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Jewel Mania: Sunken Treasures

Jewel Mania: Sunken Treasures for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have downloaded 5 games from the challenges to get the gold keys. Some of them have awarded the gold keys, but most have not. And I supposedly got 30 gold coins from having 3 gold keys, but never got awarded the gold coins. At this point, between the 5 games downloaded, I should have 150 gold coins. But there's no place to report missing coins! Very frustrated!
I play because I get credit in other games for reaching certain levels. As soon as that stops I'll uninstall it. If it was 1 star I wouldn't even do that. I feel cheated, which is silly because the designers have a right to set up any rules they want but I have certain expectations of a match three game which aren't met. You lose a life even though you complete a level if you don't get at least two stars; that there's no way to tell whether you're close to getting another star. Other stuff but no more room
Score system is horrible I was on level 9 and finish with 32 moves and only got one star that's unheard of I will be uninstalling immediately
I have been playing this Jewel Mania game for 3 years. I'm at level 270, I have been playing this level for over a month. I need 3 more stars to get to level 271. If you buy power ups you have to use them or you lose them after the round you buy them. You also don't know how many points you need to get the 2nd or 3rd star. During play you start lining up the special jewels and they don't always explode like they normally do. It is fun but it is also frustrating to play when you are trying to move up and don't know how many points you need. I downloaded Jewel Mania Sunken Treasures and found out it is that same game. It started at the level I have been playing for the past month.....so there was no change and it is not a new game.
Great game just enough variety & challenges to keep you coming back! Not so hard that you just stop playing
No matter how few moves you use still just get 1 star and you can't tell how many points you need to gain more stars.
This game is a corny match three at best. At worst it is a poorly made frustrating mess. You only get more energy with two or three star finishes. Yet there is no way to tell how far you are after your one star. You can finish a level with 20+ moves left and still only get a star. Oh and then you need a certain amount of stars to open more islands. All I did was yell at the game.
The game is cool...addictive like similar games out there. One problem i find is that you loose lives just by playing a board. Normally lives are only lost when you loose. Not so here, which makes little since to me. Also, you need a certain number of stars to unlock the next level. I have gone back to previous boards to earn them, scoring of 100,000 points, but earned no additional stars....another thing that makes little since. Hence 3 star rating
The 1st part I'm stuck on lvl one how is anyone to play if they can't go any fewer in the game. please fix it I want to play.
Has a little bit of different backgrounds/bonuses but basically still the same as all other match 3 games. it has an option to just send to friends playing the game without bugging everyone else which is a plus.
Just recently downloaded, have not been able to get into it for the past 2 days. Uninstall.. not worth the hassle
I was enjoying this game until I hit a level I can't beat after trying hundreds of times. There should be some way to skip a level.
First it shows I use 1 energy per level. It shows how many energy I have. I had 21 gold bars, and traded 20 gold bars for 5 energy. It took my gold bars, I now have 1. It added 5 energy to my account. When I try to play another level, it tells me I'm out of energy! I can SEE 5 ENERGY at the top of the screen!! Then a pop-up offered to let me buy energy with real money. What a scam!!
OK, so this app just wants my money. I finish a lvl with 1 star, nothing happens. Fail a level? Nothing. But if I get 2 stars or higher, the game quits and I still lose a life. Even worse, I have to restart the level I just completed. This happened 3 times so far today, and I only played 3 times. The app just wants me to buy more energy and get profits.
You should not lose a life when you pass a level no matter if it is an older level being replayed or a brand new level. This happens all the time. You end up using all your lives just trying to unlock the next island cause of not enough stars to move on.
Its dumb that it uses 1 energy every level u do, but also how long it takes to get 1 energy back. I will be erasing this soon for those reason.
Love the game but waiting an hour for an energy sucks and latley I've been getting robbed as in no gems will fall in place therefore those places count against my win but they are not in play during my life, therefore I am being robbed as there is no possibility of winning if they don't put gems in the blocks! Very angry!
Its hard to get 2 or 3 stars at some levels and then you score a very high score but 1 star...and sorry its a game i dont buy things with real money
Addictive game but not able to get more than 2 stars and have to reinstall app again and again to download new levels
Was a fun game after several levels too slow with them trying to teach the game but my 7 year old grandson was bored till got to 5 th level
Only playing for gems for another game. However, this game is stupid. How do you lose a life even if you beat the board. Like seriously, do better with this game. Will be installing game after I get all the gems I need for my other games.
Dumbest game. You have to wait and hour between levels just to have energy to play it's not worth my time.
Let me know h o w eric is alsomy. B a g i kept my makenin. Had my socoial security card in it cant do any th o mg without i ::) judy
Gold just disappears, support doesn't seem to care. Boosts are in a VERY poor location, extra purchased lives may or may not post to your account. Support doesn't seem to care about that either. Give this one a pass.
Love all the storm/lava games. Been playing them a long time. I am very happy to see an update for Jewel Mania.
This game basically throws my lives down the drain and it takes far too long to gain more. Waiting one hour for each life and the game takes them even when you win a level 😡😡😡
Addictive!!! but needs better instructions on for each level and you have to wait approximately 30 minutes to continue (only 3-5 chances/lives if you don't succeed)
I've been playing for years. Just downloaded the Sunken Treasures version. How on earth do we use the treasures we've gained? If I win a bomb it still wants me to use gold for a bomb. Hmmm...
Some of the puzzles frustrate you a lot and seem to try and get you to buy gold. Other than that good game.