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Join & Strike

Join & Strike for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Hitapps. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too many ads, and reward ads won't work so you miss opportunities and even if reward ads don't work forced level ads still work.
Okay can be better adds are the main killer but how so is not the way you think the adds pop up before you can choose to watch them and since it happens you can't watch to get the boost or adds to get the chest for free say unavailable but going between different menus there are adds
Pretty enjoyable. The aggressive ad-in-your-face is as garbage as any other free game, but really enjoyable.
I can't open treasure chest after defeating a boss without watching an ad, the most annoying part is that it keeps showing "video unavailable" so what's the point of making us to watch an ad when there's no available ad to watch ๐Ÿ˜ 
The game is fun but totally unfair, they can play ads after every level but when I want to play an ad to furthur my progress it tells me their are no ads. Totally benefits the programmers nothing for the player, so what's the point. I'll finish this level and delete ๐Ÿ˜…โœŒ
After each level you get the option to watch an ad for additional coins. Seems like no matter where I touch the screen...im watching that ad no matter what. There is a button marked to watch the ad. Doesn't seem to be an option not to watch it.
I have spent a lot of money and time on this one. Game of the 2021. Good job ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ. . Need more winnings tho. I spent the 3.99 on no AD's after that wow . I haven't seen a ads anymore.,...
its a fun game but there is one issue adds there is too many adds if u die an add will pop up i hope they can fix this
Like the game and would give 5 stars but I am unable to collect round multiplier or bonus chest because no available video to watch but as soon as I press claim or no thanks button it goes straight to an ad/video. Also, in raid the player movement and screen movements don't match which causes a lag so players can catch up with group allowing enemies to surround and kill you
Pretty fun for a forward scroller. Im enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. Good game. There are plenty of adds though.
The game is fun for a while, then it stops adding new content. It's the same levels and 4 enemies over and over again. Hopefully more content will be added in the future.
Too many ads and the app doesn't let you win. Over the levels playing it's seems like you are deemed to lose and to support (upgrade) the game you have to go through a lot of ads, which are irritating as the game is promoting other games which is so lame. Leave this game.
Camera and movement break once there are more than 30 guys.....totally unplayable do you guys even test your own games?
One of worse game ever. You have to watch 1 min video after evetytime you play just 1 min. Don't download. This is add mongering game.
overall good game but at one point it is just imposible and add more gun enemys becaus there are only people that run at you and rocket laucher people
Nice game it's easy to control if I had adds I can skip it but only think in raid mode we can upgrade our troops, that has assualt riffle upgrade๐Ÿ˜† the correctly is assault riffle๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
I saw a ad that your game had no ads. It honestly was getting fun and I saw some places were it says that to press this to get it for free. At the end of three I got a add after the level. Liar
Games fun. u guys give ads in between the game, but when I want to watch ads to get coins or something suddenly there's no ads available???? Girl I-
The reason I rated this 4 is because it has a ton of annoying ads it's hard on the first day but you make good progress you unlock special abilities in a raid which makes it better.
Would have given it 5 stars if it would let me watch the commercials. It only let's me watch 1 commercial then it tells me there is no more commercials to open chests but yet I get commercials after every game๐Ÿค”
The big pink enemies are too op the camera lags alot,AND TOO MANY ADS Edit:how tf did i make another review
I overall Loved he game and every aspect of it but one thing that stopped me from giving 5 stars is the lies, in the ad that I downloaded this game it said that there were Zero Ads in the game but when I played I got ads so please it would do people a favor if you stopped the misinformation or got rid of most ads
This game is better then join & clash! This game may have a few ads BUT I don't kare this is RELEY AWSOME I play it every day!!!! I can't imagin a game that will make me stop playing this ๐Ÿ™‚+๐Ÿ•ถ=๐Ÿ˜Ž
You can't do anything without watching ads, they straight up lied. After each level you can watch an ad for extra coins or just click claim. No other options. Clicking claim still makes you watch an ad, it's just slightly shorter and you get no reward for it. The game itself isn't bad, but it's pretty well ruined with ads after every single level.
Tons of Ads! Commercial says "this game has no ads." Unfortunately that's a lie. It has lots of ads and no option to avoid them (I quit game instantly to prevent dev getting any ad revenue). Haha f'ing liars!
Very bad game so many ads in this game . When ever you start the game ads come every second . This not the game it is ads game
No ads are u dumb, I hate these basic games that are boring and a waste of storage. They have no care for players, they just want money. They put bots to rate 5 star just to promote it. Selfish bastards
In the ad it said "This game has no ads ๐Ÿ˜ณ" But when I finished an level An add popped up I suggest not to download this game because they lied.
Ad for this game literally says "this game has no ads ๐Ÿ˜ณ" and the game is probably 50-75% ads. The game does not play as advertised. Don't support this company. All of their ads are fake, misleading, and often stolen directly from other games and they get away with it because it's not worth it for anyone to make a lawsuit out of it. I hope you go out of business and are forced to take up honest work. Maybe if you made one singular good game, you would actually advertise your own game honestly
this game is terrible, theres a add every after level, for me, (i don't know if this is for anyone else) the skills you "get" after beating raids don't even do anything. i don't recomend downloading.
I love the game, Very few adds and they come after like 5 rounds of play. I think it's really addicting and fun, so check it out. You won't regret.
Its ok. There are every level. It should space them out because it feels like you are watching ads and getting interrupted to game a bit.
I review games from ads, this one is actually a good game! Just lacks real content and things to do. Also all of the enemy's are just red guys who try to punch you. The game needs variety. 3/5.
I literally like this game. ITS SO FUN AND ITS BETTER THAN OTHER ROUGELIKE GAME THAT I EVER PLAY I EVEN LIKE HOW FAST YOU GET A LOT OF MONEY WHILE DOING A LOT OF WORK PLAYING ON LEVELS๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ plus if you don't want ads you go offline after installing๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Unwanted ads can keep appearing. But when I click to watch ad so I can get double rewards game replies 'no video available' despite countless tries.
The ad for this game lied about not having ads I got a ad right after every level the ads after the levels are only 5 seconds shorter then the ads you use to get items and extra coins very bad don't install all 5 star reviews are robots
Too many ads. Too many errors. Bosses don't give much coins. This game is pretty bad. The gun range is pretty short, please increase it. Also the hit range is very far for the pink monsters. Decrease that too.
Was fun until this update. Some parts of the game don't make sense but now it's impossible to play unless you turn on data and are forced to watch ads. Can only play on wifi now and have decided to delete it. Terrible update.
The game is taking too much of RAM after playing around 10 mins. My phone starts lagging after a while until i close the game. Phone-Redmi note 8 pro. 6 gb ram 128 gb rom. The game takes around 1 gb ram itself after some time
The thing I really hate on this game is the bazookas on raid 8 because when ever they spawn they always kill me where ever I go maybe add a large cool down to them
This game is so good like its better than bored games if your bored play this this game ia the best in raid mode i need an update that we can upgreade are troops and are troops has assult rifle
The gameplay was pretty interesting I don't understand why so many people hate the ads. The don't show up that often and they only last like 5 secs then u can skip it. Although the ad for the game was kind of clickbait, It was the first 3D mobile game that I actually kept. This is a great game and it I think it deserves way more respect than it does as of now.
There's is a problem with games having ads that aren't really of the gameplay. The ad for this game showed a game where you run around in a platform and try to survive as long as you can... This is not how this game actually is. This game you just run straight ahead, level by level trying to complete each level. False advertisement is supposed to be illegal. Something needs to be done about this!
Lots of ads and very repetitive. Like similar reviews, there are ads after every level. There are ads for rewards. There are ads even if you don't want to increase your rewards. And boy is it repetitive. Almost no level variety just the same idea over and over. Gameplay is ok but your level plateaus quickly and then it's just a grind. Treasure boxes, which require ads, don't work all the time, so you can't get upgrade materials since "no ad available". Pretty boring overall.
Almost after every level there is ad. I can understand that as I haven't paid for pro version But when it comes to multiply my rewards by viewing and ad you guys don't have a video available. No video available that's what I keep on getting Can't even claim loot after killing the boss.
Time killer game good concept... But i left one star because of to many ads.. I know this is the way to earn money but there should be limitied ads when ever i press any button it popus an ad... So please reduce the ads your game will be popular soon.
Honestly this games pretty fun it has sound effects which not alot of these games have, it doesn't lag unless there's like a ton load of enemys you can't even imagine this game is very good keep up the good work
Bought the no ads package on 28/5/21. And they reduced multiplier from watching ads from x3 to x2. Now after they revamped the app, after clearing new levels of raids, would need to watch ads to get the full reward which goes against the no ads package!! What's more, daily quest time can go negative???!!! Can't clear new daily quest because it refreshes in negative X hours?!?!
Emailed the dev and no reply from them since a week ago. Spent some money on this game but I'm disappointed by their service. All I wanted to know is if their battle pass is renewed per week or it will be permanent once bought.. Until I receive the answer for this, I'm rating it down.
Extremely stupid kinda developer team. The game is fun but, always i try to get my reward, it keep saying: Sorry, the video isn't available. What the hell are you doing devs ? Fix it asap.. or you gonna lose the players...
Having a lot t of fun with it. Two issues though: raids can be overly difficult with the rocket guys added in every direction, you'll always lose guys when they spawn. Second issue is the pathing for newly acquired gunners, they'll sometimes walk straight into the enemy. Maybe raid only items could eventually be added to normal levels. That'd be fun.
Me when play other game then see this ad: ok imma try it *when plays the game then shows up an ad whe i was playing the game* WHY IS AN ADD (this game cool tho ngl)
The game is good, but it has lot of ADDS.... If the add us of 5 sec it can be acceptable but the adds are of 30+sec.. it makes the experience worst...
Was a really fun game at first but once you get to a certain point you can't watch ads to open chest or double your coins. Which wouldn't be a problem but you get to a point that you have to spend money to level up to get past anything. It let's you put enough time into it that you don't want to stop playing and throw it away. Can't stand games like this. I have no problem deleting a game if it ends up like this no matter how much time I put into it.
fun game....little bit of challenge unlike other games of this sort because the enemy increases in strength and you have to buy increases to keep up. the different weaponry is fun .maybe not a great game but its very good.
So many ads for every single thing. Gotta watch em to get more money. Oh well. This game is fun except for the ads. It's an easy game to play. Will play as far as i can take the ads.
The ad said there were no ads, I was skeptical, but I figured if there were no ads it'd be a five star rating from me, there were ads. But I guess it's a good time killer so two stars?
In the and, it said there were no ads, but in the game, there are ads. False advertising. Still pretty fun though.
Fun as heck! Trying not to be rude, but it's f'n' fun to plY, gets more Challenging as you advance just like any other game, and more weapons and options come as well
If you like to see "no video available" when you are getting free awards then this game is perfect for you.
I mean, its a good game, but the ad of "This game has no ads!" is inncorrect. the ads to get more coins thats not misleading marketing, but forced ads are basically what your saying is what this game doesnt have, and, according to the FTC, misleading marketing is against the law, so have fun bucko!
Play 10 seconds and watch a 30 second ad. The ads start immediately. Waste on time. Don't bother downloading unless you want more ad time than game time.
Ad Simulator. Also I upgraded my 'skwad' from level 4 to level 5 and lost all my allies. I now have one guy who's slightly taller, no other difference as far as I can tell. Upgrading made me weaker.
Could be 5 star game but constantly has offers for rewards for watching ads. Then says there is no ad available. Shouldnt even be an option if no ads are available
Decent game, but when you select no for an advertisement and then they show you one anyway... doesn't matter how good it is. 1 star and deleted
Would be a decent game if it would stop saying "No Video Available" almost everytime I try to get my rewards for completing a level. And I am on the internet too.
Decent game. So, you can give me automatic ads that dont get me anything, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I try and watch an ad for a reward it says no ad available?? I would happily watch the ad for the reward, but its obvious you just dont want to give out rewards for doing so. Massively frustrating
OK downloaded press play, ad, finished first level pressed claim, ad, upgraded units,ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, best ad I have ever played, if you persist with the ad you eventually see a game, or is that an ad for another game?!?!?!..... Way to many ads to keep me interested, uninstalled.
Great Game. Really cool player perspective. Fun and alot of option to play. Alot of ads but hey it's free.
The thumbstick jams up to much and thats making it annoying so this is why i gave it one star and lags a bit to much so that makes it REALLY annoying
Fun but its one of those apps where you spend more time watching ads than playing the game (even if u skip the ads that upgrade u)
It is a nice game you can get a lot stuff to discover this is easy yet satisfy people who want tough games shurely this one is better than rest of the others
Love the simplicity. Can't get weapons upgrades very fast but it is easy enough. I don'tunderstand squad upgrades if it doesn't give a larger number after a certain level -
Its good just that in raid when you run the screen goes to ahead and you cant see your player please fix this
I literally played for awhile. The game plays an ad for you after every level. Every other actin you make will lead to an advertisement. It got tiring real fast.
pls developer of this game pls..i can watch the ads but this game has too many ads like tons of ads...i want to feel peace enjoy and relaxed..plus lot of users gave this game 1 ๐ŸŒŸ just because u guys put so much ads in this game pls do something
Op games it's is too easy and smooth to play I am in 83 level and still going addicted with this game ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ต
I like the game personally but unfortunately the add with you have posted for free user is really annoying, i believe not every user can able to pay this might be the reason i am uninstalling the game but that need to checked by respective team.
Its a fun game but there are many ads, but u can just exit the app and open it again (i dont mean u have to restart the game) maybe do this and u will have a good experience
Fun game . I get giving choices of watching ads for double earnings but really if you say no once you get forced to watch one with no return ?
Don't want a bonus by watching an ad... Get forced to watch the ad and no bonus Screw developers like this
There are ads after almost every level, then you need to watch ads to collect bonuses and when you are willing to watch the ad to collect there never are any.... but they have plenty of ads to show after the level.
It's cool game , but when I click on the video to get rewards the result is no videos available since 3 days
Good game with raids, but i can't restore the game if uninstalled.... Cant start again from zero that amount of levels played (and ads watched...)
I really don't like how you guys are forcing people to watch ads or they will lose their reward, the game fun but how you implemented the ads stuff is annoying.
My new addiction game. All the ads are actually a nice break from the action otherwise I would have calluses on my thumb.
Too many ads in this game i love it but they lied about the ads and I can't complete a level with a ad popping up every 5 seconds .
I've been playing a couple weeks now, the game is actually pretty fun......I would have actually game this game 5 stars......but there are Waaaaaaaaay too many ads๐Ÿ˜ก just because of the amount of ads I had to exit out of....3 stars
Amazing game I love it and I know the review's are bad but it's amazing if I have a problem I will tell about it and if it doesn't get checked out in a week I will delete the game ๐ŸŽฎ ๐ŸŽฎ
I really would like to give this game 0 stars because is says in its ad that it literally has no ads but the first thing I see when I complete a level is a ad. The game's advertising is very poor so I would not recommend this game to anybody because it lied to people
Ad says "This game has no ads" but when you imstall it, you will see more than a few ads. Actually, there are millions compared to what it promised.
In the ad they said: "There are no ads!". Here are ads. And even when I had enough money to do an upgrade I couldn't, because I could oy watch an ad to upgrade them for free.
Paid for no ads, Last update brought ads back. Bummed this was a fun game I had no issue paying the weekly subscription for but no longer. Very unfortunate
Not that bad of a game i really like the raids but its kinda impossible to beat raids but i really like this game that its almost from "Join Clash 3D" im really sure that this game is really fun.
I love this game like I really really love it only problem is once you get to a certain level and you're fine with watching the ads they keep making things pop up to try to force you to buy something I'm already watching the ads so that they can place the game up for free but they keep playing ads oh and another thing please get a promotional ad from another place I'm tired of seeing puzzles versus zombies or however it is I played it before I often download the game that I see but same add
What happened to the game?Why so many ads all of a sudden?Makes the game barely enjoyable.If this doesn't change will uninstall.
The game itself isn't bad, its a good time killer. But its almost impossible to get free gems and idk if its a glitch but after you buy a bunch of companions to where you can have two of the blue backpack guys it never keeps him. It always reverts back to the lower rank but the overall level keeps going up costing more every time. Also, leveling hp is almost useless you'll be one shot most of the time unless you farm a bunch of levels then the next level you're back to one shot.
What's the point of offering the choice of watching a video then play one any way if you choose you don't want to watch a video... How stupid is that... JUST DON'T OFFER A CHOICE AND PLAY THE STUPID AD
Worst game I've ever played. Too many ads along with Poor graphics. Poor gameplay. Worst stages arrangement. Too much hard to clear 1 stage Too many ads are the main reason I'm giving 1 star otherwise everything else is beatable Thanks!
When I played this game for 4,5 days I would able to get rewards by ads but after it the ads wouldn't work please add this to game
Need something to do for a few minutes while you wait or need to kill some time .this is the 1 for you ๐Ÿ‘
Game started fine but now you can't get any rewards or bonuses without watching ads and those ads are no longer available. Don't waste your money or bother playing more than a couple hours
Tone back the ads just a little.I know you get paid by them but they are not going to help if no one wants to play your game.Let players earn stars in special battles that add up and give smal amounts of time without ads as a prize.
One of the best ever!!!i rate 4stars cos I don't see a reason why each stage is so short!!!why can't I go to missions with my soldier???Anyone?
I've got thousands of hammers and nothing I can do with them? I built the three gem mines but now i keep getting hammers for rewards and i can't do anything with them. Otherwise a great game!
Decent way to waste time, but THERE ARE TOO MANY ADS!!!!! 10secs of game equals 15-30secs of ads. There is an ad after every level. You have to watch ads if you want any kind of upgrade or to earn extra coin