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Jurassic Survival

Jurassic Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Mishka Production located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I Downloaded the game then launched it but it freezed in the loading screen,i waited for at least 15 minutes, i restarted the game,restarted my phone reinstalled the game twice nothing happens please fix it.
Developer plis tell me why i cant login with lost connection issues?? But i can play Yt very fast without any trouble?? It's about 3hour i still waiting... How long you'll fix it?? I'm just see the first screen,,, with words RESTART
Amazing game ๐Ÿ˜Žgraphics are like real life and the dinasours are hard that makes the game more interesting and super i suggest you all to download this game.. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜
I went to the raptor hunt only to loose all of the guns I paid for. Waste of money and the most frustrating experience I've ever had in a game! I don't know if it's a glitch but I can not craft in laboratory alfa or trade with mechanic. He's saying, "I dont have all of the tools come later" This is before and after I have already pulled the switch.
This game is pretty good, it's similar to a lot of other games in the survival platform, unfortunately it's geared way to slow, grinding for supplies gets monotonous, very hard to make progress. Tape is almost impossible to find and get as well as other items needed for advancement. I'm still in the area where I started and wondering if there is any more to this game as the Jeep is impossibly hard to build. Game needs work! Very hard game to play!
Just a warning to any new players, DO NOT spend any money on this game. The game itself is fun and is very similar to Last Day on Earth Survival. However the game isn't being developed anymore. The dev team no longer works on this game so spending money will honestly be wasteful. The last update of any kind has been almost 1 year ago. I may be wrong but as far as I know there hasn't been any news or word that's it's being picked up again
Another "open world (creature here) survival" type of game, these usually have some decent quality but they're so unoriginal. However I do like the hunters/season pass concept for these games. Also the creatures are some you don't see everyday in dinosaur games, so bonus points for that I guess. Honestly, a bit more originality and 4/5, but for now its an easy 3/5.
It is the worst one beep when you let the good loot and you die because the animals kill you are when you calls to make the animals not kill you with the animals attack you when you attack them or else I'm giving oral something to give other bad review and your game will be deleted
I'm enjoying this game as I have played Last Day On Earth survival for a long time. Would have given 5 stars but for some reason in this game you need an iron hatchet to break through level 1 walls. Why?
this game's rip-off play has been incredibly good gameplay everything is so details and everything up to the zombies to the dinosaurs to the thumping do the running to the sound to everything is perfect and good that you chose outstanding please keep up the good work
Great game BUT im getting bored of it unfortunately... definitely needs more updates and need to be able to find more jeep parts
it's horrible in the Daily chest you always get one coin one Dino coin that's horrible it has all these guns yet you only get one coin you only get coins it always glitches on me and they stopped development which sucks a lot cuz now I know there's nothing left they need to keep developing this game please!!!! keep developing this game this is exactly why I wrote a bad review why did you just abandon it like that I mean come on
Could you make animals spawn on our base? And dinosaurs too? You should make some battles too and events And why do other bot survivor dont raid? Just like the other? Version And things dont spawn on my base?๐Ÿ˜• And why do tyrannosaurus have 1000000 hp? Why do rare items dont come? And why do rare items? Had 1% chance to get? Thats all my problems More problems will go soon Promblem is coming soon... Coming soon...
Don't play games by these people. I have played 4 different games by them at this point. All they want is your money. They don't care about the players. When you die, you lose EVERYTHING. In other survival games. I've been able to go back to my body and gather my items. You can't do that in this game or Last Day on Earth. Btw, this is a dead game, which makes me mad at devs and google play.
Okay game. Semi good graphics. The only real problem is that you can't get the transmission for the jeep... Or if you can I have yet to get it and I'm over lvl 50 with about 2 years and over $100 spent on this game.
One of the best games ever but it is still a bit hard like last day on earth. But why the hell did you take out mad dogs arena. Please add it back in๐Ÿ™.or plz tell me where do we get the access card.
REMOVE THE ENERGY SYSTEM LIKE FROSTBORN because this game is soo nice I want to play it so much but the energy system makes it p2w and I can only go one zone and home.please remove energy system or make it to 400 atleast it takes so much time to recover
Too hard... Please make things easier such as : Easier to get items Easier to raid bases,get full durability for weapons and other stuff in alfa lab's chests, Easier in the t rex event ( i dont even have a chance of geeting the nest with 3 t rex roaming around! Like almost impossible and it doeant even givr you a good reward) pls make it like before only 1 t rex and max 2 t rex (NOT 3!))Thanks...
Hey, Your game is having connection issues. I have had to restart the game twice today, twice yesterday. You need to fix your servers. They are failing. My network is very good so it's not a problem. The problem is on your end. I can't even play the game right now. It's frozen because of service errors. Otherwise I am enjoying the game. I will give you a 5* after you fix it. I can't rate something if I can't use it. I hope you fix it soon. Thank you.
This is LITERALLY Westland Survival, but with dinosaurs instead of Native Americans and cowboys. If you liked Westland Survival, this is a copy of it and you'll love it. I...tried, but the pacing in the game is just different. I have a very short attention span, so, finding games is hard for me and I feel like this didn't have enough for me to stay. Sure, it's almost a copy of a game I do love, but it can't recreate what Westland does naturally. Worth a try, if you enjoy survival games.
Thank you for making this game, I love this game but the problem is there are guns to anywhere I am playing this since 1 week, but also I can't get any weapon, Please add some weapons, otherwise this game is awesome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I really like this game it needs to have been updating the following updates Your shop should include building material you can purchase with coin or money they impair stationed for broken items or when you had died it can spawn to that instead of losing you weapons must download this game if you like real dinosaurs and you need to be able to send people's friend requests so they can help you please update this game it's an awesome game
Game is fantastic after updating especially incubator is changed really I loved it.But if you keep planting trees option on living area where the player lives it will be great on trees option keep coconut plam from and one thing also in coconut palm if you keep fruits to cultivate it will be more interesting the climbing on coconut should be player only not the machine should be used.if you keep this option on next update it will be interesting and it's my kind request ๐ŸŒนThank you๐ŸŒน
amazing simple yet hard these copy cats are amazing feel in love with this one because framrate is smooth and the virtual pad is problem what i mean is i played it in BlueStacks emulator and the pad isnt static what i mean is it was made so you can touch anywhere on side to move which is a problem for bluestacks andriod players wish they would have options so you can change it to static but is still damn good get its great
So if i try and run out of an area and it then wont let me leave so then im just lunch for the dinos.... how the hell do you expect this to be a good game when you cant even play it..... ps this is just another format of the same zombie survial... at least be original!!
Amazing Game,Gameplay experience,Adventure,Survival,Hunting And main ( WORTH PLAYING ) I like this game a lot, even more than my other games........ I have this game ever since 2017 till 2020 and forward,and while playing this game for 3years and future I have never experienced any glitches or any Lag or else any Problem... Simply Fantastic and addicting...... Realy ( 100 out of 5 ). Looking for the new alpha biuld update . Highly recommended by me to everyone.......
It's a great game, I love it. But it does seem like some events are a little (like t-rex nest) too complex.
the best part about this game is if you accidentally unstall it keeps your data still even if you reinstall it. I'm still wondering what level you get dinosaurs to come to your house. Also if you have any questions or problems, the creators of the game are very nice and all ways help get your problems fixed like mine!
Good game but the reason why i put 3 stars is that the game doesnt work when i try to clear my storage and i have to unindtall it and majority of the time it says cant download jurrasic survival see common ways to fix the problem so thats why im askin u to fix the prob thank you
I really love Dinosaurs even if I can't find any Dino eggs of whatever the heck u wanna call it or u die u lose everything I'll still give this 5 star and this is the only Dino game that work in my phone. Thanks foe making this๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ
A Best game with Smooth Controls and Graphics Also a Masterpiece from the Dev's but A Humble Request To The Dev's To Update And Upgrade The Game or Launch A new year Update I have A Idea You can Unlock The Arena The rest of your will You can do whatever you want, but I wish that you can launch a new update as soon as possible
I have been playing for a month and I am at lvl 71, you don't get any of the top supplies you need to build any thing. The roaming Dinosaurs regenerate so without the top supplies to build you the higher level equipment it's a waste of time to go their. Basically after 35th level that's all you can build maybe a few more items in the upper levels. They don't hive out any on the material's in the more dangerous places it's all the same things. Overall the game is. waste of memory.
It Is great and absolute love it but some days it just keeps logging me out of the game on my devices main menu
Feedback on recent update:It's nice to have access to the hunting grounds for players who dare(looking forward to access to mad dog's arena) ,the new amour looks cool also it's nice to have a more effecient bow and finally being able to grind for bones for a statue which gives me a sense of accomplishment but it will be great if the devs make an anniversary update this year that will incoporate new things.
It's so cool but.... It's just not loading goodly so yeah four star to. It y'all but I really love playing this. Amazing surviving game that just thoces my heart ๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿบ
it's good for me this is way better than last day on earth survival, but it is not yet fully develop. lot of thing are not yet there. can't find the other materials
Why are you not update this game I have not found part of transport,I am going to level 3 & all location what I can't found..weapon part No vehicle crash in my game.No part of engine and transmission.Please understand my problem and help me get new updates of this game I have written many messages to you for this problem and had sent pictures but I did not help any of it.Please do something in this matter please help me sir I have an idea if you give me the option to buy a car i will buy it ๐Ÿ™
The game easy get lost connection over wifi n hotspot, suggest try to change the way of game connect to server.
I really like the game but it's sad that it feels incomplete, things are not working the way it should and I dont see how to get important items to advance in the game. WHERE IS THE CAR TRANSMISSION? It's crazy that I haven't been able to get it the game has potential its really fun, but don't abandon it you developer guys, come on, this game can still give more. Hope yall can see it!
I love this game but there is one small problem if you are in your inventory you can be attacked by things I have died many times because of this and I will give this 5 stars๐Ÿฒ.
The game is pretty good. Need more improvements. And add more events like weekly events and many more. Also its so hard to get resources like the nickel one i can't find nickel. And more improvement in Labaratory their is no thrill in their. Need weekly update for this game. If I'm the develepor of this game i will not waste this game. If you take those my opinion their is a hope in this game Just Saying HAHAHAHHAHHAH
Nice game. So i rate five stars. . . . One thing i want to ask you is you should add more dinosaur species, bigger map,more weapons(like shields.etc),more swords(like katana.etc) and you should put throwables(like molotov.etc) that's all.And I will tell my friends to play this game and you should make a clan also. . .
The game is very amazing but i gave 4 stars because i kinda hate the way it takes a Little long to restore your Energy cause like imagine having no Energy 1 hour later you end up with like only 50 Energy, See what i mean? The games fun tho quite rage when you die, good game๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Overall a very fun game, tough, and very creative! I recommend for anybody looking for a fun and very thought out game!
Just like when I played last day a few years ago. So many things are missing in the game you cant make end game items. You cant travel long distances. It's sad because I know they make lots of money and then people find out they cant ever get further in the game even tho it seems like there is more content. DO NOT USE MONEY you will regret it once you see the lack of content and you can easily get what is in game for free. Dont be FOOLED and think you can get further with cash YOU CANT.
Only reason I'm giving this a 1 star is because after the most recent update it messed up my game and is trying to start over and I can't do anything. I load in with most of my stuff I had before (a lot gone) and the guy says "open this chest for something useful" but the chests available are my chests I had and it does nothing. If this is fixed I'd def change to 5 star! PLEASE FIX ๐Ÿ˜ซ
Glitches - I've collected every piece of wood, etc and there's just nothing else to do. I literally have nothing to collect despite going round my square piece of territory multiple times. Disappointed
I want to give 5 stars but a few problems are there in this game like we can never build the jeep and the other suggestion is you should add a multiplayer mode also killing a T-rex is almost impossible if you don't have a machine gun and also some tables are not working please fix all these problems
I would give 5 stars but i didn't because places are fat away and uses too much energy I suggest that either cut the waiting time in half for energy regeneration or just double the energy to 200 the would be way better and I'll rate it 5 stars! Thank you God bless you!
I really do enjoy the game, but I've come apon a huge problem with the game recently. when i die in the game i can not get my items back because my body disappears.. even when I die at my house, I respawn and there is not a body. due to this incident I have lost a lot of important items including military armor and a club with nails which I had just made.. please fix this, and I'll change my rating. this really is a wonderful game.
This is a very similar game as Last Day On Earth Survival. You only just get enough energy bars to make a couple of attacks at the most. Unless you are prepared to wait for the character to walk for half an hour. Good game and graphics,,, but mate,, you waiste a lot of time just getting to and from locations. I do not recomend this game to active players.
Game is hard for new comers. please add transport such as the buggy it will get game a lot easier and make that steel and tape will spone more. thank you for your atention
Your game your game is the best game in the game I love the games of War Games your games has the best games I like this games skip this game is so neat if I was to play this game I would tell my friends download every single one of your games your games expire me to do I mean I like to shoot other things like people fall for that I would love to join the America any army this game is a five stars game I will give out then I'll give it back to Monday billions I love you your games are the best ga
At the beginning it was koo but I have not found any vehicle parts or weapon parts I feel I'm stuck I've been at all locations multiple times and cant find any items to get my jeep running now I'm having connection issues
I really enjoy and have been playing for a while now. Made quite the progress but I've noticed that I havent been getting any opportunity to get to an event like a crashed vehicle or a drop box. Havent seen one in a few months. I'm wondering if there was an update that I havent received. Especially since I am a paying customer.
Obviously the durability on the iron hatchet item is insanely bad. And I know you are trying to milk every penny you can from this game, but perhaps you should give more energy per ad view. I really liked the game, but I was growing weary of watching 4-5 ads per trip out of the base. Instead of being overly greedy, you should fix a lot of the common complaints. I can't be the only revenue generator that is going to quit, but is willing to play again if you fix it. C'mon man.
I like it a lot but could you have a new area that shows where dinosors will have eggs or better yet maybe have some dinosaurs give you there eggs or egg when you kill them.Could you also make tape a bit more easy to find if you could do that it would be great thanks๐Ÿ˜
It is very interesting game but collecting things for making jeep is not easy. It should be an option for inviting friends and making a team instead of dying alone. Very less car crash events I get, please make more car crash events. Finding zeep transmission and engine parts are impossible. @MishkaProduction .. Please i have all thing used for jeep but please tell where can i get Jeep transmission and engine parts
Watching a YouTube video where the individual can access level 2 inside the alpha laboratory but when i go to do so the guy sais he hasn't got the right tules, where as on the YouTube video I watched the guy said you just need to flip a switch, why do I not have this available to me? I have to most up to date version of the game.
I was beginning to fed up when I died many times but after trying, this game is actually fun and addictive. I wish it is easier to find the rare materials such as steel ore, nickel ore, teak logs etc. There are so much event that I discovered and I'm beginning to looking forward to new updates
an amazing game and very adventurous however ighey could make some updates so that finding jeep transmission and being able to build the jeep is possible and also to make some fuel for the generator to help make electricity for the elevator at the wall then it would truly deserve 5 stars.
I Like this game,Its just that The resources are hard to get and you get Hungry a bit quickly but so far,The game Is Very Good,In my opinion,The BEST GAME OF DINOSAUR SURVIVAL I HAVE EVER PLAYED THANK YOU WHOEVER MADE THIS GAME!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
I have downloaded the game and I am happy that Jaurassic Survival has improved the graphics and gameplay but the tutorial part is annoying. Kindly place an option to skip the tutorial.
This is a really fun game but sooo hard im level 24 and i have only 4 duct tape to my name....can you please make it easier to find duct tape,,and another thing is the events arent appearing like how can i progress when i cant get basic things...another thing cab u plsss make plants in our home grow ๐Ÿ™...plsss consider some of my suggestions
Don't spend money. My account somehow got reset after spending money on in game stuff, and when I reached out to them, I got absolutely no responses. Maybe if they contact me and sort it out I'll give them a higher rating. Edit #2, thank you for updating your response with the proper link. That was not the one given originally.
I like the game so much, but I suggest to add some turret for defences and dinosaur raiding like on last day on earth hope my suggestion be added in the next update...
Ok. it was rough at first. I kept losing all my stuff. But now I'm doing better. My stategy- know where the edge is, if close to dying, run like hell and leave the area. This game is very challenging and I really like it.
I like this game but I perfect last day on earth it really fun to so you should go check it out its kinda the same thing just that its zombies not dinos but I'm really confused to because it the exact controls and that kefir made this game as well but no But it's a good game
i was very happy and looking forward to playing it.then the 1st start the box wont open i hv to restart,then the doors wont open.so after collecting things i cant even open the box to store it. if lucky everything works.there is also lag so i find hard to escape from boss fight.i hv reistalled the gm several times doesnt help.3 days ago i did alpha lab now i cant enter. im brought back to the map.idk wat is happening
This game is cool it really would benefit a revamp like the fact it jams some time when fighting but yet to Dino still eat me lol how ever it's cool easy to recover your loot if you die or even rob a player of his lol.
its a great game if you are expirenced in playing games similar to this one, the dinosaurs are quite challenging at times and weapon and armour brake just a little too quick hoping for more updates in the future .
this is a knock off of ldoe, i mean, ldoe is a great game and i would understand why you mostly copied it but........just make your own game, ok? yes this is a great game, but it either to hard or to easy, the monsters i mean, but ldoe has the PERFECT balance of health and attack dmg for the beasts, but this is an ok game i guess, so......yeah, bout to tell ldoe creators something that kinda messed up my gameplay but yeah, oh look, almost out of writing space, so good bye guys........500 letters
I love this game. I play daily,and the dog tags system is great. Only problem is that I need to survive for 21 hours to get a dog tag. I figured it out because I died, then I survived and died 2 in 1 hour, survived 20 hours, then went to collect dog tag and couldn't get it. Please fix this bug. I would greatly appreciate it if you did.
This is a fun survival game. It's one of the easier ones (but not too easy), which is great when you want to relax and have fun instead of prove what badass gamer you are. It could use a story line and some interesting n.p.c.'s, but all in all, it's a fun game.
it"s a good we can fight with dinos. last month when I played then I was killed by a T-Rex his teeth was such a sharp when I tried to kill him he taked mee up. it should get one thing that is a devise to talk with friends
The game was fun and I really enjoyed it maby 7 years back I have put many hours into the game. I switched phones a few times and remembering back to this game I reinstalled it, when I logged in everything was gone, the only thing left was a few floorboards, I didnt/dont understand. I tried to reach out to them through facebook, I was younger than and didnt know much about nothing tbh, after months of no answer I see they read it but nothing more. I give them benefit it may have been scam page.
Am done, 3rd time I've dies in the lab and gone back and my body isn't there and all the stuff I've worked so hard to get is gone, no other players are there so can't take my stuff and usually if I die I can go back to my body, absolutely done, unless you compensate me for your games cock up I refuse to play your game further, I gave the benefit of the doubt the first 2 times, now it's happened a 3rd time and I'm done, will be telling others to stay well away as well, absolutely ridiculous game!
Game almost good as Last day on earth survival. Good gameplay but by the way dilofosaurus don't spit acid and does not have a extra crown. But it's okay this has kinda same looks as jurrasic park. And please add more weapons. And make it Abit easier to get items
this is overall a good game but small because the whole point this game is dinos there bearley are eney tameable and they could make it two were you could set trap tame because I want to get a dino and it takes so much resources and time so im switching to Durango because of the little dinosaur aspect if it gets better i will come back
I have been waiting to go to mad dogs battle royale for 1 year and I know that you have it all worked out because I played it and it was so fun but now I can't even play the mini game and I have not seen a good update sins 2018 and you got rid of it if you add mad dog back i will give 5 stars
umm hi..does this work in pc? cause i tried to play it on pc but i think its broken?? cause the door in my house won't open and i cant pick up resources, also i cant open the chest and cant cut trees. : ( I can only play this on my pc cause i dont have a phone...plsss notice this.
It's a good game it reminds me of " last day on earth survival " the reason for giving it a 3 stars are 1) there should be more mode of transport 2) there should be a radio or anything through which we can get to know about the dealer's required resources 3) there should be dogs
Cool this game is awsome i just want to really complete to rate 5 stars but this is look like the last day on earth. its same style like crafting vehicle like that but i like it surviving 1 million days.
The game is fine but there was a miner glitch to where i couldnt craft and it said that i need to be level one to craft a pick when i was level three when i was able to craft
I would give this game a higher rating, but for whatever reason the game doesn't give me the ability to check my warriors diary anymore. I would click on the icon, but it seem that the icon is faded, as if I'm kept away from checking my level progress.
I cant craft anything even reach lvl2.. but after i restart my mobile now i can play smooth.. give 5 star.. easy to play.. but some resource hard to find like ducktape.. if you runout energy you can refil by watch ads and the ads are unlimited you can refil and wacth over and over.. mostly i like is ni pops up ads like the others game i been play.. keep a good work and updates..
Love the game, I'm glad you don't have to worry about something comming to your home and destroying your wooden walls otherwise there's no use in building them. Though I wish mad dogs arena was accessible again, also I wish that if you die at a normal location you could go back for your stuff within a certain amount of time. I do wan't to know, will your pet's die if you don't feed them? I hope not
Great game like last day on earth. Just give us some more things like dog,more dinosaurs etc. I give 5 star when you give more things. Try to give dog please:( i want a pet dog.
The game is great but too hard to get guns please fix this also I have an idea give me an option to buy guns please only make it 2 bucks and this is my 3rd time telling you please sir or mam please. Fix this
This game is impossible to get a good start unless you spend a lot of real money. I refuse to spend real money on games like this, because everything you purchase can be lost within seconds! RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER I have no questions. You have made this game impossible to get very far unless players spend hundreds of dollars each.
This game should have like dinosaur taming and riding stuff like durango... And an alliance or clan system. Where u can build alliance base to chill.hangout and exchange item's with alliance members.. Also u can go farming in clan base. And build taming cages for newly caught dinos. Then go for raiding some locations with alliance members.. It would've been more fun both socially and Alone.. Pls consider my suggestions..ill keep my hopes up for it..
The game is fantastic in concept, yet not so in execution. I enjoy grindy games, don't get me wrong. However, this game takes grindy to an unreal level. It's unbelievably easy to die even at early stages in the game, you lose all equipement on death with zero chance of recovery. Equipement breats entirely too fast, and the materials needed to replace broken weapons (like tape) is nearly impossible to find. I'm just glad i didn't spend money. If i would have lost purchased stuff to easy deaths...
This is a really nice game but now that the devs have made it so much like lode it doesn't seem as unique like the store used to be different so was the crafting menu And they took the ldoe bases and put them here and there so it is no fun and also they removed my favourite part of the game Hunter Kane and replaced him with hunter's diary and the floppy discs the cds a and flash drives which are found in lab alpha are the same as the ldoe one and even the names are same but very nice game.
the game is good but the lack of updates just makes me stop playing after a short amount of time because there no new things it has been like a year I think since they made there last update and it 2019 and there has to be something new to make the game fun again
The version says beta but in reality it is an "alfa" (yeah i mean seriously that's the name of the "lab alpha" location) over all the game is very very very poorly balances.... For example scrap metel is pretty important and hard to find U can usually go over 2-3 locations and find 1 piece However u can make all the iron ingots u eant iron ore is everywhers Ans that's just a tiny example of how horribly balanced the game is And very clearly unfinished Outsourced propably to china...
I started with this game about 3 months ago, I am on about level 70. The game just became quite stuck on the same thing: gather components for vehicles, and that is it. You can do the wall event, but completing it takes painful time. On the last update only a second air drop was added, and that has been it. You cannot craft many late game items because you do not have access to the resources that are required. I hope this game progresses.
I really like this game but... every time I die I can't retrieve my supplies! Also the supplies you need in order to build the jeep are across the river. But in order to get across you HAVE TO HAVE A JEEP! ๐Ÿค” Doesn't sound like the developers want anyone to progress any further.
I love this game, the graphics, the gameplay all of it. Expect for one thing, the t-rex nest event were you get the t-rex egg is WAAAAAAY to difficult, you can't kill the dinos, they always know what area your in, you can't distract them (at least to my knowledge), can't even get close to nest. If you change this I will give 5 stars
Very similar overall to Last Day on Earth but with dinos instead of zombies. That said, the dinosaur hunting theme is cool, kinda reminds me of JP and Dino Crisis. But I do wish there was more of a story involved. Why is the player on the island? Why does the island even have dinosaurs? None of this is explained when you start, and without any lore for flavor, this becomes just another crafting grind. Please consider heavier story elements.
I'm confused and it didn't even tell you what to do... I don't know where to find crafting and what to do to find more loot... I also had to pay 10 energy to run to a loot box but it said download last day of earth or something like that... So I left this game to go download that one. I'll change my rating when you add tutorial for new players
Wow,this game is exciting,if want to craft,the tools are easy to get,and weapons are really easy to get.thanks
i like this game and recommend it but there is a gamebreaking glitch that sometimes when you close out of the game sometimes you will lose all of your progress pls fix
I love this game. You guys should add a ocean also add some fishes add flying dinos. I hope these will make the game better.
The game is good but why can't I access the gunsmith table even after I crafted and assembled it and the jeep are the engine components even exist in the games want a reply about because I couldn't find anything about these two problems I have now
I have not found part of transport,I am going to level 3 & all location what I can't found..weapon part... No vehicle crash in my game... No part of engine and transmission.Please understand my problem and help me get new updates of this game..I have written many messages to you for this problem and had sent pictures but I did not help any of it.. Please do something in this matter....please help me sir...I have an idea if you give me the option to buy a car i will buy it...๐Ÿ™
games dead website says please renew if im wrong then why is there not updates and i don't want to hear it takes a long time to make a update after 1 year. i think google needs to do something. with the devs like drop this game fron the play store, and the review just to keep a dead game on here. sad
I really like this games!! I also subscribed for months, but then I get bored and decided to unsubsscribe. I'm waiting for new story, new challenges. There is no way to collect the vehicle part right now. Also there is one place need a card access, but we don't really know how to get the card access..Hopefully can improve the story soon :) waiting
I really like this game, but somehow my Hunters diary won't work. This game needs to have some kind of food to last you at least three days. Because I am struggling to feed my dinosaurs and already had to realease one. This game should have an update. For all these reasons I am giving itโญ. After you reply to my feedback and update the game I will think about changing the ratting.
I'm very glad that they fly to update the game since it was very dead without any news, but seriously it is a real hell that the energy garden so much of the rest excellent game but they should make energy recovery more comfortable
your game is really good but the fact that you make tape very hard to get,almost impossible at some points and that is the main item in alot of craft is frusterating ive been to the 3 & 2 skull zones and alpha lab,have only recieved ONE tape.also having to use iron hatchets on basic walls is kinda crazy.basic walls should only need basic hatchet instead you make it much more expensive with not much payout.i really hope u fix this because i do enjoy the game.but the pay to win trait dampens it
My bandages dont even work. And also you have to pay a lot of money just to survive longer. The tools and weapons break so quickly. The dinosaurs always sense from a far that I am coming even though my character just taked a shower.
Games really gone downhill, many resources are way to rare and difficult to find and raiding other peoples bases isway to expensive, spent 3 days in real life trying to get enough tape to make an iron hatchet and it breaks after destroying only one wall, couldn't even steal anything because you need an iron hatchet to open everything and anything. Fix this as soon as possible please!
Absolutley fantastic. The gameplay, graphics, map, etc are all 5 stars from me. Is this made by the same people as Last Day on Earth? Everything is the same except that instead of having dinosaurs in-game it is zombies and the equipment and weapons are slightly different.
While I'm enjoying the game, I am stuck in the starting area. I can not use any transportation because the jeep requires jeep transmission and jeep engine parts, yet I can't find any and have heard they are not in the game. So I can't go to far, away places. Please add them if they are indeed not in the game. If they are in the game, make it easier to get them. Or have other methods of traveling. This is the only reason why this game has 2 stars.
Why are there no car crash events anymore? How am I supposed to construct the jeep if I cannot get to all the required parts, and why is mad dogs arena closed. Not happy with this game right now I use to love it.
Good game but changed the rating cause engine and transmission parts are very hard to get and no crashed van events show up in my game either
Difficulty scaling is not well thought out...at all. Too many dead ends on tech tree. Cost vs reward on AI base is a joke. Best feature to date was arena, but not accessible anymore. Lots* of potential, but sadly going to give it a break until devs can fix.
I love this game so much is similar to my favorite game last day on Earth which is why it is my second most favorite game.the game is really realistic I just wish we could get more free dog tags I love the mad dog area. I was asking so much I just want to say again. it is fun interacting and you get some social experiences.this is the last time I was saying was I just really really love this game.
I LOVE this game and I think it is a very simular game to my favorite game Last Day On Earth. Wich is why it is my second favorite game.It is ,fun,interacting and a really cool game! If you are not recalling playing Last Day On Earth go check it out it is free in youre local app store.Thanks -Angel
Love this game..nice graphics...but after level 35 i cannt craft some items...have some itemd need to develope like that egg..and some items skills unable to build....i think its in development stage only..but totally nice game
I am find jeep part in world map and many place but i am not found in any place and nailbolt also very very very epic thing in game plz fix this thingh And game so wonderful for me at that time
I honestly love this game. however just now while i was shooting a dinosaur the game glitched for a second and a black snake? or whatever it is attacked the dinosaur and dragged its body out of the place and it freaked me out. it's the first time this has happened so I'm wondering if there's a new creature in the game.
It's a Great Game it's just that it's pretty hard to find good weapons or the resources you need. It would also be more help full if there was like daily rewards that every day increased making you able to get lots of loot.
Awsome game , would give a 5star but i face myself with a minor issue that bugs me off. The issue being that tbe dilophosaurau's spit attack is WAY fast and cannot evade the attack in time (atleast for the begginers). Again love the game . keep up the good work
Hello everyone! I want to say something about this game aswell. And its that a lot of good things about the game have changed: for example before whenever I started the game as a new player when I went to the world map at the start I always found a crashed vehicle loot which is now removed,the mad dogs arena before used to be accessible by using dog tags;this is removed aswell,lvl 1 house walls and doors can no more be broken with normal hatchets. I hope the developers fix these problems. THANKS
Needs a top menu! Survival games are tough, especially for the starting player. Starting the game over completely is expected, and often a bunch of times before the player is comfortable with the mechanics and logistics of the game. Without a menu for starting a new game from scratch the player is left with having to reinstall the game a hundred times in a row. That gets boring fast!!!
I would have given this game five stars. Would have. It requires that I build many production items but will not let me place them. There is no indication of whom to submit a problem to, henceforth, no resolution. It is never clearly stated if there is a boundary that I have overstepped. Guess that I will uninstall as I am stuck.
A really good game, but it needs an option that includes to sign in to google play without changing the game you are playing, i am level 87 with a dino pet. There is also another problem, alpha ankylosaurus main attack does not work and does 0 damage. And everytime i die somewhere, my body dissappears and the map reloads and changes, and i cannot find it anywhere even if i had died only ones. I have lost too much loot on that, including guns and materials.
DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME!!! DO NOT SPEND MONEY IN THIS GAME!!! so much you cannot build in this game because the items you need were never added to the game. the dev's do not update the game. it is a dead game. do not waste your time. play durango or last day on earth survival instead.
This is a very fun game and I do enjoy it although some updates are needed.. Duck tape is so extremely hard to find and i constantly go to supply drops , open boxes, and raid the labs.. Iron hatchets are so easy to break, and you get a single use on a lvl 1 wall for AI bases... The jeep making is becoming a nusiance to try and find those two single and very important pieces. There used to be T-rex Nests, car crashes - where did those features go? I cant even find soms resources needed - nickel
It's one of the best games I ever played. Since it looks like last day on earth. But I have a problรจme that wall 7.is it even possible to unlock it. Cause even when you gather all the materials, you don't find fuel or gazoline. Which makes all your efforts to finish the wall useless. I hope you respond A. S. A. P and thank you
ok but when im playing it laggs alot. And sometimes it kicks me out of the game and I have to go back in. But after that its perfect. I love it a lot and I love that the dinosuars carry stuff useful. You need to install but be warned it does lag and sometimes kick you out but after that perfect. Perfect! Creator(s) I might do five stars if it fixed. But I want you to know this is a great game! Keep on working on it!
The game hasn't moved forward. There have been only bug fixes no dinosaur taming and riding. Very Disappointed out of my phone right now.
Ok honestly my friends told me to check this game I did and omg I liked it sooooooooooooooooooooooo much and play and more dino choices and maybe make the game look realistic and maybe insteadnofnyou hinting for dinosaurs you can become on of the dinosaurs
id give a 5 star if u will add this feature that ur fans have been waiting for 1. the incubator is now fully working 2. the key in the farm 3. the FREKIN GASOLINE FOR THE WALL 4. we need all items in the crafting icon working cos some of the items dont work 5. pls add a second floor for building houses 6. also the transportations mostly included the pterodactyl 7. did you promise us diplodocuses? 8. DO THIA THING RIGHT DANG NOW
The game is really nice. But I still giving this 3 stars because of developers. Developers should give monthly update in the game. They must have to connect with the reviewrs and youtubers who upload this gameplay. You should give then rewords so that they will enjoy to make more gameplays of your video. Didn't you saw free fire community they are connected to youtubers and youtubers love this ๐Ÿ˜ค
I only give the game three stars is because when you die the resources you had on you go away like when I died then went back to the same spot I died my body and resources were all gone. Please make it that when you die your body does not just desponse the second you die.
I like this game because of the mad dog areana all other things are lame and we cannot build the jeep and some parts of the jeep cannot be found and we cannot go any diffrent place like watch tower , and we cannot make any guns because we cant find any material to make guns and an inclublator
Wow, this game is fun, this is my first time to discover such game i have always dreamed of dinosaurs.this is even better than grim soul.we can explore 3 skull locations even if we are not equipped on a full armour It is fun to loot.i tried the t rex nest event for the first time and i saw no nest i die on the adventure many times it took over some days before i saw the event again i tried and yes i saw the freaking nest.thanks for making this game.how can i learn hunting skill
Amazing! I have never experienced any lag, bugs, or otherwise Gameplay issues. The Gameplay is smooth. Weapons are easy to get ahold of alongside meds and amour if you're patient. However, the game does have some issues for F2p players. For instance the incubator. If you're a F2p player the incubator will take you awhile to complete it unless you buy it for 8.49 NZ dollars. And if you don't have an incubator you can't do the event. With that being said. The prices in the store are cheap. Kudos.
This games is nice, except for transportation to move up in the game. This game hasn't been updated since 2018 l, we're almost in 2020. See the point. So far it's not worth playing or spending real money. Players will be going in circles repeating the same old, same old. Update is desperatly needed.
Hi I played this game 4 days and It was fun to loot, craft and other things. But however in the dinosaur ๐Ÿฆ– egg hunt event is something promblem I look all the place in the corners, bushes, and non bushes I cant find the T-rex egg ๐Ÿฅš. All I find is 3 loot boxes I died 9 times but I didn't give up because I want to get the dinosaur egg and I know it will be worth it. But there is no dinosaur egg in my game event. But still the game is awesome to play๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š I hope you fix this game
This game is good but the item's durability does not make a freaking sense. Are you guys telling us that a simple hatchet cant destroy a freaking lvl 1 wall? And need iron hatchet? Do you guys know how hard to find the components use in making those iron hatchet, heck it might be rarer than guns. You can even find an mp5 in a drop box. The worse part is after destroying a lvl 1 wall using IRON hatchet just one or 2 slash to a lvl 1 chest which is wood, the hatchet is destroyed.