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Jewel Games 2020 - Match 3 Jewels & Gems Crush

Jewel Games 2020 - Match 3 Jewels & Gems Crush for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by LinkDesks - Jewel Games Star located at Unit 04, 7/F BRIGHT WAY TOWER NO. 33 MONG KOK RD KOWLOON, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is very good and enjoyable as it works great for me thanks again for the best game,that I enjoy so much.
This game is good BUT there's a company called LTG games that have a game like this one but better. From the start HAS an UNDO button AND a REFRESH button and also ANOTHER button that has a mallet (hammer) where you can knock out a piece if need be. As you get points these features are topped up automatically. That's why there's is better. 🀠
I ❀ this game this is my 1st game I down loaded to my phone....I've been playing ever since.... Thank you......
So Far I Really Like This Particular Merge Game But It's Still Fairly New To Me So I Can't Give A Fair Honest Rating Yet...
Extremely addicting. There are times 'it won't let you' get a decent score until you watch a few ads, which is lame. I mean, I've gone a few hours at a time getting low score after low score, then i finally watch an ad and it starts giving me the numbers i need in key spots. But i get it, that's how you make your money or whatever. Other than that one 'kinda-complaint', i love this game. I play it more than any other game hands down. Two thumbs up.
This Game is Fun For All Ages. And, It's Also Fun & Educating For Your Children. I Promise That You & Your Children Will Enjoy This Game Very Much...
This is a great game, and not only that, the developers took notice when I complained about the casino app adverts -- 18+ rated ads appearing in a PEGI 3 game app; I'm sure any parent would agree, that's an issue. It's been resolved promptly, I haven't seen a gambling-related ad in months now, and I'm playing away quite happily. This game is fun, simple to play, addictive and very aesthetic. 10/10 now the gambling ads are gone!
the garbage can on the lower left side is that part of the appz settings&why does it have a circle in the middle that only rotates left only ¬ right?you should add an app settings that users can control.when trying to pull the blocks all the way down there is a magnet force that stop it from going down to bottem.why ?are you challenging the players in the game?, am i playing against a computer or you ?whats the code to make the diamonds pop up?whats the cheat code 2 game? email to me.thanks
I'm like so addicted to this game haha. It's pretty basic and I just love that. Sometimes I don't need much, but just relaxing game. This I reccomend if looking for basic fun and relaxing
You have a good game. I was a little annoyed that the restart button is not labeled. I wasted coins that I didn't have to, because I didn't know the corner button was the restart button. There are many ways to get rewards, and coins. I like if you watch 5 videos at the end you get 500 coins. Also, after you watch a video you get to pick from 3 gift boxes. Which every one you chose gives you coins. Like the spinning wheel. May give 5 stars later. Game is set up so players get many choices.
I love this game. .. I have played it for a long time, and the only thing I can think of that would make this game better is being able to level up to more challenging levels.
Disliked having to go home to before continuing leval. Also too many ads to buy coins and ads for other games to get to next level. Not for or my kids
The games I play are rated according to how often I play them. I spend a significant amount of time recently at home due to pandemic. I spend a significant amount of time on this particularly game, during the pandemic and rate the app accordingly. Thank you Google play for the availability of hundreds of quality games during these difficult times.
I've installed other dice merge games and by far this is much better than the one I used to play. I think this game is great and I love playing it.It helps me to concentrate better, because one has to think ahead to keep it going.Ads are not constantly interrupting and I will be playing this for a while to come.
I love the game but the spins are only going to 20 to 40 and no higher and I'm on chapter 13 the spin hit on 100 then jump to 25 and to many ads. I just notice that we are being charged 45 coins for spins and I'm only getting no higher then 45 pay out so I'm not winning nothing. you should change at least some of these or I'm going to delete a nice game with way to many ads.
I love jewel games .very relaxing thanks to the developer's and your team for making this game. Keep up the good work. Wish I could give 10 stars🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩
I installed this game on January 7th this year. It was something else to play and if I didn't like it I'd uninstall it. The game is fantastic I soon learned how to make matches, i.e. if you match three sixes you get a diamond, if you match three diamonds they clear a portion of the board and so on. This game is great. Well done to the programmers
I have played a lot of different games, but this one can be quite a challenge ,and keeps you thinking . Love it....
very addicting, always trying to beat my score having hard time trying to but over all great game.. i do think they should give you either more coins for a better second chance it's rare that a sometime chance works, i don't think that is right. no one will ever be able to get a better score i haven't since i've started playing
This game is actually quite good. The English translation isn't too bad, the ads aren't too excessive (at time of writing) and the core gameplay loop is compelling. the only change I would like to see is more variety in the ways you can play (different sized game boards, different rulesets, different mechanics, etc). Add some options for different styles of play to keep it from getting repetitive. Thanks!
This game seems to very relaxing and wonderfully put together it's a challenging game and it requires you to think were to lay your next tiles it's like playing chess a wonderful thinking game πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ€”a five star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and the adverts can be controlled if you spin the wheel or the boxes then you watch ads couldn't get any better than that I will be recommending this game to my friend's and family.
I really like this game. It's very challenging to try to beat my own high score. I would like for the grid to be easier to see. Even with my brightness level up the grey-on-grey makes it difficult to see. I would rate the app higher but I like to be able to progress up in a game. My first high score was in the 2Ks but I have no idea how I did it. I played it a lot (days) then beat my score by a few points. Still don't know how. I'm sure there is a definite strategy but I only play games to relax. Maybe other players want the challenge and so it would be five stars for them. For me it's four.
I just started playing. I will update after I have played for a while. So far I am really enjoying it. I can't wait until I reach the higher levels when it will be a bit more challenging.
I enjoy the game although there are no real instructions or strategy tips. It also sucks that the coins earned cant be used for purchases in store.
TOTAL SCAM!!! This game is all about the ads, with no useful rewards for watching said ads. Gladly uninstalled!
I really was enjoying the game then realized when you don't pay for tokens they make it so you cannot possibly win. You should not pretend your app is free. Or let people know if you want to play just to lose then here's the best app for that no winners aloud unless you buy tokens no freebies. Pretty pathetic to control each game that way. It is a big waste of time I won't ever pick a app made by this company. Very immature of you. Very disappointing LINK DESK
I love this game. Sharpens the mind as well as relaxes me at the same time. Who could ask for anything more? Just a little note the hammer, and those extra doodads that help out are kind of outrageous to use.
Lots of fun and using the brain for strategy.it is lots of fun but why do you pay to get rid of blocks. Also it goes up as you use them. Yes it is fun to play. However to many ads and not enough rewards. It costs every time you use the the helps and keeps going up so you do not really get cash points.
So what's the deal with this game & all the bugs? I've had to reinstall 5 times now cuz it closes down & wont reopen so I have to reinstall. So I lost all my points which sucks..I like the game & got pretty high on points, more then once then I have to start all over which is bogus..please fix the issues...
I think this is the best of all the match 3 games! ....it is one of my favorite games to play cuz it doesn't just explode into matches that simply fall into place with little or no effort while saying "way to go!" U actually shift the blocks on ur own which is so much better to me.
Can't get over the ADS,ADS,ADS!! AND you can't skip them you just have to wait it out!!!??!!!!!!!!?!? Ridiculous
Hello i just leave this game for a year but i still love it . but when i try the jewel games 2020 ( before i play jewel games 2018 ) Its become harder to reach a hundred thousand score or more, not like in the jewel games 2018, after I finished building the formation I was very easy to get blocks 4 and 1 but now I very rarely get it . and i ended up by having a very low score . Why is it like that ? I can't feel the times when I got 300.000 to 400.000 scores :(
Totally love this game, at first, I didn't get the puzzle but now I do. Match 3 numbers and that number goes up 1, dont forget to place the 3rd match close to the next number up! You will get it when you play this awesome, intriguing, Match- merge game,to move up to next number to merge too! 5 stars cuz its fun and alot of thought was put into Jewel Games 2019- Match 3, thank you Developers!
It's really a bit of relaxation ,time pass,good and harmless, even for kids it creates scoring ability and entertainment .
@ first I was not sure what to expect. I was skeptical about some of the comments people wrote for this game. But it didn't take long to notice how special and unique this game really is. I find my self getting glued to this game. ( which can be a positive and negative thing. There has been more than a couple times that I have important things to take care of but I am not able to quit playing.) the only thing I have an issue with is the amount of tokens it takes for the boosters. & I have an idea of something to consider for one of the future updates.if there was an option to play either with a friend or against that would make this game even more enjoyable.
This is one of those apps that you pause....just so you can think about your strategy before going back to it. An absolutely wonderful challenge to the brain, and a HUGE plus, is that my stylus works with it. Thats an integral decider as to whether I stick with a game. Thanks to the developer, keep up the awesome work!!!! πŸ’—πŸ˜€
A very addictive game completely love it ,i can not stop playing it . even the advents are not to inturesive.this one of the best jewel games around i think.go on install it and injoy.πŸ˜ƒ