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Jewel Mania™

Jewel Mania™ for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the background to the game is black and has numbers....no image .....i think the game is glitched!!! Can you fix it please????
After certain levels it is getting very difficult and the game push you to buy golds to move next level. After 200th level.
I love the game but when you get to the higher levels you can not win. To win you need to buy coins. I will be deleting .
I enjoy playing Jewel Mania however I do not enjoy the timed games. I find they are stressful and relaxing as I try to wind down.
Have to keep removing this app then reinstalling and start over again cuz it keeps getting stuck on levels. Love the game but disappointed that I have to keep going thru this process in order to play.
I love this game and very great for getting your mind working and thinking but i hate how you cant move on with out having enough star's it shouldn't need so many to keep going the levels get hard enough to add the extra stars.
It's needs bug fixes I've been playing this game for years now and I scored 319400 on level 222. I've been stuck on level 218-222 for 5 months now. scoring in the 3 star scores but never getting above 2 stars. The game loads very slow on load up or level change. Sometimes a column will not drop down with jewels. Is this game not supported anymore with updates or fixes? Good game but it don't work well.
Money trap! Game does not allow you to pass next level to let you buy golden! No need to waste your time since you stuck on a certain level!
I think it's a very exciting and interesting game the levels seem to get harder you never know what to expect I give the game 5 stars and it's very colorful and the sounds are nice so anyone can play this game and puts your mind in a very peaceful state and it makes you be willing to concentrate on the level some levels I have to play at least 5 times I like the game the only thing I don't like is that every time I got a new phone I had to start all over from the beginning
Can't contact their support. Done with this stupid game. After saving gold for over a year, I made a purchase. Nowhere does it say you have to use immediately. I didn't get an opportunity to use it and expected it to be there when I played again. It wasnt. Waste of gold. Won't be playing again. What a ripoff. Any other decent game keeps your purchases until you use them. Game will be deleted and not recommended.
crashes and doesn't open. for some reason their games like candy blast mania and this along with others won't open. I have a Galaxy S7. its not an old phone. just bad development company doing these games
I really dislike the fact that when I spend coins on a boost for "just in case", if I don't end up using it, they don't give me the option to use it again on a future level without spending even more and I'm out however many coins I spent initially. Not cool at all, and if it hadn't happened to me a few times I already I might raise my average rating on this game. Can be fun otherwise I guess, but definitely a total ripoff in that regard.
I am on 199 of lighthouse. Won multiple games in this series. But won't give me the one more star to move onto the next series. Is this game defective here? Been playing for weeks. Have played over and over to move on.
great game only problem is when u get more lives they should be credit till needed. seems always get them when u still got full lives. thanks luv game
how do I have the highest score in numerous level and only have two stars in them? you need a certain level of stars to keep going and I cant get three stars but I get awarded a stupid statue for the highest score? seriously?! just take this off the android market if the game is only made to favor iPhone users.
Absolutely love the challenge it affords every time. That comes second to the exhilaration of actually beating the levels
It stops working and i have to uninstall it and re-install then use it. So please improve. It s a very nice game.
I have been playing the game for a year. I just got a new phone and it didn't keep my progress. I don't want to start over so I probably will stop playing.
the only thing i do not like is that you lose a life if you do not get two stars. i think as long as you beat the round you should not lose a life. i understand the need for 12 stars to go on but they way it is set i feel like i am been punished twice.
You win gold bars but then they are taken away from you. Trying to force your hand into making a purchase for bars. This has happened on multiple devices.
Hi I did level 834 on my phone but it is impossible on this tablet can you help please thank you i really appreciate it 😥
ads didn't play so reinstalled and lost all my rewards and ads played over and over and never gave rewards
Im having a problem with these apps, they go white after the loading screen and wont load. Its frustrating
Luv the game but if int to get 3 stars I have to replay the whole game from beginning of phases. Also if I want to get 3 stars I have to use all my available moves to achieve it. What's wrong with getting all required initiatives with minimal amount of moves. Too, I do not like to earn gold bars by constantly downloading other uninteresting games in order to play one I luv
The reason why, I play this game, I don't need anyone else to play, But if i want to play with someone else, I go to facebook and play with friend's. If you thinking about a game to play, This it,
This game it's so much fun it is challenging it is the characters in Courage you and I've been playing it since 2018 I know it's only been a year but I love this game when I delete I delete a lot of other games but not this one
Good for a time. As with Candy Crush, setting up levels way too hard in order to get you to spend money on boosters. I downloaded this game because that was the case for CC but am now considering deleting it. Level 99 is impossible to finish given the time and conditions. Games are supposed to be fun, not frustrating.
Love the game just not sure what the coins are for cause u can't get live, power us or gold with them!! So what are the coins for?
the timers in Jewel Mania are way to fast!!! please give the people more time to move jewels in the right spots!!! thanks
Love the game and woud give it 5 stars but... it's the only game I know that makes you use a life each level, whether you succeed or not. Why do we lose a life if we make it past the level? It shouldn't be a prize to keep your life if you don't die. And forget making up stars from past levels! Just one example... level 89, score of 510,975 and still only 2 stars. Really?
Definitely addictive! I like that it gets more and more challenging and complex as the levels progress, and there are soooo many levels!!! I only wish that the energy replenished much faster!
Fun game but level progression is designed to eventually be impossible unless you spend money to unlock certain features.
I am playing the game getting the amount I have to but you still have to clear the board ?.Don't you think that's a bit stupid and a waste of time. ?Now I have gone past level 6 it clear as normal should do that from the start don't you think. I wish this game would make up it's mind clear the board or not. ?
frustrating.......You can get stuck on something that is almost impossible to get 2 stars on. I've completed it over 50 times and only got 1 star which is preventing me from going to the next level. I'm on level 258 and thinking of deleting it
Playing farm story 2 every time it tells me to bo to another game for coins or diamonds i have to wait and wait before i can get back to the game i want to play, this is stormie 8's ploy to get you to play their other games!!! Bad move on STORMIE 8'S part
Won't let you play all night.. When you finish sooner than finish. Feel like socre isn't high enuf.also when finish early you don't get the fiull value of gems. Different set up on Apple .devices..more lives
Just another boring match game, why don't designers do something different, the only game from these guys that's interesting and different /unique is Dragon Story!
Really like this game...some levels are very challenging. This has become my favorite game to play. It is addictive; however, I do not like the fact that there are never any specials/ deals. I play other games that allow me to do so for an unlimited number of times during an hour or two.
Fun game, but virtually impossible to get 3 stars on most levels, even though you require a certain amount of stars to advance to new levels. There's no rhyme or reason to what gets you stars. You can have 800,000 points and be at level 32 out of 14, and still only achieve two stars. Boosters are also prohibitively expensive to use. You need like 1 million points to get a blaster. It's nuts. Definitely a money grab.
Love the game and woukd give it 5 stars but it's the only game I know that makes you use a life each level, whether you succeed or not. Why do we lose a life if we make it past the level?
No more updates/levels appeared after level 25. No possibility to connect with the FB account. The screen freezed and the game stopped unexpectedly several times.
I have been playing this game at least since 2013. May be even earlier. This is the only game i play. I just had 40 gems but now i have only 6. Where did the rest go? I know for sure i didnt use it. And this is not the first time when the gems are disappearing. To get 3 stars became just impossible. Im deleting this game
Need to be on crack coke to even consider getting through their timed games. It would also be fun if the game did not cheat regularly by consistently failing to execute moves that you clearly make that would otherwise progress you through the game. Furthermore, the 3 star system is not fair because you have to get a minimum of 2 stars for each game, to progress to the next levels of games. So even if you have beaten a game, you will still be stopped from progressing to the next set of games .
A great game!! Every level is different which, to me at least, is so important!! I haven't found a level I don't like yet either!!!
The game cheating itself and sometimes you cannot win then you stuck in the same game for months! The bombs sometimes are place in places that you will know it will exploding losing lives.
i have been playing game for years and now i am on level 835.. i have been stuck on it and on level 834 for aloooong time.. level 834 it's just a stupid and depend on luck u will lost all your chance without make any movement evry time.. i hate it forever and i don't know how i can skip it without just be a lucky!!! and now i am one level 835 maybe from 4 month!! its so hard! and it's need luck! i contact with the support team they ignored me! uninstall the game is perfect :)
This use to be a fun game hubby is close to 700 however you need 16 stars to move on in achieving new high score and can't get the 3rd star is just wrong in the process of looking for a new game
I agree that ads are needed but just SO many. You spend a majority of time watching 3 or 4 adds in succession before you even start. Plus, when you start a game you have 3 or 4 more interreuptions.
I really en koo oh playing this game. I have it noth of my phones. I'm up to level 394 on the other one. It's an awesome game to relieve stress. I just wish I had more units available to play.
lots of "ads" to get things, but watching the ads does nothing. Whether it's a bug or intentional, not worth your time with other match 3 games out there.
will not load. says I need internet connection once to play offline. I have internet connection and am able to get get online doing other things so it is not my connection.
I play this game for years and bought gold and it will literally just disappear dont spend any money it will go to waste
Great game. Dead company. Jewel mania is one of my favorite match-3 games out there (yes I liked it more than candy crush). I'm on level 372... on my 3rd acct. My biggest gripe is, unless you are playing on an apple product, there is absolutely NO WAY to save your progress. There is also no way to contact the company for support. Storm8 used to be an upcoming tech giant. From what I can tell, they have zero upkeep. How hard is it to let Android users create a login with Facebook? Answer us!
it's fun at the start, but when you hit a new high score but not get the 3rd star, it's gotten pretty boring. Why keep trying knowing you won't get all the stars as needed?
Used to play on my old tablet. Just got it again. Forgotten how good it is! Hate the ads😦 Still playing!! Phone AND tablet; one of my go to's.
i love to play this game daily but sometimes when i score the points it wont give me the points and i have to play again to get the points not fair.
Lost in app purchases. Would not recommend. I found out from Storm8 management that a player without their knowledge could"accidentally" make in-app purchases which Stirm7 believes is the players fault. Be careful and don't make in-app purchases unless you don't mind losing your money.
Would happily give this zero stars. It's an intentionally difficult game that repeatedly asks for the player to buy gold. I've never seen a more obvious money grab in my life. I tend to enjoy these games and have played Several and None are this obvious with the demand for money to keep playing! Garbage business practices.
I have loved this game for years but now they've changed to to prevent you from earning stars per level to try to force you to spend real money in order to advance. What a way to try to rip off people and ruin your brand. Shame on you! Lost a very long time fan.