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Jigsaw Puzzle - Daily Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Critical Hit Software located at 2179 Avenida Toronja Carlsbad, CA 92009. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My favorite puzzle app. However I can't finish some objectives. Been searching for a 4 piece puzzle and can't find it and another one with sorting table. Its crazy but I can not finish the 2 objectives and its driving me crazy. Again, this is my favorite puzzle app. But tell me how to finish those objectives...lol Christmas puzzles are absolutely beautiful!
Updated system not so good. It is not so easy to move the tiles now it takes far too long and quite frustrating and they take a while to go in place instead of sliding in! also there is not so much room around the outside of the box HELP PLEASE I CANNOT OPEN MY JIGSAW PUZZLE AT ALL IT HAS TOTALLY FROZEN!
Very relaxing and fun but I am disappointed in recent changes. Puzzles used to tell where the puzzle was located but that information is no longer shown. I have been working on 60 puzzles of famous cities and when completed l don't know what the city is.
I have neen doing puzzles daily but the objectives of doing a puzzle for 30 or 80 days starts over every 3 or 4 days. Why is that? Do I have to do a puzzle in a certain time during the day? I finish the puzzle before midnight. 10/31/2020 the above problem is still occuring😐
The latest update is very puzzling - I can't find a way to lock the table and have tried the lock take option and the lock in the following options box but nothing works. It's so frustrating trying to solve a puzzle that moves all much that I now have a large backlog of unfinished puzzles. I just installed the latest update and still have this problem. I'm also curious about the back button on the puzzle that does nothing. And once you close the options box you can't bring it back. Please fix
love this, still play every day, 04/13/2020 Got a new ph. put it on it but, my puzzles and my coins did not follow. My other games did.
This app had been fairly stable and fun for a while. Then, the menu was changed so it's on the right side rather than at the bottom, and when you show it, it obscures part of the puzzle. I hate it and wish the old menu was back. Now there's an ad for Candy Crush Soda that doesn't allow yo to close it, so every time it pops up I have to restart the app, which takes so long I usually just give up after it happens a couple of times. I run it on a Galaxy Tab A8.
Very enjoyable jigsaws, great range of pictures, beautiful colours. Now a year or more later I still really enjoy doing these jigsaws each day. But I wish you would let me turn off the objectives and progress stuff. Still like it, but my current beef is the STUPID thing where the puzzle shrinks down for the final piece! On my 7 inch tablet this makes it so small I find it quite hard to get that last piece in! Please cancel it!
It's a beautiful and wonderful game, but there are more and more ads now, at every move - when you start a puzzle, when you end a puzzle, even when you want to view completed puzzles!
Don't like changes, hate automatic scatter on start of puzzle and hate, hate, hate, shrinking on last piece with the sparkles, can't see to put last piece in place. Definitely makes the game less enjoyable, seriously considering finding another puzzle game,
I upgraded my phone but my free puzzle packs, gallery,, and purchases from my old phone didn't transfer in the app. So bummed
Not a bad app but they reduced the ability to 'buy' puzzles with earnings significantly - NOT HAPPY, what's the point for players? Followup: Thank you for the response and I took your suggestion but my original comment stands. Removing 1 star for the change to the 'toolbox' - HORRIBLE, obstructs the playing field of the puzzle. 😬
There are far too many pop up ads. As a result I will not purchase any puzzle packs as I expect that I would be bombarded with further pop up ads. You should review how your ads are displayed.
Love this app! I really love the custom puzzle option - I'm now taking photos with an added eye toward what would make a good puzzle.
I liked the older version better, it didn't have so many complicated goals like their one has. Editing to add that I can play the older version on my computer, but I miss playing that version on my phone.. I have learned to love the new version.. In the Long Haul challenge, there's no way to play the 4 piece segment.. I don't know it's this matters, just thought I'd mention it.
Been playing this puzzle for years but stopped for a few years but always loved this puzzle one no other puzzle games that I really really loved ❀ also I highly recommend this puzzle game ❀ once u play you auto Automatically Addicted u will never want to play another puzzle game ever ❀so please go ahead and try u also love it so much that u will want to tell all your friends and family all about and u will also want to recommend this puzzle game to all your friends if u love puzzle u will to
Customer service sucks and puzzles don't download when you pay for them! Every single time I paid money (not earned coins but actual money) for a puzzle pack it wouldn't download. I downloaded 2 puzzle packs in one night and contacted support and sent screen shots of the payments and what packs i paid for and they have stopped responding to me and my customer service requests. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTENT.
Way too many ads and too long. And have to watch the same long ads. And the current event of monopoly forces you to buy puzzle to join in. And after many days of playing I haven't received any of the golden items in the Christmas event. I've reported this multiple times on app, nothing has been done. I just told to do different puzzles. If the pop up comes up then it should be the correct puzzle to get golden items. Very frustrating. Samething is happening with current event
Love the puzzles.....Christmas puzzles are my fav. Love that I can create my own puzzles with pictures on my phone. Best part of it. Only down side is that very little puzzles you can use the coins for. Mostly you have to pay out of pocket. The free daily puzzles are nice. Would like in the next update of the app to be able to have a folder or something to put my personal pics in that i would like to make puzzles of.
The last several "contests" for free puzzles have failed to provide prizes. Plus, if you ever accidentally get logged out, you lose everything when you log back in. I'm playing what I can for free, but won't spend a dime on anything. And the latest update has blanked 90% or more of my screen. How do you work a puzzle you can't see?
I began enjoying this app about 7 months ago, and was very excited about the variety of packs that it offers. My rating would have been a 5, but my excitement has been short-lived because I have not been able to restore and play my last 2 packs that I paid for about 4 months. I contacted the support team the 2nd time that it happened, but have not gotten a resolution, so I am down to just working the free daily puzzles that I like because I'm afraid to pay for services not received.
Used to love this app, it was the best one available and spent hours on this, but now am so annoyed by the ads playing in the middle of doing the puzzle - don't mind at the beginning or end but not multiple times while completing it. I understand it's free and need ads but just so frustrating now. Looking elsewhere for a better one...
Excellent... all of a sudden my game freezes!,!,What can be wrong. Mobile data and wi-fi is on....i have uninstalled game and re - installed it, but problem still exists....problem still not solved after numerous days of telling what problem is,. I have even unistalled the game end installed it again..... with NO solution to the problem,.....
Used to enjoy this puzzle, but now frequent obnoxious ads are displayed in middle of puzzle. If it keeps doing this, I will uninstall. No $$$$ for developers, if their game isn't being used. Ads at beginning and end are fine with me.
Excellent... all of a sudden my game freezes!,!,What can be wrong. Mobile data and wi-fi is on....i have uninstalled game and re - installed it, but problem still exists....problem still not solved after numerous days of telling what problem is,. I have even unistalled the game end installed it again..... with NO solution to the problem,..... my problem has been solved, but my previous purchases can not be restored....
I like the veriety of puzzles, I don't have to worry about missing pieces, I can make them simple or complecated.
Love the way this app let's you decide on difficulty. Puzzles can be done multiple times with increasing pieces and more complexity. Better than many jigsaw games I have played.
Game won't load since update. Sits at 100% and nothing else happens. I have been playing this game for over a year. Had many puzzle packs but all is gone now. Can't get to help or support page since it won't get past the 100% page. Very sad this happened. Was my favorite game. Everything else on my tablet works so it has to be something in the update. Samsung / Android tablet. Has been working for over a year with no problems
Some major changes has happen so I am changing my rate. I play this game every day, and love playing now. The only thing I don't like is the selection of puzzle packs that can be bought with the coins you collect. All the holiday ones (Halloween-Christmas)had to be purchased with cash. Then some of the Halloween packs then could be traded with the coins after Christmas. Give people a break. Make some to purchase and some for trade of coins. Why have the coins if there is nothing good to get?
I have loved playing this game for years. I am not a fan of all the ads now, nor do I like having objectives. Those need to change. I am bombarded with objective notifications after finishing each puzzle...I don't care about that it actually overwhelms and is highly irritating. The home button being above the view puzzle button, looks like an eye, could change i hit the home button all the time trying to view the puzzle.
Liked this app until every time there is a contest it gets extended at the last minute. Very frustrating!!!
Been playing this for many months now but suddenly it's started loading too many ads.bombarded by stupid not relevant ads! And today it hasn't stored the puzzle I was doing and won't let me open any I've started already previously and I cant finish them.!I've updated app, cleared cache but app won't work. Not fair. I've tried to contact for help by no reply! Great all those months of jigsaws are now lost as the stupid app won't let me open them!
Used to love this app, but now it keeps freezes part way through a puzzle. Have to restart 10-15 times to get through a puzzle. Time to just delete the app.
Because of illness I have tried every puzzle app in the store and this is hands down the very best. The choice of puzzles is outstanding, and if the free puzzles become boring, for a small fee, around $1.99 to 3.99, you get anywhere from 25 to 40 puzzles in a set. Highly recommended.
Puzzle was working fine. Now will not open to main page. Bar in beginning goes to 100% than stays. Nothing else opens. Can not play since new update.
Not a fan of new tools "tray". It was better when all the tools were at the bottom... easier access. Also, I've earned and also purchased many "puzzle coins", but they go missing. Three times now, I've had those coins/credits just randomly disappear. Last time, I had over 8,000 total (maybe half of that was from real money credits). Support isn't helpful about resolving it either. I've been given the attitude/excuse of, "Sorry, glitches happen and we can't guarantee your credits/purchases".
Great game, but...ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE POP-UP-ADS!!! I've been playing this game for years and I enjoy the quiet time focusing on my puzzles. I've purchased dozens of puzzle packs and I try to finish each one. I can only play a finite number of puzzles and when I finish a pack I click on the very obvious shopping cart and purchase another. The pop-up ads are ruining the game. Please fix this game-ruiner.
enjoyable puzzles, lots of fun, unfortunately, I do not like the sparkly lights that appear with the last piece being placed as they interfere with the placement of that piece.
I would give 5 stars if the pieces didn't always freeze in place and there is nothing you can do but wait it out. Very frustrating because I really love this puzzle game.
It is a great app, only that it crashes/freezes when launching every single time and also during play sometimes: an odd pieces freezes that I can only move once found an attachment to it. It is so disappointing as otherwise I love the app - but after waiting for 3 months and this issue still not fixed, I might just look elsewhere an uninstall this one. :(( such a pity. :(( If you have a Galaxy Tab S7 plus - beware!
Used to be a great app but ads are popping up all the time as well as progress bubbles and there is no way to turn them off. Other apps allow you to go ad free once you've purchased. Not this one. I understand adding new features but if a user dislikes them/finds them annoying, there's no way to turn them off (preview booster and the return of making the puzzle smaller and flashing the last puzzle piece.) Most annoying: the number of packs you can buy with points is practically none now.
The delightful pictures are very colorful, bright and some are cute and funny. The puzzles help me relax and releave stress.
Used this app for a couple of years with no trouble. Now sadly it keeps crashing. There is plenty of storage space. I am using an up to date tablet. Any suggestions, it is very irritating. It is tempting to uninstall and go elsewhere. I have read your FAQ and none of the suggestions help. Can you please advise. Thank you Contacted the developer and they managed to fix the glitches and so far all is good.
I loved this app for the longest time. I now have 2 major issues. 1. I installed this on a new tablet & logged into Facebook, I then tried to login on the old tablet to connect my purchases to the new tablet & it won't work. I have basically lost my purchases. 2. I can only move about 10 puzzle pieces before the app crashes & shuts down. I like these puzzles & I like the variability. What i would really like is the ability to make a wish list for future purchases
Okay mobilityware, I downloaded your jigsaw puzzle app to try it out. Pop up ads keep coming up in front of puzzles when I click on them, and when I push the home screen button it throws me on to the buy more puzzles page, then it freezes. What good is an app when it literally won't let you play?
Pretty good puzzle app, but the end is a disappointment. At least show the completed puzzle for more than one second. Better would be make it do something like the solitaire cards where the pieces cascade down like the cards. And best would be to have the pieces fall away from last to first, so you could watch it deconstruct in reverse order to how you assembled it. And if you didn't want to watch that, a simple tap would end it, just like with solitaire.
Very calming. I do wish there were more dreamscape puzzles I almost finished the 5 that are out. The improvemens are great thank you
Very enjoyable but crashes regularly and on most returns takes a minute to restart. A good improvement would be to have an option to randomise the orientation of pieces as in a real jigsaw. Several versions on and while still quite fun, the even more frequent crashes are waring and many of the best features have gone. Why remove the 4 pools with one fixed one? The so called improvements are dreadful and the adverts even more irritating. Such a pity.
All brilliant. Good idea having to look at ad before free puzzle. If I could add another star I would ! What more can I say LOVE IT.why so few puzzles can be bought with ones credits? Has this changed? Still thoroughly enjoying puzzles! Harder now as have to watch ad before getting a piece! But then it makes one work harder πŸ€ͺ. All great fun. Thank you! Once I got used to changes you made it's pretty good, thank you all for an excellent app!
GAME PROGRESS CAN'T BE MOVED TO NEW DEVICE! I wasted nearly $20 on puzzles I can no longer play, simply because I had to get a new phone. Most of those paid puzzles I didn't even play once. "Mobility"ware doesn't even offer mobility for your game progress. I'm done supporting this company.
This game was fun for a little while until it started freezing up and crashing Every Single Time I try to play it. Nothing the Help Section suggested, helped. So, I uninstalled it & reinstalled it. It still freezes and crashes! I've spent a lot of money on puzzles that I can't even play. App Support hasn't helped, either. They really need to fix it because its a waste of time to play. It sucks!
Hurray thank you for sorting out the problem at last I can get back into the game. I've lost the daily downloads of which I had quite a few but at least I have my coins and games purchased. Once again big shout out to the developers for getting this game to load. Brilliant as good as playing a typical boxed jigsaw. Can pick and play as and when. Until they changed it!! Now can not get into game at all now!!!!!!!!!!
Getting better. Please add more trays, one is not enough. Still infested with adverts. Is it my imagination or has the touch sensitivity been degraded somehow. ?
More free puzzles w people, cars, houses, & give free coins when you say you will. Also offer more puzzle packs for less coins so I can get some nice ones. I love that I can scatter the puzzle pieces! It makes it so much easier to find the right pieces to put together!
Have been using this app for a very long time but haven't been able to open this app for the last four days. Spoil my playing. In response to your message I attempted to contact you several time in the last 12 hours but when I submit the message I get a "sorry something went wrong" message. Since it would appear that I have lost all my completed puzzles, my unplayed puzzles and my completed objectives I think it is time for me to delete your app since I cannot make contact you - goodbye.
Pathetic user experience. I have over 41k in coins but the selection to use them is so limited. Why give us coins and you also sell them and then limit what to get. All puzzle packs should be able to be got either via cash or coins. Recently did Monopoly challenge. Completed all. Was to get 15 puzzles and share of the coins..At close of contest, status said 0 of 15. I could not claim any. The next day it all disappeared. Annoyed..I want what I earned. Pop up ads between each screen. Ridiculous
I have this same app on iOS and I really enjoy it. But on Android it has TOO MANY ADS compared to the iOS version. I understand that ads are needed, but please modify the app so that less ads are required. It puts me off from playing this version.
Very nice puzzles. Relaxing! Lots of sales. Get beautiful pictures for not much money. Can make puzzles out of photos as well. Keep up the good work
The puzzles are great. The constant flashing ads and sales attempts distracting and annoying. This game is not worth it. The ads get worse and worse and even include offensive pornographic ads. I'm done
Love it. Relaxing and you can choose what levelof difficulty you want to play. Been playing this game now for over a year and still love it. I applaud the support team for quickly taking care of a couple of issues that I had satisfactorily. I also appreciate the new update that fixed the issue of the tray position...staying at the top or bottom until you decide to change it. Thanks!
Good past time. disappointed cannot access any more Free Puzzles1. Still looking for some free puzzles beside the daily one. Would like free puzzles that I have not already completed. Enjoy doing as I am a Senior.
It used to be the best, because it was the nearest to a real physical jigsaw. Not any more; between substituting a scroll bar as well as stupid and recently introduced pointless animations at the end of games, it's just like all the others. It won't be getting any more of my money! Another app will.
I absolutely love having a puzzle to play everyday. They have some great ones from Disney, Archie comics, Mr Potato Head, Clue and Trivial Pursuit. I look forward to seeing what the daily offering is along with what's new in the puzzle packages. There's always something for anyone. Collect coins for free puzzle packs or you can purchase from .99 - $3.99. They always have a sale going on. My only wish is that they could add a wishlist to the puzzle offerings for you to purchase later. πŸ€—
Can't stop playing... Update Jan 2021 - app has been changed for the worse. There's only one tray instead of four which is pretty pointless. To change backgrounds one has to cycle through all of them, so if you miss one you have to cycle through them all again. Definitely not change for the better.
Great game. Absolutely love it. Improve/ change the colors of the trays and it will be perfect. Love the idea of trays but their colors are too dark. Consider either letting is choose our background colors or make their background light colors, such as white? It is really hard to see the colors of the pieces on dark background. Thank you. Valerie Dec.16 version. Was excited to see an update. Hoping for the trays to come back, Nope. More adds. No trays. Fix that PLEASE . Bring back the trays.
Honestly so upset with this latest update. This is my all time favorite puzzle game. WAS anyways. 1 tray? Seriously ... 1000 piece puzzle and you want me to store all 1000 pieces in 1 tray? Now you gotta scroll for forever to find a piece you need for the area you're working on. I can't even begin to understand the thinking behind this update. Thank you for ruining a perfectly great puzzle game!
Why oh why do developers think that changing the UI is always necessary? The new options are horrible (with one exception, being able to hide the tray is nice), along with the changes to tray placement and the number of trays. If if ain't broke, leave it alone! Edit 4/27/21 -- And yet another UI change that has virtually made this unplayable for me. What a shame, as I really used to enjoy this app. Off the phone it goes in search of a better puzzle app.
This is a good app but I'd rather not play than to have to sit through the "Only 4 Patriots" ads that are constantly being shoved onto us. I just had to sit through 6 30 second ads in a row with a couple of 15 second ones thrown in. If this is your only sponsor, someone there is failing miserably. I'll be back when they're gone or will just uninstall.
This is relaxing for me. No extra buttons to get in the way to accidentally hit repeatedly. I like this puzzle program MUCH better than others I've tried and deleted because of above issues that were frustrating instead of relaxing. I recommend this game.
It is really good but some ads appear and if you want a different puzzle you have to pay for it which personally nobody wants
Updated: Emailed developer using ID MW-1077058. Hoping to get a resolution to my issue of restoring my 8 purchased puzzle packs. I've been dealing with trying to restore my premium status, 3,000+ coins, & previously purchased puzzle packs for 2 weeks now. I recently purchased a Samsung S21 and literally every single one of my apps came over correctly, with the exception of this one and another game I play. I am using the same Google Play account I had before. The only thing under restore is FREE content. None of my purchased content is there. I've emailed developer and it returns with an mail delivery failed.
This had always been my favorite app. I worked on puzzles every day. I bought over 100 puzzle packs. Then they updated it. Now, all it does is load to 100% but, it will never open. I have uninstalled as reinstalled several times but, it still will not open. I am having serious puzzle withdrawals. Please fix whatever issue this is. I am on a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Android Tablet. Please help me!!
I was finally able to restore my purchases to my new phone although my points disappeared from both devices. My problem now is that my puzzles are taking up all of the storage on my phone. What can I do about this? Update: The app was taking up almost 70GB of space! I deleted it & restored my purchases. Now the app was only using an appropriate amount of storage space -- about 300 MB. After about a week, it suddenly bloated back up to 69GB, effectively using up all remaining space!!
Love the puzzles! I so enjoy them! But I'm not sure how to use the coins earned. When I scan the puzzles, I only see 3 or 4 to purchase with coins. Can I get more to choose from to buy with coins?
I downloaded Google Play on this device as you suggested so that I could get my purchased packs sync to this device from my iPhone? Thank You When I activated the game on my new Samsung Tablet the puzzle packs I purchased did not Sync over to my tablet. I will not purchase anymore puzzle packs until you Sync the ones from my iPhone over to this tablet. I should not have to repurchase them again. Thank you for your attention to my problem. Wanda Cikalo
I tried your app. Disappointed. "Photo Puzzles Legends" is a better one that's actually free AND has NO ADS. Has "NO ADS" right on its icon picture! I simply wanted to give my great grandmother a photo-customizable puzzle... but your app says I have to upgrade? Come on, guys! Hope you improve your app, not just your advertising methods, nor sink to any type of suppression of competition. You are the first of 3 I tried. --J
I used to love these puzzles. I started a new puzzle tonight & discovered the 'control panel' (edge, lock, peek, etc.) was on the side!! Totally in the way! I like to occasionally peek, now I have to open the panel, peek, close again. If I want to see on the right, forget it or close, reopen again to close the peek button. TOO MANY STEPS! Perfect before! And ads are suddenly out of control, ads to play the free puzzle? Loading ads is longer than playing ads sometimes. PLEASE rethink changes!
Why oh why do developers think that changing the UI is always necessary? The new options are horrible (with one exception, being able to hide the tray is nice), along with the changes to tray placement and the number of trays. If if ain't broke, leave it alone!
These "animated " puzzles won't work on my Android phone. I bought 1 to try it nothing happened except disappear!! How are you supposed to work these kind of puzzles?
This used to be a great app and I gave it a strong review, but no longer. There is now a bombardment of ads, every time you open the app, move backwards within the app, click on something within the app to check it out, and so on... these are not quick ads and it's $15 to turn them off, even if you PAID for the puzzle packs. Such a bummer, because it used to be fun.
I purchased $20 through Google play and when I tried purchasing puzzle packs my balance was not an option. So now if I want to purchase puzzles, I must use my debit card. I feel like the puzzle developer should have notified me that I can no longer use money purchased through Google. Now I am out $20. This app continues to disappoint me. First the sorting trays, now this!
Until the recent update I would give 5 stars. I don't understand the recent update with trays. Two reasons this update is terrible: 1. There's only one tray. So now instead of being able to sort to multiple trays by colour you can only put them in one, and then you need to scroll forever to find what you want 2. It takes up more screen space than the previous trays and you can't hide it, taking up space on the screen to sort pieces by colour. Please change it back to the old trays!!!
Really enjoyed this app but very recently apparently they 'updated' it & I really don't like the new format, at all. They got rid of the trays to separate your pieces which were @ the top & now it's @ the bottom where the options box was. There were 4 & now there's just one big one. & the options box got shoved to the side - very inconvenient!
Constant ads I loved this game and have played it for years; however, games are now interrupted for ads and there are several other ads also. I play this to relax, not to try to quick finish the puzzle before ANOTHER ad starts. Uninstalling.
Bought this to be able to use the create your own puzzle. Every time I try I get a black puzzle. Do I need a certain resolution or file format. Edit need to place the pictures on the device and not a memory card.
Love the daily puzzle. More free puzzels, please. NOTE; I still love the puzzles, BUT I paid the 15 bucks to end the incessant ads. Kept seeing one I found offensive, so I bit the bullet, so to speak. NOW I am seeing ads for their special offers. Hey dudes, these are ads, too! Quit showing them, PLEASE! I buy puzzles, leave me alone!
entertaining. wide choice of puzzles. but, i hate the fact that I lost points twice because puzzles would not load an had to unintall and reinstall it. second time had buy a new pad. my friend also had the same problem. one of us used ipad and the other used android. we both had to loose points. Still, it is the best puzzle app around. Two pads & years later, still the best puzzle app going. Can't stand those long trays.like to see my prices all together like a real puzzle.
Was a great game until they added the trays and non of the puzzle pieces show up! Don't waste your time! Deleting the game and looking for a new one! Kind of hard to get you that information when I have uninstalled your game!
Just updated and now you have a single tray...no ability to sort the pieces. Been playing for some time now and live with a few annoying flaws but this update has made me decide this is no longer my preferred puzzle app. Will explore others unless we can make multiple trays AND select groups of pieces at once to move and sort as other apps allow for. So annoyed.
I enjoy the challenge of solving large puzzles. This app meets my expectations. Well done! Since the latest update, I am disappointed. We all solve the puzzles differently and since I like solving the largest puzzle piece I would have liked to have more than 1 box to place my pieces in. Also, I would have liked to have the ability to empty the box onto the playing area. Perhaps you will consider making the changes, so we can continue to enjoy playing.
Nice images, easy controls, simple to play, great to play while watching TV or killing time - Uninstalled on 28/3 after latest update - became unplayable and fed up waiting for fix Reinstalled in April - still the greatest jigsaw app out there - even with the few minor bugs that they are working on. Bugs fixed 02/5 - one of the best apps on the planet again. 29/11 - still playing - still one of the best apps on the planet!!!!!
This is a fun and enjoyable game which, over many years of play, i have systematically downgraded from 5 to 3 stars coinciding with their "upgrades" of the app. The upgrades have not improved the enjoyment of the game but have resulted in the loss of previously bought games and associated data, accompanied by distracting activities.
I too am really disappointed with the direction this game is going. Now they have destroyed the pieces trays, messed up the menu option bar during game play, and there is ever increasing ads and in your face sub games. I have played this game for quite a few years and it is degrading to a point of real frustration. I also have noted that the response to the negative reviews is basically a boilerplate response indicating they could care less what their loyal users think or want.
Fun to play but WAY too heavy on ads. I've also never been able to recover the purchases I've made on my original device. Since my first install on another phone, on which I purchased 2 or 3 puzzle sets, I've not been able to find those sets on new devices even though I log in the same way on everything. Edit - January, 2021: Ad density has only gotten worse. Now they're time delayed so they can't be quickly dismissed. Uninstalling.
This is an edited review. I have changed my phone and all my puzzles have gone. I tried the restore but was told it was linked to my 'other ' Facebook account. Also support is now ignoring my messages so my advice is don't spend any money here. UPDATE Thankfully the support have restored my purchases, it did take a while but I enjoyed the puzzles so I will continue to play.
I was fine with the ads to play, but now they are non stop, before you play, when you switch screens, randomly during the game. It's too much and super annoying. Deleting immediately. I play to relax. I don't want ad after ad continously interrupting my game play. 😀
Good but need more food variety. To be able to have puzzle pieces be separated when hit the screen to play. Spend 5min just to get to the point of seeing all the pieces. Thx
A great app with phenomenal development and help. Over time, I have seen the developer make this app better and better. The puzzles are beautiful and with daily free coins and puzzle completion, it is possible to never spend a dime on this app.Once in a while they do puzzle events but would like more because they are fun. The people who help when needed like Pat are fantastic and really do help, making sure your issue is completely resolved. I love this app and consider it one of the best.
I had an issuewith missing a bunch if my packs but I was helped quickly and back to playing my favorite games.
Many errors in the program, pieces sticking, and at the end, I had 3 pieces showing and only 1 piece needed to finish the puzzle. None of the 3 pieces fit the needed piece.
Have found this to be the best jigsaw app out there and I have tried a few. Vast choice of puzzles and just the ones I like. American folk art, "old fashioned" ones, art, beautiful china ware, old posters to name a few. I have not found the ads too intrusive either. No problems with loading the game either.πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜€
Played this game for a few years now with no issues hence the 3 stars until now but now I am getting into a puzzle and it is jumping to ads through the puzzle ,before and after the puzzle fair enough but 3 game ads within 1 196 piece puzzle is a no no for me. Hopefully it can be sorted or I will have to delete :(
I like the different genres and how a player can chose which difficulty level to play. Also the super sales allow a person to get different themes at a reduced price. Finding a puzzle pack by theme is helpful. There are so many to chose from that a player will be sure to find several to interest him or her. Great app!
I love jigsaws and helping people so was excited to try this new app, but was very disappointed that there is no game for helping people by solving the puzzle, as the ad tells you there is. And you have to watch an ad before every puzzle in order to play. It is also a little difficult to figure out how to find a puzzle to play, it is not very intuitive. There are better jigsaw games out there, so I doubt I'll be coming back.
Enjoy daily free puzzle. I try to obtain coins by watching ads but always problem loading them. This stops me from obtaining free puzzles.
I used to love this app. I played every single daily puzzle and frequently more. With the last update, you are interrupted constantly with ads. It was fine when they were between puzzles, even though they were long ads. Now it is just annoying and so I'm disappointed and DONE.
I have loved playing this game, but am aggravated now that the option to use coins to purchase puzzle packs are almost non existent. I have actually spent over $50 in this game buying packs or coins. Now I can't use the coins I purchased to buy packs I want. Edited review: at least there are more puzzle packs that you can get with coins. Unfortunately they require a large amount. A puzzle pack on sale for $1.99 and takes 7990 coins. Ridiculous.
I love this app, but it is glitchy. Even after the update, it is glitchy. I have been trying to play the Clue game, and the printed clues are covered up by the "PLAY" button. What's up with these ads in the middle of the play? Very annoying.
I love the puzzles, but there are never puzzles that can be bought with coins anymore. For example, today I can find only one pack. Why are we getting coins if they're not useful anymore??? I am a senior with limited funds and the coins helped me afford puzzles.
Awsome Jigsaws! I love the last Update, it's almost just like it was when I played years ago.I like Purchasing my puzzles.So now this will be the only Jigsaws that I will play and keep on my phone.You chanced some things,but I love the chance.I love the fact that the pieces lock where they belong.THANK YOU.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜!
This is a good app but I'm trying to collect the "golden reindeer" and I've collected 4 so far but am only getting credit for 1! When I get the "sweet" message it freezes the game and I have to shut the game down and don't get the reindeer credit. Mobilityware is better than this. I know because I have 4 of your apps that I play everyday!
I love Jigsaw Puzzle. Always have. Now that I have three cats, I can't play the original kind. But, now I can play tp my hearts content. Added bonus, I can take my puzzles with me, on my phone. The pictures used cover all tastes. I get literally hours of fun. Still Absolutely Love this. One peeve, I got up to 33 games in consecutive days, and it kicked me back to zero. Ticked me off enough, that I didn't play for a few days.
Very pretty puzzles. Somewhat difficult to manuver through even though it has all the features available that you really need. It can be easy or difficult depending on how many puzzle pieces you choose. I like that they give you that option. Even the free puzzles are very good! UPDATE: I'm really enjoying this puzzle game. Now easy to maneuver since I learned how it actually works! Call me slow. Have to give 5 stars.
Loved this for many years, haven't been on in awhile and now most of my in progress puzzles are gone and my premium subscription is gone. I can no longer create my own puzzles. I tried but there is nothing to restore.
Great jigsaw puzzle game! Makes playing easy and accessible. Edit: Down to 4 stars now because of the latest update (06/21) I paid $15 to be ad free. Sneaking in ads for your own stuff is not okay - they're still ads.
First, I really like the app because it offers many amazing pecks of puzzle to do so I decided to pay $15.99 to upgrade to have no ads. Now, I am really frustrated even I don't have the 30 seconds ads anymore, I still have to deal with the in app ads EVERY SINGLE TIME I switch a screen. 😀 The app still has so many pop up to want me to watch ads. 😑 Also the saved pic looks horrible! 😩 Oh, the February pack sale reward is a scam because I bought 5 sales packs and I never get any stamps 😐
I have too much invested in my favorite jigsaw puzzles and love them except it's getting real old with freezing up. I do everything you tell me and it works for a little while but same thing keeps happening. I hope it's fixed real soon.
Games dose not work load it in wait about 15 minutes looking at black screen not phone tried it on tablet as well stays on 100% and doesn't load in
The photos are beautiful or funny. The only thing I would change is that the board moves sometimes when you are trying pieces.
I loved this app up until the latest updates. Now, no matter where on my screen I tap, it opens up my browser to ads. Even when I'm doing a puzzle that I paid for. It's constant! I'm going to uninstall because it's not worth it anymore. Such a shame! It was really good until then.
My puzzles don't mark of as played or just keep returning as unplayed games. If you have to stop a game when you return it starts you all over again.
There always seems to be a "network problem" when l go to collect my points. What gives?why aren't there more puzzles to be bought with points? I have trouble understanding the special game offers and what to play to achieve the offered gifts.
I had enjoyed this app for years. It has recently started crashing all the time and now it won't even load at all. I use an Android device. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. No luck. Very dissapointed.
After months achieving all of the goals except for solving a puzzle 80 days in a row, the app stopped working at 68 of the 80. Very frustrating! Lost all of my points too! Don't waste your time.
I've been playing this app for quite a long time, I don't like the percentage opening each time you switch it on, it's irritating. The thing I personally would love to see in the store section is a place to buy puzzles with just the coins accumulated and or purchased. It's such a drag I give up looking in the end. It's the only puzzle game I've never uninstalled!
This has been my favorite app for years but the latest changes to the puzzle menu stinks. No need to move the menu to the side. More difficult to use the peek function. Don't need a function to highlight placement of 1 puzzle piece. The number of pop ups for other puzzles and other apps has become ridiculous. 4,5 pop ups to get back to home screen. I paid to upgrade, the pop ups should have stopped. Monopoly puzzles really? 😣
Love the challenge of these puzzles. I used to be able to purchase puzzles with my coins but no longer able to. Also used to be able to do puzzles without the ads. They are constantly popping up. I would like this app more if this didn't happen.
Best jigsaw app around. Been playing for a few years. First time ever, I had an issue following a recent upgrade, but online support was great and issue resolved quickly. Glad to see other reviews highlighting the same problem I'm having, of the game no longer loading properly. Hope tjis issue can be resolved quickly.
Love this app. It freezes sometimes and I have to log out and back in, but other than that it's great. Many hours spent playing! You get tokens for every puzzle cometed. Save up your tokens to purchase puzzle packs. Love this app!
Brilliant as good as playing a typical boxed jigsaw. Can pick and play as and when. Until they changed it!! Now can not get into game at all now!!!!!!!!!!
great awesome fun with changes of way to play. Thank you for extra points! Always, almost, enjoy daily puzzle. I gave you a five star rating. Don't no why it isn't showing you. Really like the sparkly last puzzle piece! Puzzles are more to my enjoyment. Thank you for noting my preferences.
This Jigsaw puzzle app is great. Please consider making more puzzles available with coins. Why can't we buy puzzles with points anymore? Puzzles used to be available for cash or points. You only have a handful of puzzles available for points. What is the sense of working puzzles if the points are not good for anything? Fun puzzle game. I like this app more than Magic Jigsaw puzzies. This app gives a new free puzzle every day.
fun app, daily puzzle doesn't open 50% of the time. Update : Daily puzzle is better now. Puzzle freezes often and often won't upload when completed. Otherwise a fun way to waste timeπŸ™‚
so much better now that puzzle isn't closing all the time. Except now won't let me buy puzzles with my credits πŸ™ƒthanks for letting me know about options to purchase with coins. Enjoy the puzzles!
This is, by far, the single best jigsaw puzzle app of them all! It's just like doing puzzles in real life. This app brings back all my memories of buying a puzzle, flipping the box over on the card table & spending days putting the puzzle together. The selections are awesome! The puzzles are more challenging & are absolutely beautiful when finished. I, especially, love this app because it brings back special memories of doing puzzles with my Daddy, rest in peace. My heart is touched. GREAT APP!
I loved this app but since the last update there is some stupid music playing in the background and it messes up my phone. I have all sounds and music off but this damn music still comes on and when i close down the app it still plays.....i have to shut down my phone and restart to get it to stop. Uuuggggghhhhhhh......this only happens with this app. No other app does this. I have deleted this app twice and reinstalled to see if it stops. But the music comes back.
Not happy with this update. There were problems with the older one but I was able to play the puzzles I had bought. I was trying to get all my puzzles done as 121 pieces and had many of them done and now with this they all reset to 0 puzzles done. After I did this I was going to the next amount of pieces. I added this update because there were problems with the last one and we have to buy puzzle packs so why should we have to pay to have no ads? I'm close to deleting the whole thing!
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, JP has been such a comfort to help concentrate on fun puzzles. Time passes much faster. We have stayed home for weeks, but JP helps fill the gap. Never lack for something fun to do. Thanx, JP! Been loving Halloween puzzles.
Really enjoy putting together beautiful pictures and being able to choose how challenging the puzzle is by selecting the number of pieces.
I'm enjoying Jigsaw Puzzle app. You can pick difficulty level by your settings. For example, how many pieces for the puzzle, choose the background color, rotate the pieces or not, and there are trays.
I've used this app every day for over a year and love it but now I have a new phone and it constantly crashes. I've tried everything and it just won't work properly but still works on my old phone. I think I will have to find a new puzzle app otherwise I'm restarting every 10 minutes and it just ruins the game.
I love this app. Doing these puzzles are fun and very calming. I like the coins you earn with each puzzle so you can buy other puzzle packs. Well done!! I wish you would put more coins on puzzles. I am earning coins left and right but no where to spend them. I donot like the 14 or 16 puzzles you choose for me to buy. We need a larger variety to choose from. Thank you. And don't make them so pricey. It takes to long to earn the higher prices. Gosh really please lower the coins.
A great choice of puzzles for all ages, I just wish the magnifying glass option was sharper and could go into deeper close up as some of the details of the puzzles are missed and it makes it difficult to find pieces that match without using the suggestions button it's also started freezing contacted the dev but no response. App is STILL constantly freezing takes at least five attempts to open before the app works properly not my phone as have had software checked also brand new phone.
I have played this game for several years. The last couple of days there have been more and more adverts. I've just been playing the daily puzzle, while playing the same puzzle it has gone into adverts 3 times and I'm not even half way through the puzzle. This is far too much. It is annoying. I'm sorry but I am uninstalling the game and I won't be telling people to play. I would be too embarrassed to.
Love picture options, like the free daily puzzle, like option of number of pieces and like the ease of starting with edge pieces Takes up so much space my tablet could not work properly. Problem resolved by deleting app from tablet and going back to playing on my phone. Phone deleted app. Have to start all over. Lost the puzzle packs I had purchased and lost all my coins earned about 2500. Still like this game.
What were you thinking with this update, making changes no one likes? No longer can I toggle between the puzzle in progress and the finished view. If i touch a puzzle piece, the whole "peek" and menu disappears and I have to open it again. Not only that, but the menu obscures the puzzle. Please revert to the previous version!!
12/21/20 Downgrading from 5 stars to 3. Please move the options window back to the bottom of the screen and to the original smaller size. It's so big now that, when open, it takes up half of the screen. Also, please remove the unnecessary exit questions. You are going to have a lot of unhappy players who pressed on "Reset puzzle" instead of "Go home". The bottom of the screen setting was perfect. Don't fix what's not broken.
Just had to uninstall and reinstall because suddenly the app was almso 200gb in size. Completely out of the blue. I had a few packs, but they never pushed the storage capacity to the limit.
My go-to app these days. I'm always using it. I just wish that the piece limit on phone was the same as it is on tablets. Otherwise it's basically a perfect puzzle app.
Please oh please please bring the multiple trays back! Or at lease tell me how to take off the latest update. I do not like this update and having to work with only 1 tray. Very bad idea to do this. I cannot play like this. I wish I could give this no stars! And how are you replying to me on March 2020??? I wrote to you in Nov 2020?????
I emailed a few days ago prior to writing this review...but I didn't receive a response. As others have mentioned, the multiple trays for sorting WERE a key feature of this app. I can't even think of a lame, unconvincing reason to take that away. And yet, it's gone. If you only want to do puzzles with smaller numbers of pieces, this will still be a decent app for you. But if you are looking for the larger ones...keep looking.
Hello Is anybody going to get back to me. The update on 2/6/2021 caused the puzzle game to stop on the start screen so I can not get to the help in the game. I Uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times I also reset my Samsung Droid tablet to factory settings still no game. Before the update it was working great no pieces froze and once in a while it would freeze and kick me but restarting it would be fine. Please help I do like the game.
This app has improved a lot since my last three star review. They have added improvements, the Sorting trays work pretty well, and are a good addition. Four stars now because it is very good and the Publishers seem to be keeping up with It. Update.. this app keeps getting better all the time. 5 star9s! I think the preview feature is a little bit cheating, but it helps sometimes.
What were you thinking to remove the multiple trays? The traysare needed to organize hundreds of pieces, otherwise, all our time will be spent scrolling and scrolling. This is a game normally played on a large surface, like a table. This has been reduced to a 7" Γ— 4" cell phone. There is no space to pile up the pieces of a section you are working on. This makes absolutely no damn sense, like you all must not actually use this app. If you dont return the 4 trays I will unsubscribe.
Mostly I love these puzzles, but I have had a couple of occasions when two pieces lock together and then of course they won't come apart. This then spoils the whole thing. However this has not happened lately, so I assume this is now fixed. I am visually impaired and am now unable to do a conventional jigsaw. This programme has given me back one of my favourite hobbies, so thank you so much. 29.03.20 Still enjoying the puzzles, thank you. The new idea of the last piece fizzing really bugs me.
Game was a battery hog, but I enjoyed it anyway. I had to remove and reinstall it and lost everything including my purchased puzzles. I tried to contact the vendor, but the email form also gave errors. Very poor customer service.
Just plain relaxing except for all the adds......way too much, takes the fun out of it. Down to 3 stars for me.
Not happy with this update! Most of the puzzles l have purchased over the past years have been deleted and there are a lot l haven't played yet. If this can't be resolved l shall be taking my business elsewhere. Also the quality of the pieces in play is poor and the finished pictures are blurry. Why do we have to buy backgrounds now?
Really enjoy this app. One improvement would be to be able to grab and move a number of pieces all at the same time. Apart from that it's great fun and there are a good selection of pictures. Would also like an undo button, when you are working trying to fit pieces together on the picture area a piece can click in accidentally and then it's kind of in the way. Been playing for over a year now and not fed up.
I changed my rating from five stars to three for two reasons. The bigger puzzles are very frustrating because it can take many tries to move to move one piece, because the games moves every piece around it, before I can move that piece. It also constantly re-downloads my puzzles in the app, but also downloads the images to my phone, sometimes multiple copies of them. It takes up a lot of space if I don't delete them every single time I use the app.
I love the puzzle app a lot. I don't like the recent update, especially or specifically the new tray option! I like to sort pieces by shape. Now you can't even sort them at all! Personally there should be a tray for each distinct piece. There are only (6) variations of a puzzle piece. Now, you have to scroll the entire tray length to find a one piece. For me sorting through 300+ pieces is annoying. Other than that, the puzzles are awesome, the choices fantastic!