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Jump Ball Blast Ⅱ

Jump Ball Blast Ⅱ for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by XCHANGE located at 25-22, 4 Building, 8 Jiangnan Dadao, Nan'an, Chongqing, China. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Instantly better than the original, and the original was pretty damn good! Love all the upgrades and additions. Time wasting nirvana.
Gameplay is terrible. Every time you release your finger automatically pauses the game making it terrible to play. Shoud at least have an option to remove this
It's fun fast-paced and very addictive not too easy but not too hard! Love it! Don't even mind the ads either because you get paid to watch videos!
Never had a game accuse me of watching too many ads. Endless mode should drop coins like normal stages for a more effective grind. Doing a stage you're stuck on over and over and over again getting little coin really puts a huge damper on progression. Maybe add a Gem to Coin exchange? Edit: I see the exchange now, and those rates are ridiculous. Fix it so there are unlimited ad bonuses and I may consider keeping the game on my phone.
Still a little buggy, been playing the 1st but this 1 still needs a little improvement. Though gameplay has definitely improved
I loved the first one, its something I've come back to over months. This one seems great too, however, on my phone I'm noticing that I can't exit out of some upgrade screens because the 'x' is hidden behind the settings button. Pretty please fix this
Played alot of these types of games but this is the first one that let's u work for the upgrade. Love that. I'm keeping it for now.
Absolute blast to play. If you don't have good eye and hand coordination, this game is not for you. Must download.
awesome game but Im about over having to go through my settings to clear the cache every time I play just so the videos will work. Its not worth playing without the ads but you know that already 🙄
Every single round you get puny rewards then asked to watch an ad for like 1000% increase in rewards. Forget it.
This is an obvious cash grab. The upgrades are spaced way too far apart in terms of how much they cost, and the amount of gold you get for destroying balls is way too low. It's extremely obvious they just want people to purchase their micro transactions and watch ads. I recommend that people do not play this game unless they really enjoy over the top grindfests.
fun game. Great time killer. Biggest down fall is that you cant load the shprt video for extra coins very often. miss out on thousands of coins daily.
I'm not quite sure but I think the blast 1 is more fun to play for its mode. This is much complicated.
just get it license keep it up living very exciting you don't know which way to bother going to file and which way you can go to prevent from getting fouled on I like the game I'm having fun playing in winning. you will have fun playing it I know I do
coin collection is garbage. At level 45 I cant level up my machines because I'm getting all of 45 coins when I die which means I have to play a level 1000 times to get stronger and actually beat the level.
it is agood game but, - very slow on loading ads witch mack you rich quickly. - how ever upgrade you did still need to buy the new plan to be able to move forward . - always level 1 and 6 is hard . - last don't spend long time playing this game it will rapidly hurt your eyes . it's my point of view.
I love this game but I'm tired of starting over from level one everytime i get a new phone. Why cant my progress be saved.
The pointer gets very slow anywhere in the middle of the game They had 2 chances and still weren't able to figure out this problem in the game I have a pretty fast phone so.. Thats obviously not the problem But the ship which has to shoot at no.s suddenly gets slow RANDOMLY and is very hard to move it from left to right or vice versa and then you end up losing a perfect game.... Bcoz the game developers DIDN'T HAD THE BRAIN TO CONFIGURE IT PROPERLY ITS FRUSTRATING TO SEE YOUR PROGRESS END
Just like it says, it's a blast to play. You do not need to spend real money to get far in this game. But money will help. Great game.
It starts out okay, but slows to a crawl very quickly. Diamonds and chips are rare, and you get very few coins from normal play. Most of your coins come from watching ads. The coin award amounts seem random, too. I've gotten as much as 12k and as few as 200 from the same ad. There's also no variety to the gameplay, so honestly not much incentive to advance since it's just going to be more of the same. Not much thought went into this game.
Basically not bad. Needs a clean exit, only way out is force stop app. Also, ads take way too long to load.
it would be a nice game if it didn't lag so much when trying to move your cannon out of the way, ive died so many times because you cant move....ill stick to ball blast....
Played a few minutes. Watched all the ads. Got tons of loot already. Cool loot system. A basic, fun shooter with intuitive controls.
Well it's starts good but forcing people to watch ads to actually you have enough money to upgrade it's the lowest point where devs can go. at level 20 i get 2k balls from where ? i dont even have enough power to shoot half of it in 10 seconds..... unfair game i dont recomment
Great to update the same day that I unlocked the last cannon and spent all my money on this cannon. I was able to finish 200 stages and now I'm stuck in a stage where I can't really pass and no gem/money to help. That's just great, thanks for screwing with my gameplay
was a fun game until I hit lvl 20 then all of a sudden it goes from easy mode to insane mode and it's extremely difficult to make progress. need to turn it down a bit other then that it's an ok game for passing time.
Fun for a while. Game becomes increasingly difficult and is evident you will need to spend money to continue. Cash grab. Controls are easy, but with so much on the screem, there is a serious lag problem that leads to the ship getting crushed and the level being over.
If you are not willing to watch ads. Stop playing after lvl 20. the game turns hell suddenly Hell Hard
5 stars. I like it alot. Im addicted. The endless is my favorite and is exactly why im addicted to it. Thx. :)
game got way better then other one . the drone system and other upgrades are nice touch.just hope you could add the sound for shooting (weapons).
They have included PRE LOADED ADS feature due to which game HANGS AND GETS STUCK... I have to restart the app multiple times... Sometimes even my phone...... Honestly... Pre loaded ads are useful since they will only load if I click to see them... So why load them earlier and ruin the game WON'T BE PLAYING THIS ANYMORE.... FUN IS RUINED THEY COULD HAVE ADS... WITHOUT PRE LOADING THEM IN MY GAME TIME... BUT NO... they want there rating to go down
This is not a well planned game. Endless repetitive with no incentive to continue playing. All new ships cost very limited in-game currency, and they are wildly overpriced at the rate with which they dispense said in-game currency.