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Jimi-Kare : My Quiet Boyfriend

Jimi-Kare : My Quiet Boyfriend for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by SEEC inc. located at 〒150-0011 東京都渋谷区東3-9-19 ポーラ恵比寿ビル 10F. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was a terrific game. I had to admit that collecting points was the toughest part , as they range from 30 to 960! Nonetheless I played the game thrice according to the different choices I had made. Nao was and is still so cute and charming.
I'm so sorry for bursting out like this but,THIS IS BETTY GAME EVER IN HISTORY! !!!!!!😀😉😱😍I love everything I say this because it is so sweet and heart harming and also gentle
it was super cute and the story is amazing is like a novel and is very cute and I know you might have already seen the other weebs like me super excited for it but is really good and relaxing and takes your time you will get attached to the characters really quickly
This game is very cute and sweet it almost make me scream--it has a very lovely story still playing it but just from the start.. It's very cute.. I'm glad that you made this game.. Zankyu!! I love it 5 star hehe😫✨💕
This game is fun but get bored of tapping all the time yet I have been the right choice in the ending that I din't expect their happy ending.
It's so incredible but when you need the tap to access the story is kinda boring you need more entertainment so it's much fun but a great game indeed.
Well, this is a really great game! You just really have to persistent and patient. The ending is all worth it! The images are sooo cutee!! And the storyline is great! But I didn't expect the ending with the choices I chose haha. This game was very memorable to me.
its alright I just wish there was a funner way to get his courage up, but at the same time it's an adorable game.
Dark side ending disturbing. Had a problem while watch a video and not get the reward twice. And some other minor glitches. . Great overall.
The best app ever it's so heart warming make more like these games and idea: My Quiet Girlfriend (it's where the shy girl and the boy helps her. They go explore their childhood and when the grow up they will see each other again in high school. So there was a contest going like a beauty and music band contest. They will train to be the winner of the contest in the school. The school name could be "Libertyville high." And that's it the end they kiss and win the contest! hope you like this idea!
Short reason for this:was bored at,looking at anime games to get saw this read two reviews and downloaded it,now I'm playing it and don't wanna stop.So get this game it's cute,fun,and addictive. P.s.whenever I go on and see lots of mutters(the bad ones) I for some reason say "Naughty Nao!"
I have a lot of fun with it because the story is pretty interesting, but I feel quite disappointed that upon the second game play, the speech bubbles still have the same amount of points. I wish it could have added a point each or more because it gets quite tiring reading the same story lines and you feel like you still are slow.
It's a great game. I had a lot of fun with the endings! The choices you choose affect the ending but it was very unique and unexpected. I recommend getting an auto clicker because it's gonna take a while and you can get tired easily by pressing the button and the balloons. The episodes are quite short though. I loved it overall.
I really like this type of game❤️..At first I got the ending "dark side ending" But I don't really understand it, but It look like Nao want to do something ehem😕
I played this all in about 2 days (I have no life)... I wish there were more modes ;-; but over all this was really adorable and made me chuckle a LOT with one of the endings. I feel like there could be more potential endings and different ways to go.. hopefully the developers would get more ideas to implement . I'll check out the other games too:]
Lol my screen is going to break due to the excessive tapping. But, the game is awesome. Love the graphics, love the plot, love Nao (since I can relate with him) and I find it funny that right after I finish a chapter, chibi Nao is just clouded with negative bubbles! I'd definitely recommend this, just be sure to prepare your thumbs (though it's worth it).
I finished all endings except the one. I have done the true ending already though. Took 3 days (should only take a day or two if you don't have anything to-do the whole day of play). When you think Nao can't take care of himself, you might get something totally unexpected (3 endings though total endings is 4 and yes, the fourth one is the true ending). The graphics are great for a simple game, but I kinda wish there was a little more movement while tapping for the story (could just be me). The controls are eh... kinda boring and the ads sometimes glitch... besides all that, it is still possible to finish the story and get all 4 endings (just takes a long while). I thought it was a decent game for being casual and letting people play when they want (mostly offline which is great if you have no wifi while traveling).
I really love this game! It's very addicting if I should say so myself. I just have one thing im sad about, when I reached the part of the clothes, the one I chose made me a lil dissapointed (Not in a bad way, just kinda nervous).. (No spoilers) Would it be okay if you could add an option to be able to replay a certain chapter? Overall, this game is just amazing!
It's great for passing the time, the sprites are adorable, the grammar could use some tweaking, but it's all-around enjoyable.
The game is great for at time killer! It gets boring to tap at times, but that doesn't stop the story from being fun. I love the art and the story is amazing too. I can't wait to unlock the rest of it!
Actual story in 10-15 sec clips... Then you tap or wait FOREVER to get to the next 10 sec clip of story... 😪 snooze fest. Even if you watch the ads... still takes FOREVER to get back to the story... Don't know why its so highly rated. I don't think I'm going to be able to make it through this one. That being said I like the idea of the game. Execution... Lacking.
I really love this app i just play and finsh these in 8 days cuz im always exited to the story and my favorite ending there is the prince ending,dark side ending and princess ending i dont like the arrogant nao cuz its just like he is annoying and he's flirting with other girls like im a bit jealous but yea i said it to him to flirt with other girls but not like so many girls so yeah i really love the game very thank you. i hope more games like this to come in the future
I loved the plot and how Nao develops as we play the game. I can't wait to play something just like this! 😊
I truly enjoy the game, I like that its a cookie clicker type mechanic instead of waiting so and so many hours for energy or tickets aso. The power ups makes the game move along quicker and they're pretty damn cheap to boot. Really the only thing I wish it had is cloud save.
This game is amazing! I'm in love with the characters, Especially Nao and Makoto. The graphics, The quality and the sound effects are all amazing. I did wanted a few more endings, But anyways... I first ended up with the Dark Nao ending when i was 8 which gave me literal cringe feels. (Now that I'm older, I get everything which i regret) And got the ending i wanted! This game is good.
Nao is very cute and innocent! I got the arrogant ending {before that I got the dark side ending...} and I was so sad because innocent Nao was gone! I love this game though! I got so attached to Nao!
EXCUSE ME?! Did he just R*PE HER?! Because that's how it looked like it ended! Alright, screw it! If he's willing to do that to his childhood friend just because she made a mistake, he doesn't deserve her patience and kindness and help.
In my oppinion, the game is better than some other dating games I played. The characters are so cute, and the plot is adorable too. The bonus point right here is the words of Misuki (or something) can lift someone up! Well I love his dark side, but I hate starting over. Wish u guys can develope from these endings, the story is too short! Btw, the tapping thing it's a bit annoying for me, I need lots of patience for that. I would rather coming back a day after and read the next part; I can wait.
I cannot stop grinning and blushing on this app! It's way too adorable for me!! The guy called "Nao" is such a cutie! And the way MC cheering up Nao, it's too cute. I am so happy that this app is an OFFLINE GAME which giving me an opportunity to play this without internet connection. Every episode has an animation on those two, so adorable, I cannot help but blush! nd the way you tap all the negative thought as you tap the other button which is cheering Nao up, it's so fun! Thank you devs!!!
Oh my god..!!! It's such a nice , amazing and adorable game in my life..but I think the story is half only level seven but however its awesome game . you should make make more apps like this..oh!! There was a problem that many games are in Chinese language plzz make this ibn English that will be great..plzz make in English
It's so addicting! When I first downloaded this, I was slightly nervous since I've never played visual novels in one have so seriously... But as I progressed more in this game, I started getting the 'feels' and the vibe in this game! The characters look so real and anime that for a moment I legit thought it was an anime fan-made game! It's so addicting and it's an absolute time killer! One of the best games I've ever played.
I have played the Prince route and I love the storyline, the storyline and the music was amazing. Though I wish it werw longer, there's also a bug where after you watch the add for 30 exp/xp the screen freezes, I hope you can fix this issue. Overall, I love the storyline of the game and the character development.
I have written a review before. Dont know where it went but let me brag to you about how dark Nao is the epithome of my life now...seriously...that is one sexy Nao they have there!! Must click more balloon bubbles...cross dressing Nao is fun..but I pity him for going out that way. Should have given him something nice. *fangirl*
THIS GAME IS REALLY CUTE!! The storyline is soooooo good!!! Simple game! Choose your response wisely it will effect the ending! Happy playing guysss
Cute artstyle, nice storyline and a nice game to play when you're bored. And the way you click the tap helps me exercise my fingers
I like the story, I like the characters cause they're just so freaking cute. I actually finished this in just six straight hours. Everything was going great, not until I got the "dark side" ending. It triggered me. I hope there was some warning for it unless I have just missed it. It ruined my experience. Quite disappointing.
This game is really addicting! I just tap away when I'm bored^^ Though if you're an unpatient person, idk if this game is for you because you tap A LOT. Nao is super adorable and so...PERFECT. Especially Prince Nao♥️ I just love him so much like omg. Why can't there be a real life Nao?T^T
Play For your Self i really liked 67 different Sides to NAO 1.HE JUST MOVED BANGS OUT 2 SIDE N WEARS EYE Contacs Lenses 2.Abit Wild Side Look 3.Arrogant Pride Conceited Very Aware +Very Confident SmoothFlirt,+Very Grateful Yet Sassy . 4.Prince Charming Savoir 5.Payback n Make u Tingle, unpredictable Guy. 6.Saves u from being Hit by Car Hero. 7.CONFESSION N SmoothOperator
There's a bit too much clicking, even if you purchase items. But the story was totally well worth any inconvenience, the characters are super cute and one of the endings was just perfect IMO (the rightmost one)! Developers, it would be super nice if you could make a new game like this, pleeeeaase!
It's kinda very cute time killer game. Yet the arcs are so short though. I hope it can be longer and more exciting. I really want to know more about the Dark Side of Nao (exactly my ideal type XD). Overall its prerty good.
the featured couple has one of my favorite otp tropes, the shy boy and the outgoing tomboy. the minigame to get the EXP needed for the story is also cute cus its MC literally destroying Nao's bad thoughts abt himself and giving him words of encouragement.
I love itttttt. Guys download it. Nai is just rreally natural handsome and cute....... but just hidden. We, MC need to help himmmmmmmmmmmm..nnn...nnnnn
I LOVE THIS GAME SOOO MUCH!! My saddest moment while playing this game however, was when there were no more endings to play. ;^; Please, please PLEASE add in more endings or a sequel game!!! THIS GAME IS THE BEST BUT I AM STILL SO SAD THAT I FINISHED IT!!!
The game was very great and so does the plot for every route. I just find the tapping part kinda hard but it's okay. I'm satisfied with this game and I enjoyed playing it.
Trigger Warning for Rape. Yes folks, this game about encouraging your loved ones become more confident has a rape ending! This ending is found through the path: Choose for him -> Apologize. It cuts to black right before anything sexual occurs, but it still manages to be frightening, disturbing,and honestly quite baffling. It's out of character for our quiet romantic interest, and I feel they've done him a disservice. Please warn customers about this.
i love it so much😍.. i like how the creator make this story with 4 different endings.. all endings was nice and always have an heart pound when waiting for ending... but 1 little mistake in making this game is.. the mutter.. creator put too little exp for 1 mutter.. and the TAP mutter is only 2.. thats too little and tiring to play.. but thats what make it interesting.. and i want to congrats the creator for making such nice game for girls who like otome! 'CONGRATS CREATOR'!!
I like the game very much as it's a good time killer with a sweet story. Nice graphics and such cute characters. Con: limited ways of earning xp and the rate of them. Even for a clicker game there's room for some improvement!
Jimi-Kare is one of the many dating apps by SEEC. If you like this game you should try out Search Haru. I have played this countless times before and each time I redownloaded this game was because I missed seeing awcward interactions between Nato and Mikoto (the mc). Thank you for taking time to read my review. Happy Gaming fellow player!!!!!!
how do you restart story? tell me and ill give you 5 stars don't and ill give you 1 no time limit : ) Games awesome ≧∇≦
This is a cute game. The storyline is easy to follow, and the gameplay itself is simple to get used to. Cheers are used to gain energy points toward advancing in the story, and its refreshing that you don't have to pay to make progress (although purchases are an option). Its fun, looking forward to seeing how the story ends :3
This game is very fun I just don't like the constant tapping and the story is good I just don't like how the girl Acts
It's a pretty decent game. There's a some sort of clicker game at the end of each story, and it's not really a nuisance but the stories are short sometimes soooooo
I can always appreciate a game that does not require any money to win. It's a simple game, one that you would check up on every few hours. It has a cute story and cute pictures to keep you invested. The only annoying part is having to play through the whole game 4 times over to get all the endings.
Could've been a nice game with cute story but no, they had to throw in cross-dressing and possibly sexual assault (judging by Dark Ending reviews and the artwork preview - I didn't play to that ending, not something I want to see for myself). Misleading rating - should be higher than E 10+
It is absolutely lovely. Completed it in a week. This is actually the second time I've played this game. The first time was a few years back but can't exactly remember when. I'm really glad I still remember this game because it's the type of game I would play over and over again. Definitely recommend this game for otome players like me. You can play it offline as it doesn't require internet connection. If I could, I would give this a 20/10 score. That's how wonderful of a game it is for me.
Since I really enjoyed this game. I started downloading more games from SEEC.I really enjoy all the games they have done. Keep up the great work!!😃😃
this is a fun game but if i wasnt using bluestacks with an auto clicker this would be hell. overall its pretty short, its a cute story, but the clicking system is horrendous. i read reviews saying it was bad but didnt realize it was THIS bad. honestly, even with an auto clicker it is pretty tiresome, and i cant even imagine if i had to indivisual click this. cool game but the clicking... i would pass on this game unless youre really dedicated to the system. it gets tiring pretty quickly.
Cute game with nice art and story. Very addicting to keeps me through all ending. I love both Nao and heroine. They're so cute, not too much as to make them annoying, just simply cute. Really glad they translated it to english.
Just downloaded this game this morning and I have been addicted to it. Yes having to click 1000x is a bit tedious but to get to the juicy story part I dont mind at all, plus to watch an add you gain +30exp that is not a bad deal! Love the story so far!!(>_<)/
Well, It's very Nice and interesting game, I just don't like it that you already finished the one ending and you have to go back to level zero and you have to tap again, please if the player have to do it again just make it level in the story where you have to decide
Really love it but I wish I could skip back to where the path splits instead of having to replay the game all the way from the beginning again. It also would glitch sometimes after I watch the ads, instead of giving the exp the entire game would freeze. It's a really cute game tho overall, you can play through it without having to pay which is really nice.
The different storylines were unpredictable, really - I was trying to get the bad endings first and got them the other way around! I got the box that have you items to make the whole thing go faster, but still, on the longer levels it still felt a bit tedious. The different designs were interesting, but I felt like the dark ending came out of nowhere, really. Overall though, it was quite fun.
Hello! Your game so adorable and cute. I'm new play this game it's only took 3 days and half to finish it. it's so easy and very easy to get more exp. I'm so excited!! Here Tricks to complete fast 1) use both your thumbs (mother finger). right thumbs click "Tap" (as much as you can), left thumbs tap bubbles are appears. 2) ads video to get 30 exp always appear since you fast like bolt. 3) share every image appears to get drinks (20 exp). you can do like me. i almost to clean the episode. Pricess Ending.. Prince Ending.. and Dark Side Nao. left 1 😍😍😍😍 This game should get 5 star full... 😊😊😊
I love this game!! Finally! I found a game that can be played casually with anime visual novel AND offline!😭 After i finish this, im gonna play the next one!😆 is too bad that the other games are in japanese ( that i dont understand😂 ) but its okay, ill just wait for thr english version. Anyway keep up the good work guys!😄
The game is well designed, and it's completely possible to play for free without waiting a long time. Only a couple choices to make, and ones that made sense to me made Nao upset because his masculinity is more fragile than a smartphone screen. Very grossed out by the bad ending that implied sexual assualt from the HERO.
I still love this game. Just recently went back and played it. I love the art style, the characters, the endings, and I like how the MC isn't a bland cookie and actually has a character. I only have a teeny tiny problem with the clicking, (there's certainly a lot of it especially if you're like me and go back to get all of the endings), but u don't mind that much and don't mind spending money on this game. It's well-priced to buy the fever time and drinks etc. 10/10 from me :3
I love it! The art style js amazing, and i love the way yhe story is planned out. And the way they make it for you to continue the story is fun.
It's really cute. I had just got it to play to kill time but now I can't stop playing it. I love the main guy Nao, he is just so precious. Even though there are a craps ton of ads it's okay because you get experience for watching it. I would recommend it for people who just want to kill time-
A pretty good game to kill time. You don't have to continuously play the game to finish. I think my gripe was the ad was so close to the tap button (although I get it why they did that). Overall, this is a pretty fun game when you have nothing to do.
I love this sooo mucchh, I used to play this when I was a kid way back in 2017. And it still wasn't updated yet. PLEASE... PLEASE, UPDATE IT!
This game is a hidden gem. I got very invested in the story as I wished the best for Nao. The cheering tapping is really nice and encouraging and made me pumped to hype him up and get him to be confident lol. The ending I got shocked me.... It really said trans rights and I cried. Really, I've never seen any game or visual novel or even anime or manga like this. We need more assertive female leads and shy boys she helps out and get together in the end. This dynamic is so good. Thank you!
It's a pretty decent game. The artstyle is nice, the color scheme is pleasing, the characters are adorable and the story is not that bad. I personally think the stages are quite short which makes it seem like theres something missing or incomplete. I do suggest giving out mini games other than tapping to gain EXP because it gets kinda boring when all you do is Tap until the EXP meter fills up. Although, this game is very chill the endings are quite intriguing. 3/5 stars :)
It is a nice game. But motivational tap is onky equivalent to two exp and that is too tiring plus if we wanted to end up woth different ending, I hope we could just replay the part when we choose an option rather than going back from the start. Aside from it, this is avery nice game and the ads makes it worth it because it gives you 30 exp than nothing. //spoiler// if you want to choose a goodending at first, choose the choice/s which are a bit rude or what people will not usually choose. Hahah.
I love playing this game, you can get all ending in like 3 or 4 days. Which is just 🙏😩. Honestly, favorite game of all time. Since my other favorite got deleted :(
Pretty cute! You can have different story endings and the story lines of each are really good! I love it; although, I cant say the same for others as a result of the simplistic graphical design.
super fun! it can keep you busy and entertained for hours 😁 the story is also good, working hard for each ending is worth it (doesn't take too long, nor is it too short). I LOVE IT :>
I just got the dark or bad end and I dont feel good about the ending I thought he was going to be a yandere or something,but anyways the game's really great.One of my favorites but I have a question what happend to the english version of that alice decetive game.I was playing it and I can only find the jappanes version.Please make the english version again.I loved the game and It was fun playing. Please do something about it. I don't get jimi kare anymore.HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP ME!!
It is great but im so tired in tapping the tap botton to give noa confidents you must fix it i give it two stars it is great but you will tired in tapping the screen to upgrade the level and to continue the story
The story itself is cute, but the clicking mechanism is tiresome. The app doesn't accumulate points or pass time while closed or in the background, so players have to go through around 2-3 hours of clicking the same button over and over to progress the story. So, cute story but annoying game mechanic.
This game is a gem! Nice stories with heart-throbbing scenes, four different endings that will make you re-play the game. My favorite ending is the Dark-side Nao :) although I do adore the Prince Nao. It's addictive and easy to play, although the tapping will make you bored. You can pay real money to avoid tapping things. Overall, you should try this game!
Its so cute! I got the happy ending! I was fangirling in front of my sis! XD i love it! Keep up the good work, and can u make more of these? I love it!!!!!!!
It was alright. It was entertaining enough during long road trips but the constant tapping and having to restart the story to get a different ending kinda took away from my experience. I still liked the story though.
The story is so heart fluttering... Nao is adorable and so is the female protagonist (although I sometimes question her weird decisions). I've finished two stories so far and although I was disappointed to see how Nao became arrogant, it motivated me to finish the other stories. I really wish a happy ending for both Nao and the female protagonist ♥♥♥
This game is really awesome and cute. Not to mention Nao is really good looking (hehe) the artists did a really good job of making it both fun and entertaining! I nearly died a thousand times because how the chobi characters looked.
This game is wonderful, I love the stories and different endings. Nao is such an easy character to fall in love with, he's just adorable. I finished all the endings in like 3-4 days and I was honestly sad that I didn't stretch them out a little more. The way that the adds are placed are very unobtrusive, and most of them reward you handsomely with experience points. The endings to the stories are never what you're expecting, two of the stories had endings that I never saw coming, very original. I Highly recommend this game ;D <3!!!
it's a pretty good game, I a still play until the end...but...its good to have patience but not when you fingers cramp...I have to keep spamming the button everytime just to read a few sentences 😭
I love it!!! It's very fun and addictive, the ads are a bit of a problem but it's okay. It's so cute and artistic! I really love the game and I think I might want a sequel of some sort. (Even though I got the arrogant ending first hhhhhh-)
I would really wanted to give this game 3 and a half stars because I love the story, the art and the way the Nao's character develops in the game. I played this for a long time so this was my childhood honestly but my only big problem with this is, Is how people would tap a lot to continue a story. This was still fun but please fix this issue or make another way to continue the story easily without tapping it 24/7. (Tho over all recommend this as your first otome game)
It has very good story, but when the game nearly end it need even more exp, too hard to collect it, ive tap speech balloon much enough until im tired. If you dont wanna do that you better purchase some feature to get exp easier. Overall it very nice and addictive :D
It is really fun and exciting,although I wished that it didn't need that much exp all the time for each story.... but all in all, its great!
Kawaii💕. I love this its soo romantic and its its offline tho this game makes my heart flutter amd characters are so cute . This game is wicked awesome💕
The mechanics are simple and the story is delightfully lighthearted. The ads can be a little much but I don't think they're enough of a problem to knock off a star. Besides that there is something so satisfying about smashing Nao's negative thoughts and replacing them with encouragement. Playing Jimi-Kare makes me feel better myself and has inspired me whenever I play to think more kindly of myself.
I actually played this game before and uninstalled it for some reason T^T but I really love this game! The different endings are great, the characters designsare cute and the art is AMAZING and Nao and the character you play as is absolutely adorable . I also really like how is different from other otome games. Would recomend to others!
I absolutely love the graphics and the story behind the whole game. The only issue is this game is killer on the fingers especially since you need alot of exp pts and you only get 2pts for encouragment and 1 pt for popping bad thoughts and the ads that give you 30 do not appear as often as one would hope. So, if you hate your fingers this game is for you.
I already found a problem. The placement of the ad blocks the 'Tap' button and bar below it. I wouldn't mind the ads if it wasn't a hindrance to the gameplay. Please fix it. Edit: Realization dawned on me that you purposely placed the ad there to make me 'accidentally' press it. I played games through childhood and I've never experienced at least one game other than you to put an ad there.
the story and the game graphics are both nice! I love how everything is free and is not needed to be payed... I'm so happy with this app... luv it
This app is amazing! I give it 4 stars because of the mini game thing that you have to cheer up nao but its still perfect maybe soon when i get better in that mini game i will give this 5 stars ❤❤❤
Honestly if you move past the levels, the storyline and options are adorable. I personally did enjoy the game start to finish
Well honestly, I love this game! I thought I need to buy money in this game to proceed but I was proven wrong. I was able to save hundreds of my money in this game. I've played tons of games that needs payment but they were good so i didnt panicked that much, but this is way too good to be true. It doesnt cost mevanything but it's the best game I've ever had. And I'm planning of playing " In Search of Haru" next. I hope the rest of your games will be translated to English. And I would love to play them all. Thanks for this game SEEC inc! Have a good day!
This guy is like me and the girl is like my real life best friend he tries so hard to change me but no. I always say no or just walk away and my bangs are always covering my eyes oh i have glasses too And the dark ending is like me when im just at the house (SPOILERS ALERT) My hair is always messy i'll wear my red hoodie all the time and always make my bangs cover my face if one or two visit my house i'll literally not even bother to fix my hair or pick another clothing
Probably,this is one of my favorite game,cause it's easy and you just gonna tap it out then another story is out.Nice Graphics and adorable art.
WOOOOOOAAAH I love this game! I love how it features a differeby chibi form of Nao everytime he makws and improvement. It's so cute!
This app is kinda boring because you need more exp to continue the story that making me bored -_- and forgot something they say that this is an offline game actually not at all 😑
BEST GAME EVERRRRR! I discovered this game by accident actually, it got my interest so I downloaded it. Guess what? I DIDN'T REGRET DOWNLOADING THIS! It's really fun to play. I finished all 4 routes, or course some are bad but the good ones are worth it! I'LL DOWNLOAD EVERY SINGLE GAME OF YOURS! I promise!
A Good Game with decent story line... addictive gameplay..lovable characters.. mediocre antagonist .. it's a great time killer ... my only problem was that I finished both good endings first... so when I did the last two, it kinda felt unfulfilling. Especially the last one: dark nao.. at least adding a better closure for instances like that would be nice... ps. Every ad is worth watching for the first time ever
I liked the story, but every segment is so short. It was hard enough to repeatedly tap for more than a thousand times just to open a segment so I just wished they were longer so the effort would be worth it. The tapping was okay up until 480 I guess but when it became more than that, I was just taken aback.
The story in this game was actually fun to read and enjoyable. Characters were look really great & i kinda love it. But my problem was only in the "tapping" part to get xp so i could open new episode, i knew that it was better than some other otome game that using diamonds etc to open new episode but tapping made me tired too and it took quiet a long time to get to the next episode and suddenly it made me didn't enjoy the story :( But hey i actually really love other game from this creator.
The clicking is a little tiresome, but I liked the game overall...until I got the dark ending. You retroactively ruin Nao as a character the moment you imply that any choice MC could make could lead to him sexually assaulting her. Super gross, killed my enjoyment of the game and the dynamic between the characters.
This game is so cute! I got two endings done within a day. There's not much tedious stuff to do to move on to the next story which I really appreciate. Character designs and interactions are really nice. It doesn't take up much of your storage and became even more fun to collect exp points coz of its music and sound effects. It draws the reader in, peaking more of our curiosity as we go. Thanks much for this! Trust me. It's worth it 👌💕
I LOVE how it is all free and you can get all the endings without paying! Thank you for this! Also, I LOVE your artwork AND your story! Now waiting for more of your translated works :D
I love the game so much and I love the drawing,The picture and everything. I recommend you guys to play this game. Love the game ^-^
One of the best apps EVER!!!!!! The endings are very creative and the story teaches you to never give up. Reading through the full story when u finish is the best! I found myself laughing at some moments and just about tearing up at others. The game art style is very kawaii and the artworks are amazing. Nothing wrong with this app (besides how addicting it is😺). Well I guess there is one thing bothering me... WHAT IS NAO HOLDING BACK AT DARK SIDE ENDING??!!!? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!! but apart from the short ending and cliffhanger its fantastic.🙃
The game is good, the story, gameplay, you get it. I like how it starts off with a good tutorial, then progresses into a deeper story and gameplay. Although I would like to see future updates like new updates and new endings. But I don't really get if I should make this my pass time game or a game you should be serious on, since it's really good in the same way. Good game!
I like this game. It has a lot of options and it's pretty fun to play. Though you have to do a lot of tapping in order to get the bubbles and sometimes you have to wait to get certain items if you don't want to or don't have money to spend. Overall I like this game. I've gotten all the endings and each are special in their own way.
It's actually pretty adorable, something you have to play for yourself. Some things I strongly dislike is the constant tapping to advance to such a short story telling, and story line. I love the charactet designs, and the love interest Nao is darling, but I need to see more of him now. He's just too precious, I can't wait for more!!
It's so fun to play I love all of the endings! Though you creator/author should put more stuff in the ending like the dark ending you should have put more meaning into it like what was he holding back? Is it his love for her? Like that sorry it's just an example but I would really love it more please put more stuff pleaaseee! So more people would want to download this app!! This is just a short suggestion! Even though it takes forever because of the tapping! No offense I love the story although the protagonist has weird decisions (I think).
its fun. its perfect. my only problem is the way to get xp. sure its easy to get xp but my problem there is the ways to earn xp is too tiring. you tap a lot but you only get 1 or 2 xp making it too long to progress into the story and making me impatient. my only wish is the developers make the xp rewards more higher and bigger for easier playing. thank you.
i hate the cross dressing i honestly did want to help him but he just turned to a girl i dont like girls. one star
As usual, cute arts and (mostly) cute short story. unfortunately, the levelling is really tedious and the story kinda rubbed me the wrong way. everything else is great
So far my experience has been pretty great. So this game is obviously like cookies clicker. But without any upgrade mechanics. Take that and blend it in a date sim. Very pleased with this app.
It's awesome and addictive, everytime I watch an episode I get a little sad because it's one step closer to the end. I love the app a lot, so far it is my favorite! I hope the developers can make more apps like this, but just with a different storyline! Maybe even add more episodes! Thank you for the hard work on this app, it's amazing!
finished it and love it! it took a lot of patience since I can only generate the positive bubbles through tapping but the story is good. My favorite ending was def the arrogant Nao tho he's an ass but he's super hotttt lmao
Im inloved with this game! It's so addictive and fun tho! I loved how the story workss~~ (good luck for people who hate tapping not problem for me its not s problem for me to tap cause i played a lot of tapping games and high scored toom me every second to move next chapter at tapping~♡)
This is great a lot of tap tap tap but worth it ,make the story levels a bit more long... but its fun and great keep up
I love this app very much even though my fingers we're very tired of clicking and tapping just to know what will happen next... but still worth it.. atleast for me..... i love itttttttttt..... ♡º♡.. i got my energy from my determination of finishing this... im so proud of my self hahaha...=) [ sorry for any wrong spelling and stuff..im not really a fan of perfection^_^]
I love it so much,although you do have to wait until you get the ending,but that's okay,everything about this game is so cute.
This game is awesome l will tap until l get all endings (if your looking at this you shoud totes get this lol)
Even though at first I got a bad ending,I'm still enjoyed playing it until my fingers tired of tapping the button but after the second time of trying I got a happy ending😂😂😂😂so it's worth it tapping thousands of times(I guess).The artworks is incredibly amazing and I really love the storylines eventhough it's short but it's really enjoyable.Even chibis Nao is so cute❤❤.Overall satisfy❤
really addicted game!! omg,, but i hope i dont need to tapping so much ^ω^ btw i really like it,keep it up˚ω˚