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Jigsaw Puzzle Crown - Classic Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzle Crown - Classic Jigsaw Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Jigsaw Puzzles Master located at 435 Wilmslow Road, Manchester. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would rate a five star but it does not keep your puzzles you make from your own photos if you move from one device to another. It does keep puzzle history
This is a great way to kill time or to play for enjoyment.. I really love your puzzles..you also have a large variety of different categories.. I play all time.
Well lost all my progress because had to reset tablet (don't understand why)(as it's was in the same email account) and name)(came a long way on this puzzle)(so not going to start from scratch)⁉️(gutted boo, boo)πŸ‘ŽπŸ€”πŸ‘Ž(still can't login(fed up with trying)so good bye πŸ˜₯⁉️
Tried several different puzzles, but there was always something I didn't like about each game then I found this one and I'm happy now!! It met all the requirments and it was fun n relaxing, playing. I gave it a 5!!
Beautiful puzzles. I love the fact that you can decide how many pieces you want to do as well as having a preview. There are many free ones to choose from and no in between video ads like so many others have. Kudos to the developers of this app and a big thank you!!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Fun, easy to use, plenty of choices. I especially love the Mystery Puzzles. Could we please have more choices for backgrounds that don't have a textured look and more colors? Thanks. I use this all the time as my main Stress Reliever.
Im the type of person who rarely keeps a game longer than a week or two. This one has been on my tablet for almost a year. I dont mind the ads. They actually help me earn coins faster to get more puzzles. Appreciated. Recently, they started sending out daily free mystery puzzles. I would waste my coins on a puzzle pack of just those. Crashes on me a little to often, but obviously i have kept it anyway. Can play offline if you place 1 piece before closing. Like puzzles? Get this app
I love this app. I lost it some time ago. There are alot of puzzle apps out there. Was tickled to have located this one again.
Since the last update this has gone from being almost problem free to being full of problems. From not responding,which happens numerous times, to sticking puzzle pieces and freezing,JPC you're making me lose the will!! Please sort it before I have to uninstall to save my sanity 😝
Updated review after 2yrs...Well, am still using it. Used to only be on my tablet then when it died I thought I couldn't play anymore...was I wrong..works great on my phone! Play most every day. The puzzle pics cover a wide range or make a puzzle with your own pix.. It stores away easier than a box puzzle..an best of all..no danger of lost pieces. Would pay for this one...but it is free..an they award you for finishing puzzles.
Love this game. It's my favorite. Love the variety of options. Especially love that I can earn enough points playing to keep "buying" new puzzles
Very good jigsaw puzzle game, the best I've found, with many options for playing. The developers are extremely responsive and very nice. You can purchase a lot for little money, but also play a lot without doing so. Edit: The falling leaves for Autumn are so beautiful! I smile whenever I see them. That's a thoughtful and fun touch the developers didn't need to do but they're always adding special touches like that.
When you first start playing, there are lots of packages to purchase with the accumulated points. After a few months, there is a larger gap between availability of new puzzle packages. Now I haven't been offered a new package in a couple of months -- only the daily free puzzles. I think we should have at least one new package per month. Why else do we accumulate points? I do appreciate being able to create my own puzzles, but scrolling through a huge gallery is tedious.
Peaceful, and relaxing. Enjoying myself, highly recommend.any stress you may be dealing with? Take a few minutes off and do one of these puzzles, it will calm you nicely😁. I love this app. Its been months now and still playing n loving it. The only downfall is i got a new phone n i had to start over. Theres no way to carry the gsne over to my new phone. Maybe you guys can work on that for me please😁 thank you. Your faithful puzzle player liz
My favorite game! The pieces are displayed on the side so you can see what you're looking for. Not like others that toss the pieces around the edge on top of each other. I can spend hours and hours playing!!
I was happy there was an option to dump all the pieces from the side panel onto the work surface, but then the actual workspace is the size of the puzzle. Gets very claustrophobic and impossible to work in such a small space. Also, the piece magnitism is too strong. I'd set a piece near some like pieces only for it to jump over and connect with something I hadn't noticed.
well have been playing this jigsaw for awhile now(and has helped me with this current situation we are all in lockdown 2)(but it's a good puzzle lots to choose from and they are nice and not to hard (thanks to the makers)(keep the good work up) (happy holidays)πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸ€ΆπŸŽβ›„πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ‘
Before I do what I must, to be able to do the Bonus Puzzle, I'd like to know where or what that Bonus Puzzle is (depends on the picture). Right now, all it says is I must do the Xtra and the Mystery Puzzles first, no info given. Please fix, thanks. UPDATE: IT KEEPS CRASHING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PUZZLE. PLEASE FIX, THANKS.
Great puzzle app! Lots of choices. I only wish for 1change -- to be able to buy a puzzle pack with actual money, rather than coins earned. I did have a puzzle app where you could buy packs for anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99 each. I really like that.
Challenging and fun! WARNING: You won't be able to put it down! If you have trouble moving and rotating pieces, get a stylus. It makes a phenomenal difference! This is far superior to the puzzle app I was using. Guess I'm glad they messed the other one up so I could find this one! Love the option of piece shapes and so many count options. The challenges/rewards make it more fun. Also, they tell you what & where the pictures come from (little 'i' in top right corner when choosing size & shapes)
Doing puzzles again after many years of neglect, now I can do puzzles anytime, anywhere! Thank you for your app, I absolutely love it! It's been over a year now since I've found your app and I love it more every day. New puzzle packs are coming out and I want to do them all! Thanks for the great app!
Good range of puzzles. Flexible choices of peices etc. Not bombarded with pop up ads. Reasonable size, fills up a 10 inch tablet. Nice to have shadow image when you're absolutely stumped. Posative latch on to correct piece, so you can cheat a bit. Very addictive. Allow at least 2 hours which will fly by. Well done.
I have tried many puzzle apps only to be disappointed. Then I found this app and decided to give it a try not expecting much from it. It surprised me. Its fun and can be challening. I spend hours playing every day and can't hardly put it down. The range of different puzzles and quality of the pictures is very good. I really like that it shows the location of the pictures. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves doing puzzles
I enjoy this app. Play it every day. One thing I dislike about it though is the background stays the same. When pieces are almost the same color makes it very difficult. If there is an option to change background please inform me.
I really enjoy these puzzles in the landscape format. :-) Possibly the best of the best because not only are the puzzles beautiful and detailed, the controls very helpful, and here's the best part I've been paid back for every puzzle that I've solved with in game coin which has allowed me to purchase and download additional puzzle packages w/o using real world $$$. πŸ€©πŸ™‚πŸ˜Š
More puzzle types would be appreciated. Otherwise good puzzle play. Improved variety and quantity, quality is very good and puzzle pieces are easy to maneuver
I enjoy this when I can finish a puzzle without it closing on it's own. This normally happens when I have 51% or more, finished the puzzle. This is very frustrating. Please fix this bug so I may enjoy your puzzles again. Update: 05/15/2021 Still closing on it's own! PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!
Excellent puzzle app!!! No pop up ads, free puzzle categories and daily puzzles. Plus, puzzle groups you can buy with your earned game coins! You can selct # of pieces and shapes and change backgrounds. I play this so long, it's a great way to destress or just pass some time! Highly recommended!
This is setup so the pieces are easy to see. I am really enjoying working the puzzles. Very relaxing for me.
Best. Jigsaw. Game. EVER!! THIS app is the BEST ONE out there!! You can make it as hard or as easy as you'd like. It is so user friendly that it is a JOY to play!! It WORKS!! It isn't glitchy, persnickity, or frustrating. It does what it is supposed to do, and is very relaxing and enjoyable. I LOVE this app!! So glad I found it!! What pure FUN, NO frustration when the pieces don't *stick* when you KNOW you put them in correctly!! A sheer joy!! I am so grateful for something fun, and free!
I play this on a tablet and find the game and images enjoyable. The pieces move easily from the tray onto the field and back in the tray to make more room for working on a particular part of the puzzle. There is a wide variety of images and number of puzzle pieces from which to choose. On a strict budget? A daily free puzzle and mystery puzzle are available. Recommended game.
This is the best jigsaw puzzle on the internet ! I enjoy it immensely ! No glitches, and a reasonable amount of ads, and I really like being able to use photos, and images from my own gallery. And the images provided by the app are outstanding, please do not change anything ! Could not be happier !
i havent downloaded this game very long but i love it the pictures are so nice and a pleasure to do even the music is soothing very happy. ive just put this game on my phone after playing it on my tablet its very good everytime i do a jigsaw i watch a video get points when i bave enough i use them to download more jigsaws its a great game an update ive downloaded the paintings puzzle the pictures are lovely i have printed them off and framed them for my lounge
There's a lot I love about this puzzle app. They have a nice variety of puzzle packs and they frequently add to what's available. My complaint is that they NEVER change the underlying puzzle shapes. Would it be that hard to vary the shapes of the puzzle pieces?
Jigsaw puzzles are a good way to relax after a stressful day. I love these puzzles because I can decide how difficult the puzzle is by defining the number of pieces the puzzle has. There is also a multitude of pictures to choose from.
Absolutely amazing jigsaws, the pictures are of very high standard. Plus you can select the size of puzzle ie how many pieces per puzzle. Such a wonderful way to pass a few hours. Well done the developers, please keep up the excellent work. Thank you.
Tried a few games like this & this is the 1 I'd recommend. Easy to understand, good functional options, many ways to play with good selection of free puzzles & Ads optional. Earing coins to purchase other puzzles is slow & puzzle packs expensive, that's why 4 star
Okay, I waited to rate until I became more familiar with the app... and after 176 puzzles, I think I'm ready! I tested a bunch of jigsaw puzzle apps, and this one is by far my favorite. The puzzles are beautiful, you can choose your difficulty level by number or shape of pieces, and there's a cool game aspect to it where you can earn stars that give you points you can use to "buy" more puzzle packs. I seriously enjoy this puzzle app. The one thing I don't like is where the add banner is...
Great puzzles love the colors and the way you can choose how many pieces you want to do on the puzzles you can start low and advance higher you just need to raise the number of coins you get for the puzzles and have more free ones but all in all it's the best puzzle game that I have found on the internet πŸ’–πŸ€©
I love puzzles.... Site is easy to use, beautiful pictures, only thing for me, just my opinion, less cartoonist type puzzles.... Other than that, I have recommended this site to my friends!!
This is the best puzzle game I've ever played. The controls are amazing - you can choose exactly how you want to play and have full control over the whole experience. The ads are not disruptive. And you can purchase new puzzle packs by using coins earned from solving puzzles.
Good game. Lots of options as to puzzle size, piece shape, and rotation. 160 pieces is max for me on a phone, but more would work on a tablet. I do have a couple of gripes. There are daily free puzzles, but after a week, they are gone. Wish they would keep them available. Free puzzles are very limited, only 8 albums of a few each. You do earn coins to buy albums. One thing i dislike about the play is the snap-to-grid feature that places pieces for you if you get close. Let us turn it off!
*Edit approximately1 year later* Still thoroughly enjoying these puzzles. You can make them as easy or as difficult as you want. They are always adding new ones. Love that you can download each purchased packages(bought with earned couns) to play offline. Thank you and keep the new puzzles coming!
Had to find a new puzzle game because the one I was using decided to change the interface and screwed it all up. Checked a few out and I finally found a winner.
I enjoy these Free puzzles as they are not too difficult. The timer component makes it more fun & rewarding. I couldn't figure out how to see the whole puzzle while assembling it.
I love jigsaw puzzles.This puzzle stays put instead of sliding everywhere. You have free ones to play to earn coins to buy other puzzle packs.not so many adds.great game,very calming. I gave it a five.
I am really enjoying the puzzles and they have new ones all the time. The app doesn't have glitches or crash. They also give lots of opportunities to get extra coins ontop of the extra coins you can get after finishing a puzzle.
I love this app, good puzzle collection. However the new puzzles are Teas and Clothing.......unimpressed. I had numerous puzzles in December relative to xmas and I dont bother with those. These new puzzles not relaxing, very busy so shy away from them. I do a whole collection in one day and love flowes, animals, beautiful sceneries, homesteads, castles, waterfalls.........you get the idea. Pleasei prove ipon you collection.
Puzzle has a unique puzzle board. Pieces are placed in a vertical work area. Easy to work with. However, the developers need to improve the touch sensitvity when using the rotation feature. It can take up to 10 touches to make the piece rotate. I would still reccommend this game. Raised to five stars. Love the addition of 660 pieces. What a surprise if they increase the number even higher. Great job developers.
I really like this game! There's lots of puzzles to chose from. Some you can buy with the tokens you earn. (I like that cause when my wifi goes out I still have puzzles to play without paying money.) I can choose how easy or difficult (or anything inbetween) my puzzles are. They are bright and vivid colored. There are very many different categories to choose from. And it is SOOOOOO relaxing. And there are at least 3 different instrumentals you can choose from or turn off the music. You choose
By far the easiest jigsaw game I've found so far. Haven't found an option to separate the edges, but scanning the pieces by scrolling for edges is convenient. Good job guys 😎
The best puzzle app by far. This is the best puzzle app out of all the popular ones I have tried. Magic Puzzles, for example, is severely lacking in features compared this one. The only thing I really want added is the ability to have choices for the sound effects of placing and fitting pieces on the board. I would even buy new sound 'packs' because it would be nice to mix up the sounds as much as we're able to mix up backgrounds and puzzle piece options. Thanks for the awesome app!
There is a lot to love about this puzzle app. Hardly any ads, several free daily puzzles to choose from, generous coins that let you easily get more puzzle packs. One draw back is that you sometimes have to tap the puzzle piece several times to turn it, and the pieces "jump" into their spots. A small issue but still a very fun and relaxing puzzle game.
Beautiful photography and artwork on these puzzles. Very relaxing. Huge variety in the puzzle library. Glad I found this one.
Really fun. This is by far, my favorite site to play. I get mad when my tablet needs to be pluged in. I don't know what to do with myself!!!! I need a longer lasting battery! Lol but true.
8-20-20 Crown puzzles are addicting. Started with 90 & 140 count. Now mostly doing 266 count. Now doing 450. Would like more sand dunes. Great way to pass the time. If people & clothes puzzles were added I'd give it a five. 9-4-20 Still give it 4⭐s. Lots of great new scenic puzzles with plants & some animals. The new Portaits are colorful but odd. interesting to me.
I love your puzzles more than any of the 9 jigsaw puzzles I will play over a months time. Playing the Daily puzzle I love; but getting a Bonus puzzle and a Mystery puzzle, AND THEN AN EXTRA PUZZLE IS EXTRONDARY! That is 4 Puzzles a day. The are not only quality pictures but the subject matter is cool. I do them every day! It is enjoyable, good for keeping the bran alert they are JUST PURE AND SIMPLEY FUN! Thank you! (This is my 3rd or 4th year playing.)
I don't usually rate apps, but I've been doing these puzzles for as long as I've been on line. This is the only puzzle app. I use. Never had a problem, even the many times I've changed phones, tablets and my laptops. It always loads my puzzles old and new. Never been disappointed with the selections to choose from. I highly recommend jigsaw puzzle crown. Pick how many pieces you want and background for easy viewing. No I'm not a computer, I am a real user. Give it a try.
Excellant pictures like the display of pieces. The best part is the size choices for me. If i was to be challenged or want a quickie i can get it. I have no complaints the best one so far. Concrates to all creaters. Job well done. Could you create a find the difference game. We really need a good one.
I feel foolish. So I saw how to opt for more puzzle pieces but don't know why it is made in multiplication equations. LOL. It is fine. I like doing equations in my head all the time anyway. The pictures chosen are very nice and numerous. Everything works smoothly. I am keeping this application. Sorry for my previous error.
Wonderfully relaxing, good way to dip into other countries culture, love the food jigsaws. Specially enjoy "mystery jigsaws" starting with edge pieces and trying to guess how it's going to turn out.
I enjoy this when I can finish a puzzle without it closing on it's own. This normally happens when I have 51% or more, finished the puzzle. This is very frustrating. Please fix this bug so I may enjoy your puzzles again.
It's a good puzzle but after awhile the game screws up and can't collect a more coins after the ads because the ads do not come up anymore
Enjoy this app. You can choose your level of difficulty and number of pieces. There are lots of free puzzles and you can earn coins by completing puzzles so you can buy those that are for sale.
The puzzles are challenging and beautiful. I love watching them come alive as I put tbe pieces in place. The special daily puzzle is an added challenge. I work the puzzles when waiting for an appointment or getting services. Try it. You will enjoy completing the puzzles. Kingfish
I really enjoy this app BUT after updating my phone now when I try to touch a puzzle piece it's all out of sync by about 1.5cm, so I can't see what I'm doing!!!!!! Please help, I don't want to have to uninstall.
The pictures are pretty but too easy even on 500+ pieces. It is more of just matching the pieces on the right to the section of the board you're looking at.
Its a really good game. Mystery puzzles are the best. Maybe have a set full of mystery puzzles to buy The zoom feature is good. Definitely the best puzzle game I have played so far
Love this..... Free. I'm no expert but the options given to control the number of pieces In a --puzzle allow one - to control the level of diff-, which with th-e array of diff. genre of puzzles make this a true 5 star, and Keeper app that I can see enjoying long term. Congrats and many THANKS dev.,s
First and foremost, this app does not drain my battery or cause my phone to overheat! I love how I can customize the difficulty level as I like challenging myself. Reminds me of the hours spent working on puzzles with my mom and sister. Great puzzles and tons of choices. The best puzzle app I've tried.
I love this puzzle app and I have turned my husband and in-laws onto it as well. I guess you could say we are all obsessed. It is really good especially for my in-laws ecause they are both in their mid-eighties and it gives them something to do for several hours at a time sometimes and it is great to keep their minds active and engaged!!
This has a wide variety of beautiful puzzles. You can earn coins to purchase a puzzle pack from simply completing a puzzle. I enjoy decorating my desktop computer screen with my completed works of art, puzzles and etc. Unfortunately this app doesn't allow me save to my computer. Which is why I didn't rate it 5 stars. Updating my review. The puzzles that I choose from Puzzle Crown are gorgeous! I would love to save it to my computer to decorate my desktop. Then I would happily 5 stars.
Best puzzle game. I'll never run out of puzzles to do, and I haven't spent any money. You can watch ads as you want. I do so to support the game.
I love this app and was delighted to see quite a lot of new packs after I went hunting thru the different catagories. Thank you. They are beautiful and amazing, exactly what I wanted. Other puzzle makes arent as good as yours and I do a whole pack everyday and love the free ones. The mystery puzzles challenge me as Im 70, live in a retirement village, eye sight problems and locked down due to covid. So a 5 star from me.
I like the option to have pieces in the shape of familiar objects. There are lots of pictures to choses from & no need to use real money. Ads are unobtrusive & you can turn it in landscape form. The most annoying thing is the puzzles don't vary from picture to picture. The same pieces fit in the same spot regardless of what the photo is. If the goat is in the upper left corner for the flower puzzle, it will be in the upper left corner for the zebra puzzle. Not too challenging.
I enjoy using your puzzles and complete one or 2 daily. Sadly I have just changed phones and as part of the process the app didn't load properly and I have lost a number of puzzles. Not much I can do about it though.
Having been doing these jigsaw for about 6 months now & love them. Good variety of genres & many different levels off skill, so there is something for everyone, including my 3 year old Grandson.
I appreciate how the standard, figural, and spiral have different levels of difficulty, that is, the more of the pieces one has to work with, the more challenging it becomes. Also I am so happy I don't have to try to beat the clock, and that I can put it down and work on it again at a later time. Not to mention a lot of puzzles to choose from.
Love the puzzles and the clarity of the puzzles, as well as the ease of working the program. My only complaint is that the puzzle pieces in the rack are so small and I haven't found a way to make them larger without taking each piecs to the "table".
I like this puzzle app. I had installed a few puzzle apps and slowly I uninstalled all except this one. It is calming. And it has a system of earning points so you can aquire new sets without spending real money. My suggestion for improving this app is to have less cheesy super colorful packages and more artsie classy choices.
When I lost one of my best puzzle apps as the developer sent a message to me that it was not compatible with my devices I was very devastated till I found this app. It is okay will see if it is worth 5 star rating. For now I am enjoying it
Peaceful, and relaxing. Enjoying myself, highly recommend.any stress you may be dealing with? Take a few minutes off and do one of these puzzles, it will calm you nicely😁. I love this app. Its been months now and still playing n loving it. The only downfall is i got a new phone n i had to start over. Theres no way to carry the gsne over to my new phone. Maybe you guys can work on that for me please😁 thank you. Your faithful puzzle player liz. Look forward to my quiet time with this gameπŸ€—
Great puzzle app! Lots of purchase and a good number of free puzzles. Very configurable to your puzzle level. Your Gallery can be used too. Most importantly, it's very calming and relaxing!!!
Not a stable app, as sometimes it remove points and coins ... other times it gves them back. Purchased apps show up as Free and other times it shows them purchased. Ads take up screen space while doing puzzles. I give the puzzle part of the app a 3-4 on how well it works. Very frustrating.
Works great. I tried another app and it kept freezing. So far this one did not freeze. Lots of puzzles with free ones to gather points towards even more puzzles. You can choose different levels of difficulties. Well done team
Good program!! Plenty of puzzles. Haven't had to spend any money. Watch videos to get extra points, lots of variety in the artwork!
There are so many beautiful jigsaw puzzles, I didn't know which one to try! It has rotation! It has a choice of difficulty! I enjoyed doing this puzzle! You, too, should try and see for yourself! I am 83&1/2 years! I did it watching CNN and it took me less than a half-hour!
I have played a lot.. a lot of puzzle games,this one by far has been the best,the ads are to the side and small,the puzzle's are plenty and you get rewarded when you finish one,love this game
I've had this app since March,2020. I purchased the $24.99 pack. Now, I've gotten a new tablet for Christmas. I've done the side sync, taken the app off the tablet, twice and put it back on..I'm logged into Facebook....no purchase history, no puzzle history!!! I've also tried to contact support...which is a joke. I am so disappointed in this company.... I it's only about money. I won't recommend this app at all!!
I enjoy the puzzles, just can't figure out why I have to complete 3 in order to do the extra. Time is limited so I'm not apt to bother. I also got frustrated when my just-started puzzle disappeared when I must have accidentally touched a spot that took me to an ad. Then I had to begin again. I'm going to try to limit myself to one puzzle a day so I don't get frustrated or lose too much time - but I do love the colorful nature pictures and again it's lots of fun, up until I get stopped!
Could be perfect except for the placement of the adds next to the puzzle pieces. Constantly clicking on the adds by accident. Will try another puzzle app.
I just love it. So relaxing so fun! Always enjoy it. Only thing I would suggest is I wish we could earn more coins for completing a puzzle and I still have absolutely NO idea what the point of getting stars are lol but I love this game!!!
Quite happy with this app, I do find the ads that run continuosly at the side of the puzzle annoying as you cannot closed them down. If I accidently hit one then you have to wait to load so that I can shut it down, I also find that the puzzle will freeze and I have to push enter to get it to continue, otherwise I like the puzzle.
Certainly the best jigsaw app I've tried. No issues, no bugs, no in-your-face ads, coin accumulation rate for packs is perfectly reasonable (although I mostly just do the mystery puzzle anyway!). Perfect for chilling out with late at night before I sleep. Can't think of a fault. Only thing I would add for personal preference is a little clock so I don't play too late (and dragging the notification bar down every time I want to see the device clock is sooo inconvenient :P).
Excellent,a replacement for Puzzle Box on my old Chrome Book. Just getting the hang of the points system and will be playing regularly.
I haven't used this app long enough to rate it honestly. So far so good. The puzzles are photogenic and the puzzles are doable. I am going to try a higher number (in the 200s) and see how that goes.
I'm so happy now. You have been wonderful fixing my problems, thank you. I love ur puzzles but I wish u had retro and family and turn of the century puzzles. Like the ones they have on mobility war they have old turn of the century scapes and farms. Their pictures are wonderful. Please check them out.
I used to use Magic puzzles, but it caused problems on my tablet. I was reluctant to change apps, but am liking this one more and more. Rather than completing puzzles a quarter at a time, this app allows me to easily work on the entire puzzle. So far, I'm glad I switched to this one.
Good so far. Sometimes it seems the points are to high for the amount of puzzles we get. Have you lowered the amount of points where getting...........
Great. Pieces can be moved easily and you can make it harder by increasing the pieces. What more can you ask. Oh and there is a great choice of pictures. Have tried others but always come back to this one. Ads do not intrude on play. Very good all round.
I love this app! I am a huge puzzle person, as is my little girl! I am curious if there are any plans to expand the number of backgrounds we can use? Maybe even give the option to make our own backgrounds? I think it could be a great idea to also be able to create our own puzzles! Thanks guys and stay safe!
Have had this app for a long while and totally recommend it - lots of different styles available for the pieces and pictures, or you can add your own. It also has a puzzle history so if there's a free daily puzzle you'd like to keep, so long as you complete it once you can go back to it later. Really enjoyable app.
Excellent app for passing the time. Easy to use. Lots of options for playing and lots of pictures to choose from. You even have the option to use pictures of your own as a puzzle although I have not tried it out yet. Very few ads as well. If you like jigsaw puzzles, this app will not disappoint.
I love the breath taking free puzzles. I would like some 3D puzzles that looks like they're moving or actually are. (Edited 1-14-21) I can't finish a puzzle due to the beautiful free puzzles every day. I'm going to have to get a new larger tablet to download and save some of my completed puzzles.
I started using this app because my previous 'go to' puzzle app kept crashing and losing my work! I was looking for something to calm my nerves before bed and this was just what I was looking for! The scenes are beautiful and the choices are amazing! Kinda makes me wish the other app had crashed sooner!
Excellent variety of images and levels of difficulty. I am really enjoying this beautiful game. I can play offline and the adds are not too intrusive. Being able to earn play coins means you do not get cut off suddenly and you can choose how much to spend on image. I highly recommend this game to jigsaw puzzlers everywhere πŸ₯°
Relaxing, tension-reducing puzzles that are beautifully done .... For a while, I forget about the pandemic and all the rest of my stress-filled life. For a while, I imagine myself creating the world I would live in - whether it be a tropical paradise or a mountain retreat. It's lovely.
Beautiful picture puzzles and great fun putting them together. This is honestly the best jigsaw puzzle game i have played. I have tried others but I keep coming back to this one. Keep up the good work for us jigsaw puzzle lovers. I would like to ask you if you can please add picture puzzles of old beautiful homes. I love homes of victorian and colonial styles. No newer home attracks me more. I would appreciate it so much and thank you for adding more beautiful picture puzzles everyday.
Very pleasing. I was thrilled that I found this puzzle after so many years. thank you for still being around. I had fun with the first puzzle.
Really like this app. They need more puzzles of paintings and bright color puzzles. Lately the new puzzle groups are kind of boring! Needs again more colorful and seasonal puzzles.
I had been looking for a new jigsaw puzzle game for a while. It seemed like most of what I open routes had so many ads I couldn't play the game. This one puzzle crown on the other hand allows me to play games and while there are ads they are not overwhelming. The images are great the ability to play the game is great I highly recommend it.
A great free puzzle game. You earn coins to buy puzzle pack by completing puzzles. There are many beautiful puzzles to choose from and options for puzzle size, rotatable pieces or not, toggle ghost image behind puzzle pieces. So far the best puzzle app I have used.
After completing over 400 puzzles, today I connot load the program and after uninstalling/reinstalling and signing into my account I am having proglems opening after logon. UPDATE!! After posting the above, within 12 hours, I have received email response explaining that I could try again. I am amazed, everything seems to be working as this happy, retired, Puzzle Crown app user is satisfied. I recommend this with 5 stars.
Best puzzles I've found! The only problem I've had is when I stop getting new puzzles. Then I have to uninstall and reinstall the site. This works but I lose all my coins and purchased puzzles.
App doesn't overheat my tablet CPU or massively drain the battery unlike the app I had before. I wish the pic didn't entirely fill the screen tho. I find a border round the pic more pleasing. Haven't fully explored all the options yet tho. Some oddly shaped jigsaw pieces rather than traditional which is ok but prefer traditonal. Some really excellent photos I will enjoy. good choice of piece numbers so teabreak and long winter night fully catered for
Great app. I especially like being able to go back in forth from the easiest to the not so easy puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are a stress reliever for me plus they keep me occupied for hours on end. Thanks for such great content. December 2020, and I have become addicted to this game. I am now a MASTER. I love using the rotation and figural settings. The difficulty level and variety of beautiful jigsaw puzzles keeps me glued for hours. So challenging and never boring! Best ever
I love this puzzle app. When I'm feeling depressed I put my puzzles together nd then I'm not so anxious for anything nd my depression feels alot better when my mind can think straight. I just put any one of these puzzles together. There all beautiful puzzles nd easy play. The app is easy to understand nd fun to put together.
This app has a variety of themes of puzzles. Free puzzles and puzzles you can unlock with the coins you collect. The only reason for a four-year review is for the same reason with other puzzle apps... it's aggravating to have to wait so long for a puzzle to appear and then have a message appear that the puzzle cannot download. At least this app is faster at giving you a negative response, whereas in other puzzle apps they just return to the selection board. Any good puzzle apps out there?
Best waste of time going. Not interrupted by ads. Have played this for some time now, pretty views & cute animals are ok but some more male orientated photos cars, boats, trains, solar system, engineering stuff etc. Don't like the new feature, watch the ad for 100 coins, returns the home page but cannot collect the coins. Happened the last 4 or 5 times.
Love the puzzles, my only complaint is that I used 980 coins to purchase the Caves pack and didn't receive it
This is the second jigsaw puzzle game I have tried, it works well and is interesting and fun. The first one I tried would not run longer than 45 seconds before shutting down. I like and recommend this app. Thank you.......One year later I still play almost every day and am still enthusiastic about the game. 1/5/2021.......nothing about my experience with this app has changed except the date.
Haven't tried other like programs....but I spend a ton of time on it. Lots of choices. Can do the puzzle in different number of pieces. Can do it with pieces in the right orientation, or random. Buildup points to 'buy' packages and they provide free ones continuously. And some that you don't know what they look like. Just fun.
Another updated review. Still love the puzzles. What I don't like is losing my purchases and points when I had to do a reset on my device....I had 30000 Points and many many puzzles plus many I was working on. Tried different sign ons but to no avail. NO REPLY FROM SUPPORT AS YET Update. Support have surpassed themselves again....points and puzzles restored.... many thanks.....ten stars
I love this app it is so much fun and very easy to play. Just pick how many pieces you want to play with and go for it. I love it. I wish there were better puzzles, i don't like animals so much but more landscapes with snow and lots of color.
Great fun...love the ..clocks and landscapes.. Love these jigsaws ...but game is now ..gliching...pieces won't move ,then suddenly appear on board...then they stay where they have landed and can't be moved into position ..They are stuck at random..?I've logged out twice...restarted after 2 moves ,it's off again..😯A bit sad...have deleted completely...and am starting from scratch.....not quite the same 2nd. time around...πŸ˜”
This is one very well fun to play with. I started Jiggsaw puzzles before I started school in 1951, l am now 73 and still love them. Thank you for all I have a good time with these. I can hardly tear myself away from these puzzles . It is so very injoyable. I wish that I knew the way back to my group of puzzles that I had already purchased. I am sometimes lost with sickness. I enjoy this so much Thank you. NELL
Three things find I find quite annoying. One, the board moves around A LOT, if it were stationary, it would be easier to to place the puzzle pieces, Two, the puzzle bar is too narrow. When I would try to scroll up or down to see the puzzle pieces, I would always hit the advertizement bar , very annoying. Three, is the advertizement bar. Now I well aware that you need those, but if you wre to have them in pop up box it would make the game more enjoyable to play.
I really enjoy these easy to use puzzles. There is a great variety of pictures and artwork. You can choose how.many pieces in the puzzle and also gain points to purchase other puzzle collections. There are not many ads to distract from the game.
I really wish there was an offline mode for this game! And I wish that the new packs didn't cost so many coins, because it takes so long to earn them. But otherwise great selection of puzzles and helps pass time
l enjoy doing puzzles. They are very relaxing for me. At Puzzle Crown there is Free puzzle every day and 1000 of puzzles to choose from plus rewards for doing puzzles. It is a great place to spend time to relax.
I have always loved doing jigsaw puzzles. I haven't had the time to really get into this one, l,'ve been busy in the slots all the time but I've done some puzzle apps before and I really like this pictures are great and it breaks down the large puzzle and I can still see 2 work them. A tRUely nice puzzle app.
best I've found!! love that I can change the shape of the pieces, how many pieces, and whether rotates. can't forget the puzzles, there are so many to choose from. bravo to the creators of this one ;)
Colors are beautiful and puzzles are quite a challenge at times. Overall game keeps my attention! Would like more pictures of food puzzles and anything with pastel colors...like objects not scenery. Appreciate few ads required to watch. Been a player for quite some time. Thank you!
Have had this App a week and I'm really enjoying it. Love the puzzles and the range of pieces. The colours are really good. I use another Jigsaw App but it isn't as good as this one.
Loved playing the puzzles, but for the last 2 days have tried to play, but it pops up that it has stopped working, and when I try to report it says it has stopped working also. Guess I will uninstall it if not fixed soon, like now.
I enjoy the Jigsaw Puzzle Crown very much but I'm afraid I may have to delete it and find some other game. The Machington game ads are disgusting and really unsuitable for young people and as an old person, I don't think they are suitable for anyone. Showing a man cheating on his wife, a woman having a married man's child, and just now I saw one where a man was cheating on his wife and actually having sex and the wife sees this. These are all cartoons, which are NOT funny.
I enjoy this app very much. I haven't changed the number of pieces yet. I have a habit of putting some pressure on myself time wise. I also use the app to enhance my mind and my skills for my job. The only thing I don't like the ads, but especially being on line. I like off line entertainment. But this puzzle is really great. My roommate and myself have completed about 100 puzzles in the last month. Thanks so much for a great game with challenges.
Really enjoyed puzzles as a child, the choice of puzzles is amazing, 3 levels to each, and the ability to use your own pictures as well make this game a winner to play over and over. Well done.
Great app, you can earn enough coins to buy most packs just by playing and completing puzzles but it's still tempting to spend a little money to get puzzle packs quicker. The ads are mostly optional for extra coins and so far none have been longer than 30 seconds. Good puzzle selection and no annoying game crashes. The only real complaint i have is that it's annoying that completing and claiming the reward for any challenge (daily, weekly, ect.) resets your pieces for all of the challenges.
FUN Helps pass the time and there is a wonderful selection to pick from. The mystery puzzles are a good time passer. I recommend this game excellent
I like the pictures. But I'm getting bored with the cutout selection. Also would like more choice of background colors.
Extremely enjoyable even on a large-screened phone. A small improvement would be the ability to zoom in on the preview window. You can zoom in on the puzzle but the preview can't be zoomed which would aid usability on a phone with puzzles with a larger number of pieces.
I really like this app. A good variety of free puzzles, dailies with some mystery puzzles which Inreally like, and a great assortment of puzzle packs you can purchase with the points earned from completing puzzles. I like that you can switch the number of pieces and the backgrounds. Good, high quality puzzles and works well.
Glad that today's mystery puzzle was an animal, and not a landscape. While I do like landscapes once in a while, I'd like to see more animals, art, under water scenes, flowers, etc. Otherwise, I like solving the puzzles in this app.
great game, I have looked at other jigsaw puzzle apps but not one was as good as this one. After months of using this ap I have not had any problems and the variety of puzzles is amazing. 16:10:2020. Still haven't found anything better then this app and with the lock downs there is nothing better than to curl up on the lounge with this app.
I've tried several jigsaw puzzle apps and I like this one the best. Great free images. Luv the way you can separate the framework pieces and change the background colors. Also luv the way there are no ads interrupting every 5 minutes. UPDATE. Been playing on this app for months and it is by far the best. It is the ONLY jigsaw app I play on now. Luv how it features a lot of colorful image puzzles not just landscapes.
I like the puzzles. Also the preview feature, but it seemed to go away the 2nd or 3rd time i started the game. Largest problem is the area for the pieces on the right is too small.
I love the app and all the different puzzles, they are amazing. The various scenes are really stunning. It is a very good way to relax and it's entertaining at the same time. Why when I go into my purchased puzzles or my list that the puzzles are not listed at the bottom that when I have finish playing one I can select another one? I ususally have to go back home in order to select another puzzle. I find that quite annoying.
[11/2019: Great!] **4/2021: I have had this app for years. When I first got my Note 20 (from Note 5) I had problems w the game freezing that an update fixed. On my new phone, I love that I'm able to have a minimized app, like YouTube, running on top while I'm playing. This app is simple to use, easy enough to play & nice to kill time! The other apps that use similar widget graphics can't compare to this one! Highly recommend this game!
I really like the pictures you use. The variety is really great. It is difficult to choose what to do next. However, I do NOT like the puzzle pieces disappearing and reappearing in the tray on the right as I increase or decrease the magnification of the screen. It is REALLY annoying. Fix this and I would rate this ap at five.
What the heck?!?! Went in to work on my puzzle and ALL of my DONE puzzles are wiped as well as all my coins and stars!! I have been doing these puzzles for 3 or 4 years!! I had several packs purchased and waiting for me and now i dont have enough coins to re-buy them!! Sooo upset!!! This was my one relaxation!! You had 5 stars from me until now!...edit...problem is now fixed and lost data recovered. Went into Android WebView and deleted the updates...worked like a charm! Back to 5 stars for app
I have difficulty getting back to puzzle in progress after closing app. I do not like Not having space on outside of puzzle to assemble sections of puzzle. Puzzle edge pieces do not go together at edge of the screen - either fall into tray or get hung up at the top of the screen or corners hard to position or etc.
Pros: The images are colorful and fun to do. There are many option to make the puzzles more or less challenging. You can put partially completed sections in the piece tray. Cons: there's no place to put the pieces while working on them- you have to work right on top of the puzzle. Also, it sorts your pieces based on which part of the puzzle you're looking at, which i find overly helpful. I'd like the option to turn that off. Figuring out where the pieces go is part of the fun.
I have enjoyed these puzzles for several months but it stopped working. I uninstalled and installed again. Of course, I lost all the puzzles that I "bought" with the coins I had accumulated. However, I still loved the daily puzzles but the app stopped again when I closed it and opened it to play again!
Great jigsaw puzzles, great layout, just wish I could set the amount of pieces! I would love to be able to have a listing of steam engines (with tender and coaches, naturally) especially British engines, even a set going from Puffing Billy, via Rocket, and through to the beautiful A4's! Britain gave the world a huge leap in technology so let's celebrate it with a good set of puzzles!
This is a really nice game. I am enjoying completeling the beautiful pictures.The only problem I am having is the pieces on the right are small. I would do better with a smaller picture with the pieces the same size
I play daily. Excellent app for after dinner relaxation. I've done almost all of the puzzles and really appreciate the daily puzzles.
Update: still no problems. If you ask them, they will try to add puzzles to accommodate to your liking, might not be exact but close. Have been doing this puzzle app for a couple of months and so far no problems. They have been a good challenge but not so hard that I want to quit...πŸ’–
Very relaxing puzzles. Enjoyed this and helps calm me down. Has a good variety of free puzzles but very easy to buy packages of different puzzles. The more puzzles you do, the more points you earn.
I love puzzles in general. And that's what drew mentor this game. It clean and easy to play. However a lot needs to change in order for people to download this game. Furthermore the puzzles stagnate nothing new seems to upgraded. Plus u have to purchase everything seldom are free puzzles given as gifts plus the sceneries need to get better with and extremely wide range of things. Please upgrade in every way to make the game better in every way in order for it to become popular. Thank u
Love this app. So addicting, beautiful scenes. I Especially like the question marks where you don't know what the scenes are till your done. You can also pic different size or shape of puzzle pieces.
Love the pictures, awesome puzzle styles! Highly addictive!! ONLY REASON FOR 2 STARS IS BC, EVERY DAY I GO BACK TO FINISH PUZZLE IT STARTS 2 LOAD N THE PUZZLE PIECES SLOW DOWN N BAM ON MY HOME SCREEN!! checked 4 any updates, n there is none!! FIX THIS BUG N WILL GIVE 5 STARS
I have would like to keep my feeling to this time. I have become one that look for daily puzzles, I'd love for you maybe to add one or two. The puzzles from all over are great pictures, my husband is also in to making pictures that you feel like take in, wished you had house full flowers. I love that pices are out of way. As I keep doing my puzzle on a daily, I joy getting the packs of the many. Keep up the great puzzles. I give more stars but there is not higher. I just love the the puzzles.