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Jet Ball Free

Jet Ball Free for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Codefreeze located at St. Petersburg, 2-nd line V.O., 29-12. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game to get in and out of if you have lots of down time at work or school. Ads are pretty annoying but once your in game its fun
I love playing jet ball, it the popup ads are too intrusive. If I could figure out how to buy an ad-free version, I would do it in a heartbeat!
I love this game I've played it for years and I don't want to stop anytime soon, but honestly if you're going to offer the ad free upgrade at least make the link work properly. I'm sick of watching an ad after EVERY LEVEL.
Not easy to catch the ball. They should make the control with joystick pad in the left and in the right to control the movement
so fair i have downloaded 1-2-3 of jet ball games, wonderful, love the different varyitions, these games are the best, thanks.
In a FAILED attempt to offer a "better" JetBall... THIS??? It lags, it is spotty, the ENTIRE game speeds up AND slows down at will!! Fix the ORIGINAL JetBall, then get better reviews for IT.
Used to be a great little time consumer but now completrly ruined by having to watch minute long ad videos every level....I understand the need to advertise on a free game but forced to watch videos every 2 minutes makes this unplayable now. Cant imagine anyone using this app anymore
Gameplay good, but there is a 30 second ad starting a game, every other level, and when you run out of lives making it unplayable.
Loads of power ups makes for a very satisfying finish when you clear a level in record time while racking up on lives and points. More of that please. Levels are a little lackluster. The dynamics of level design could be improved a bit, but its not enough to take away from the enjoyment. Solid five stars.
Could really like this game, but have a problem with advertising banners covering top of game, where there are more items to shoot that you can not see. Sometime thought I was finished with the game only to find there were more items hidden by banner, thus causing you to loose your shooting ball. Very distracting.
Fun interesting game, But the amount of adds that you can't click away after every round make it a no
Besides the ads it's good. Something seems to be wrong with the upgrade feature it wouldn't let me buy points so that I could upgrade
The game design here is brilliant and the levels are very fun. However this game is riddled with issues. it often lags and the game pad won't respond or work at all. Every 6 minutes or so the game will crash all together which is very annoying. Sometimes it won't work until I restart the phone. There's also ads you can't skip, often 30 seconds to 45, in many other games you can skip any ads over 20 seconds long. The ads are repetitive too. It's a shame I want to give this game a good review but...
Don't have any account for save my data. I already play through more levels but when reinstall cannot get my data back. Please fix this issue. Thank!
Very addictive, try it once, and you keep play all the time...but only goes up to the 10th level. Then its wants you to down load Extended 1... tryed it, but don't work. Please fix the problem... That's why for me is a 3 STAR...
I loved it. Its very satisfied when you complete levels. The graphics were awesome. I love how the skull would come out of no were....keep up the great work 😃
Ads keep popping up from everywhere. Used to be a nice game. Even had purchased all the levels but now the paid version doesn't work for me and the free one is useless with all of these ads.
Take away the ads and I'd give it 5 stars. And I uninstalled it because I can't upgrade. A white screen just shows
This game has some problems and no wonder why because the developer has stopped updating it,so it should be removed from Google Play.
A nice mind districting game..Get rid of all the ads, it may be a lot better..Need more free levels!!😉..
Dear developer. I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY! This game is great, but the ads are not, so I want to pay you money to remove them. But the screen goes white... and nothing happens. If you fix this I will pay to remove ads. If you don't I will uninstall the app and feel annoyed.
This game is really amazing...who said enything wrong about this game don't care about him...download the game and enjoy gaming...thanx
I'd Give It 5 Stars If It Wasn't For That Many Annoying Adds. I Get It... The Creators Have To Do What They Have To Do To Keep This AWESOME Game Online, Just A Shame, It's A Turn Off For Me 😜
Can't download or active the extension packs... If I click on it the screen will just go white n nothing will show.. That's a bug that need to b fixed. Fix it n get a five start rating.
I enjoy playing this game but the link to upgrade doesn't work, how do you get points to upgrade too many adverts pse fix.
I bought the other version of this game and never stopped playing, until I've changed phone! Just found out of this identical version of jet ball, but ads are really too intrusive and annoying. The upgrade link does not work for me (I have an HTC 10), I just get a white screen and there's nothing I can do. As I bought the other version I would have bought points on this version to upgrade to the version with no ads, but I am unable to do it. Very disappointed.
Good game but I uninstalled IT because fricken advertise not worth the agro keep your fricken game and I wouldn't be advising anyone to play this game
I'm rating only because no matter how many times i said never, it kept popping up to rate! The game is fine, nothing great, but good for toilet time! There are a few glitches, like, you can die after board is cleared, not a big deal because it gives out extra lives like candy, there's also times where the metal can turn to brick once you've cleared board and ball has stopped, all you can do is sit around and wait for the right things to drop, like explosions, or quicker yet, death! There's not much of a challenge to game and keeps running same 6 or so boards over and over! Bet you wish you didn't pester me to rate your game now!
Fun except for the one level that starts close to the paddle on which I consistently get SIX death possibilities in a row! Is there any way to upgrade the game without messing around collecting points for other apps?
Either you let me pay for the ad-free version or decrease the ads! This can be a really fun game if you could decide one way or the other...
Possibly the best graphic designers have taken 1 of the oldest most original games I played & through it in a skillet W/ the FIRE on HIGH !!! GREAT JOB YOU GUYS/GALS !!! AMAZING FUN !!! Samsung Note 4 having trouble linking to get "No Ads & Extra Levels". Just a white screen everytime!! Still gotta give your designers Top Marks !!!