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Jewel Mania: Halloween

Jewel Mania: Halloween for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The only difference is this is alot cheesier!! Like it's aimed at 5 year olds with the stupid characters and it's too slow, the dog licking the screen at the end of each game, I mean, really?! And then when it takes an energy at the start of each game, hurry it up for god's sake!!!
Bit more challenging than some of the other matching games. No in between level ads which is great. Find the energy use odd though. If you complete the level you should keep your life regardless of beating your previous score. Good game though.
I need to reach island 6 for completing the goals in other storm8 games.. but when i view the map, i cant see any island beyond island 5... how to reach island 6 ???.. i have cleared all the levels till island 5...
I can't believe that they don't give you a life when you win a level! In the beginning they do but by the time you're playing level 12 or 13 no more lives. Then they have levels where you have to break all the glass or boxes, you are timed, AND you have to achieve a certain number of points. Too many expectations to win a level that you don't even get another life for. Takes the fun right out of the game. Give us another life for a level and take out the timers I'd love it then. But its a 1 as is.
I've been playing level 75 for almost 2 weeks. I need one more star to advance. Have a screenshot of where I got 1,200,000 points and 55 out of 30 and still received ONE star. You literally can't move ahead unless you spend money. (Which I quit doing because the game frequently freezes and you lose lives, which you don't get credited for.) It's a shame, because it was really fun. (Oh, and love that it shows as a rated 5 star game when I can hardly find any reviews over 2/3.)
Cool game, give it a try. The only thing I don't like is it takes a long time to refill the energy and it charges u a energy for the next level even if u beat the level before that one. None of the other games I've played like this does that ex: candy crush.
I purchased some gold bars that I never received. I tried purchasing again and I was billed 4 times for the same transaction and only recieved gold bars from the first original transaction. I emailed them twice about the situation and all I got was a ticket number and that they had to many emails and that they would get back with me. Since I was never emailed back I wanted to warn you... be careful when you purchase from this game.
Every game downloaded from these people keeps crashing but this one is the worst! Right now I have crashed for the for fifth time while on just one level. Three times I won it but the game crashed before I could go to the next level. This is serious bull crap and whoever is in charge needs to get more servers and fix the bugs in your game. Which is why I download do few because if your games crashes all the time. What is the point of me wasting my time? And don't expect me to ever spend money on this.
I am getting this game just for gems in another game (well played storm8 way to self promote and ensure downloads). It downloaded find to my other phone...but my new phone? I have been trying for 3 DAYS now. I am connected to Wi-Fi with a strong signal and...nothing. On the other phone I was so freaking confused when I was winning levels and then suddenly NO LIVES... If I can I'm installing opening and deleting it all in the same hour.
Played this game to collect gems on another game. Never received the gems. Play many other Storm 8 games without a problem. Normally a 3 star player however even after 200,000 pts on level 7 can not achieve 3 stars. Went back to retry numerous times and can not receive 3 stars. On level 8 glitches out and kicks me off game. Noticed admin doesn't respond to any reviews to try and correct situation
I love this game but as I get further into the more difficult levels I wish there were not as many timed games.
Level 7 won't let me do a thing just frozen.Not first issue with a storm 8game either .only monopoly never had a problem with.plz sort your games faults out because you will lose lots of players.
Can't get enough stars to advance beyond a certain level. Hard to get gold to use boosters. Not bad if you you don't mind replaying levels over and over because you can't advance. Getting tired of playing same levels and not getting anywhere. Starts out easy, then gets impossible to advance. Not fun.
Don't like the fact that you can't get another life unless you get two stars or more. A blatant grab for your wallet. Only downloaded it to get bonus stuff on other games. Gonna uninstall it asap.
Bad lives set-up. Most games like this you don't lose a life if you complete the level & goals. This one you have to 2 star or better just to get your spent life back. Lives only regen 1/hr so at worst you can only play 5 tries and then wait 5 hours or prepare to spend cash. Most games like this regen 1/20-30 mins.
costs a life to play a level. if u get 2 stars, u get an extra life. but after the first 6 lvls, no amount of skill can get u 2 (and especially not 3) stars. it's all random luck. and if you can't get at least 2 stars on most lvls, u can't proceed to further islands. games are supposed to be fun, and this isn't
I do not like this game it is too hard to reach certain levels. All games by Storm cost lots and lots of money no fun you never gain with these games, and that's a fact!!!!!
I see what everyone means. It's a good game to play,just try making it to were u lose energy if u lose not when u win. Plus it also drags a bit to. Otherwise its a really good game and I do like it a lot.
I just used all my energy playing already played levels to get more stars and higher scores. Didn't get any energy back for winning level and didn't get anymore stars for completing higher scores. It's not worth the effort to open new areas. Drags on and on without advancement
I hate that we still lose a life even if we win. I also hate that it takes an hour to get one life back. We should keep our life if we get at least one star, and get an extra life if we get 3 stars. We also should not be limited to 5 lives, or they should replenish quicker.
Really was enjoying this game until suddenly it has stopped loading/opening. Its not my device as no problems with any other games. I hope this can be corrected I will increase my rating if it is fixed. I may try to uninstall then reinstall but it sucks cause I will lose my levels.
I can't get past the first level with out the game kicking me out and closing by its self. Would give this a zero star if I could. Uninstalling now.
Good game i enjoy playing it, it helps me wined down at night and helps me forget about the crazy things going on
Bland theming, offers nothing that you can't find in other games. Terrible difficulty balance - getting double the goal on some levels, others unbeatable. I'll get a reward in a game I actually like if I continued playing this, and I'm still going to uninstall it.
It takes your lives even if you pass the level if you don't get at least 2 stars. And it doesn't matter how good you do, it usually only gives you 1 star the first few times you play that level which causes you not to be able to play very long. Downloaded it for another game, would have kept it if it weren't so unfair, but will be uninstalling as soon as I pass the level I need.
Game is okay but you lose lives even if you finish the puzzle. Having to get 2 or more stars is ridiculous. The lives replenish way to slow also.
I am only playing this to earn what I need for my bakery. Once I get all they require I am uninstalling. I will tell you why though. I don't like having to have so many stars to move to next island and if I complete a leave I shouldn't lose a life. I should only lose a life if I fail.
It takes forever to load and the graphics are corny! You lose a life even when you win and it takes forever to get more... It's just all around annoying.
Let me play a few games before you ask me to rate it. After I've played I'll give it a different rating. How can I rate if I haven't played? That's just stupid to ask me to rate it before I've even played.
This game is very difficult after the first island. I was lucky to get 2 stars on anything. Three stars have yet to happen no matter what I do.
Everything cost money. Eventually you get to levels that seem impassable, I've used about 30 lives on one level now and I'm sick of it. I keep getting NO MORE MOVES swap and my timer keeps going while it changes so I cant ever win. Probably just going to uninstall. :(
The game could be fun if it didn't crash after I complete a stage, and then have to repeat the game I successfully complete. This takes energy, when replayed, which basically I should be gaining energy because I always finished the stage and only had to replay because of the crashing. Please fix! Thanks!
I had this game before and even when I kick butt I only get one star?! Pfft. Just a con to get you to spend money on bars or lives or what ever. I'm out.
Every time I go to play level 7, the screen comes up telling me to clear the glass before I run out of moves. When the directions go to clear the board it gets stuck in the corner and the game freezes. I then have to exit and go into settings to force close. When I back into the game I notice that it takes away a life for force closing and still crashes when I go to try the level again. I thought this game would be fun instead it's just aggravating.
This game is a classic. One of my all time favorites, the Halloween twist with the green pup makes me smile. No other game right now is as entertaining to me, what can i say I'm a Jewel maniac! That's great.
I downloaded this game to get extra jewels on fashion story. Must reach level 3. For two days now been stuck on level 2. I've completed the level every time I've played. It shuts off and I get no points but it sure does take all my lives. Major glitches need fixed. I've uninstalled and installed again. I'm giving it a second try but storm 8 fix your games or I'll uninstall all and will never play again.
Not only does it take too long for energy too fill, it's just to difficult to play. I barely made it to island six, and that was after countless times replaying other levels just to get enough stars to open it. If it were easier and not rigged to make you buy gold bars to actually get through the game, I probably would continue playing, but I'll take me few diamonds for my other games and delete this. Not worth the time nor the effort.
Great game! Fun to play, but there are Energy limits. After 5 tries to complete a level or 5 wins then you have to wait an hour before the energy refills. Would be 5 stars if Energy want necessary.
Love the games usually & yes people there are a lot of match 3 games out there get over it. The only real problem with your game team lava is the complete BS that is this it costs a (life) bolt 2 play a level fine, but u don't earn 1 from passing the level r you retarded, if you think this is OK you're wrong it's not OK it ruins the whole game. Not even when u pass the level with 3 stars does it give u a life, what the hell is the point of a game u can only play 5 lvls a day? Please change that