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Join Clash 3D

Join Clash 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD located at Menachem Begin 121, Tel Aviv. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It would be fun...if you got to play the game even HALF as often as you're forced to watch ads. Skip this one.
Game is super annoying with ads so i bought the ad free version. I enjoy it way more without the ads...... great time killer. Nothing special about it but i like it.
Great advertising platform. I barely even have to bother playing the game! Have you considered removing the game elements from the game to make room for more ads for games made of ads? It's frustrating that I have to wait 30 seconds to see the same ads I saw 30 seconds ago when I could be constantly watching the same ads without interruption. Maybe just a buy a billboard and do a live 24hr feed or shout product names really loud into a jar and mail it to people.
This is SUCH a boring game. Not to mention the Ad's, which are literally so annoying, they pop up every damn second and even if you win as many times to collect a hat or something, GUESS WHAT? YOU HAVE TO WATCH A FRICKING AD TO CLAIM IT! Even if you collect a gift, it's still a ad, I hate this game so much and I uninstalled it after 5 minutes I downloaded it. I reccomend you to DONT download this app. The developers are seen so greedy.
I downloaded it and played it for days. It is the same thing over and over and over and over. At one point you plateau and can't upgrade any further. There is nothing toooo this game except the long adds between rounds. Also they want $5 to get ride of the adds. The game is not worth $5. Maybe if they put more effort into the game and made more challenges, or allow you to build more, or anything.
While the game has its charms, it is full of ads. Every aspect has a button to watch ads. Even the ads have ads... If you look at the game, then you will have fun in the beginning, but the skins, upgrades and homebase thing isn't really something for someone to get back to. It gets boring quickly, as it doesn't change. It's a shame with all these ads though.
just as other comments say, it's very repetitive and there's way too many ads. no real challenge and you spend more time watching ads than playing, even when you click "no thanks" for watching an ad for more coins. this trend of games being loaded with ads needs to end
Not worth the ads. I get they have to make thier money. I don't generally mind adds. U play a level or mission, get a 15 second ad. Some games give you the option to watch an ad in return for points for coins right? This game does that except if you decline u get an ad anyway. U get an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU DO ANYTHING! Which again, is fine if each level wasnt 5-10 seconds long. Ridiculous amount of ads.
Litterally all adds. I know part of these kinds of games is just centered around adds, i love these more or less mindless games so I dont mind much. But its way too much, makes it unplayable
Worth the download! The animations are so cute and they is some extremely funny hats to unlock they are hilarious πŸ˜†! The app/game itself is easy to use and kid friendly! Many diff character hats, or skins idk what they're called, for them to unlock n have incitive working towards something! Gives my kids something to look forward to n see how fast they can accomplish their "hat goal" for the day it's an awesome way to introduce goals into your kids daily routine!
Many ads are very often in this game.. I don't like ads comes in game when I'm playing.. And it's a negative point..
The ads don't bother me. In order to increase your reward you have to watch an ad. That's true for any game. My problem is I have over 2 mil in coins and about 700 hammers. I can't build anything so the hammers are useless. As much fun as I was having with this game there's no real progression. Once your done building thats it. Time to free up 700mb of storage.
cool game but you have to watch an ad before every level/action you take. it's like the developer only thinks about earning money and not about gameplay.
this game is fun nevertheless lots of ad if you guys can fix that I think this game will be even better
Gameplay seems interesting even though the first levels are short. However this is a game with a constant bombardment of ads after nearly every level. I don't mind some ads to pay the bills, but it interrupts the game play and makes me uninstall your app and forget about you forever. So hopefully those 5 forced ads in my 4 minutes of gameplay is worth your time to make the game. Not worth mine.
It's a good game,it is relaxing and fun.But why there has to be an ads every time we finished a level πŸ˜•.I'll play some more and if their is no change,I'll uninstall it soon.
Hey i have a advice for you don't waste your data this is the worst game ever i played it's have sooo many glitch and soo many ads the ads are soo much you should reduce that i should give this game a 0 start hate this game i waste my data
Worst game ever I installed this game for playing but I can see only adds in this game it has a level of 30 seconds and it's really very easy we have to see adds of between 30 to 40 seconds I think it's a bad game it's just for children between 6 to 7 years and l don't like this game
The amount of time you're watching ads is around twice or thrice than you playing the actual game. I stopped playing the moment I chose to skip an ad but was still forced to watch an advertisement. I believe it might even pass for a report as a misleading app.
Great Game Fun but every single thing you touch will have adds popping up. Even if you select an option to go without the particular upgrade and just want to go to the next page there is an another add u have to pass. Every 3 or 4 touches of anything in the game there is an add for 30 seconds. So let's say u play this game for 30 minutes, I'll have 25 minutes of game and 05 minutes adds
This was downloaded as an ad for another game. But this game is full of ads. Do not and I repeat do not waste your time on this, your eyes will only see ads. Also this game, as simple and basic as it is lags (Samsung S10 and Samsung tab 8.4). I wish I could get a refund for the time lost.
It's an ad heavy game. A pretty fun one but an ad heavy game. It encourages the watching of ads by rewarding you with upgrades and skins. I, personally, don't mind the ads but others might.
I found that the game was all around a good game. The only reason I left 4 stars is because I felt like the game could have more features. For example: Changing the base features after initially building them, a customization option for the weapons and shields, and if possible, more complex levels.
Ads ads and more ads, did I mention ads? Even when you choose No Thanks, it still pulls you in, sadly the game had potential but developers are greedy and ruined the game so in the long run, they screw themselves, because when the ad popped up unwanted I'd just close the app so they didn't get paid. That way I could enjoy the game for a little bit before uninstalling it 30 mins after install LOL BY FELICIA
Just another generic ad-based game. The developers are only in it for the money and couldn't think of anything creative. No idea why this has 100 million plus downloads but it is definitely not deserved. How about trying to create an enjoyable game next time instead of money. :D
Laggy, not as fun as it looks, cheaply made. Even if you choose to not watch ads because you dont want the free stuff it makes you watch one anyway and they're always unskippable. Anything you earn, to claim it you have to watch an ad. It's garbage.
Good game.but all you really do is touch white people and turn them a different color. Dodge some obstacles and go in to a castle. Other than that it is entertaining.
10% game play 90% Ads It's a shame because it's actually not to bad. But it essentially wants to show you a as every 30 seconds which makes the game frustrating to play. Had to uninstall
Pretty bad game. Potentially interesting concept, but that is poorly developed. The gameplay is really repetitive and boring. Bad graphics that you can find in every other bad mobile game. Useless mechanics. Ads at every possible moment. I know you want to make money, but why don't you make a game worth the money? How about only having the reward ads, but make them actually worth it? Don't download this.
I'm join and clash every time I get a new weapon it gives me a old one I don't know why? But still I like your game! Its so much fun!
Good game. Adverts after every level killed it for me. Could understand after every 5 or more levels, but way too many ads.
Ads are necessary for these types of games but this one had just way to many that it made it unpleasant to play. Fun game at first but gets repetitive. Weapons and shields are leveled up but just repeat the appearance after so many upgrades. Obstacles repeat themselves. Not to many features. Uninstalled after a few days.
This is actually a fun game execpt, WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH watch video, i cant donit im uninstalling this app, for those who do not mind watching video afer video youll enjoy.
A very good game I do not have ads if you turn off your internet or wifi the ads will stop automatically no need of rewards buy at your money in the game. No need to watch ads upgrade your skin with your own money in the game. Why to complain unnecessary things!
Game play is ok, but you will spend more time watching unavoidable ads then playing. Many times clicking ads or on your city for rewards gives you nothing.
What a junk, ads more game less. If get a gift in game i even can't open it without watching a ad. Also to claim what we have won we should watch ad. Now a days games in the play store are becoming junk. It is reasonable to play ads, but in between game, and after game 😑😑😑😑😑. Just unistalled after writing this review
Mildly entertaining. Way too many ads. After each round that lasted about 30 sec is another 30 sec ad.
I passed only one single level after installing the game (tutorial?)... And it already asks me to write a review and share my experience?? Why?? Is this the end of the game or what? How can I express what I think about the game after about 10-15 SECONDS OF GAMEPLAY? Such short time is not enough to build up the rating even to 2 stars, so I give 1 star for now. Why it even asked me to already rate it? Edit: another boring and very heavy ads farm... More ads than gameplay.. I'll keep it 1 star :(
Had fun for a little bit. Theres too much ads tho so it makes it boring. The game is also too simple and boring
I don't normally mind ads. I get devs need to make money, so when I see reviews complaining about ads I usually ignore them. This is insanity. There's an ad box, an ad bar, and clicking no thanks to an ad, which you can barely see, sends you to an ad. Constant barrage of ads to play a 5 second level.
Your game is very interesting however I don't feel like playing since it gives ad after every single level which is very annoying.... I have downloaded this game to play and not only view ads...Hope you solve this matter.. otherwise while promoting for other games and apps you will lose players for your own apps.
Interesting concept and game but the ads are just way too constant. Won a stage? There's an ad for more gold. Didn't do that ad? There's a shorter ad anyways. Found a present? Just kidding you have to watch an ad for that. Filled up that meter? That's an ad too! It just takes away so much from the game. I get the dev needs to make money but it's excessive.
This is clickbait adds every 2 levels 20 to 25 seconds of gameplay per add this is terrible the adds are to much to enjoy don't get it it's just a waste of time I quit after 5 to 10 minutes of gameplay uninstalling right now
I would say that this is a great game the only issue is that when u are attacking u always have less and have to do the whole course all again I don't mind but only make it fair
first mission game asks you to rate, you havent even had to actually get a feel for puzzles and challenges of the game yet. After each mission you get your reward with a big button asking you to watch an ad for more rewards... thats fine except the "No Thanks" button is really hard to see. After hitting No Thanks twice, a forced ad played. So, you get forced ads and forced to rate the game BEFORE you even get an idea if its a game you actually want to play or support. Auto no support from me.
Game levels are fun but only if you get a chance to play the game. The makers are obsessed with making a quick buck by spamming ads at every action you take. Uninstalled in 15 minutes. Shame it was a good game.
I think this game is a normal part of the games . It has a problem of controls, I am not able to move it properly. The other problem is that adds come in between the game. Also there are less number of flags. I am from India but there was not a number of flags. Solve the problems I said and then you'll se 5 stars in my review. Although your plan of a game like this was a really nice plan. Continue to make games like this and all the best for your next game, Remember stars shall increase not low.
The "no thanks" button doesn't work so you just end up watching far too many ads. Not much of a game either.
Ads galore! You can't do anything in the app without watching ads! And there's simply too many of them!! You could just make the game pay to play to earn if you were so desperate. Gameplay is too simple and has no challenges after about 10 minutes into it. Upgrades are only visual. And all the fake players you play against are NPCs..
Fun but too many ads. Every 30-60 seconds you're forced to watch an add. Even if you hit "no thanks" to an "offer" you'll be forced to watch an ad. It's a horrible way to kill a potentially fun game.
First time I load the game I am asked to accept their data mining terms. I click no. It doesn't work. I click customize then accept when all options are off. Noted that the accept button was big and blue, the no option was tiny and gray. While I do that first mission (which is 5 seconds long) I have an ad banner at the bottom of the screen. When I finish I get a 30 sec+ unskippable ad after I was asked to rate the game for 5 seconds played. So here I am rating it.
If I could rate this any lower I would, every 5 seconds there is an add finish a stage add, if you want to do a free lvl on something look another add, before you start a stage O LOOK ANOTHER ADD for every 5-10 seconds of game play there is a 15-20 second add
This game was hilarious when we killed the bad guys because they popped and started to splat like fireworks. This game was easy as well. I loved this game so much. I even kept on fighting until I killed the bad guys
Pretty entertaining. However, the ads are excessive and what really irritated me was the coin math wasn't correct. If you watched an ad for a certain amount of coins, you did not receive that amount of coins. It was way less, sometimes a few thousand less. Something that basic shouldn't be wrong in a game. Very irritating.
The concept is entirely too simple, and is clearly designed with ads in mind. After about a minute of playing, you've pretty much got the idea of the game and no serious challenges arise. With airplane mode turned on, about half of the functionality of the game is removed, since you can no longer do anything that requires seeing an ad. The fake multiplayer is unnecessary, and just looks dumb. Remove the names/flags, they can be NPCs. The ads for this game made it out to be way harder than it is.
The game is fun and all, but be prepared to watch more ads than any other game you'll ever play. I made it past level 500 but it required me to watch probably 2,000 or more ads. The game does not allow for fair play either. If your character is destroyed approaching the castle, all of your minions continue to fight against the big guy. However, if your main character survives the Trek to the castle then every one of your minions is destroyed in one hit by the big guy. the game is futile.
Are! Friends just skip adds ok! I mean play this game in offline to comes no thanks for adds option comes for you in this game. Click that option ok .AND I LIKE THIS GAME YAR πŸ˜…!
Way way way too many ads for any little thing you want. Even skipping the option to not watch an ad takes a while. Any semblance of progress is also not present. Gameplay is ok and would've been a lot better if there was any care put into the experience besides shoving ads down your throat.
This is the best game ever and It is a little bit funny. Everyone please, get this funny good game. Now the reason I put 4 stars instead of 5 is because before you play the game it is a glitch and nothing is happening, but when you try it the secound, it works. So I hope you like this game it is so funny and the best game I have ever played in my entire life you have to check it out so don't be suprised when the first try does not work. And have a blessed day.
This game is worst, when I started playing the game it was showing smthing black on screen, the screen was covered up with that, I thought it's fine the game is good so I can play bcz I can see a little bit screen and I thought it will disappear soon but in each n every level it was showing that only so I just want that u must do something for it otherwise I m fully dissapointedπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
You will be spending more time watching ads than playing the game. Even if you say " no thanks" to the bonus items by watching ads, you'll still be forced to watch ads. Wow.
I find this to be rather annoying bcoz the obstacles are right in the middle of the squad making it impossible to avoid.... also how can you give us so little men while the opponent has a whole army in their castle 🀨 no man! The update on this game is bad! I played this game almost a year ago and it was amazing! Changed phones and downloaded it again and all I find is frustrations! I am perfectly fine with ads as long as the game is worth it but this game made a change for the worst
Too many ads. Very repetitive. Got boring real quick, good for a day or two of play. Worse off the math doesn't add up. If you have 1,000 coins, defeat an opponent and win 800 coins your total coins is like 1322, nothing makes sense, not sure of the goal, no rankings, no way to see where you stand, just another of ads.
The main issue is that its, Boring... The levels are really short and the part where it gives you 20 points at the end of a level takes too long. The upgrading system just doesnt work. The "building your base" part of the game serves no purpose other than to be there, there is nothing you can do with it. The skin system is broken and you cant equip stuff that you won. I played 30 levels and its all basically the same. I dont reccomend this game, there are better games with this style.
Glitchy.. Sometimes you try toove and it jumps over when you are collecting troops. Then you get loss of control of the game overall. I like how an ad can give you so many coins, but thats only because you dont get enough for beating a level. So essentially, its quite the wash.....
Uninstalling the game!! The game is good, but going forward it becomes boring and there is not much to do or have from it.Moreover,there are just way too many ads which add to making the game more boring and you end up loosing interest in it coz everytime you win or loose no matter u click or not, you have to see or go through an add. Ads are ok, but this much. Oh God!!
This game was fun , but those Ads are really annoying . I know its for your benefits since it's a free game but still , is it a must to pop up every times one game FINISHED , immediately uninstalled what a trash! .
Things is like 1. Smooth gameplay 2. No lags 3. Not to difficult Things I don't like: 1. Too many ads 2. Everything needs an ad :l If you want this game liked stop with everything and ads instead use the money you use in the game? (not real money the money in the game)
The game is actually pretty fun, when you get to play the game. For this review I timed 4 minutes of play. I got to spend 1:30 playing the game, and the other 2:30 was watching ads. To open a chest, for example, requires watching an ad... then to receive the reward after its open you have to watch another one. It's excessive and irritating. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
A fun game but it doesn't (at least for me) always keep my attention for long. But I love to play it and there are a lot of awesome hats (lol right now I'm a ninja)
Oh god this is so much lovely game. I saw it and i thought it is very badπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž then i played it πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒi always play it because in this game, i get angry,sad,happy. Love it so much this is why i am giving it 5/5 stars
I have never seen such a bad game. I'd rather cut grass with scissors then play this atrocious game. When you play you are bombarded with ads. Game was probably made in 15 minutes and still looks like a 5 year old made it. Absolutely no game play because the only reason this game was made is to make the developer as much money as possible. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS HORRIBLE AND STUPID GAME.
Could be fun if you didn't have to watch 3 minutes of ads for 1 minute of gameplay. Boo. Not worth my time
It is a great game, but why so so sooo many adds? Like every round there's another add and you spend more time watching adds then actually playing
This game is very nice. I think u all have to download it. But there is one problem it has many ads. I wish u can solve this problem thank youπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
Too many ads. It's kinda fun for about 10 minutes. Not my cup of tea but you may love the game. I'd recommended a download to check it out.
Its super cute and nice game, the person below me i want to say:then why did u thought this was fun? Huh?' Besides, this is very fun to play. I even thought this wasnt fun for a second but then i enjoyed it! Very incredible of how they made this game.
Every board is too quick. Also after completion you are asked to watch a video for extra money. Even if you decline the offer you are forced to watch videos. Videos last longer than the enjoyment of the game.
i played the first level and it worked as expected. then it asked me for a review. it has not blown me away as of yet but i do enjoy the idea behind the game play mechanics to play it at least throughout the weekend. thank you for this opportunity to talk about this game do early on in the process. it is the best. Thank you. No, really. I mean, if there is one thing i love is having the game play broken like, right away in the gane to really get ya going.
The ads in this game are insufferable. I think I spend more time watching ad videos than actually playing the game. Not really worth it. Also, there is not much of a game, anyway. There is no actual difficulty progression or anything. This game is strictly designed to make you watch ads. If you want to try it out, just play on airplane mode. It is the only time this mess becomes playable.
Its pretty good at first and all, but then seriously, it starts to change. Ads ads and ads. I do understand their advertisements for other games and to support others too but, its a game, whats the point of playing it when your always watching something? Other than the ads, the games a bit simple itself. It doesn't feature any challenges or tricky parts so you technically know whats coming in for you. I hope this review helps you. Bye!
1. Upgrading your weapon or shield doesn't do any good. It only reduces the amount of coins you have for a different appearance of the weapon and shield. Useless. Please make the weapon and shield update affect the strength and functionality of the character. 2. There are too many Ads, almost after every level you play, there's an Ad. 3. The Ads are repetitive. Lord's Mobile and some other games keep showing over and over. It's irritating. 4. Boring Gameplay
The game itself is enjoyable, but the amount of ads in the game is just ridiculous. I shouldn't be getting an ad after every single round/level. That's basically an ad every 15 seconds.
Good game but lots of ads. Sadly just a 1 star game if you think of the amount of ads you have to see. Like 10 sec game play and an ad. That is just wrong.
Good concept and game but WAY TOO MANY ADs. Therefore, lost patience and interest. I understand developer must make money. But there has to be a balance between game play and ADs. The ratio of ADs to Playtime is 3:2 at best. To continue the game, ADs are mandatory and not optional for special rewards like in many games.
It's ok but the ads are INSANELY ANNOYING. also it seems kinda rigged? Like somehow ppl in later levels will get significantly more soldier things then the level even has available, so every level HAS to b played twice, which ALSO means more ad space πŸ™„ also, p sure they're all bots bc they ALL have Russian names. No usernames either!! Mine was mamalonglegs, but I'm the only funny username I've seen? THERE WAS A JAPANESE DUDE NAMED ANTON FFS. I mean tbf u can pick whichever flag but still p sus
Game concept is fine but you only play for a few seconds before having to watch another advert. Even if you choose to skip the ads and not get rewarded it still shows a full advert. Pointless waste of time.
Game is dumb and way too simple. There is about 10 seconds gameplay per level and 30 seconds of video watching to earn the reward for each level. I feel like I'm just watching videos to earn coins... and for what? Play it for 5 minutes and you will see what I'm talking about. Dumbest game on here. Click bait for sure
Excellent app DOWNLOAD IT and ignore the other ratings this app is awsome and I just love how we have to join people and then fight with the monster to win a fort EXCELLENT APP I say just give it a shot and dowload it some people may not like it but I say give it a shot first I used to also bot like it but now I love it. πŸ’˜πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜β€πŸ’˜
Not sure if 100M people really like this. The game has easy goals, the obstacle course, the build and the bonus game. Each of this game runs a few second but you have to watch tons of 15-30s ads. Its getting very boring. I think the main goal is they just need you to play ads or pay the full game. Dont waste your time here.
Way too many ads, the most I've seen in a game, even the home screen features an ad built in. If you say no thanks to an ad for extra coins, they, of course say, well no coins but have another ad anyway. Good way to break the wall with your phone.
What a game? This game is full of ads. Instead of Join Clash 3D, the name of the game should be "Advertisement's Clash 3D". Please remove ads. I know that most of the game contains ads but this is too much in this game. Please improve it.
At first i was enjoying it but every time l win or lose there is an ad. It really annoying because you get 10 seconds of play time and 30 to 40 seconds of watching ad time so try to remove them.
Did the VIP mode for free (cancelled sub immediately) game is easy mode, can earn gold super quickly, so quickly that everything became meaningless, after twenty minutes I every tile upgraded, had run every course, upgraded my attack and defence and income to 150, and unlocked every skin, I had no real reason to keep playing, also why sell in game gold 50k for $20 when a VIP will let you earn that in 5 seconds..
It's a fun game but needs a bit more challenge to it ... Ads kept popping up i didn't enjoy that at all..
It's fun. If you get lots of ads, turn off your wifi, it still works. I like it but after a while it's impossible for you to beat the AI team. They always have more people than you, even if you collect all the people. It's basic, but has its flaws.
After a few round, you won't be able to accept any gift or watch ads to double your reward, it just keeps loading. My connection is working in full bar so it must be the bug in the game.
Its getting late to move next level , there is no next option to move quickly but the game is fun and great entertainment
I like this game its a game for people who is not bothered by the part they lose and killing stick mans . This game is nice . This game is not for peple who are younger than 7 year old kids it will stress them
MORE ADS, LESS PLAY This is a pretty fun game but it's sadly riddles with ads. If you skip an ad for a reward, you're met with an ad anyways. That's cheap. Don't be cheap. I would love to see your company implement higher ethical standards when it comes to things like how often you subject your potential buying customers with ads. Right now it's about 10 seconds of game play VS. 120 seconds of ads. If you treat ppl better, they're more inclined to micro pay
What is this game this is not game this is full of ads really, uff this game is only 30% play game and 70% full of ads. I am delete this game because when came ads I am very angry so improve this mistake otherwise I delete this game really! When I play this game my mood is off. Please improve this. And jisko bhi mera baat sahi lage wo rate ya reply kar sakta hai.
A good little game. Every time I pressed to watch an ad to get the bonus the game would crash!!!! I then had to close the app down and reload losing out on the bonus.
It's a very simple and basic game that becomes very repetitive. I ended up purchasing it because the amount of ads was ridiculous. The ad-free version makes the game impossible to lose hence the repetitiveness. Random Fact: the game has you face "players" from around the world. Every player has a heavily influenced Russian name. I've seen Chekhov pop up in Japan, China, and Peru. Chekhov must have been one popular nomad.
Fun, but it's designed to farm your ad views. I was watching ads over and over for bonus gold after runs and after a while I decided to click No Thanks and it made me watch an ad anyway before going back to the menu. It's either choose to watch an ad for a bonus or click no and watch an ad anyway. What a joke.
It's a joke, the game's entire purpose is to make the developer money. There are so many ads it's nuts, it will ask if you want to watch an ad for extra stuff, and give you an ad either way. Not to mention the ad free version is 5 dollars. This absolutely aweful game wants 5 dollars to be played without ads. This is not worth your time if you weren't already aware.
It's kind of sad I want to watch your ads to get Triple or quadruple the amount of coins I want to watch your ads to get special gifts but they take forever to load and I've never had this issue with any other game so yeah I'm deleting it because I can't watch your ads and get all the special stuff
Try to remove ads...this is horrible..I uninstalled the game..the game was interesting..but..this ads is making me mad🀒
I just love this app!!☺️ Great Gameplay, Nice controls, and a bit challenging tooπŸ‘Œ.. but I would tell to show the need of skins. Like when you choose the rabit headband, the person should hop.Or when you have the detective skin, the thongs should look closer. Else, this is the best app ever😊😊
May have already given a review but whatever. This game could be fun, but between the lag, oversensitivity of movement, and the sometimes unavoidable traps at the end that all but wipe out the group you collected, it leaves much to be desired. That doesn't even touch upon the reward ads that don't load, yet it plays an ad after you progress
SOO MANY ADS!!! Tried playing this game and after about 15 minutes had to uninstall, because about 90% of that time was spent watching forced ads. I didn't click on a single video to gain extra currency or progress, I attempted to play without watching any ads and it's just not possible. The ads are forced and take up the vast majority of your time in the game.
I got stuck at level 14. And no matter how hard i try, i strongly believe there is no hope in passing that d*mn level. Upgrading my shield and tools DID'NT MADE A DIFFERENCE. My avatar is still as weak as it is. And too many ads.
The amount of ads is absurd, and I'm used to playing games with ads. I don't mind sitting through the occasional ad but with this game you end up spending more time watching ads than you do playing the game. Even if you get the option to watch an ad and you click "No thanks" it still shows the stupid ad. Beyond irritating
This game is very good . It has many costume , weapon and lots more. But can you please give options of flag ..
I don't understand ...we install this application of game for playing the game not for seeing this advertisement !!!! it's so annoying ..we understand it's necessary but this is too much πŸ™Œwe don't even get the reward instantly !