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Jumanji: Epic Run

Jumanji: Epic Run for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game sooo much,but it very slow and the characters don't have many skins to choose from...
Hey I played this game for few days after that I fed up. There are many drawback *You can't select map in which you want to run *Sometimes there is no obtion except die, A man who is carring gold block the way *Same thing in all maps Like flower changed to ice and other. *Looking like repeteing it all map. *two challenge all days, no new implementation Uninstall the app after use😢
After unlocking all outfits, levels and maxing characters, waiting forever for new content for forever I open the game to find they finally updated it but are now wanting people to pay for characters, outfits and abilities I was already using.
You did guys did a veru good job with this game but there are some bugs. 1. Whenever I skip the countdown, I keep hearing the sound until the end of another run. 2. Sometimes I bump into open space and lose, especially after using the boomerang 3. The sound of the dune buggie keeps playing even after the vehicle has disappeared 4. Sometimes I would be in the "jungle" even though I've selected "the dunes" Please fix these bugs. I'll notify you any more I find along the way. Thanks
I played the game before it had these changes. I would rather have the game free and go through the ads rather than pay a subscription. I would rather pay a on-time payment than a subscription. This was a poor choice on the developers/companies part.
Update ruined the game! Game was really fun until the update and they locked half the game. They want you to pay a ridiculous amount to play for what I was already using prior to the undate. Will be uninstalling game.
Updated the game so levels and characters that were already playable are locked behind a paywall. Games not even that good to begin with so the new demands for money are outrageous. Uninstalled
Well this game was a five star now its a three because of the new update. Before this update I had all characters now I have to become VIP to get the rest of them and that is unfair.
I've played this for a while been waiting forever on an update. Now I've got to pay for character ive worked so long to max and are now locked out unless I pay? not a good look to be honest wont spend anymore time or money on this obvious cash grab. 7 bucks a week maybe 7 dollar one time plus the new amount of forced ads is obnoxious. Fun while it lasted i geuss
This game is made by the movie.I gave this game 5 stars at first. Then I saw that we can not unlock Dune, Snow level and also Mouse and Shelly without VIP. Check out this problem.
It's broken. I have everything unlocked but the challenges because they are broken only the 1st 2 (the Rock's) work plus it won't save anymore data keeps losing anything I do now not that it matters with nothing to unlock. I'm fairly certain that the developer's abandoned it so I doubt it will get bug fixes and the coming soon content it displays wil no doubt be a lie now.
Its a fun epic game with some new features and new concept mixed with the classic endless running game...overall love the game....looking forward to see more epic features and cool updates
Nice game i have ever but there is very problems to face like there is very very very poor grafic THIS game is very interesting but when it looks like more real it become more interesting please in upcoming events please delevop more grafics please *I am requesting you*😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
This is a terrific game. It's fun and addictive, the graphics are unbelievable and the idea is great. I've been staying up late playing. I love it. The only issue is the lag. When you move the character, sometimes there's a few seconds lag before it moves, meaning you hit something and lose. I thought it was just me but I can see other people have that problem too. I'm sure this will get fixed though. I can't wait for the new levels to be released! Thanks guys!
Good simple runner game, I Enjoy playing this alot... also my mobile vibrates with the game play which is also a good additional feature as it makes gameplay more engaging with vibration feedback of moves... thank you.
I loved the game before the update. Had all levels unlocked. Had all characters unlocked. Had quite a few outfits and weapons maxed out too. Now everything I worked hard to get is gone all because they want people to pay. Screw that nonsense. Changes like this push people away, and I'm one of those people.
It's good, but for some divice they can get the VIP for free and for others they have to pay $8 for it
I've been waiting on the promised updated for awhile now as I play this game leisurely enough to have almost every character maxed in at least one costume. However the introduction of the "VIP" pass, which for one is a freaking MONTHLY subscription, really? Monthly? You couldnt have made it a one time purchase maybe? But also it locked me out of not only characters that I have spent time upgrading but also skins that I have spent time upgrading behind some idiodic pay wall. Its not worth playing
***Developer please review and respond*** ****Google please review this app.*** Same as all the others, before the update, everything was great. After the update the game won't even run. I'm stuck at the oasis page even tho it says I'm 100% complete I can't move on to the next map.
Definitely not worth the download. I already had most of the map and characters unlocked. But when they updated the game, they took those characters back and now make you pay 7.99 a month to be V.I.P. Stupid. Uninstalled it.
The audio is really bad, the graphics are good, the game is just Tom gold run, and the background music isn't exciting, the game is boring and really bad, I even encountered 3 glitches
Hello guys this game isn't fake. I mean this game is real , the characters look just like they are in reality and the graphics looks very nice. It's an interesting game to play and i πŸ’– it
Nice game and idea..multiple levels and characters makes more interesting..after latest update seems there are issues with maps..inspite complete its not moving to next level..also swipes does not work when an achievement is unlocked during running..please fix. Changed to 1 star after latest update of these VIP pass etc..very bad as there are lots of bugs..not sure if anyone QA it
It's a great game but the bugs.... are so bad every run I mess up because it puts me twice to the right when I swipe once and left too bit when I got so far it lagged when I was falling down the waterfall and ruined my score also when u get power ups it gets laggy too plz fix this game...
HORRIBLE GAME, BEFORE THE UPDATE i had everything unlocked that i worked really hard for now that the update is here they took everything back and u have TO PAY for itπŸ˜”πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘WHAT A WASTE! THERE JUST TRYING TO TAKE MONEY THIS WAS A GOOD GAME BUT NOW IM LEAVING MY RATEING AT ONE STAR UNTIL THIS IS FIXED Γ€SAP!!😑😠😑 JUST TRYING TO GRAB MONEY DO NOT INSTALL ITS TRASH!
I love this game so much & it's My favorite game on earth & why it's vip & I know I unlock all characters
To be fair this game should be 5 stars. It's amazing but the last map was never loaded and you can only the bonus runs with 1 character (Smolder). If you are not going to add last map and fix bonus runs, let me know. That alone makes me want to delete this game that could be rated 10 stars. Let me know if you are going to add the last map or what.. . I m about to delete. Ok been real. Deleting this game. Thank you.
Update this game faster waiting from 1 week for the update... But this game is soo fun n i loved it.. 4 stars only for the game... Need 5 stars then update it fast
It was fun for a short period of time. You quickly go through the first 3 very easy maps and then they offer a VIP subscription for $7.99 /week. And there is no way to continue without paying. So...no longer will be playing. Sad.
I really like this game. However...there is a glitch connected to google play games. When I reach an achievement and google play games gives the update while running I am unable to move the character left or right.please fix this. Then 5 stars are all yours
I loved everything about the game,the graphics,the controls everything about the game. And it does not show ads unless you open your data. So viewers download this game it is awesome. And it is also fun I really enjoyed it. I give it a five star.❀❀love it.
Meh, I have had this game less than a week and I already completed the main quests. all that's left is upgrading costumes and trying to get all the medals. Btw does anyone know anything about the challenges? I have Bravestone's motorcycle challenges but I am curious about the others that appear to be locked.
The game was very good to start, have been waiting for new content for ages but now they've locked all the new content and some old content behind a subscription you have to pay for, you can't even play as half the chatacters unless you pay extra! I had previously unlocked all the characters and fully upgraded all the outfits but now I am stuck using the 2 worst outfits and can only play as the first 2 characters, make the game free to play again
Ads come and bring the dark screens.. Nothing is visible whats going on, finally you have to exit the game lose your score and play again, only to realise same thing happend againπŸ™„
What a joke of a company. I notice not once has anyone replied to the negative comments. It's daylight robbery with the VIP pass. Uninstalling the game as I refuse to pay to use characters and skins I've already used before the new poor update. Take my advice and don't download unless you're will to be ripped off
There's a time when we don't need to use our daimonds and coins, there's also a map that don't open, other personages doesn't open to run the motorbike. Now I'm playing without pleasure. I don't succeed play night mod yet.
It's a easy game that we can play in every time. There are soon many attractive things are there in this game
What a wonderful game... 🀩🀩. Really it is a fantabulous game I have ever known. Once you play this game you won't stop playing at all. According to me it is the best running game I have ever played...even better than temple run.
I will rate this good but good for nothing game one star, how can a good movie have such a bad mobile game i suggest crazy labs fix their mess or the owners of the movie should take their game to another company almost all the stuff from the movie aren't here no1 as you know swiping is a problem how can i play when I can't swipe no 2 location problem in fact watch the movie and find ways to improve the game like three lives/chances,vanpelt the hunter and weaknesses of characters
I like it. I saw all the other peoples 1 star reviews and I decided I am gonna give them 5. Even though it is a rip of subway surfers it is still quite a good game! I believe you should try it. If you don't then so be it! :)
The best running game i have ever played. It's smoothness, maps, game tactics.... Everything is perfect. It would be a 5 star review but it's a 4 star for me because of the swipe lag, which is quite common in most of the reviews. Sometimes, when we swipe left Or right, it lags and keeps runningπŸƒπŸ’¨πŸ’¨ as it was before... Pls correct this thing and i am sure that i will write a new review with 5 stars.
Jumanji is the best πŸ‘Œ game ever. The graphics are amazing and the game play is outstanding. I just love Jumanji.
This game is so cool and I love it so muchgood and like for real when you get this when you get when you get to be chased you always find a way out
It was really fun, I completed the whole game, unlocked everything for each character, but now they are charging me for them.
I love it. The only thing I don't like about it is that when I helped the rest escape and I helped restore Mt.Zhatimire I didn't have anything to do just continue playing.
Good game, however the game glitches really badly and ruins my run and progress. I also don't like the fact that I cannot play other characters challenges just Smolders.
jump, fight and take on the impossible as you hunt for the Falcon Jewel. Welcome to Jumanji! Once again, Jumanji is in peril. The sacred Falcon Jewel has been stolen, and you’re on the run to recover it in this action-packed running game. Run from howling hyenas, climb mountains, avoid avalanches, jump and free-fall from deadly waterfalls, and defeat anyone in your way. Avoid dangerous animals from the game, including rhinos, vultures, jaguars, and more ... watch out at all times! Play this
Ads ads ads ads! Hate that there so darn many. It may make me stop playing the game because it's that annoying! I get it, ads are everywhere but this is insanity! Otherwise, the game kicks butt! Would gave it 5 stars 🌟 but the ads! Come on now, cantchya hold some of them back? Wow! Seriously never seen so many, so often in a game before. My suggestion is hold back a bit because it's gonna drive folks away.
The game always exit itself whiles I'm playing. It is really frustrating. Please find a way to solve the problem because I have installed it on another but is still the same.
I like the game so much and I want to really give 5 to 4 stars but only because of levels are locked bike mania and map is not going to open I have completed all the maps but maps and level is not opening that's why I m giving 2 star to it..........can you please tell me when the level will be unlocked
I'm 7 years old and I played this game when I was 5 years old and there still hasn't been the new map 😠 !! That means there hasn't been the new map for 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is so fun and good, and also jumanji is my favourite movie... That's way I like this game, but I think you should make a character of Alex too... cause alex is the one important thing in the movie so I think it should be in this game too I think you should make alex and this game gonna be more better. Plus Horse and ming...
Super mad right now!!! I had all the characters for this game and almost everything maxed out. Now the update has remove two characters that I already unlocked and you want me to pay for this now. THIS IS SO DUMB! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
I will give only four stars.. I like this game so much and Love the graphics.. so superb Game.. And in between the game there are some animals.. I like this Game so much Superb Duperb Adventure and Action Game.. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Game is good. I am angry on you guys. I unlocked dune and snow environment. And you updated the game. Probably change the variables of saved data. Everything is locked again.😑😑😑 Also I unlocked Mouse and Shelly and now locked. My highscore is reset to zero. I found another bug in last build, if encounter again will let you know. Your QA has this major bug. Good luck.
Its kind of wierd that sometimes the first time I try this it's all free then I played this for 2 months then they started having price and the map that I'm using said you have to pay but it's cool to it's like temple run but cooler but please fix the graphics thank you
Since update have taken 2 characters off as now VIP and for some reason says that need to complete oasis before been able to move on, only problem is that I have already completed oasis map and won't let me move onto dunes
So far i haven't even started the game. When you go on it, you wait 10mins to load up. When you are tired and want to throw your phone in the bin, the game gets scared and starts loading. When it's on 99 % loaded.. it kicks you out of the game. I played on my Galaxy Tab and it's like every other ' Epic ' run. It's not even fun in any way. Disappointed. Don't install on IMO S2 or Galaxy tab.
It's huge problem. I haven't even got a chance to play the game, because as soon as it reaches 99.00% it kicks me back to home screen.
Game was good but then they took all the content that I spent my time and energy to unlock already and try and charge me $7.99 a month to access the material I already unlocked. Only thing new you get is a couple of stages. NOT WORTH IT AT ALL.
I like the game so much and of course I am a fan of jumanji but I have some bugs to share. 1) When I died at game and press the "X" button sometimes my game become blank as black. 2)When I play the game for 1 hour and check the jungle map,It became pitch black but you could still finish it. Thats my experience in game but its still a great game to playπŸ˜ƒ
It's a good game with very good action scenes. Sadly it's very slow. I don't know if anyone else experiences this so I uninstalled :(
I would have given it 5 star but when I play this game the screen becomes half and other half of the screen becomes blank and secondly sometimes when I open this app the home page comes and it shows loading but it never opens and after sometime the whole screen becomes blank. Please fix it . Otherwise the game is very nice😊
I have completed maps and it will not allow me to go on to the next one. I had all characters and were almost upgraded. That was snatched with the update. Would be nice to be able to continue on to the map I had anyway.. 2 bc I enjoy the game but needs fixed
I haven't played this game in about 4 months and decided to get on; anywho I had all the characters and maps unlocked and found out you have to pay a "VIP" pass in order to use 2 of the coolest characters and maps. This game had so much potential but stopped playing cause it was little repetitive and was waiting on the "update" for a long time now. Welp this "update" sucked cause it's all about paying for what you worked hard for. Make the game free and maybe add more things for money
Nice game ever had it had fun playing this game I have played this game for last 5 months lag-free; paid free at least try this game 1 time best game best of luck.
Ok my problem with this app is that when i try to change my lane when i do not have data or wifi it does not work. So please fix it. Thanks
This is a good running game but it's so many ads it stupid ads opening up the play store over and over can't hardly play the game I'm about to uninstall this trash could be much better if it wasn't for them dad blasted ads bye
Ah man, where's my progress?! Not only did I pay for no advertisements but I had all characters, levels and upgrades unlocked and now...it's all gone! That's over 12 hours of gameplay and my money gone. :'( Fix this
, the reason I'm giving it one star is because it's annoying very annoying and it ain't you know how do I explain this to all of you you might think this is a good game but trust me when you like want to jump like you're facing the site to see there hyenas and the lower part of the vultures you know you just can't take them this game is a very lying to him and to me it's even have like it has glitches and it's a good game and fast store but it can sometimes and no you
ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, been playin for a year, just wish they would finish the new level. BEST OF ALL....NO ADS
This game is HORRIBLE!The graphics are bad and you basically just copied subway surfers! I hate this game! Also it keeps on glitching.
I really like this game as well as the movie and i love all the characters the graphics is good and gameplay little bit laggy but its okay.maybe you can fixed that.hope that in the future update.thanks
It is a most fabulous running game which I had ever played . According to the description the game support various types of options including riding a bike, riding a car, and much more. It provide systematic controls and beautiful scanario. Thus, it absolutely be finest creation by crazy lab LTD.
It is very cool game. I like seeing that Jumanji and team is scareless and they fall down on deadly waterfall. This is very cool πŸ‘
I told the developer(s) that it's not a good idea to have your customers to pay $8 a month for the game to get access to other things in the game. The developers didn't listen. Maybe it is a licensing issue or they just don't care. πŸ™„ Geez! We are in a pandemic! And in a recession! They should imitate Temple Run 2, Uphill Rush and Uphill Rush USA Racing. Give costumers the option to buy new areas and new characters for a reasonable price. And let customers keep their progress no matter what.
After playing,and having 4 players i am expected to pay every week to ,not only being able to access extra levels,but have to pay to access the other 2 runners i had before!! Go to hell!!! No money coming from here!!!!
Good game, graphics are better than I expected it to be. Like the characters. Allot of ads though which really gets annoying when you just want to go back to running after a lap
The developers have lost their minds. $7.99 per week to unlock the other levels is ridiculous. This game could have been one of the great ones but the developers greed has ruined it.
Unbelievable (CRAZY LABS) finally update and now I can't play with characters and skins I previously had fully unlocked unless I pay $7.99 a WEEK ($32 per month)($383.52) per year, that more that 3 amazon prime memberships? They will be selling Frostiest in the lake of fire before I give you a dime!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠
Great game, really like what u did with the graphics and everything But it takes too long to load and it's not easy to upgrade a player it's too expensive
So far so good/excellent. Glad I found this game. Only playing what's offered for free. I would pay a one time payment if needed - only.
The game was decent, and then there was an update, instead of adding a new map and another character like they said, they locked the good people behind subscriptions. The game sucks now.
This game needs lots of improvement, haptics is not great, I think it should get more inspiration related to the game play from subway surfers... Login to Facebook would have been a better option as it enables to compete among friends
I now hate the game why did you make mouse and shelly vip characters i was waiting for an update and now i had to do everything from the beginning
Why the game always start from the beginning after so much of rounds.......plz changw this feature the game is great but ita really frustating starting from the beginning
I literally just downloaded it and it wouldn't open the app. At all. I even let it go for a little while and came back to it. It'll just stop at 80% and be there for a while 20 minutes.