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Jump Ball Blast

Jump Ball Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by XCHANGE located at 25-22, 4 Building, 8 Jiangnan Dadao, Nan'an, Chongqing, China. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The ads aren't as bad as people are saying. They don't even work for me so whatever. The REAL problem is the movement lag. In the beginning its no problem, but as you progress, the canon needs to be precise and it just isn't
Extremely addictive!! I never rate apps. This one made me do it, for the in game money 😅😁. Recommended only if you have lots of free time.😉
It's a fun game and quite challenging if you don't use the ads to boost your gold collection in order to more easily upgrade. Quite honestly, I don't feel this game in particular is that much focused on ads, especially because it let's you choose to watch an ad, it doesn't force it upon one like other free games tend to do. There are some where you have to watch mutiple ads to continue playing, which is most certainly not the case here. I have two recommendations for the game. 1st recommendation: Rename Fire speed and DPS to something else, like attack power, because it's currently misleading. Because it's not certainly not fire speed nor dps, but it does affect dps but so does attack damage. Also rename Fire damage to attack efficiency or similar, because it's an increase in damage reflected in percent. In conjunction with this recommendation I recommend implementing an actual Dps number/level on the main screen. So on can see how much damage they inflict per shot fired. Example, if one shoots 10 shots per second, where each shot deals 1 damage at a 100% efficiency, then the dps would be 10, at 150% it would be 15 dps, 200% would be 20 dps, and so on. 2nd recommendation: Make it possible to cancel watching an ad, you can currently with some but not many. Make it possible to cancel through pressing the back button. It's still a fun and good game without these, but it would be better in my opinion with them implemented. Keep up the good work.
Its ok. I just wish it would stop going to random when select my canon. I love the fact that you get lots of coins in the lucky gift. I want permanent power ups for the canons
Pretty good. Just remember that there is upgrades. My dumb ass didn't notice and I was mad about the commercial being different but no there is upgrades to be had.
So many ads. And "lucky" gifts for watching ads. And ads to get a free upgrade that block you from buying the upgrade normally. And power up ads. This game is a shameless cash grab
Wish it we're more varieties of cannons. Wish u could pick different ammo types. No power ups???? Like so much more can be done it's sad but it's a good time killer for bout 9mins. I gave 5 stars just to do it like Nike basically
Could you please fix your adds they don't work at all I wanna watch adds for some extra cash but they just load forever and there is never an add please just fix it
The game is great and a fun way to pass time but once I got to about level 80 the game started lagging and was getting pretty slow. otherwise a great game and I really like that you are not forced to watch ads, it is your own choice.
The gameplay is fun. But it's VERY tailored to being an ad generator. It's a fair system. Watch a video. Get a reward. But you spend more time watching ads for other games you don't care about than actually playing. Too many ads for too little actual gameplay time.
Nice and fun game to pass the time only really down side is that you watch the ads and you get tons of money should probably change that a little
This game is fun until you hit level 100 and then that is when it gets really hard and is not that fun. It has really bad issues with ads and there are a lot of problems with playing the actual game like me dieing when none of the balls have hit me yet.
I like it. :) i could enjoy this game for a long time. Im into cool bullets. If u cant its fine. I appreciate that the ads are optional.. buut even better if there are no ads Right?. I love this game.
The game is very unbalanced. there is no point of getting higher levels because some lower levels are harder than some higher levels. It's frustrating
The only ads that show up are the ones u press on for more coins or dp. No ads pop up in mid game or after game. Ads are optional.
This game started out ok then just got worse it sticks wont move with my finger videos take to long to load then sometimes when it does load and supposed to put me back in the game im in it goes back to the home screen and it opens up apps in my phone all on its own it has major bugs that needs to be looked at if these things can be fixed then ill reconsider playing this game again but untill then it sucks!!!!!
The gameplay is fun but the game itself is extremely laggy despite the simple on-screen graphics. No attempts at optimisation were made, that is clear. The game over screen is also unnecessarily slow and it takes a long time to restart your game.
Love the game but there are a lot of ads, then ads for second chance, free power ups, and triple your earnings don't even work. If special ads for power ups don't even work then remove it as a gameplay mechanic
For anyone that says there's too many ads, they're completely off. All ads in game are optional and it's refreshing knowing how a lot of developers make their mobile games.
Seems to constantly suffer with inability to serve ads, needs an algorithm which simply gives the free upgrade, lucky prize, etc when no ads are available, other wise the game is near impossible to progress. The game is other wise quite good and fun.
Nice game to just play in your free time. Not very difficult, so it is still satisfiying to play a level for so long.
I enjoy the gameplay, even if the graphics arent the best. One of the best things about this game is that you can actually earn a decent amount of free coins used to progress in the game just by watching a 60s video here and there.
A nice effort for quick time pass. No high graphics, no more complexity. Just a simple game play. Makes u think and act quick.. nice effort. I appreciate..
Extremely badly balanced. Makes you watch ads to even progress at a reasonable pace. Fun gameplay, but expect to watch ads every few minutes. Game time would be 50:50 game:ad watching ratio which is really sad
Love it.keep up on the updates.im at lv168 and enemies is getting tougher by every levels.lag issues i just simply force stop the game to refresh.problem solved.i will recommend this game to my friends and others.im at over 2000% gold drop earnings and over 2000% on firepower.be advise there are other games that will try to copy your game.this game stays.is there a way to save game progress? I'll be getting a new device soon and want to be sure that my progress goes to my new phone.
It's a really addictive game and really fun. There aren't too many ads which is a huge plus. The reason for four stars is because I haven't been getting my offline earnings for a while now and it has really slowed my progress in the game.
Game was great when I started. After an update I wasn't able to collect offline money when I came back to play. Doesn't matter if I have WiFi enabled or not still can't collect offline revenue. Other then that it is a quick fun game to play. Hope the future update fixes the issue.
why is the upgrade ads NOT working? it's not allowing me to power up for the next level... I was on level 240 and I reloaded the game back to level 1 and it still the SAME PROBLEM.... PLEASE FIX!! (low rating at this time)
I love this game and got addicted very quickly. People complain about the ads but without them it's hard to upgrade. Turn on airplane mode if that's your biggest complaint. My biggest complaint happened today. I was having the best game of my life and the game pretty much ate up all of my memory and crashed. I lost all of my progress including all of my coins. I had well over 1,500,000 points and I know I lost a ton of bonus coins. Other than that I'm loving this game. Any chance that someone in customer service actually reads this and can help me out here?
Good game to play especially when you are bored and have nothing to do.I love playing this this game it is really fun and addicting. This is also an offline game so you can play of when you don't have internet. One of the best games I have played
It's a very simple game, yet very addictive. I play it far too much and think it's a pretty good way to pass the time when you're waiting for something ect. Would recommend.
Disappointed. Downloaded the game yesterday and really enjoyed it. Today the ad options for the bonuses won't work on my mobile data or Wi-Fi.
Hi, this game is amazing. But can be 'lucky pached' and people can pay for free and buy upgrades. It's good to bring this to your notice to fix this.
The pacing is awful. Upgrades improve based on a percentage of your tank's initial stats, but cost progressively more despite their effectively diminishing returns. When you reach higher levels, the incremental improvements are consequently barely noticeable, but you'll have to play for days to get enough good for them. Just poorly designed. Fun for a day, but not worth it after that.
Seemed to have a great idea for a game, but having to constantly watch ads to upgrade is immensely time consuming. Time I could be playing... 20 seconds of gameplay followed by up to several minutes waiting for ads to load just to continue. No thank you.
This is not the game it appears to be. The actual objective of this game is: how many ads can you sit through. Game progression is so centered around watching ads, that it is near impossible to progress without them. I would bet a lot of money that this company gets paid by how many ads are watched. Plain and simple they're trash.
I love it but I would suggest putting a tap or something like mouse sensitivity adjustment because I want it to be faster than the current calibration. Thanks
Graphics are poorly optimised, frequently lagging and half the buttons don't work. I have an Samsung Galaxy S9, I'm guessing the people who made the game aren't good enough to work with Android 8.0
The game so relaxing and enjoying. I just get satisfied by playing these game the graphics are awesome the controls are awesome and everything is awesome.
UPDATE: THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I'm addicted, but i like listening to music from Spotify in the background. Every time the app opens or i choose to watch an add to get the bonus, it pauses my music. PLEASE FIX
Crazy addictive! It takes s little bit to get used to controlling your tank with finesse but it is fun the whole time. You can easily get coins to upgrade your tank without being bombarded with ads - awesome!!!!
The only improvement I would suggest is for the 'Tap to continue' message at the end of failed games to appear immediately,instead of after a short delay.
1.Game is simple and addictive 2. Score gone crazy when hit over a million point. 3. Suggest to have top score board. 4. Suggest to have different power or features in different tank. 5. I am not sure is there a limitation to the power yet, if not, it great! 6. Suggest to have dropping awards during game play. Thank you!
This is a good game to waste time but I wonder what happen when you cash on this game , if I reinstall it all the progress are gone .. So if people cash on it and it won't save what's the point ? That's a bit sad and waste of money , other then that it's easy to play . fix all the complaints and put something so that it save the progress. Good luck.