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Junkyard Tycoon - Car Business Simulation Game

Junkyard Tycoon - Car Business Simulation Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Lana Cristina located at Pongartgasse 6 6850 Dornbirn. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A big part of this game is collecting construction items to rebuild the town around the junkyard. You need thing like bricks, concrete and nails. You get them from cars you recycle, the casino, or traded when selling guns. I am swimming in every type of item except one: glass. Not having glass actually drop takes out a huge portion of the game.
Very rough game but room for improvement. Feels very clunky to play so a nicer UI would go a long way along with some quality of life upgrades. Too many money-grab mechanics and from the looks of them they don't seem to be worth buying. Another thing that cheapens the experience is the blatant use of celebrities. Makes me think you can't come up with your own content and it feels like a knockoff game. The car names are pretty funny, though. Lots of improvement is needed if you want people to feel it's worth spending money on. The Casino feels completely out of place and the bank is a useless crystal dump. Hope the game improves for the better.
good game just after a while uses lots of energy and takes a long time to deatach parts but otherwise good game
Ok game but you constantly run out of energy and have to wait or pay money. Besides of that it's pretty much waiting. Waiting for part prices to be at high point so you can click sell and waiting for illegal items moving needles thingy to be in good spot so you can click sell. If that's not enough waiting there's also idle waiting for cars to finish etc
Junkyard Tycoon is good if you have a lot of extra money. Want to have more than one car per X minutes? Premium. Want to play the game for more than five minutes Premium or gems. Energy is valueless you wait X minutes for a car so energy is full by then. Which means you do nothing for 3 minutes while you wait for a car with full energy and not enough cash. Semi-automated which is just dumb. Either automate it or make the manual functions into mechanics.
Played the game far enough to know its not worth playing. Build everything and building materials cost to much. But the problem is you do not get enough energy. After building the dealership I've realised its cost way to much energy to make everything to repair a Descent car. Sometimes the game take my energy but i dont get my materials ive select. If you got money to spent then this is the game for you.
Meh. Fun idea but pricing of stuff in the game to play is insane. Makes it kinda pointless to play. Only way to make a decent profit is to watch an ad and buy a car at a better price.
One problem is that restart button in setting i have not read that line written under that if you restart all yours company and money you lost and i lost my all progress in game
Its fun but there are 2 bugs that bother me to no end. 1. When an offer for the illegal items comes up, sometimes it pops right back down. 2. On the start screen, the game becomes unresponsive. Even the dump cache doesnt seem to fix it
Fun and I wish the game updates soon for the stock market. Its a fun game to idle and I lobe how there are endless ways to make money.
It's a good game but the only thing that annoys me about it is the the currency sign can't get changed in the game, and you can't choose which ramp you want to place the vehicle on. But other than that it's fantastic. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes cars.
Fun at first but when I finally got the materials to start upgrading the raw material production facilities I realized that in order to use them i would need to use gems and that meant to much real money for a time sink. Game locked up a lot too. Thanks anyway.
Its very good but it doesnt save the game in your account so you cant continue playing when you change devices. Please fix this issue.
Only new to it but seems okay kills boredome looking forward to see what other updates will come out,. The grind to make money isn't easy.
Dont bother installing this waste of time. I spent a good few months grinding to build the institute and learn to repair cars, then going to play one day and the app is completely unresponsive and cannot load my save, delete my save, or do anything at all within the app. Really enjoyed it too, sad it became useless
The game is addicting and fun. There are a few bugs, won't go into detail because they're currently benefitting me, but yeah they are there haha. The materials aspect of the game needa some work. I've probably put in about 12-15 hours and I've only received 1 piece of wood. You need 2 wood to repair the timber farm, and you cannot buy/create wood without it. As far as I know the only way early on is to scrap cars. But this is extremely and ridiculously slow as I've scrapped ~100(+) cars.
Needs more cars but a very good game but the money is to slow to roll in mind making the wait time shorter for the car delivery please I'd appreciate it.
Good game wish it saved your progress on a cloud or Google play so you dont lose your game when you reset your phone or upgrade.
It's a good game a very slow I like how you can sell parts most games have you just sell the car for the price I like how you can get random prices but I do have a question when you go to build a Field of dreams the description says he will give you more energy who is he please I want to know
Really fun to play and hard to put down What can i say, i really like this game. Its simple but fun and great for bus/train journeys or whenever you need a few minutes to unwind. I really hope the developers keep supportin this and add bits to it, loke more locations nearby and othet extras
Good game. My only problem with it is. When you have multiple devices it doesn't allow you to use the saved. You must start from scratch. Looks like many people agree, i among them. The game is Pay to Play. I understand it costs money to make the game and publish. And all.... But clearly the developer has no spine. Will take all the money we throw at them.
I was suckered. Spent 7 months scrapping junk and building factories; finally opened car dealership (allowing me to repair and resell). Sold a few cars. Now I cannot craft Welding Rod, so I can't repair. Can craft all other stuff... this isn't a clever challenge, just a broken feature. Reinstalled hoping to dislodge any locally corrupt file... OOPS. All game data lost, 7 months wasted. I'm done!
So this is a decent concept, but needs a lot of work. I encountered a bug where I purchased a vehicle and lost the money, but the vehicle never ended up on my lot. Building materials are rare and very hard to come by. Also I've never heard of selling a vehicles used fluids, or battery. These are typically a toxic waste situation. I would replace fluids with transmission and the battery with seats/interior perhaps? Last, but not least consult someone who speaks English as a first language..
Fun and can be fast pace at times energy bar reload is a bit annoying, if you want people to play the game then don't stop them when their enjoying the flow of things
Enjoying the game quite a bit, im not sure when it came out but it does have a few bugs however i am looking forward to the dev,s addressing them. The only issue i have at the moment is a slight bug with the zoom in/out feature. otherwise it seems like a fantastic idea and i will look forward to building up this little city. P.S tutorial could use a bit more effort in the delivery.
It's a good game But quite frankly it could be a lot better for instance let us move things around , let us expand the grounds , let us upgrade our fences and our grounds we need more freedom gives us the option to buy more crushers and wearhouse ect ect ect let us change the background and placement of where we are I for one don't want to be in the desert , all in all more freedom and more choices
This is a cool little game. Graphics are nice but I think could use a little spicing up. Overall I like it and I'll keep playing!
Only the theme is good. Selling method is to much boring. Casino is just a scrap, as you can never win something valuable there. "Help" needs attention. Color scheme of font and background is not good. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the figures. It should be in good contrast or customizable, as there font size is too small.
The game is fun but when I had played it had slight lag when constructing cars but other than that really good game 🙂
I used to love this game but they stopped building anything and it's kinda boring now. I've done all I can do, so now I'm just buying vehicles and crushing them when I get bored and have nothing else to do. I will give the game a 5* when and if the people start building it up again. It used to show a building being built and said coming soon but it disappeared
No updates since March 2019. Website is only half built. Facebook page seems abandoned. No means to transfer gameplay to a new device, meaning I will be loosing over a thousand hours of play.
So the prospect of this game is actually really fun. Every 2 minutes, a truck comes, and you click it. Thats it. However, I am deeply moved by the fact that this game rips off batman v superman. I am greatly inspired by this game, and will therefore join the teamsters union. I could even potentially become the next Jimmy Hoffa; that is, if ol' Biden doesnt destroy this great nation. Yippy kyak mother truckers.
I like the game. Realistic except the welding rod, the bale press speed, and the strange stone quarry. Would be nice if real life were like that. It cleans a big problem. I also dont like the clip on the second advanced stone quarry, the panzer glass, or the nu.. engine in school. The random vehicle transporter sticks after watching the video, and so does the free diamond advertisement. Makes my phone black out, and I have to restart the game.
Good game but down side sometimes it stops working and you have to uninstall and reinstall it but then you have to start again
IF you're into cars, and all the nitty gritty that goes along with them, this game's for you. The only issue is as you get up in the higher levels, it's going to cost you some $$$ to play as actively as you did in the lower levels due to energy allotment.
One of the best game i 've ever played.thanks for making it! If you can update it and add some new buiding and update werehose and machins and ... it will be even better
It seems like a decent game, until you realise about half of it is waiting for a decent number to pop up when selling components. Hit the button a fraction of a second too late and cry as the £3,000 price morphs into a £400 before it registers and realise you just made a big loss on the car. Total farce, not worth installing.
Had a car that needed to be torn apart, but it would not let me choose it. Would exit the game and go back in and it would still be there and I still couldn't pick it. Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. When I started another junk yard I had two white boxes. After I had the car torn apart a yellow box appeared and I couldn't see my car!! I liked it until all the screw ups happened!! I had over $200k!
I am giving this review because which pics are shown in ad. In YouTube but this game is very different from video but it's very nice game at all ⭐⭐⭐⭐
it's fun for abit but numbers don't add up I buy a car for 20k that sells for a max of 50k and barely make money on it like a k or 2. its also requires diamonds to unlock in-game content for example some of the Lots need diamonds to unlock which cost real money or watch videos. play for abit have abit of fun but get bored after a week.
Its a good game in concept but its way too hard to repair buildings required to make resources and the energy depletes way too fast, but I like the idea of the game.
Game sucks, waste of time as you need to purchase a spot before collecting a car. Then you don't have enough money to buy the car and the game wants you to purchase gems to convert to cash. Or you can sit all day and watch ads for free gems. Uninstalled game not worth the time
Whilst mostly competent in terms of UI, but a few translation issues etc that do need fixing, the game just isn't fun. It isn't that theres anything wrong with it necessarily, its more that you do the exact same thing over and over again with the aim of making $30 profit. Any potential excitement to the gameplay is locked behind a massive amount.of required cash. After maybe 1-2 hours playtime over 4 days, I'm hitting the energy cap after 10 ish minutes for the past few days.
Fun time killer. Only problem is that unless you want to pay for the premium, it takes a while to process the cars. Also, getting the items to rebuild various businesses takes forever to collect. If you want a game where it progresses very quickly then this game isn't for you. Still very enjoyable tho
Very slow game that take months to get anywhere and even then its still slow, very, very slow. The company does NO downloads, improvements, or any type of enhancements to make the game fun or better. If you're into long boreing games that go nowhere then here you go.
This is a great game once you get into it, it really makes you work hard to get money & diamonds. It promps you quite a lot to buy diamonds and game $ as it's American. I would recommend this game but I think the developers could reward a bit more with both cash and diamonds 😀
The game requires a lot of time to actually get something in the game.Building materials are too expensive or take too much time to harvest ( like 3 to 4 days and 20-30 k for wood or 300k and days of waiting for concrete).It is really unbalanced.
Would be a 4 but there have been numerous times that I use energy to break down a car and it takes my energy but does nothing to the car, therefore I have to save up more energy to break the car down. Please fix, this has happened at least 5 times
All you do is wait. There's 1 minute of gameplay for every 30 minutes of waiting. The point of this game is to hook you in the first day and then as you level up everything becomes impossible. They want you to pay to win. Don't download this POS excuse for a game. It's not even fun, it's repetitive and has no redeeming qualities.
5 star for this game because I love it, but why don't you add Google sign in option. ? Five guys don't update this game ? This is amazing games. You are losing opportunity.
This is a cool game ..Except there no support and it takes my money for no reason ..For example i tried to buy a truck and instead it too 250 thousand of my money and i didnt get the truck ....Not good :-(
I love playing this game but I only pull it up every now and again and only for a short time because it takes so long to gain energy. I think the only thing I would change is having the option to take a loan from the bank to speed up on building.
Played it for a while, but stopped because they wouldn't update/add more things to the game. Its a good game, but gets boring when you have nothing else to do.
(Changed): needs an update on building item drop chance and quantity from salvaging vehicles I've gotten more from selling the illegal items than in cars trucks and tractors I've salvages the parts from.
The game is decent and has good potential, however, there is very little of the game completed. I saved up 50 diamonds to purchase access to the bank only to find out the stock market is "coming soon". There is also almost no way to get enough stone, brick and concrete to complete any of the advanced buildings. I've been playing over a week and have 4 concrete (need 50 for the repair shop). Good effort, but a little premature
Good potential - Bad game The game is very fun to play and kept me quite busy for a while. But as soon as you start to realize how much needs to be spent to restore a building or even just craft something stupid like a brick; it quickly seems pointless to keep playing if you are not going to pay.
Love the up date with the classic cars. Yall kiled it with the vehical selection. Literaly all the cars I love from acrossed the globe. Keep up the good work. Any idea why the field of dreams dosent produce energy any more
This game is pretty tedious, but good time killer. Once unlocking the dealership it got even more tedious and not really fun to play anymore. To repair a car you need to click, wait, click, wait over and over again. Need to make 30 hot glue guns? ... Probably 100 clicks and waits. The casino is a big waste of time. Click and wait to get 100 ingame bucks, 100 bucks isn't really worth much. Same with the weapons. Only a few are worth anything and really only worth it when you get offered energy.
The game is great fun without a doubt; that being said, there are a fair amount of bugs. I've noticed if you don't properly close out of the game and your device goes to sleep on its own, you wind up with some issue or another. I fell asleep last night woth my game on, woke up to check in and got the message on the energy I received while I slept. Instead of receiving the energy, I closed out of the game to reset it because bugs; instead, I wound up losing 8 hours worth of energy. Please fix!
This is perfect. I like it . And you can upgrade your game for example adding some staffs. But it is best idle game I have ever seen. Great job!!
I used to play this game all the time and absolutely loved it. It was a little confusing when trying to sell parts (I didn't realize that the price of the parts changes every couple seconds.) Again, I've enjoyed this game. The reason I gave this a 3 star though is because, I took a break for awhile from games because I got busy with work. Now that I'm back, all my progress is gone and I had already unlocked half the buildings AND spent money on diamonds! What the heck? Why is my save missing?
The Tutorial is good to understand. Repitive game, Always like to see if you make profit or not off of the scrap parts.
Good game, and would rate higher, but when you have dumped hours into the game and still only sit on one concrete, the most important expansion item, it gets repeatative and boring. I under stand some grinding, but when I need five to buy next building, I don't have a full week to play 24 hours a day to do it. Dropped more stars cause had a ticket in over 2 weeks no answer.
It's a good concept but flawed there's no building new things to change the landscape just renovating everything I hate that you you have to pay 40,000 DOLLARS FOR 5 BRICKS what type of ducking bricks are you making in the factory? it's got good mechanics for selling and stuff but the factory's are useless when a bucket of water costs 500 bucks minimum even though in the right bottom corner of the map there is some form of water fix the game please
Could be fun. Now I'm wasting A LOT of time watching prices go up and down. Maybe lower the upper limit of the prices of materials, they are ridiculous now. Also the sell prices take too long to reach any sensible level, wastes my time without being any fun. Producing just a few materials costs a weeks worth of profits. And you need so much of them. Small adjustments could make this very good. For now it's a huge time waster without much of fun.
This game is fun and addicting at first, but the developers have added functionality that is required in the game that is no where near a junk yard. You have to create a stone yard to make stone. Making concrete (yes from a concrete plant you had to build) costs well over $100,000 in game dollars to get 12. You need over 250 for just one building. Costs for premium money are way too high as well. $20 for 60 minutes of premium?
Finally decided to uninstall the game. The game was fun in the beginning but when you realize that it takes a ridiculous amount of money and materials to manufacture things you need for building construction its almost better to just keep junking cars and hoping for materials. Pricing is way too high and it looks like the developers arent going to do anything with this game any time soon considering the last update was in 2019.
I seriously love this game but due to a glitch I'm not giving full 5*. When you buy same vehicle back to back, one of the vehicle gets lost another also the money doesn't get credited. Happened almost 15-20 times so think it's a serious issue. I'd like the developers to work on this and solve the issue and 5* is a sure thing.
fun game but you spend more time starring at a screen waiting on a clock. The auction type play is what makes the game boring. I spend more time refreshing the screen then I do playing the game. When selling car parts, you only have three seconds to focus on 7 different categories while you have 5 seconds to buy supplies.
The game is alright but it takes forever to grind the materials and skills needed for the showroom. It is great to kill 5 minutes here and there but its not something that has enough verity to play day after day. Getting gems only by watching ads and making some things cost loads of gems and only gems is basically annoying, especially when you don't get the reward. It detracts from the gameplay. The shadows on different buildings are in different directions, as if there's more the one sun.
highly disappointed!! this is a money grubbing disgrace to the tycoon community! seriously $300+ for less than 8 hours of premium play?!?! most people dont make that much in a week let alone a 7.2 hour period. I enjoy the fact that it's not pay to win, however if I want a decent boost so I'm not forced to the constraints of time in order to progress, I feel my money should be valued slightly above monopoly money.
I really like it but there are still some glitches. I will move the car to the ramp, detach it, then have it on the car baler, go to collect to sell it and it just disappears. So I spend the time and money processing the car for nothing which is the whole point of the game.
Fantastic game just a problem that ruins it all you can't cloud save and the support ticket website well it's not there anymore it's gone I am not going to touch the game until you fix this you are not going to game ad revenue from me 😠😡 It would easily got 4 or five stars if it not was for that
Full of bugs, can't move around the map, can't zoom in or out. I start dismantling a car, it takes 1200 energy but doesn't do anything, I try again after waiting most of the day for it to fill up and the same thing happens. It's not a bad game to play when it works but it just doesn't work enough to want to keep playing, I've got to level 18 and now I've lost patience so I'm uninstalling.
good needs more updates less time to prepare materials, stock market hasn't been updated needs to let you buy more supplies with cash update
This game is no longer being supported by the developers. I'm surprised to see people can still buy gems. Looks like the last update was in March of last year but somehow this game is still on Google. Was a really great concept, too bad it got ditched.
Too many things left unfinished or say "coming soon." This seems like a completely unfinished app that the developers rushed put up with features you cannot use. The gameplay is extremely slow and it is ridiculous what is needed to repair buildings. You would have to work on thousands of cars just to get the materials needed to repair buildings. The every minute car drop is an annoying feature. I understand the need to bring in inventory but maybe this should be looked at and swapped with another method. Why would it need timed to choose if you want to buy the car or not? It should be left there until you send it away as it is completely unnecessary for the players. Maybe it's a sloppy attempt at a cash grab? It passes time but it can get boring when utilizing higher valued vehicles. This game simply does not flow well.
Absolutely great game, somthing being achieved. Perfect for those who always wanted to know what happened (been to a scrapp yard 1or twice so I really loved it .making your own money n yup it's gggggrate 👏
Got a new phone and downloaded the app to see all my progress lost. Not to mention to submit a ticket doesn't help because the site no longer exists. Wouldn't put much time into this as it's going to get reset when you upgrade your phone, or even get a replacement of the same phone.
The game is very fun and easy to learn. A few things need some adjusting though. 1. Some quantities of the required materials to build your shops is too high, nails, glass, etc...it takes too long to collect a few of these let alone the numbers needed for one shop...and there are several shops. 2. If you are tearing down a vehicle and it is on the timer, when you use the "watch ad to receive random cars on the truck" the teardown timer gets reset. All in all a very enjoyable game.
App is great and i had same issue last year i played lot of hours and i had gliched game so i had to reinstall game and started again from 0. oh And by the way I love the idea of the game.
So for some odd reason, i bought 250 diamonds right? Obviously i used them ALL. But NOW every single time i open the app i still have 250 sitting here. And its not a visual glitch because i can use them. And its literally every single time i open the game, so i can repeatedly open and close and ill have more and more gems. I want to know if its repeatedly charging me for the diamonds or not.
most everything doesn't work right on here and it seems to take alot of money. work out the bugs before you release junk apps next time Well thought I would go back and check this game out again. Lost everything. Easy way to help me uninstall
Strangely addictive game, a bit slow to start, and it seems to take a long time to repair the other buildings, i would have given it 5 stars if it was a bit easier to get the materials needed to open up the other buildings, but I still find it a good, addictive game
I almost gave a two-star rating because after furthering to a level 12 I've noticed that once I've made enough purchases and filled up my lot the truck driver will then only give me big ticket purchases of up to 20 to $30,000 returns but only when I don't have enough to purchase the vehicles. Furthermore I've saved enough for these big purchase items but they never come until I'm flat broke or my yard is full please fix or I will delete today
Simple game with not much to it. *DON'T EVEN THINK OF BUYING PREMIUM* Premium costs $109.99 and it only lasts for *72 HOURS*. The game itself isn't bad but it's mostly waiting for time to reload. Use at your own risk. One star is for the INSANE cost of premium.
hmmm,, where to start? So it is a great concept and could be an even greater app if they didn't give up in the middle of making it. It feels unfinished to me, like a beta version that went live. I'm having fun with it right now but I can already see the end game and nowhere to go from there. You can get a couple diamonds for watching ads but after awhile it will start blasting you with give me $10.99 for this pack before It lets you watch anymore. I'm not paying money for an app that's not done!
I been playing about a week and they must have fixed the problems others commented on because I have cement factory, oasis, and can open another advanced structure. On/offline game is why I downloaded it. Reason for only 4 stars in it can be glitchy on a galaxy S8 platform. Always room for improvements. Great game over all. Thanks to the developers!
the old version was fantastic never witnessed a bug but with followed updates including recent one. wouldn't load on old phone 4.4.2 android. now to my samsung s4 running 5.1, the game screen does not load. only hear the sounds of everything apart from being able to see the display. What can be done?
Great game. It nice to actually play a game without having to watch loads of ads or buy coins to complete it
The last couple times I watched an ad for cars and I bought one it wouldn't show up and I've been duped out of 32k for cars I don't get after purchase
Such a good game for someone who has got the patients and understanding of how long things takes in a real live.. There are a couple of bad things.. For ex. The amount of materials needed to get 1 concrete? To buy them will cost you 70000-100000. Or the amount of materials needed for showroom . But that's my personal opinion.. Also it is a bit strange, the higher lvl you r, the lower energy reward u get and no diamonds after lvl 10? And I have a question. Will there be an update in a future?
The game was good when you start playing it but then if you want to get a new property to help you make more money the price to fix the property is outrageously overpriced to fix the institute is 50,000 in order for you to even get that money for that you would really haveto buy very cheap vehicles to recycle to make a profit on. To be honest with you I would play again but they haveto redesign it and lower the prices to fix the properties.
Pretty good game, not a fast pace one. Dont pay 50 diamonds for the bank, because they never added the stockmarket to it. I would like myv50 back Please.
Fun but I wasted my diamonds! The bank doesn't have a purpose. Wish I had known that before I wasted my 50 diamonds just to open an account.
It takes a lot of patience to play this game. Very nice game made just need to turn on the online ad.
I would love if it gets a little more polished but addicting & fun it could go leaps & bounds if polished well around the edges
Great concept good work by the team....the game was very much addictive..... But the only thing came worse is the graphics....
Good game, but difficult to get items. Maybe consider adding a market place? It'd be nice to be able to purchase materials I need, since I haven't gotten them from the vehicles I have. Edit: Also, maybe consider adjusting the times for things. Like when I'm selling parts, I sometimes have trouble reading the 6 different numbers in less than 3 seconds. I also sometimes accidentally purchase things a tenth of a second too late, and lose a lot of money. Frustrating, to say the least.
frustrating 😡, why have you made the game so hard to get resources, all the stuff you need to repair the buildings hardly ever or never pop up in the cars, I've been playing this game for a while now and still not had one single stone and only one wood so it's practically impossible to progress further, i really hope you get this sorted or I dont see any point in carrying on with the game, didn't hear any positive feedback from the developer so uninstalled it, poor game, impossible to progress
My husband has this game and I played it a little bit. The only thing I didn't like was when you get 2nd garage the diamonds and casino coins are for both garages. We where going to just share the game but because of that we didn't. Would be a five star if it wasn't for that.
The game is stable, innovative, extensive and very playable. This game introduce the value of recycling that is a plus value not yet valued today enought. I really enjoy playiny it ;) 5+. BTW the best part is the 4 second changing prices, that is the real interesting and inovative part of the game. I'm not a casino and illigal stuff fun but people like it so I understand why is rappresented also those things in the junk yard pool of options. Very very good tycoon game, I'm serious dude.
Great game but has the typical micro-transaction pay-to-advance framework. If you don't buy diamonds or spend money for "premium" play time, it takes a looong time to acquire enough building materials from junking cars to construct the nearby facilities. Overall, I really like the game but there should be an option to use your in-game money to purchase building materials such as bricks, wood, etc. Maybe there is, but I haven't found it yet.
the game is cool too play, but one of the pics that's displayed on Google play store shows "sign in with Google", i figured there was an update so you can save your progress Incase you have to switch phones or if you have to factory reset your phone. well apparently the last update was a year ago and nothings been done to the game since May 2019. what upsets me is i put allot of time and money into this game and when i went to go play it on my new phone, guess what i get to start over. 😒😒😠😠
Fun Game, Minor Bugs. Sometimes the truck pulls up to drop off a car, but keeps driving. I also currently have a car frozen in one of my spots that's I can't move to the ramp. Fun game otherwise
very addictive in the beginning however, the object is to build around the junkyard. the materials you need to expand never seem to be available. I've been playing for a month, have plenty of money, but the building materials (that's you can't manufacture yourself) never appear. I like the game, but I'm disappointed that these can't be made or traded for. I guess I'm done playing. shame though. it was amusing
Potential to be an addictive game - Devs seems to have ghosted it. No updates in months, no news, and looking at the forums, no devs or team seem to respond to forum questions. Another freemium cash grab. If nothing gets added, no new content, I'll be uninstalling as another sucker who got taken.
Takes forever to get build products. To build buildings takes a lot of material and takes forever to acquire. Makes the game seem like you are not moving. Should not have to use real money to have fun. Changes need to be made to encourage this less,I know it takes money to make game but it takes a lot of real money to advance through. Graphics good.
For the most part this game is fun, until you get to the selling parts part. Then it gets down right irritating because you tap on a sale price and half the time it gives you a different one or doesn't accept that you tapped on a price and goes to the next. Almost like it is rigged to piss you off...
Good game. Takes a long time to build a building. Game freeze way to often. I have many hours playing and freezing seems to get worse as you go.
This is a very fun game. Engaging. My one complaint is that some of the features (ie. Putting more than one car in the bailer) requires premium and premium is way too expensive and only lasts a finite amount of time. Seriously? $119.00 for 4000 minutes of premium? Why? I only paid $99 for the best XBox one game released in 2018. Fix your prices.
Good game but very buggy. It's a good and enjoyable/engaging game, but it frequently won't start properly and will instead crash. If they would fix the game and optimize it better it would really be five star quality.
Overall concept of the game is actually decent but it is way too slow got to put something else in there to keep you full attention for a little longer than a couple minutes at a time I do like that I just wish it was faster pace enable to do things and get the the town growing
Good game, but a number of things let it down, energy, worst thing to add in a mobile game, makes you stop playing, secondly 50 gems for the banks is a useless waste, because it adds a menu no one will use (until you add stocks).
So far this game has my attention I'll give it 5 stars when the game seems more REALER With people looking around or buying items tryna bargain or steal parts that would make the game funnier besides letting us a ms customer customize our junkyard the way we see fit
Addictive game if you like buy/sell of cars and parts. Takes a long time to fix up all buildings as repair items take a long time to create, unless you pay for diamonds.
I loved this game up until I bought the showroom to repair and fix the cars!! unfortunately you need welding rods and there is no way of getting them!! very frustrating! update!!! I have purchased all the buildings and parking spots and scrap and repair spots and now my game just disappeared!! I'm not gonna try to start all over so I'm just gonna delete this game now!!
I am really enjoying after downloading this game and I earn 50000 dollar and 100 diamonds but when I use 3 diamonds to stop the car for 30 seconds the car not stop and my whole 100 diamonds are lost So I need 1000 diamond from the game company otherwise I uninstall this game
I love this game so much but the problem is, when you uninstall this game, you lose all of your progress and there is no Google play account or Facebook so it won't help you save your progress, I've restarted 3 to 4 times and I'm tired of restarting the same thing over and over, please make an update on this thank you.
Game is great and definitely a good time passer but sadly I've found a feature that practically makes the game unplayable. No challenge. You can buy and resell consumables and I've noticed some consumables can be bought for a Min. Of 5 dollars while being able to let me sell their at about 50 dollars. No limits on exchanges. Unlimited money with this. Literally.
Decent game. Played it years ago giving it another try. Last time I got stuck at a pay wall. Hoping that is fine with the updates...
I'm only giving it the one out of five stars because after a certain level the game completely bugs out on every phone I have tested it myself then it the cars don't show it just shows white spots the entire game just bugs out please fix it
Fun, so far. Just a few days in but it a good timewaster without being too much hassle. You can spend money to speed things up OR take your time without being hassled by ads. I might spend some money to encourage them to keep up the good work before they decide to stick it to their customers and increase the ads!
Major components of this game do not function properly. Cars do not show. You bank energy level and different game platforms show zero. Therefore, you can not play the game. The original of this game was much better.
The game was doing good on my old phone. I got a new phone and have the same gmail operating this phone and everythang on my old phone was transferred over to my new phone but for some reason after I did the update game, it is not showing that I have a game saved on this gmail account. I have another game that I play also and it transferred over to my new phone just fine. Dev I need ur help on this! I sent email to ur email that is on here and still no response. DONT PLAY, THEY ONLY AFTER MONEY
In app purchase. Brought some gems and now everytime i log into the game it gives me the same amount of gems i brought... Only a small amount of gems but i only wanted 1 set not a new set every time i log into the game is this a glitch or are you gonna bill me for this....
This junkyard tycoon game not really interesting game because this game is looking like a boring game. But this game is not soo cool kk. But there is not there pit. Junkyard tycoon is a good game but this game is lot of extra money. Because if you keep doing now you must keep any extra money for this game. Next time I rate this Junkyard Tycoon game. I'll give this game 5 Star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 rating kk
Very good idea destroyed by too many bugs. e.g. when I'm dismantling a car time accelerates at some point, sometimes insanely, so that minutes last like seconds, or, I realized that I can buy practically unlimited diamonds just by watching adds, etc. It was fun for a couple of days, but now it's just no challenge any more. Pitty, could have lasted much longer.
Nice Game, but with lots of bugs. When I see an ad, the game crashes at the end of the ad. Sometimes the truck doesn't appear after seeing the ad. And if the truck has been clicked once and you don't have enough money, then it doesn't open for second time when you have the money
Fun game over all, but I did run into a bug where the car crusher timer wouldn't go down until I restarted the game. Still has features to be implemented. I also don't understand why having a bank account costs so many diamonds. I bout it thinking I could take out loans but it simply displays my transactions. Other than that, I have been enjoying it.
Great game, after the overhaul so you can make concrete and other materials. Unfortunately, I had a glitch that forced me to reinstall the app, and I lost all my progress. Not going to ding the game badly for that, but it might be a nice addition. Cons...you do waste lots of time waiting on reasonable prices on stuff. Energy useage can be wacky, with one car taking you from full to empty. I liked it, but not so much I will start over.
Not bad, but I'm uninstalling after a Malwarebytes privacy audit showed it's the only game out of the 16 installed on my phone that appears on the list of apps that can read my personal info (contacts, phone no., and web history), despite having no permission in the settings. I'm not suggesting the dev is being dodgy but a game like this has no need of any of that info.
A pretty decent time waster, the mechanics are simple and fairly intuitive. A few downsides to the game are start when you are trying to get materials to repair support buildings, some of the items you need can only be earned when you scrap cars, this means you can go through a few dozen cars, get a single bag of cement, so you will spend weeks or more just trying to get one or two of the pieces you need. Touch can be very finicky in the dialog boxes, sometimes not registering your touch even after multiple tries. Lastly there is a mechanic that gives you weapons and items that are "illegal" which I figured would give you some extra cash on the side somehow, however all they do is clog up your warehouse "inventory" and once they are there you can't get rid of them unless you fail a few Q.T.E.s to collect them. Otherwise the game is fairly enjoyable overall, but it clearly has a few mechanics to refine or add upon.
Don't bother. You build up funds to buy cars but they often don't show up in your inventory. The game is littered with bugs and completely unpolished. They needed a massive overhaul before anyone should be wasting time on this game.
totally unrealistic, I was on level 17, the waiting game to get stuff done, in later levels, is crazy, i will not recommend this game, Plus this game, requires, a boat full of diamonds, for example, to get 23 bricks, it takes over 6 days, I almost had the car showroom open, but I have now deleted this game, I will not reinstall it ever, be warned, this games had very slow controls, I will not say anything good about this game