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Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults | Puzzle Game App

Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults | Puzzle Game App for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Big Bear Entertainment located at 2111 SAN PABLO AVE, BERKELEY, CA 94702. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the puzzles. They are colorful and you have a lot of choices. Will like to know how to get more free puzzles. Thanks for all the free puzzles.
I love jigsaws, but this game is frustrating. The board moves when I'm try to move a piece. The pieces freeze up and the only action that will take place is the board zooming in and out. It helps a little to go out of play and then back in again, but as soon as I rotate a piece or zoom in or out the pieces freeze up again. This happens a lot. I'm lucky to have gotten as far as I have on the puzzle. If I could give half a star, I would have rated this app. at 2 1/2 stars because of this problem. In fact if I can't figure out how to get the pieces to quit freezing up, then I will delete this app and find another, where I, hopefully will have better luck.
There are small holes in the 2 puzzles I've worked on. pices seem to fit in the rong places. I'm going to try another puzzle, if it doesn't work out I will delete the app.
I like the idea it is free as not much in this world is free.But more so it is ; passes the time quiet fast.
I love these pictures and fun to put together it is stress relief and relaxing it is nice to sit and put a Puzzle together this Puzzle is great Love it
Great Puzzle game. I love how you can chose amount of pieces to do. Needs more free puzzles.Sometimes glitches on sending free daily puzzle.
I could not play it the screen changed so many times that I couldn't even play it right it was very good pictures but not when you can't play the puzzle so I'm going to delete it
The game has been "updated" and I believe you've made a mistake in your new design. I LOVED doing your puzzle game but since the last update I have uninstalled it. Very, very disappointed. What a shame. Rating 0
Really enjoy playing the game. 100 pieces is done in no time so play the 324 pieces. Look forward to the daily free puzzle
It is frustrating that the pieces must be oriented correctly to fit together. Sometimes a piece must be placed more than once to fit into its spot. It is easy to think that a piece does not fit, only to find later that it does!
I have absolutely loved this game and am / was addicted to it. I have finished over 600 puzzles, and had 100 more in progress. Loved and was! I now hate it! The new update is HORRIBLE! It took away the space around the board, changed the border, and the pieces don't even go together ! Soooo disappointed and upset!
Great looking puzzles, love the option to choose different amounts of pieces. not fond of how the game wants you to pay for certain puzzles, especially really fancy lookong ones. Game plays smoothly. no weird glitches or bugs.
It's a nice game, I love it but if only the board could be stable and not move easy when you try to move pieces.
Game play is terrible!!! It locks puzzle pieces into places they do not belong. Totally ruins the experience.
Would like to be able to start with edge pieces separately and first. Would also be nice to be able to zoom in or our puzzle size. Very few puzzles unless you purchase them.
the puzzle doesnt even line up right when i complete it. then it wants to pop a add up evertime i move a puzzle peice. uninstalled it when i got done with the first puzzle. these things need to be fixed.
Some of these puzzles can be very puzzeling. Guess it depends on what side of the sack I roll out of on any given day. But DOES give me sumptin ta do on my days off! Also, one prob though. Pieces of puzzles not assembled yet disappear behind loose pieces & hard to retrieve at times at bottom of screen.
This is a Fun and Exciting Puzzle Game. I enjoy this one most of all. The only thing that's got me so Annoyed is that it keeps Placing All the Puzzle Images in my Personal Photo Gallery. Tried. everything to stop it from happening. Any suggestions would be great.
Crashes and freezes constantly. Nice puzzles but, even if it didn't have technical problems, I'd never pay a $4.99 per month subscription. Maybe a one-time payment, but only if the technical issues were fixed.
So addictive and mind refreshing. I love the fact that you can choose the amount of pieces you're comfortable with...its awesome!
Beware the "7 day free trial"...I was immediately charged $1.99. Very disappointed, have never had another game or app do that to me.
I love the variety of images. I also love being able to choose the level of difficulty and rotating the pieces as needed. It's great for the brain!
The pieces of the puzzle don't actually match up, the designs don't really match up and gaining control of one puzzle piece is difficult without a stylus or really zoomed in. I made the mistake of paying for this app. Really disappointed.
Excellent app.Although makes it a little easier if the piece is close to where it goes and automatically fits itself in,which seems like cheating.
I think it's pretty damn cool...u can always go back to some of the same puzzles you have done already and break them up into more pieces especially if you're just doing the free ones. some of us don't have money to be putting down on jigsaw puzzles or any other game for that matter. but I like it I think it's awesome it's highly entertaining. I love when I complete a puzzle. I feel like I accomplished something LOL
Was really fun, until update and now can't even see puzzle pieces due to all the adds at bottom. Time to unistall 👇
nice puzzles but the peices have been overlapping since yesterday. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but no luck!
love this app, love that I can choose the the size of the puzzle and there is a big variety to choose from.
i really like doing these puzzle's because it keeps you're mind busy but it will keep you challenge ing.but that is why I like theese to do th
Bad game. I think that this game is broken. If i tried putting a puzzle piece in the exact place, the game automatically puts it in a different place. And when i tried removing it, it doesn't let me. Then i tried ignoring it and continue with the puzzle then another piece overlaps with another piece that have been set. Uninstalling it now.
Ads pop up about every two or three times you touch the screen... it got uninstalled faster than it got installed.
Game is OK, Nice pictures, can choose difficulty but frustrating that pieces go missing and not many free puzzles.
I don't usually put games on my phone. This ,however is very fun and useful. When I take my 5 year old grandson to the doctor's office, I set it on 25 pieces and pick a cute animal pic and it keeps him busy and happy. and I enjoy doing the beautiful puzzles, it's very Zen. I highly recommend this app.
love it,only thing is when i finish my puzzles it doesnt always say i completely did and i have to close entire game to get back to gallery only to see it shows the puzzle i just completed isnt even done yet??????
Pieces do not connect as they should and overlap each other badly as if they where still in a pile. Even when showing the finished puzzle.
What happened to the New Daily Puzzles? Really enjoyed them? Will they be coming back? This is the Best Puzzle APP. Great Puzzles, very relaxing!
Great! I forgot what fun working puzzles can be. It helps me remember my Grandmother Griffin and my Grandma Burns.
I love puzzles, but there are alot of flaws. The board moves way to much when trying to move pieces around . would be nice it you could get all the end pieces sorted from the regular. The last problem is when moving pieces around they will dissaper. Now it trying to find them. I could not recomend this game.
I'm not sure how this app has more than one star. The pieces overlap when they lock in pkace. Not fun at all. Uninstalling.
Really enjoy playing the game. 100 pieces is done in no time so play the 324 pieces. Look forward to the daily free puzzle . Dunno why but not getting any new daily puzzles to play. Am missing them
The puzzle that I work on was fun, colorful and rotate easily. there are many puzzle themes to choose from and with many sizes. Good concentration I had fun.
WHAT is the use of having the game installed if you can't even see all of the puzzle pieces. Very disappointed!!!!
I love this puzzle game. I sit and play it all the time and for hours. The only thing is that I wish there were more interesting FREE puzzles to build and that the puzzles would change at least once or twice a month.
This game looks like it would have plenty of fun puzzles; it does, but it doesnt give u all of the pieces. It'll leave u hanging when ur trying to put a puzzle together. I've tried everything to get those pieces to show up, but they won't show up. The graphics were the only thing I liked. Don't get this app.