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Jewels Star Atlantis Quest

Jewels Star Atlantis Quest for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Global entertainment. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
2 stars because even though its fun, it wont let me earn weapons. it has the option but wont give you the option to watch ads to earn the weapons
Very good up til level 1450 when you posted on rhe levels screen that more is coming soon. When iare they coming? I look every day.
Enjoyed this game at 1st. Got stuck on level 481 took a good 2 mths to finally win it. Now stuck on 482; same thing, won't give you the colors you need! I wont play 2 mths on the same level again, I'm seriously thinking of uninstalling!!!
I think this is a fun game ,hardly no ads ,it starts out pretty easy.you know 3 to match,but then it's get a bit more challenging, I hope you try it! I like it!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘At lease it gives you different challenges and always get stuck on a few,the only thing you can't get enough amount to keep the game going and you have to start over! but that's ok,I'm addicted!πŸ‘T.Y. Sherri G. Of Tx.
I like the game only issue I'm having a lot of the times i cant get my weapons get this fixed I would be more than happy to give you more Stars. still having issues with getting my weapons can someone tell me why
I love this game but the boosters stopped working at game #407, other than that I love it. It IS a puzzle and not easy when you get higher. There have been a few glitches like moves not clearing and obvious opening for points but it wouldn't happen all the time. If they get those little things fixed it's PERFECT!! THANKS GUYS!!πŸ’›
game play is simple! however my score hasn't changed since the first level, even though I have reached over level 70.
Enjoy the fast pace of this game. I just started playing. Some bugs need to be fixed. The ability to receive more diamonds by watching ads does not work. Am told ads are not ready. I know how to play the match 3 games, just learning. It would be helpful if goals are clearly stated.
A very fun and challenging game. Not understanding the how it is scoring your points. seems to short you on your points in my opinion.
it's a lot of fun, and you can get free bombs and hammer but just watching a video for 30 seconds I love that part.
reached level 1450 and now waiting for you to add more levels, have been waiting for over two months. no other option then to uninstall your game.
This game is great fun for the most part, however, some of the levels are almost Impossible to complete! That means playing that level countless times, which is no fun at all! ln fact, it's extremely frustrating and makes you want to uninstall the game all together. Too often one must build up high numbers of moves ((5 extra moves per) AND special move characters in double digits. That takes forever!! Otherwise, it's fun to play.
watch your rewards not only the coins but the boosts as well. You do not get them. You watch the ling ads then you don't get them! not cool
I love this game. Really challenging. My only issue is that i had to download to a new phone but i couldn't download my previous score. I had to start from scratch
Obviously the reviews are not acknowledged. i have been on the same game for 2 weeks. the bonus points rarely are credited. it's very frustrating. Please fix before a just delete game completely. i am at level 801.
I really like this game . I would give 5 stars if it connected to face book where I didn't have to start over because I got a different phone. was over level 400
I likel the game and enjoy playing it but Your treasure chest fails most of the time to either get the bomb swirl or hammer
I like that the game just contains ads and doesn't have the in app purchase feature. At least I haven't seen it come up yet and it isn't advertised as such. Overall a fun game.
great game. I don't mind the ads. Hopefully it will get more challenging as I go up to higher levels..
this is definitely, one of the best games from this App maker,it just seems to have me going back to play.All of these games are great.Thank you for giving me some decent games to play,πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ’™.
Love the game, however every time I win a game with my last move the game says I lost even though all targets are gone and I have the green check mark saying so. 15/15 for example. Discouraging.
I would prefer to buy these games outright, than be annoyed with the constant interruptions to buy more things so I can continue to play, and also constant ads for other apps I don't want, especially Wish. Have deleted the game.
Im disabled; & its hard to have a CHANCE at some games... Punching the keys is hard for me.... But you have the game set to accomidate many MANY types of disabled! THATS high praise! I DO enjoy your game... Installed it yesterday, & Ive been playing it all day ! Im smilein' folks! This game helps fight depression.... Takes the anchor off on THAT!
the game doesn't give me the bonus tools after watching the 30 seconds commerical. it is a fun game other then it keeps the tools.
It's one of the few games I play that the majority of the time I feel like you do really good on each level. Because the odds are in the users favor not the computers because you're playing against yourself not against an opponent. But there are so many ads it's annoying.
get props data failed error on free booster "ads not ready" error message when trying to shop for 5 diamonds as I am stuck on level 70 and its getting boring as I cannot get through it... level 74 useless and 96 ,100,117 are terrible, theres no way to remove the tiles as there are no options....diamond usage to get more time doesnt work at all. now get props data is not working on the booster option and its connected to the net so ideally shouldn't be a problem
I think that this game is a good app and I thank you for everything from Debra Ward and God bless you and hey lots of luck.
I installed a similar game as well as this one from the same company. Both of them got stuck on 89121 for the total points and never went above that. I found very odd that both of them did that. The song that plays is very annoying, it's like a children's game. And I thought the graphics were pretty lame too. I found the game boring and too easy. Way too many ads, after every single level.
Just started this game....appears to be a lot of fun, so far. Obviously, one could get an addiction, like me...gotta go! Have oceans of fun! 🌴😎🌴If it ever gets loaded back on my tablet. Game quit right in the middle of session! What's up with that!??
fix your booster don't work 80% of the time. again fix your booster I reported this 6mo ago you must not care or it would have been fixed my now. FIX YOUR BOOSTER HASN'T WORKED FOR TWO DAYS Don't you read your ratings? fix your program boosters don't work.when are u gonna fix your BOOSTER how many times does it need reported
This is my 2nd favorite game! And, if you would have more gold backgrounds, most people would play even more!!
Its a great game! Excellent graphics & sound effects. I do enjoy it! I got to level 482. Its impossible to win. You are rather stingy on rewards & incentives power items. Work on it! I am taking it off!
i watch videos to get the extra jewels to buy extra turns at the end of a level and it doesn't give me my jewels. so it's ripping me off
Almost all the games by this devlp are same , yet challenging. Thank you. It will be more fun if could connect with facebook and play with friends.
some.of these leves are rediculous. i have spent 7 days on this one level and no matter how you go to work it i will have 1 left and when you give up your points for 5 more moves and nothing no matches even come close to thw one you need it can make you mad as hell. and my score is stuck at 81203 and i am at level 500 and something.. not that the score matters but whats thenuse about to delete
I want to give you a 10, I play this game at least 5 hrs a day nonstop it's very addictive, I go to sleep playing this game. The only problems I had with the game is when I have my last play with 9 score, it would not put me at the next level, I have to start over again, also the time gets off balance. You have to get more levels, I don't want to stop playing this game, so guys, get a cookin with more levels. Thanks for this game, it really helps my thinking.
I love this game it's very calming, although it's very addictive it's fun and you have to use your brain which after you become a senior citizen there's nothing better for your brain than exercise. think think think think think .
I like this game because it allows you the chance to earn tools to complete levels. Other games have left me feeling like certain levels were impossible to pass. But this one is just challenging enough to enjoy instead of getting frustrated and uninstalling. And a fun way to pass time.
Ads between every board (the same ads no less) just waste my battery. The get props fail 10 times for each one you get. The add items to clear for each one you do doesn't make it more challenging it makes it more annoying. What looked like a good way to pass the time isn't. Do yourself a favor and skip this game! I am uninstalling.
I love this game. In the shop area, there is a problem with the free diamonds/points you get. When you push the 50 and you watch an ad the points do not add to your points like it is suppose to. Please check and fix
A completely enjoyable and challenging game. You won't be disappointed when you play it at how relaxing it is. A keeper!
I enjoy the many challenging levels, as well as the graphics, but play with patience! There are quite a few glitches that can get pretty frustrating.
I would have given 5 stars if my score would change from 89,121 when I complete each level. But, it does not and I'm on level 496. If you could fix this problem then I will change it, not until.
Unnecessarily difficult to play. Very discourging when possible match was annulled by the game's reset. Poor in enjoyment and fun.
Tried the game again because it is fun. It asks the player to watch ads, for game play rewards. But most of the time it fails to do so and doesn't give up the rewards after watching them. My only regret is that I can't give it less than a star. It deserves less than a star.
I love this game....I play it everyday 😈 can't figure out why I'm not getting my rewards after watching the ADS for other games and stuff...come on, get with it here😑
Nice game but cheats at times, I have made moves and the game doesn't give me the matches I have positioned myself to get, other than that it's a good game.
you need to check your ads. the empire ad doesn't give you the bonus after you watch the ad. farm ad doesn't give reward either. maybe I should uninstall game. also offended by Palestinian ads. thanks for making me watch ads for points, then not giving the points. : ( Uninstalling game. Did not get anything after watching 4 ads. Very bad programming. Would give negative stars if I could.