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Jewel Vampire Castle

Jewel Vampire Castle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by V2R located at Mapo-gu Maebongsan-ro 31 Esplex Center Synergium 10th Floor 12th. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too many ads! Bad enough you have ads on screen during game, ads to get extra, and after levels... But then make me go through even if only 5sec to watch after completing a level... Don't waste your time! It's time to stop these!!!
This is the most fun I've had playing a match three game. It's not hard at all, but to me that's nice. It's the perfect game to just idle your time away without getting stuck or frustrated on that one level you need to use all your boosts on to get past. The action here is very satisfying and the ads aren't too intrusive. But I'm having so much fun I don't care.
Very addictive. All the people complaining about ads, do what i do and always switch on airplane mode before you play. No ads. Problem solved
Over all good game. I really like the whole ghoul and goblin, spooky atmosphere/theme. About 20 levels in the ads started popping up all the time though. Thought maybe, just maybe this was a game where you could actually play without ad interruption but nope. Should of known. That's what kept this a 4 star rating instead of 5.
Need to fix the ads from freezing up after every level consistently having to reboot the game every time. Love the game fix the issues
I liked this game enough that i paid for ad free. However, my tablet crashed and i had to reinstall. I have ads again and when i contacted the developer, i was told just select ad free again you wont have to pay, this is not true. So i emailed them again and they have not responded. Also it does not save the last level you played, but kicks you back to the beginning. Just a word of warning if you pay for ad free, no support at all.
You have to go out after wining game and go back into the app to go to the next level. Way to many ads
I love the Jewel series of match game's, but you should make all of them capable of posting your progress on Facebook, so far I've only found 2 of your game's that actually allow you to do that, otherwise, I think Jewel could be more popular than Candy Crush, with that being included. Being able to gift other player's that play would be a nice touch too.
The graphics are great.Also the stradigy is not too difficult.It keeps me very entertained.I enjoy wondering how this game will end.
This is a good match 3 game. It's a cookie cutter version of about 150 or so other Match 3 games out there that just change a few things but, it's still a good game. To the critic who says it's too easy, then move along Einstein. To the person that says there's too many ads, turn the data off to your device and skip the bonuses. Wish I knew how to buy a version of this game and be making some money myself.
It's a great game, but it could use different music each level -- the same music over and over is really the only thing that bugs me about this game.
This is one of the best games I have played. It is so much fun and so relaxing. Not too hard to play and so addictive.
Like it. It's got neat graphic's very cool. What impressed me is how you take the time to read, listen and respond to people who try the game. Keep up the good work, and good customer service always leads a company to the forefront.
great game!! fantastic time killer!! awesome game graphics!! πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈyou should try it... just saying... 😎
It's the same thing over & over. Should be some cool stuff like bats released or vampire popups, etc.
definitely love to play this game after a hard day's work...the music is soothing to me. the graphics are cool...~πŸ€™πŸ‘hey, yeah ,but no need to make it TOO ADVANCED real soOn(cause i love the sounds when the blocks start to collapse~wait, does dat make sense?) aloha & mahalo from HAWAII (& 10 Q 4 answering β™‘β™‘)
Was a good game but to have to sit through three ads on every level is a bit much. I understand there has to be ads but thats way to many.
Great game , but i find it too slow to make the next moves. Got anything harder??? Like harder puzzles?? Like an advanced or pro edition ?
Love this puzzle game! It's so fun! It's definitely a time killer! I play it a lot while waiting around for Dr. Appointments, and just about any free time to relax!
Great game when the bonuses work. You have to watch ads to get the bonus, which don't allow you to view the ads. You click on the items and 9 times out of ten it says thar they are preparing a video for you to watch which totally sucks because that's the only way to get bonuses
I actually don't mind this 3 or more in a row game. Colours are vivid. Good to pass 10 mins on although there are times when I've passed on 20 mins. That to me shows that it isn't so bad.
After every two games, it goes back to play store and you have to close the play store down and then reinstall the game and start again. So not impressed at all in fact there are 4 other games similar to this one that does the same
A simple joy! I have finally found a simple and nice game to play without 9 million commercials and various interruptions! Thank you! You made my year!β˜ΊοΈπŸŒ»β€οΈπŸ‘
I've been playing this game for about a week on and off during my spare time and gave reached level 100. This isn't a game that will challenge you unduly (if at all), but it is a pretty relaxing time which we all sometimes need much more, imo. I paid a few dollars for the ad-free version, not because i found the ads intrusive but because i wanted to support the devs. It just provides a pleasant gameplay experience.
Conveniently every time to collect prize, the app doesn't function....it's a good game but it sucks not to get points you earned unless you pay for them...
This game is good. If you want a very playable, fun & addictive game then this fits the bill. I love the visuals, the sounds and the game play. All this makes for a highly enjoyable experience. However, it takes no great skill to play through every level without using power ups (currently level 265) once you learn how some of the levels work. Sometimes you need to think about what your doing, sometimes it is pure luck with lovely lights and noises and massive cascades.
Great game. Would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys these types of games. Many a long hour spent playing during lock down. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
Great so far..Been 6 wks and still playing. Great game!! At lvl. 460 and still challanging enough to continue.. Well done. !!!
I like 😎 this is one of the best match 3 games I've played the board action is pretty fun and it gets your blood going when you can get multiple explosions on the board thank you for making this game
Well i wish that the page wasn't so busy it's distracting. I don't really understand what is happenig on the game cause it's too much going on.
The graphics are creative and I really like the Frankenstein Monster and Bat. Fun to pass the time playing.
Very good still sticking with rating but would like to ad comment. I undestand that game is free and ads pay for it. But the ads are way way to frequent and way to long. I can put up with ads intill they end up being more time than you get to play. Cut down on frequecy. Thanks
It could be more fun if I want forced to watch ads after every level. I could watch ads to get stuff, it be forced to watch them anyway. Remove forced ads or I'll be forced to uninstall very soon.
I like this game it's very easy to play and it makes me happy and keeps me going until I start getting into different parts of other things to do like check out my new girlfriend to see if she leaves me a message or not.
I love this game it's so much fun to play but the adds are a bit much Everytime you pass a level there are adds but overall my experience with the game has been positive
This is toooooo easy. There is zero strategy. There are so many bonuses that I have finished every level with at least 7 moves left. I am now on level 33 and I still have no idea what the purpose of coins are, even though I have 750 accumulated! Also, waaaaay too many ads. One on screen continuously and one forced ad after about every other level.
Very interesting, fun, should get 5 ***** BUT it constantly freezes up, requires a "Force Stop" and reload. Please fix, as I would love to play it except for the frustration.
I would have to agree with the previous review and it is great recording one's achievements until level 20 and then it stops altogether. This is not the only game that has done this. Most of v2r games of match 3 have done this. Somewhere must be something wrong. The leaderboards I feel are not so important, however the achievements are more of an encouragement to play any v2r game to succeed and play with more strategy.
Like this game, starting to get the hang of it but when I view an ad or ads it kicks me out and I lose the reward and have to reboot the game . Will play some more as I enjoy the graphics and the little bats and ghosts.
Outstanding. Thank You for this game. Colors so pretty. I love you can replay if you lose the level and not get penalized
The game is fun as long as you can put up with numerous video ads every level. Even if you pay for the "no ads" version, that only removes the rectangular banner ad from the top of the screen during gameplay and the static square ad between levels. In other words, paying for "ad free" is a lie. You will still have to sit through two or three video ads per level.
App locks up after request extra plays. Need to exit and restart. Lose progress, must start over again
I really enjoy this game. All jewel games Of This type including This game Froze. Can You please fix this or I'll just Take it off.
love the game. finished levels to 700 wondering when new stage coming? please say soon lol. thanks for adding new levels so quickly.. but I blew through them and need more .lol hopefully not long before more levels πŸ˜…
Same as most match 3 games. Graphics are ok but ads, ads, ads. Ad on top of the screen, ad during the win screen, ad before each round. I understand the need to have ads but this is just too much.
Ive recently started playing this game its the Best Match 3 Puzzle game of All Time and I've played quiet a few of these games I've been waiting long time for this I Love the characters and the Creepyness of the Castle ads to the game You can still progress without aving to spend all the time Love it 10/10 so what you waiting for Download now be prepared to be up all night you get hooked quickly Lol Keep this game please where you don't av to pay to Advance to Win Its a Winner for me so far πŸ˜„
This game is good i don't mind the ads and that is one Vampire Girl I Wnot mind making me a Vampire like her or one of her Zombies
You hid the tiles can't see them without taking time to find them also slow down when changing tiles around, old people who play are slower the all others
Great graphics, game play is smooth, but over all this game is way to easy I would recommend this to children under 10 to 12 years old. Some flaws with achievements and forced advertising, which severely knocks the stars off the ratings....... Thank you for your response! But after 200 lvl's the game is as good as lvl 20 But then again why argue with an "AI" There will be no future with me on this game Already Uninstalled
WoW!! this game is a great little match 3 or more game, actually impressed & I don't impress easily, that being said great job on this one guy's.
It sucks. I win levels and I don't even know how I did it. It's very hard to see the areas that you are supposed to clear. It's pointless.
It's a decent bubble game, it works offline and it is great for occasional gaming at the bus which is exactly what I was looking for. I take one star off because I think the graphics could improve by removing the skeletons and having the vampire girl only.
Fun game. I'll be playing this game and look at the clock and realize that 3 or 4 hours have gone by in a blink of an eye. Don't start this game if you have somewhere to be. You can very easily loose track of time.
[210415 Edit] [210417 Updt] Withdrew coarse remark - Dev replied! Game App is Fine. But the selection of Ads (and I understand the qty (it's a Lot)) needs to be more varied... No need for players to (repeatedly) see ads for apps they just downloaded... And: SOME ads should be allowed "Early Outs". (The 'metrics' should provide those advertising geniuses data to evaluate their product endorsement philosophies...) Overall, Dev has one of the funnest App collections around (from Gaggle PlyMore...)!
This game is great! Relaxing, fun, addictive, with excellent graphics! I would recommend this game to anyone whom is into the macabre. A little too many ads but the game speaks for itself. Thanks! I'm on level 236. Lol!
Been waiting for a bit now for you to add some new levels. Unfortunately, you took the difficulty to a stupid level and have taken all the enjoyment out of the game. You can tell you only added these harder levels so players would have to make purchases to pass these levels. Time to uninstall and find a more enjoyable game.
Another garbage app it uses the same engine that most of the other new next three games use in the model of throwing as many as in-your-face as they can constantly do not support garbage companies like this
Fun game that holds your attention. Plays as fast as you can make moves. Colors are brilliant and clear. All graphics are Above most games. Game play is fluid and attention getting.
Cool game. Makes you feel like your a big winner. You could have the vampire girl wearing less clothes. That would make it five stars!
The "special gift" & "watch a video for extra coins" buttons do not work. I have 4 of your games installed and it occurs on all 4. Sometimes I tap the button 10 times but it makes no difference. I've uninstalled & reinstalled, makes no difference. If you didn't want your players to get extra coins, why did you put the buttons on there anyway? 😑
I tried liking the game and it then it started dropping levels I had completed. I saved the game data, uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I lost all data. So, in my opinion, no sense in playing the game. I never changed phones. I just tried deleting and reinstalling the app I am now trying it again to see if it hapens again.
I was really enjoying this game. Then I got to the levels with the time bombs. I really can't stand games with timers. It takes all the relaxation of playing away.
A ton of advertisements, you can pay to have advertisements removed. Advertisement links for extra turns, advertisement links for coins, advertisement links for more stuff. Music is not bad, graphics are not bad. Upgraded to 4 stars as I haven't lost interest in it yet.
I just love these "Pretty Genius Jewel Games /Puzzles" they relax and open my mind and heart.πŸ––πŸ’‹πŸ˜·πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž
I love the graphics! But could add some more cool ones that maybe jump out at you when u win the level! It's pretty easy so far but I just started and I'm just going thru these levels fast and easy.. I like it alot and I like the theme but need more cool vampires and maybe make it a lil harder. I'll rate again later. Thanks for a cool game! πŸ‘πŸ’€
Love this game. So relaxing. I have two other Jewel match games downloaded also and they all get 5 stars from me. Graphics are totally awesome and i would recomend this for everyone. Just keep making these games the way they are .
Just love this fun game; the ghosties and Frankenstein, it can be hard but so wonderful. Even love the music!
Seems like a decent Match 3 game. A lot of modern cool features, great colorful graphics, entertaining sounds and pretty backgrounds. The dialogue goes too fast though, almost zipping off the screen. Also I do not see an option to take off hints. I dislike that, especially games that force the hints only after a few seconds of inactivity. Let us have some time looking for our matches and preferably give us the option to remove hints entirely. That is part of the charm of the Match 3 genre.
Just started this game I'm on the 40 plus stage, it seems to be a good game game, I don't know why the creators ask to be rated at an early stage, we should be given the opportunity to experience a good part of the game before asking to be rated, As the stages get harder and unable to get through them frustration sets in I loose it and removal of the game happens, Rating the game should happen farther into the game. So far is a good game. RC
I've noticed that the longer I have played this the graphics have progressed as I get better. I'm hoping I don't progress faster than game it self.
Not sure about the SKULL but it has only been one round. So far everything becomes clear with time. I never know where the last of the colored tiles are but it hasn't slowed the games progress so I still give it 5 stars
Banner ads are fine, ad every 3 or 5 levels would be fine. 2 ads every level, and sometimes pauses itself to show another before the first move. Too bad really, mechanically it's one of the best match 3, but the spam makes it intolerable.
Level 562 is a cheaty lame level. You don"t get the things u need to win the level properly. I never see an of the creatures I am supposed to be collecting. This is not the 1st cheating level like this, but it is the most annoying so far as previous ones have been magically passable. Otherwise the game is pretty groovy, except when it doesn't do the prize adds properly.
STAY AWAY i got to level 118 it froze the phone. I had to take the battery out to get my phone working again. It is dangerous do not try it.
I only gave 3 stars because although this a good and fun game, there are way too many ads. I shouldn't endure an ad after every level and it keeps on freezing when I have to watch an ad for 5 more moves or even after winning a level and of course after watching an ad...and go to push next, it freezes. It's made this game more of a hassle and it's no longer as fun. Y'all need to fix this please!
Is just like Jewel Athena from ACTIONFIT which I also enjoyed and five star rated. These games are fun easy low space and are usually fairly cheap for ad free, if they have offline mode it's still worth paying $5 or under in my opinion even though you don't usually have to. This is my second favorite of these games it's tied with my favorite Jewel Athena it was so worth the ad's free charge bought it on both games no regrets here!
I actually really like this game it helps especially because I'm in a terrorist situation and the FBI or anybody will not help me ... Besides all the signals being thrown in my ear it helps me get past the pain so thank you ... And I'm not lying ..
Very well written, familiar level completion audio however something more fitting would have been better. Great color.
The atmosphere is so pleasing that for an hour or two it made me overlook the painfully short games with "hints" that cannot be turned off. For at least 30 levels/games theres been no noticeable change in difficulty and games last less than a minute. All the while the game flashes needless "hints" at you that, again, cant be turned off. This game was so close to being great, but sadly it missed its mark. I really hope the gameplay improves, there's so much potential here.
Very original game with beautiful images and music. Difficult but not impossible levels. I haven't seen the vampires yet, but I'm sure I will
I like this game. The power ups work a bit different. But I don't like how hard it is to spot the "ground" under the jewels. There isn't enough showing around the jewels. Should be darker colored or something.
The game keeps crashing my system and I have to restart my tablet to continue playing. Really a time waster for me or I would give it a better rating.
Graphics great. Game play great. I do get frustrated with the ads after every game. A few times I have actually wanted to delete the site because of the ads, but they pay for the games so we don't have to, and that's why I'm still here playing.
Solid match 3 game, great for passing time when you're waiting, except it's got a touch more strategy to it than luck due to the extra shapes you can make (square, T). I love that, as purely luck-based games feel unfair; more shapes means you just have to be observant. The vampire flavor is very charming, it's visually appealing, I like the sounds, and ads are quite quick so I haven't been annoyed thus far. The curveballs they've thrown are also fun, not aggravating. Better than Candy Crush IMO.
I really like this company's jewel games. Sufficiently challenging, but able to work through higher levels without having to purchase additional moves.
Beautiful, crisp graphics and smooth gameplay. Ad after every game. Pinball machine sounds.Minus one star for timed parts (some people want to play to relax).