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Jump Jump Egg

Jump Jump Egg for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Master Li. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
worst game. i would uninstall immediately IF ITS NOT BCOZ OF UR COLAB WITH ZEPETO and I WOULD GET ONLY 3 ZEM for complete level 50 wich is take forever and not worth it. it should be 100 zems for complete level 50 or 3 zem for complete level 10! sorry but i dont like ur game. So much things to improve and this game is overated. review can be buy, so i dont trust the 5 star rate and "this game is so relaxing when im stress" NO! This GAME MAKE me STRESS!!
Absolite garbage game everytime you tap on anything it gives you an opyion to watch an ad and if you don't want to watch one you will have to wait forever for the x icon to show up so you can leave. Gameplay is also just extremely boring and frustrating overall, the jumps you have to make are tedious andthe points system is never explained. Bad game don't play...
Most of the time the adds don't work so you have to watch it 2 times and how does the egg land in the platform and right when you about to jump it falls off
This is the genuine worst mobile game i have ever played. Levels were impossible to complete due to the jump distances being extremely inconsistent as well as when it did land the egg would glitch through the block. As well as this, when i did complete the level it would crash and i would have to start the whole level again making the whole game incredebly tedious and frustrating.
so bad. this game is very laggy and there's a lot of annoying ads everywhere that don't seem to help with the main problem.(i usually don't mind ads in apps but there's way too much in here) all in all, I'm very disappointed
This game buggy i died in level 3 and it bugged it kept reapiting i cant belive i downloaded this game
Impossible game to even play. Levels are way to difficult and once you die and watch an ad to continue. You don't even get to continue. It brings you back to the main screen. Scam!
Terrible game, with copyrighted music from 'Golf it' on steam, no joke main menu music is that exactly. I would laugh if this game got taken down cause of it
Worst game I ever played. It does not even fit the device's screen/display, I can't see the sides of the game's screen. There is no way to turn of the vibration. Texts are getting into each other making them impossible to read. How is it possible that the avg rating of this game is 4.1? If this is not showing you that Google's rating system is broken then nothing will! This game is a shame of the videogame industry!
This is a cute game, but pleaseeee fix your game and add some functional button like replay the level and make the vibration disappear, Your game is so annoying
Game is fun. But way to many ads. If you choose to watch an ad so you can continue a lvl, after watching the ad the game kicks you back to the main menu.
This is literally the worst game I've ever played. There are bugs everywhere. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME YOU WILL REGRET IT. If I could talk about all the problems and bugs I would, but i would need alot more that 500 words.
got this stupid game to get some rewards from tapjoy, but this game is broken as heck. it will pop up screens that say, watch ad for reward, and just have a blank square where the reward is supposed to be. or it will say watch ad for x2 the reward, and then afterwards, it just loads the same screen, and you don't get x2 the reward. doesn't even take into account that the game itself is all over the place with no context given for the dialogue whatsoever. no wonder i didn't get my tapjoy reward
I really enjoy the game but occasionally it will just freeze and I have to close the game and reopen it. Not a huge deal but still kind of annoying. Also wish there weren't quite so many ads.
Fuc# this game dumb ads when you are in the middle of playing certain block will lanch u and when you say yes to an ad to continue sometimes it doesn't even work horrible made game
It's a good challenge in the beginning until you get the hang of it. I like the asect of combining the same eggs together to get a better one, it helps kill time.
Good game but first of all - even when offline, you get a LARGE advertisement box at the bottom of the screen. Second of all - when you go to the place you hop your egg, it'll just lag out as hell. Please reply.
I give it a 4 star. Its a wanderfull game but there is some issue. Like when I finished a level . The game just stuck and you have to reload the game back. But aside from that its a beautiful game
Don't play this game if you get frustrated easily, ads doesn't work all the time and get rid of that annoying rotten apple it has no use at all. A waste of time
Not even worth the 7000 Injustice coin: The game is super bugged, the music is plainer then bread and there's some sort of very badly written story, the mechanics of the game are fine in all but failing a level takes such a long time, everytime you fail a level you must wait 3 seconds to be placed back at the main menu then press "stage" then it has too load and then you can try again there's no retry button The merge mechanic is fine not much too comment about
Merging the eggs is extremely slow going. Doing this game for a tapjoy offer and the payout is painfully low for the time spent. Also rather pointless and not that enjoyable. Watched ads for reward (egg / power up) but no reward was given. The egg graphics are cute but otherwise I unfortunately wouldn't recommend this game
Possibly the worst game I ever played. There's so many basic features missing it makes the game unplayable and tedious.
Alright time waster. And a good mix of jump game and basic merge game. If youre looking for somethimg to kill some time it definitely fits the bill
This game just making you rage and it's way too many ad and then the graphics is lowww😒😒.One more thing some time if you watch video to get a reward or to alive again after the ad it's just make you back to the menu. so that why I give 1 star
Possibly the worst game I have ever played. Why is there no restart button? Why do i have to wait for 3 seconds until i can start again? Atleast put a x button somewhere rather than forcing me wait 3 seconds everytime when u ask if i want an ad or not. The game is buggy, reward ads dont work properly, sometimes u go thru blocks, and sometimes ur eggs get bugged so u cant merg it. This game is a money grub and it makes me sick. Atleast put some effort in it ffs.
I can't even play it. It just opens to the main screen and once I pressed to go into stage one, nothing. Just a black screen and the background music playing very ominously.
It is like the worst game ever - seldomly successful to receive the rewards/continue the game progress even after watching tons of ads - the apple literally "obstruct" the entire progress, you would basically want to avoid reaching on this so-called "bonus reward" whenever you see it - tonnes of bugs, the most disturbing one would be when the egg is falling near the edge of blocks, it would automatically fall down once you press it Honestly this game is soooo unsatisfactory.
A fun little game that is super easy to get sucked into, will sometimes get stuck and not load but can be fixed by reopening the app. That may just be my device though.
Cool game. Some what challenging. Really annoying bug with the add. They would say "watch add for double reward", make you watch it and not give you the reward at all. I don't mind the add, but this feeling of unfairness makes the whole game a bad experience when i actually enjoyed the concept. Needs a little bit of instructions or a help boutton, at least for the first time.
I play this games because i have join others offer task app.it simple, easy to play and fun...my problem is because of the internet work slowly..
Sure the concept is original but the thing is you can't even play this. The graphic is bad, theres too many bugs where I did it but the game says I lose and the controls are bad.
I will give my honest opinion, the concept of the game is original and clean. But the levels are the most Important, There are a Few Bugs and Glitched Such as Before you Play the Game and You tap then you will just get flung. And when you do the Apple ad then you won't get your prize. I hope that you will fix these bugs and add more and I'll give you a better rating.
1. Its way too hard to be a fun game there should be like an arrow which shows you how hard/far you are jumping 2. There is no play again button you have to tap the game button every time over and over 3. Every time an ad pops up the game crashes and restarts automatically The only thing i like about this game is the gamemode egg jump (the mode that you have to jump between different furniture)
This app is good but the more you buy eggs, the more expensive it gets. Once you reach level 20, it's hard to level up further