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Jigsaw Puzzles Real

Jigsaw Puzzles Real for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rottz Games located at 5825 Sunset Drive, Suite 302 South Miami, FL, USA 33143. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this puzzle game so much and have played it for a long time. But I HATE the recent addition of background music that you cany turn off. Please add a way to turn it off!!!
I like the option to increase or decrease the amount of puzzle pieces. Also, the zoom feature is awesome. I am only giving it 4 stars because you need to increase the number of puzzles to complete. The only problem I have encountered is trying to use my own pictures and creating a puzzle from that. I keep getting a download error.
Great puzzle game, only things I would change is to add options to show only edge pieces and to have the pieces all lined up either on the sides or bottom/top of the screen were you can scroll through them. Edit: game started freezing up, especially on my tablet. Pieces no longer move smoothly, they not only "stick" as you are trying to move them but they will "jump" and end up far away. It used to work smoothly, now it makes me want to delete it, which sucks because I really liked this game.
This puzzle is so much relaxing its one of my favorites. When you say free you really do mean it. There are so many different types of puzzles that ill be doing this app for a very long time to come. Thanks for letting me enjoy something without having to pay for any extra puzzle packs.
Love this jigsaw easy to move light background and the pictures are stunning and a large range to choose from
It would be very enjoyable if it weren't for the right side 9f my Samsung tablet screen flashing, being very annoying. Only happen with this app.
Really like the idea that I can use my own pics. I've got a couple that I thought would make great 1000 piece puzzles for real, and by doing a 1024 piece puzzle of those pics in this app, proved me right. One took me 26+ hours to complete! I would've given 5 stars if it had a couple extra features: 1. The ability to make rectangular puzzles too, instead of always doing square ones, and 2. The addition of a hidden piece finder, to flash pieces not installed if they get lost on the puzzle.
I went to animals 2 and found a puzzle I wanted to do but when I clicked on it it came up a different pic...can u fix this?...
I've been dying for an app like this that has a sensible pricing model. But I can't play with the weird distorted pieces. Please fix and I will happily buy it.
I've always done puzzles, & when I found this app it's very challenging.I've only started off at 49pcs. & it's taking me an average of 15minuets to complete.I've only done about 6 puzzles so far in different catergories, but I like it so far.Defenitly recomend it.
I like that you can make your own pjotos into puzzles and it lets you choose frome different sources. I tried another one and it only let me use current device storage
It's a non pay free download just use a little of your data game I like it ,relaxing nice & beautifull photo puzzle , only thing is that u can't save & play back the puzzle that i have done without the trophy,other then that it will be prefect
Frustrating. I get 6 or 8 puzzles in each section and then it stops and removes all completed puzzles back to new puzzle statis. This has done this more then once. Even if I uninstall and reinstall keeps happening. Completed puzzle beautiful and I enjoy but would love not to have to restart all the time. Plus you click to open one puzzle in the group and it opens another. Example: opened a bison puzzle and instead opens a polar bear on ice field.
It's very realistic. It can be a bit frustrating trying to find all the edge pieces, but like I said its realistic. I love the amount of puzzles offered and it really is free! You can choose the number of pieces, rotate or not, landscape or not, you can sort all the pieces into different boxes and empty one box at a time. And again, so many puzzles to choose from, all beautiful and available for free.
I love u guys need more games my mom i downloaded the app for her she is 78 with altimzers and she really enjoys it so much she is finding it very relaxing and I also think if you can should add music to the app like easy going melody
I have used this jigsaw game for a long time and never tire of it. Ever so often, additional puzzles are added. All the pictures are superior to all other jigsaw apps that I have tried! Keep up the good work and quality! 5 STARS.
A grand surprise for so many puzzles available to include my own photos! Would be nice to be able to do the end area first but still enjoying the puzzle making. Kudos to all!!
My favourite jigsaw puzzles. I do them every day. Very relaxing. Some are easy and some difficult. A really good variety of pictures. If you like jigsaw puzzles you'll love these.
found this on other games from the creator after seeing if the tower game wasnt a beta...this puzzle game is easy and can choose ur own photo and as many pieces as u want thats a plus..3* gets borning after a few trys
One of the best jigsaw puzzles ive played, there's many to choose from, 50 puzzles to each subject, right now im doing beaches and its awesome.
Best jigsaws puzzles ever. I have been doing them for quite a while now and never get tired of them. Love the unique shapes of the pieces and the variety of pictures is fantastic. Well worth trying them out.
Great big puzzle! 1256 max size, rotating pieces an option, beautiful images, easily maneuvered. Best puzzle app I've found. One improvement needed, please - option/ possibility to mark (lasso) multiple pieces to move them at once. Option to put ads on silent when in quiet environments.
Great app. Addictive but relaxing. Good variety of options. One minor issue I've encountered is sometimes the puzzle you get doesn't match the preview pic. Still a great app!
Nice images, variable difficulty. I love that I can make my own puzzle from any pic in my album! Endless fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Hi. I still use and love this game. I am wonderingifyoucould have a size of jigsaw between the 600 ish piece and the 1200 ish piece size please? 600 is too easy and 1200 is often too hard.๐Ÿ˜ thank you.
This has to be the very best jigsaw ever!!! I've been using this app for a few years, and it is so good.
Enjoy App only my phone screen over heats and I get blown out. I've cut the brightness dwn but didn't help.
Great that I can customize the puzzle number of pieces and piece rotation, and it's fun making puzzles with my own pictures.
This is a wonderful puzzle game! It can be easy or complex. And I am so happy to use my photos and so many other images from you! There is one thing I wished, I would pay to remove the ads. OH WOW ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Really I wish I could give you a 30 Stars ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ. This is the best game I've ever had!!? One final thing, if you wanted players to pay to get the ads removed YES I would pay to get rid of ads. I hate ads.
Nice puzzle game, but very few pictures. Holiday list is limited and foreign; Otherwise nicely done. Only reason for 4 stars is the puzzle jumbled all the pieces scattered, and weirdly shaped. It kind of bothered me.
I like this version; however, the newer version on my new Kindle will not download the puzzles. It keeps going back to the startup of the app. Unable to use it.
I love this app, my favourite puzzle app by far. It is almost perfect. The ads are not intrusive and dont get in the way of playing. Big plus is being able to create your own puzzles, giving you an unlimited amount of puzzles to play! I give 4 stars because I think the game could be improved a bit in some respects.
The best! The editor's nailed it! Just uninstalled. Advertising is obscene and totally unfit for children and teens. Great game, very well done, disgusting ads
I love these puzzles. I cant seem to break away from them. Beautiful colors and you can choose the size .
One of the best jigsaw puzzles. Pieces are of different shape with connecting ends not all the same like most others out there. Easy to use, even on a phone.
The best jigsaw puzzle! Hundreds of high quality photograph puzzles are available, or upload your own. Pan and zoom. Choose from 25 to 1,000รท pieces.
Really relaxing with the choice to choose puzzle difficulty. Plenty of fantastic pictures to choose from.
THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST PUZZLE APP!! Never had a single glitch. The zoom, drag & rotate features are seamless, there's a great assortment of puzzles to choose from, (ALTHOUGH I hope they will add random/abstract designs & mandalas soon!), & only 2 ads- 1 ad when app opens & 1 when you close the puzzle. THE BEST part for me though, is being able to upload my own pictures and artwork, to make into puzzles, & it's super easy to do & no glitches there either.
This game is odd. I can't get to where I left off without starting over. I've done the same puzzles three times. I thought it was because one time I used 25 pieces and then went to 36. But, I went right back to 36 with the rotation of pieces. One minute I'm at the screen where I left off with most of the puzzles completed. Then, the next thing you know, none of the puzzles are complete. Its a shame. I'm about to uninstall and use another app.
I love these puzzles especially the beaches landscapes and the ones with a lot of blue sky. Functionality is great.
Nice game. I would give it five stars if it had not been for one issue, the puzzle pieces are darker than the preview shows, which makes the areas with low lighting or contrast difficult to distinguish.
The puzzles were interesting and could be completed in one sitting but I Would enjoy more diverse pictures.
Love jigsaw puzzles very relaxing , beautifuul scenery, animals great thing to do when you have nothing to do.
I really like this app, great number of puzzle options and not over the top with ads, but have to give it 3* as the last few months it doesn't seem to be saving my progress which is really frustrating to have a puzzle 3 parts done and come back the next day and having to start again, if not for that would give it 5*
Love this game! Some feature requests. 1 - Wish to see full size image before choosing next puzzle. Hard to choose new puzzle from such tiny preview. 2 - Don't entirely understand the boxes. All they do is hide pieces. For 1000+ piece puzzle, I need a box which allows to Move pieces. For example, I would like to put all the sky pieces near the top. 3 - Wish for full size image on top of puzzle in progress, as well as under. Puzzle in progress covers/hides image. Thanks for listening!!
This has all the features, easy to navigate, pleasing puzzle pictures. Just had trouble navigating to see the whole picture whilst playing puzzle.
This game is awesome. It contains all the puzzle options that you could ever want. And so far it's free. I hope it's not too good to be true.
Absolutely Fabulous!!! So many Gorgeous picture puzzles to complete. Easy to share with your friends and you can upload them to your photos.. As I played a while more I grew disappointed ๐Ÿ˜ž You couldn't use these Beautiful pictures as wallpaper, because they put a big trophy on it. Ruins it for wallpaper.
I like the app, I play it a lot. I would give 5 stars if there was a way to purchase a pro version in order to not have ads.
It is a really great puzzle game, love the fact that you can make puzzles out of your own pictures. I just wish you could save to your device
Lots of puzzles to choice from so you'll never get bored. Nice movements giving you the feeling of really making the jigsaw yourself. Cant fault it. Makes yous relax.
Ilove the clicking when the pieces stick together also the end pieces are visible most of all lots of levels and its offline now is game on non stop fun
Thank you ,I have enjoyed the pictures and the colors are so vibrant! Thae puzzles are calming and help me relax.
This is the best puzzle I've worked with of the ones I've downloaded & later deleted. I Play it once or twice a week for around 3 years. Would like some different pictures to build though
Best adult puzzle game ever. If you are looking for something realistic this is for you. You can pick the size of your puzzle and the pieces rotate. I love this game. Also very few ads.
Nice puzzle game. Graphics are lovely. A button that allows you to put the edges on the board first would be useful
I love the challenge level. Over 1,000 pieces if you want, you pick. It's timed so that makes it even more challenging. I'm loving this one.
Like doing real puzzles, whatever size you like. I prefer 441 pieces, (80 edge pieces). Never see the back of the pieces!
I can easily use my own pictures for jigsaw puzzles using this app, offline, and with zero problems or payments. I ain't telling you what pictures, but this app is great for them!
Exactly what I wanted. Suitable for children and adults because you can change the number of pieces and whether or not they are turned from their orientation in the final picture. Lovely selection of pictures and you can use your own photos too. The only minor issue is that the pieces are piled up around the edge of the screen, so you have to sort through them systematically. But that is much like a "real" jigsaw and at least your progress is safe from random interference by other people & cats!
Update 2/8/21: I STILL love this game! I love to download pics from a variety of places and use those as puzzles. Seriously, I play this daily. ___________________________________ Too fun! I waste a lot of time playing this! Very relaxing, beautiful photos, and I can make each puzzle as easy or difficult as I feel at the time. Totally recommended.
So many options. It's fantastic to control your level of difficulty through the amount of pieces and the option of piece rotation. I love this app!
I like the challenges. The sceneries and different categories are a good mix of varieties! This always holds your interest!
I really love this puzzles. I bought in some years รคgo and now it says to remove ads i have to pay again? Why? I clear the scores and start again. Please fix this. The app is awesome.
Great app! Good selection of images, fantastic options of playing same puzzle with different number of pieces or rotation. Ease of moving pieces and fitting them. I often check back to see where the picture was taken. Unfortunately, location not always available. "Trees" selection (64 pcs), "Animals 2" (36 pcs, rotated): image titles mix up after selected. Uninstalled, re-installed, logged in... same problem! Please fix!!!
Very good. Relaxing. I like how a player can customize the level of challenge with different options. The art is not very diverse. I wish the completed ones can be seen at the top of each section.
The current version runs well on last Samsung tablet. Selecting your own pictures has improved too. This is my go to game when I want to relax.
Its an excellent puzzle game with one problem. I always choose largest puzzles to put together the 1296 piece & right at the very start while its breaking the puzzle up some of the corner pieces will soautomatically fit in. If it had an option where it asks you if you would like it to go in it would be handy. Some large puzzles are easier to do without putting the corner or edge pieces in first.
Great game and you can make it as easy or as hard as you want . controls are so easy. Just a great game. If you like jigsaws its the best!
I like the many picture choices and different ways to solve the puzzle, i.e., to rotate pieces or not and how many pieces make up the puzzle.
Best puzzle experience. Love that we can incorporate our own pictures and control the size of the pieces. Great app!
This app no longer opens on my tablet. Just sits on black screen endlessly. Worked fine for years until today.