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Jewels Track - Match 3 Puzzle

Jewels Track - Match 3 Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Mobileguru located at 1 Yan Shing Lane, Fanling, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ma'am game is very good but 5 v stage ki 40 no.ki stage aage clear ni hoti wo stage me koi kharabi ya ruka eat hai plz chek kijiy
Love the game...but not able to play levels after sky geyser i.e. 7-556..levels aren't opening after this
Great game. However, I reached level 5-42 and its virtually impossible to beat it. Would give this game a 5 star rating if it weren't for a few problematic levels. The developer should at least fix this issue so everyone can carry on playing and enjoying this game.
game seems to be fun but i hate how ad heavy it is. the ads go into loops back to back and either restart my game or crash it. even on the chests. id love to see whats in them but do to the ad problem. well, cant enjoy the game.
Fun game with unlimited play. But no daily bonus and you only get one coin per win. Power ups start at 300 coins so you have to complete 300 levels before you can buy one. Or use real money.
Used to Love it? This game WAS Great and fun... but once you get to "Gem's Isle level 15" there is literally NO WAY to win. I have tried EVERY SINGLE THING. there's NO WAY to win the "diamonds" that were transformed from something else...smh. I'm deleting it. Why would I keep playing a level that is rigged? It was fun up until that though.
Stages 1 through 6 has 48 levels each & stage 7 (Sky Geyser) has 556 levels by itself.. I beat every game in stage 7, but I can't start playing stage 8.. For some reason it keeps repeating the last game in stage 7 & I can't start stage 8 because of that.. For 1 month, I have played & beaten 844 levels.. This game is fun & addicting.. But I am ready to play & beat the last stage..
This game is amazing at first, but get to level5 & you will want to uninstall. I don't mind hard levels, but some are just impossible to beat w/out special moves, which after your free initial ones, you can't get anymore. It took me about a week to get to level5, board5. It's been over a week of constant playing & I have yet come close to beating it. I'm very close to uninstalling, at this point its hoping for 100% luck(which should never be the case)or they fix it so you can earn special moves.
I used to really enjoy playing this game. I loved that the puzzles were unique each time oh, so that you could play a level over and over again. However, 2 days ago the app just quit working. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. it is just Frozen from the welcome screen. so sad. I sure wish they would fix this.
The most disgusting game ever.. I really hate this game. Its about a month that I am stucked at the same level wastage of time is this game
this game crashed my phone twice. I thought the first time it was just a coincidence, lost one of the levels and my phone crashed. second time in the exact same way. I guess if you win every single time, no worries, but if not....boom, and not just the game.
The game is fun and I like but I hate the ads and that there is no tips n tricks if you get stuck. I can't get passed 5-40!!! Three stars and all blocks are gone.
no ads!!! finally a game with no ads, no junk on the screen. no having to pay or wait for energy bars..heck id pay a dollar for games like this..like the good ol days! edit: 1 star. after a couple of games ads start poppin up..
Great game until I reached Level 5 game 40 and it turns out to be the wackest game ever. Somehow there's no way in passing this level. The jewels nor the treasures move once you cleared out the rocks and they wont fall into the other square. I'm uninstalling, sucks I made it this far and unfortunately I can't make it farther. Thanks creator of this game, you sure know how to POP someones bubble.
I like your game it is great but from level 15 onwards it is very hard to beat and i takes some months to go over it or else someone quit
Too many LOUD ads even if you turn off the sound effects and music. Cannot listen to podcasts while playing because ads will interrupt and then when I go to restart the podcast after the ads, returning to the game starts the ads playing over again. Other than that, it's a fun game. I only got to level 30-something before I could not take it anymore and uninstalled.
I've really become addicted to this game....the ads. are stil irritating and claiming rewards are still ridiculous.. but the adrenaline of this game is really addictive and I can't stop myself from playing.
Great gwme i love it very much even though i dont know how to very much i just enjoy playing this game alot. I just know that my sister would like really enjoy playing tjis game alot five star for your good job keep it up😍💓💓💞💝
I really like this game but I'm uninstalling because of the ads. Every time you pause tbe game there is an ad. I tolerated that for a while, but recently the app has had an ad that makes bubble sounds the entire time you play the game. I have to close and restart the app every time I want to get rid of the bubble sounds. I love playing this game while listening to podcasts, so the stupid bubble sound makes it horrible to play.
Pretty great game but some level are so hard that it takes a month or so to go through. Now I'm in sapphire citadel level 40 and there seems to be a bug, the jewels are not moving correctly so it is impossible to go past that.
Great, and i say at times it plays itself to help you win, so thats awesome i found some levels a challenge but yeah, it is a game, try it
SO FAR relaxing and enjoyable. Only played a few games, but they give you what you need to be able to succeed in stead of denying you that opportunity like some games.
Ads are horrible, they blare, flash, blink. you have the option to turn off or report but they come right back, it's super distracting game seems ok if you can get to it.
Does what a game should do: exciting, energising and satisfying. Have not seen any like it. I can't be without it: installed it on all three of my mobile devices. Excellent.
Quite enjoyable to play, but three rounds of ads per play per level is just ridiculous. Also, new items introduced with nothing to tell the player what they are and how they affect game play. Not good enough ..... uninstalling.
All was going fine and dandy until I encountered the lava stone thingy that eats away your gem if you dont eradicate the bunch quickly. It reminds me of scabs, fungi, and tyropophobia at the same time. I couldnt get past the last grand canyon level without getting the heebie jeebies, even tho I tried to stomach is as long as I could. Last night, I had a nightmare that my hands got covered in little white black dots that grows fungi the more you scratch. So thanks for activating a new phobia.
I am really hooked, level 5 now , game 40. But got stuck here. I miss a bit of a guide. I see one part screen already empty of jewels and they don't fill in. Still really great game, but: Level 7, game 216, I was going to earn more points in one of the games offered, instead of my reward, I returned to my game to see my points were used for buying the props, equally each one received one use, but I didn't click such choice at all and plus one of my hammer uses was gone (was 2, went to 1 use)
It's good though i don't get the chance to play the game myself the game plays itself because it has too much bonuses
right now it's great but I use these to relieve stress if it gets any more difficult I will uninstall it I get enough stress at work she's just my little stress reliever I have installed and uninstalled this one is well but then I installed it and started from the beginning and it was great and if you don't mind a little stress you can keep going I can't handle stress
Games ok for awhile but adds are annoying. Also alot of times the jewels move the wrong way when swiped. got to level 5-40 and been stuck there for days. Disappointing to make it so far and get stuck without any way out except to keep watching adds to get more moves. To the point that spend more time stuck watching ads than actually playing the game.
This Jewel game is nicely addictive with ads that are not too intrusive. They have the usual "twists" from match games like creeping blobs and the chains and stone which can require multiple matches to fully break. The new twists are clever "routing" of falling jems and also some interesting forced "lanes". A few rounds require great luck or lots of +5 move ad plays to complete. I found level 5-40 to be too reliant upon luck and there is not a way to just solve the level, uninstalling now.
This game is totally amazing you actually get more points at a shorter time. I'm actually beating my very own record. The game is is so relaxing oh my goodness I am so relaxed it takes your mind off of everything. So if you had a very busy day... I suggest you play this game to relax you and give you a fresh start the next day. Thanks guys this is an awesome game quick fast giving you the points you deserve I love it.
It bothers me how the game doesn't save itself and restarts if you switch to a different app or your screen goes to screen saver. You lose all progress of that level and have to start over. Please fix that ! Other wise i like the game 😸
Liked the game till it got stuck on one level!!! And no matter what it won't advance !! Plus making my phone run slow!!! Have spent 2 days trying to get to next game. And the ads are getting worse every game. Can't finish a game without at least 4 or 5 ads popping up!!!
It works well, doesn't freeze. It's addicting, but very relaxing also as it slows down the breathing.
It jams way too much. It's a fun game to play, with lots of levels, but the jamming up drives me crazy!!! I keep leaving feedback but they never fix it, so I changed my review to one star.
I love the game and it's very casual very fun and addictive enjoying every minute of it don't mind ads from here and there the game is free in the only way we can keep receiving free games if we look at a little videos from time to time so I don't mind at all enjoy you won't regret it
On Sky Geyser board there are 556 levels to unlock to advance to next board. Every other board only has 48 levels. I'm committed to seeing it through but what gives?!?! Im on Sky Geyser level 460. I think I've been playing this game for months and sometimes it takes me over a week to get off a single level and other days I crush over 16 no sweat.
The ads take over the system, and plays loud music. If the game I was playing had the volume turn off. Why would you think it's acceptable to play LOUD music from an ad intrusions that you are FORCED to watch one after another while waiting for the volume button to appear and work? WHY?? ISN'T IT BAD ENOUGH THAT YOU ARE FORCING ALOT OF UNWANTED ADS ON US. Tired of being FORCED FED ADS. THIRSTY!!!! I can't stand it. DELETING APP
The ads are a mess. The 30 second ad turns into 45 since it won't run or gets stuck. These games are not fun they are frustrating. We play a game to watch an ad that wants the player to play another game to watch ads. All of these ads to pay developers and we are the free testers. I want to get paid to test the games.
I already deleted a lot of games in my phone however, this game remains. I enjoy this game and use this whenever its my free time.
First it asked for a rating only after a few rounds, how can one really rate something they JUST started..?? I do not like timed games, if I play for relaxing a timed game makes you feel rushed..!! not relaxed. The game DOESN'T allow YOU to play all of your special jems yourself, it decides for you. I will come back and re-rate the game once I have actually been given time to play it and not asked to rate as soon as I started
Those saying the game is easy.. have you finished playing all the levels in the game?... It's a bit easy in the start but as you make your way up... it gets a bit challenging. My question really is this... what do you do with the zero flashing light bulbs that pop up sometimes during play... that causes you to loose the level?
I am badly stuck in level 40 of 5th island. Seriously there is no space given to pass the trophy or treasure chest. Fix the issue.
I had this game on my Other phone. I loved it. This verdion. It plays by itself. I don't get to do much of anything. It is geared mote to a child. I want the one i had on my other phone. It also looked more like real diamonds.
games too short. people like to relax their brains. levels like this game are too short to allow this to happen. a free game should be just that.. Free. I don't like paying money to games I plan to uninstall each time I want to play so I end up not playing any games at all.