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Jetpack VS. Colors

Jetpack VS. Colors for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Awesome time killer. The levels get pretty hard after around 10, but that just makes it more addicting. Endless mode is super fun! I honestly don't know why this game doesn't have a higher rating. It's great!
This game is really great and entertaining .However there are a lot of ads like every time u win a level or die an ad pops up so can you please fix the ads.The game is amazing though.🙂
This game is so smooth on my super duper bad phone. I still cant believe how smooth it is lol! No video ad, very nice, endless mode which i fricking love only 2 things, when starting it lags for a second which i dont mind that much but yeah and when theres a lot like A LOT of balls the game lags which annoys me. Overall a super good game took me 3 seconds to download with bad internet connection so i recommend this game 😃👏👌
This game has a good concept but it sucks, the lag is so bad that you can't even get a solid 2 minutes of playing in
I'm sure it's a great game for anybody who doesn't mind a little gameplay in amongst their adverts. I'm usually happy to pay a few bucks for a fun little game, I was on ad 3 before even playing a single level. Disappointed but a claim to fame for the dev is this is the first game I've ever uninstalled before even playing.
I think it's fun. There's an endless mode and the levels kept me going for a while. People are complaining about adds but I usually just put my phone on airplane mode when playing.
It's like if flappy bird and color switch had a child, that's this game.I like this game because its gets harder, and not too hard to where it's impossible.
The game is actually very addictive, it's also still very fun to play! I would give five stars. There are ads, but I just turn on airplane mode. Suggestion - I've played all levels...until level 25. If you manage to get there (like me), you can't play level 26. Soooo...why not make a creator contest where a player can click the locked levels, the game will take said players to an editor. When finished, those players can submit their levels for a chance to have their levels in the main game.
it is a bit laggy and I wouldn't recommend it for a long road trip. the devs should try to make it a bit less laggy in an update because it is too hard when mixed with the lag.
The Lag is strong with this game. So strong, in fact, that is happens everytime I descend. Will rate 5 stars if they could improve the flow of the graphics so my jumping doesn't delay so much.
Love this game so much but it is so frustrating I cannot get past level 13 but I do love the gameplay it's great but if you get frustrated and rage quit a lot then you probably shouldn't get it my only complaint is the ads but I do have a hack for that if you use airplane mode it will get rid of the ads but you didn't hear that from me so you know but I'm probably just stupid you can probably pass level 13 but you know 10 out of 10
I love the game, it would be better if there were more skins to unlock and that the levels would come sooner. all in all it's a great game
It's cool but when I do the endless mode it keeps lagging and I keep getting killed please fix this .
would be a good game if it didnt keep giving me the same ad that freezes the game and I have to restart the entire game every time I die
Lots of ads mean viruses mind takeing some out like one every 5 or 3 lvls my freinds would love to play this but if they get lots of ads there gunna think it's a virus
Was anyone else stuck on lvl 12 for weeks? I cant give 5 stars to a game with so many ads and no sound..
why did you change the game? it was really fun before but not the physics are really weird. the touch and hold for jetpack is NOT a good addition and it totally ruins the game
This game is pretty fun and the concept is pretty original but the video ads are just too annoying to really enjoy the experience unless you pay $1.99 for the ad free version.
Fun to play in short burst, but frustratingly challenging after a while. Wish the levels would restart when you don't use a continue though.
the game lags a lot in between which makes it difficult to play (I tried airplane mode but it only helps slightly). fix the lag and this game will become the one of the best games ever :))
I clicked an add so I could continue on endless and it made me watch the add without letting me continue, instead making me restart. Game = Garbage Also when you play the balloon the hit box is off. If you fly barely above something but dont touch it you still die.
i got heated on level 7 and i couldnt go through one of the brick walls because one of the color changing cubes ig and i was supposed to be green an i got turned purple and i dont know if this is just me or for everyone but it got me mad.
It's a fun game but for the levels on my game the 7th level there's a part were it doesn't switch to the right color and you go through the blocks and you lose. Its been happening every time I get to that part of the level and I hope you could fix it
i dont like all the bugs. there is so many bugs, i cant even play anymore. this company has to do something about these issues and bugs.
Its fun, when it actually works. sometimes i go to play it and it takes a buffering minute and glitches my entire game out and it sucks. youre not on a bug killing spree.
i feel (and many others feel) that this game is unike, and awesome (maybe because it has almost NO ads) but it does need some work here and there... but besides that, one of the best time killer games ever made. P.S if you have lag or "too many ads" just turn on airplane mode.
this game sucks because every time I try to beat level 4 it's always hard like every time when I play the game and always lags on you so if you tried to get this game don't get it or else I want to end your life
I dont usually rate a game low, but I must say that this game is way to laggy just for a relatively small app. If it were to be fixed it would be must appreciated. But other than that there is much potential.
Amazing game. I just think that a level editor should be added and a "low detail" mode as well. (Remove particles"
Game is good just when u get to the 7 level it changes me to purple and then I die and i need tut o be blue
the game is super fun and could get 5 star but there are only 25 of the 50 levels working I hope it will get fixed so I can't give it the deserving 5
First off and in all honesty! When I first saw thed advertisement for Jetpack VS. Colors; I thought that it might be boring. Well! At least until I changed my decision and downloaded it. This game is so freaking addictvive and is an absolutely phenomenal idea!
I loved this game up until I got to level 13. Its only based on luck and yes its totally possible its really hard. If level 13 got updated maybe i would reinstall.
Lvl 7 you are not suppose to change colors, for the guy who thinks it's a lag. Everything is smooth and nice. More skins and levels please. Plus would be nice if you would add leaderboard
oh wow such a great way to pass time and its free it could use some more sound it would make it that much more entertaining and its challenging. LOVE IT
I bought the ad free version, but it's not actually ad free. You still need to watch an ad to revive in endless mode. I'm sorry, but did I not just give you my money for this?
F*uck this game this is why because in some rounds it keeps killing me because it says i was still tapping
for a game with stick figure with a jetpack, the graphics are just as expected and alright with the controls being easy as the press of a button and the controls being literally a press on the screen. what gives the game a 3/5 is the lag and start up. literally you cant start the game without it lagging to the point where you cant even play it until you stay on the game for a minute.
At random times I couldn't jump which was really frustrating and there were to much ads I would recommend to get better controls
I think the game is fun except that there is some weird bug I think not sure but if you press on the ad on accident it's going to go to a bunch of apps on Google play which is really annoying and you can't stop it you have to wait a bit to do so
Great game until the jetpack update. You should just make it optional so u can switch between tapping or the jetpack. Also why didn't you add the rest of the levels instead of changing the controls?
you guys really ruin the experience for me when you spam the game with ads, every other round i play has an ad and they dont even give me the option to close out of them until im already eight seconds into the repeditive spam. you guys meed to chill out on the ad spam, you are already doing well for yourselves and dont need that much money. who ever designs these games are very greedy and i really dont think im going to be playing any more games from this company. do not download this game guys
Ads, Ads, AND MORE ADS. Game is centrally based on ads. Ads between levels, ads on bottom of the screen. I understand that you need the ads for momey, but it's a overrated amount of ads. Sometimes I end up dying because of a ad. It's ridiculous!!
Honestly, I like playing it, but once you get to level 20 it's getting pretty hard where sometimes I feel like you just really don't intent for people to play this game, I also hate the adds, though the revive kinda makes sense.. 3 stars to you because... Idk I guess you're lucky.