.
Was difficult to understand how to play in the beginning. The really easy level is not easy. When you do win a round there is no way to restart a new game with out closing the app and restarting.
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1. There seems to be a programming error in the counting. I will sometimes get an error then I'll have to restart the app. I can get my game back but the score is wiped out. 2. Easy versus hard needs to be switched. Easy is extremely difficult while hard is simple.
Before update it did not crash and would save your game, now it crashes and does not save your game. You have to start all over. Score starts over too. Hate the game now
Hate it now the new look sucks it's hard to tell what's what the vibrate shut off doesn't work and I can't stand it I used to play for hours now I'll probably delete it
I loved it but the update sucks. It keeps crashing and I can't stand the new look. Classic was best. Try adding optional themes instead of changing the whole look. It looks cheap now...
Since the update, the vibrate feature doesn't turn off when you choose to turn it off. Is extremely annoying
Very fun but frustrating game. It proofed to be very buggy where if you lose the game and restart it brings up an error screen and then you cent play again unless you close and reopen the app.
It is such a good game but it seems to have stopped working on my phone. I tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it and it just keeps coming up with an error
I've only played it once. You have me down with all kinds of things thats why I dont like goovle play games. They dont get things right. Your game might be able to play iffline I dont really know.
Absolutely hate the new graphics . It's too bright and overwhelming . I would play this gake before bed to help calm me down but now I can't. It needs to go back to being calm . I will have to delete it if it doesn't . Horrible
Loved the game before the update. Now the app continuously crashes and the settings don't actually change anything.
I am totally addicted and I just downloaded it a day ago! I have gotten to 9, but 10 still eludes me. I won't give up.
Better before the update when you could actually play it. Before the update i would have rated it 5*, now it just crashes its not worth one, but thats the lowest you can give. Update: since the update 4th October 2017 we now habe a working version, the vibrate can now be controlled and some of the colours have been updated to show better and not blend, mainly 3 and 4.... Though the saved game reload does no longer work hence low marks.
Been at this game for weeks after I had figured it out. I finally "got 10" on very easy, and now i get the satisfaction of doing it 3 more times on different levels. I'm really excited about this!
It's addictive to see how high you can get. If you leave the game and come back later to a saved game the score starts at zero again. Who has all day to sit and play one game. Think your score should stay once you save the game.
I think it is awesome!! It's not about your numbers adding up to ten or about getting 10 squares together... It is about getting to the number 10!! When you collect 2 or more of the same number it gives you the next number in the sequence(ex.clicking two #1s will give you a #2) & continues on just like that, it's not hard it is about strategy the idea is to get all the way to 10, I am determined to beat this!! GREAT IDEA!!