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Jungle Gem Blast: Wild Jewels

Jungle Gem Blast: Wild Jewels for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
WASTE OF TIME! All the levels are the same so you're going over and over the same thing and when u get the star blast of any colour when u get five or more in one row...u choose your colour to blast and it doesn't get rid of all of them! Half the games I've played and trust me I've played a few, I would have completed this game if it was for the faults that happen on this crappy game! Very repetitive and doesn't work properly! FIX IT AND MAKE ALL LEVELS DIFFERENT, THEN I MAY RETURN!!!
Not bad but it has the disgusting habit of crashing as you start a new game and then of course you lose all of the of boosters and then have to play several levels to get back to step 3! Overall, frustrating...
Finally, a jewel game that doesn't take you through up to a hundred levels before letting you play semi-challenging games. Love it.
Easy to challenging. Good graphics. They ads take between 2-3 minutes to get through because they freeze up. I am going to uninstall and re download. If that doesn't work I will permanently uninstall
Since the 8/28/20 upgrade, the booster options are no longer at the bottom of the page. They have moved up on the screen, making it impossible to see the bottom row of the game area.
Game started off I loved it. 3 days attempted to get past level 108. I was unable to get any further no matter what strategy I used.. Sorry to have to uninstall. Bye bye
The hints to connect jewels comes too fast. great graphics and fun, but you may look into slowing the hints a few seconds. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜
Good way to pass time. Logic and patience and the luck of the draw come together to make every level beatable. Ive been playing for about a year and still play every day.
A bit gutted I've completed the game no more levels after 1700 😒 also you can skip the ads if you press back quick at the end of the a level where you click the next level button it will jump back to the map without playing the ad click next level and play it.
Got stuck on level 108 and played it 10 times and still couldn't get them all cleared to move to next level. BORING.
Great game but way too many ads and game is stuck at #2461, I've been playing it and winning it for several days now......going to have to uninstall if not fixed soon
Great did all 2160 levels for free ( never pay for games) just turn off the WiFi, when doing the carousel, and you get gifts for free!
Love this game! I use it daily before going to sleep at night. It's very relaxing while still being challenging at higher levels. I recommend it highly.
Love this game. Had an issue and emailed them, got a prompt response. Am now playing again. One of my favorites.
They change the game. It sucks now. I use to play this game for hours. You cant earn points now like you use too.
Suggestions. : get rid of the freaking 30 second ads after every level. I can't even pay to get rid of them. IT SUCKS You should at least offer a way to get rid of the ads. I've played nearly 1300 levels. You don't offer any rewards for clearing levels. And you clearly have this set up so you HAVE TO BUY TOKENS ON GOOGLE PLAY to clear levels. I deserve something for being a loyal participant!! You offer nothing but a daily spin. Im probably going to delete you because of the ads
I really enjoyed your game and I understand you are here to make money but a 30 sec ad after every round is a but much so goodbye
Enjoyed it.. just completed level 2540 finishing the game in about 13 months, first time I've ever got to the end, normally get bored and delete them.
I like the game and all but forcing me to watch a 1 -2 minute video every level is just too much. I know you need to make money for your time but my time is valuable also. Please change this and I will gladly give 5 stars for the game. It's a good one but there are many more that don't do that. Ill check back.
This is my favorite game can not stop playing it, its the best besides my Solatire games.only one thing,,," way to many ads it takes the fun out of playing"
It gives you options to buy power-ups with coin. Problem here is you can never get coins. Umm - I'm not a rocket scientist but that's a problem. You all may wanna fix that. Just sayin. 2 stars and I'm bein nice.
Was great, what have you done?! This game was working great until you "fixed" it yesterday. One minute it was working fine, but when I went back to play again all I got was a black screen. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and and once again I am just getting a black screen. If I have to uninstall it again it will stay uninstalled. Before you "fixed" this game I would have given it 5 stars. What a shame.
I really enjoyed this game. I uninstalled because I couldn't take the ads anymore. I didn't see a need for the "Starter Pack" to show up all the time and oh my God, the 30 second ads really got on my nerves! I used to closethe entire game just to avoid having to sit thru it. I'm sorry but I can't enjoy the game with all those ADS!
To many ad's. Game awards don't change for higher levels. Recently not only did the number of ads.increase, but the length of the ads also increased. Ii have decided to uninstall because it's to annoying. I've finished level 526 and my patience ran out. Too bad, because it was fun before they got greedy.
ALL ABOUT THE ADS! Try to close an ad after it plays, you get its Google Play page shoved in your face again. Total scam! Uninstalled this junk.
The game is ok, but the ads are the worst I've known. They all come on full volume and are often impossible to stop without opening the game. They make a good game really annoying. I'm now deleting the game because of this.
18.05.2021: Reached level 2560... waiting for next episodes... 13.05.2021: levels stop at 2540. When will the next levels be released? Thank you! Have reached episode 91, level 1820... and now what? Does it stop here???
Pretty good match 3 game but constant adverts between levels drove me to uninstall it after playing to level 357
I hit level 500 and had to stop. The game is ok but the number of adds makes the game unplayable as of now
So far very enjoyable. I usually turn off sound and music but I am enjoying that as well. Hope it keeps up.
πŸ‘ Jungle Gem Blast Match 3 Game Pros: πŸ’–Nice Game Music πŸ’–Good Game Smoothness πŸ’–Nice Game Control. πŸ‘ Thanks to CookApps ❀️ My Youtube Channel πŸ‘‰ bettypvp
It's just like any other match game but it left me feeling flat. when you see the word "gem" you think that the game board is going to be sparkly and fun but it looks like a two-year-old designed it without knowing what a sparkling gem looks like. A promising game that left me feeling a bit lackluster. Uninstalling until it gives me that wow factor
Great game but waaaaaayyyy too many ads! There are plenty of great games out there that have way less ads.
Loads of fun so far just started playing. I have now been playing for along time and I still love the game. Yes some levels are very hard to complete if you don't purchase bombs and such so no complaints. I am on level 1763 love the current game challenge for all the extras for real cheap.
Cook apps play your jewel, candy games are very nice... And I finish one level blast golden are soooo good β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
uninstalling at level 98. Got WAY too hard. not fun - frustrating. Tried again. Didnt even get that far. Stingy with rewards!!!
I am leaving this game because evenc though I like it i DO NOT like my board covered with boosters to the point where I can't even see my bottom row
But on the last row u can not see it. The bombs and hammer and the other ones hide the color of each cube. If that would be fixed it would be a fun game to play
Love this game. Only thing i would change is if you re-start from the beginning it will still want you to go to your next highest level.
I have been playing this game for a long time. I'm on level 1094. I did the update. You have ruined the game with ads you can't get out of without closing and coming back in. And you make it impossible to get off certain levels without spending money to buy extra tokens. I've spent hundreds of dollars to get to the level I did. I'm most likely deleting this because of the FREAKING ADS. The game is now FRUSTRATING NOT FUN. Deleting due to ads
continously take coins away before you have a chance to use them...why even give you the spin to win coins when you take them away within minutes!! Very frustrating...considering uninstalling this game...wasted time!!!
Really liked it at first. Now they've updated and every time I load the game an ad for Wordscapes comes up immediately and makes me reboot my phone. I'll keep on closing the game because of that ad. Hard to generate ad revenue if your players can't even play the game! Edit: just uninstalled because of this.
Not only do you have to suffer the indignity of them wanting you to buy the aids to help you with every play, you have to watch an ad after every other play. Nothing but absolute greed. Without the aids, you will play the same puzzle anywhere from 3 to 8 times before you "win". After 126 puzzles I have had enough and am deleting. I let the reviews lull me into believing them.
Game started off I loved it. 3 days attempted to get past level 108. I was unable to get any further no matter what strategy I used.. Sorry to have to uninstall. Bye bye.. Update 12/31/2020 I reinstalled the game approximately October 2020. After last update I've made it past level 108. Some levels seem impossible but they aren't. No issues this time around this time. I play several times a day.
Like the actual game. Don't like how it freezes up constantly. Have to keep restarting phone to get thru one game. Seems like it got a lot worse in higher levels. Am uninstalling and finding something else.
Boosters are working properly. ie. Hammer doesn't knock a colored tile out, even if hit more than once. So not only not working, wasting my money or free rewards. Also when prompted on your free spin if you watch a video to double your reward its not doubling.
Too many ads, they should make so you can skip the ads. Sometimes, it's worth $1 or whatever the charge.
I didn't mind the adds after each game however, I am getting ads which take 30 seconds after every single game. When I win the ads were only 5 seconds. Now the game takes forever to go through several ads. Come on guys this is ridiculous. FIX YOUR GAME!!!
A great time consuming game. Keeps you occupied for a while. This is an update on my review. This app has quit working for me. I go to open the app as normal and get to opening credits and it shuts down and the screen goes black. Delete. Reinstall still the same b.s. Delete for several days and checking it again. I'm DONE if it does it again.
I very much enjoy playing this game. You don't need to pay for boots or coins. I am 550 levels in and have.used only 2 boosts which I scored free. If you have patients you can advance. Some levels I got in on try some took me many tries over two days but I got there and had fun doing it. May not be for all but it one of my favorites.
Was great at first then it changed mid levels and now it's almost impossible to finish, at lower levels you can finish the game if you didn't get all the stuff, but in higher levels it won't let you keep going! Your stuck at same level
game is good but it has way too many unwanted adds...I rather cancel it even though is a good game...
love the game but too many ads,play a level get ad,play level get ad,spend more time watching ads then playing game,REALLY
Very solid jewels game, easy progression, not too much ads and first one ever where I left background tune on :-)
Ads, Ads, Ads and more Ads. Game doesn't give you enough moves to win without using helps. Don't waste your time here.
I love playing this game! Granted I just started playing, but haven't had any problems other reviews have mentioned. It's loads of fun, I love the sounds and different games. I dont think advertisements are bad at all. I've played other games that I just uninstalled the advertisements were so bad. So far I love this game.
It's a great game but the ads are getting much worse. I understand the reason for the ads, but the video one now rule. I really enjoy the game but an ad after every game nearly and sometimes before you first start out is carrying it too far. Sorry I am going to uninstall a perfectly good game because of extensive ads. πŸ˜•
Fun , not too tough so it's relaxing. Some games get too stressful after a while but this one keeps you interested but not stressed.....
In the beginning it was fun and then recently the ads increased in time and you can't get out of it without it glitching on you. Uninstall it. Too bad it was a good game.
Here 5 stars are to be rated as negative 5 because this game lacks the basic purpose of enjoyment. Ads are important but pop-up at every 2 games, showing the desperation of developer to hammer iron on the head's of gamer and these ads are suited as the UTC of South Korea as it shuts at their midnight. Lastly, a copycat of Candy Crush instead of candies,jewels! Plus the background is straining eyes a lot which is not good for kids.
Entertaining. Some ads but they can be skipped by hitting back immediately. Purchases not necessary to advance.
Love this game! I use it daily before going to sleep at night. It's very relaxing while still being challenging at higher levels. I recommend it highly.**Update March 22,,2021** since the last update, this game is no longer enjoyable. The levels now are almost impossible once your level gets higher. I'm not a gamer or techno wiz, I just loved this game with no pressure. Can I roll this back somehow to how it was before this recent update? If not, I'm done.
This is an awesome and fun game. It's fun and addicting it's.I play it all the time. It has awesome graphics.πŸ‘
Really loved this game but got to level 2120 and thr game has stopped, bitterly disappointed. Please update with new levels soon. Would give 5 stars but not now.
I love this game, but I was at level 1960 and it started shutting down. I Uninstaller to see if it would help. When I installed it back it took me back to level 1
Ads stuck on loading message. I canot get my extra moves to finish levels 655 and above Will you please fix this as soon as possible
I like this game a lot, but the amount of ads is unreal. by the time I've sat through some of the longer ones, I've lost interest in the game. if this continues I'll go down to 1 star and uninstall.
Forced to watch ads for games I have no interest in after I finish each board is overkill. Casino games should not be advertised as entertainment. I hate games with spinning parts Maybe the developer should offer some type of survey to prospective players and determine their interests instead of shoving their own interests down our throats. If I wanted to play Casino games there are at least 4 within a few minutes drive from my house. Uninstalling this garbage game now.