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PlayShow Controller (Legacy)

PlayShow Controller (Legacy) for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Sony Pictures Television located at 10202 West Washington Boulevard Culver City, California 90232-3195 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I can't access the app on my android, I can't login at all, Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times
Cool idea but unfortunately this app sucks. It never registers your voice resulting in you losing every single question. Wish I wouldn't have spent money on it.
Garbage game. No 6 digit code to get started on the app. When you go to website to get started, it's not recognizing the mike in your phone.
I had a lot of fun playing that 1 free game. You get 1 free game and all the others you pay for? Not even 1 free play a day? Heck, I'd even watch all the videos for free plays if you offered! The voice recognition is off. I tried to speak very clearly but I missed a few correct answers because the microphone misheard me. Typing in my wager would be easier. Videos for the video daily double didn't play and the game froze a few times. I did make it to Final Jeopardy, though
Great as long as you're ok with losing after giving the correct answer over and over again. Edited to add: upon further play, this app is RIDDLED with bugs (ok it's beta, fine), the price per episode is laughable, and it's just not worth it. I'd have given it a shot if it were reasonable, but it's not. I suspect it'll be defunct in no time at 5 bucks for 5 episodes. lol
So much potential but not playable. Speech recognition is trash. No intuitive menu controls. No easy way for alternative input. Crazy expensive per game(episode) - especially given the performance of the app. Please fix the issues and make it much cheaper. In fact, allow for decoupling from the "TV show" as it gets old when you cannot skip things like the player bios.
Would love to play this, but the sign in/create account screens don't even launch the keyboard on Android 11 - Pixel 5.
Actually awful. refuses to pull up soft keyboard and fails to respond to keypresses on blutooth keyboard. 0/10 learn to handle keypresses my dude
This game is virtually unplayable: The android "companion" app asks for a 6-digit room number, while a 4-character alpha-numeric is displayed on the TV. While playing, it actually caused the wifi on my phone to disconnect. It kept asking to allow use of the mic. I had to sign in each time with username and password. Half the time, the correct verbal response was not recognized. The game itself is really not what I expected. You are not a "player" who can choose the category and amount, but instead you are subject to the actual game that was taped several years ago. Playing solo, it did not display my score.
The first starter pack I bought skips double jeopardy and I had to start over three times because either my phone or television became disconnected from the internet. I thought perhaps the first episode of paid for it was just a glitch so I gave it a week and tried it again. the truth is is that this app is complete garbage these people should be ashamed that they put it out. I think everybody that purchased this app should get their money back.
This only works for Xfinity customers. It claims to allow you to sign up by email address, but then does not provide a keyboard so it is impossible to play. I tried on several occasions in several ways. I'm done.
I wanted this game to be good so badly, it is riddled with issues. Even with the huge problem of the game not recognizing what you said it would be okay. But the game is riddled with crazy expensive micro transactions, even if they were a reasonable price we couldn't even finish the trial game without it freezing on us! Crazy how much money this game could rake in if there was a semi competent team for it. The app asked to be reviewed in the middle of the game! That was the first of many freezes
I can't even get the keyboard to appear to type in an email and password to create an account. Using a Google Pixel 5 which has the latest Android install.
Free trial only, so glad I didn't waste money paying for it. Multiple glitches and not showing video or picture clues. Didn't show one answer. Misunderstood many of our voice answers. Too bad because I'm a huge Jeopardy fan and really wanted to love the app!
UPDATE: Man, is the voice recognition bad. I said "What is syzygy," and it recognized "What is the G." Of course, the game said I was wrong, even though I wasn't. The game can be really fun, but bot so much when your right answers are recognized as wrong.
I had a blast beating real contestants! The voice recognition was accurate and fairly forgiving with sound-alikes, and buzzer timing was spot-on an in sync, they have fixed a lot! This was the closest thing to the real thing I've ever played. I can't wait to play with friends! My only complaint is that there are only ~100 episodes at $0.75-1.00 per episode. I'd even tolerate real ad-supported commercial breaks rather than dumping $100+ for one time use episodes.
This game SUCKS on Xbox One. It is hardly interactive at all, the microphone hardly works (What is Count Chock You'll Awe?), the keyboard gives you virtually no time to type, and worst of all, I paid $25 for three episodes with additional episodes costing $10 a pack (as though people would come back for more). To charge even a dollar for this "game" is CRIMINAL. To echo an earlier review's sentiment, ZERO STARS.
Words cannot describe how terrible this game is. It is a great idea with horrible execution. I hope the developers have been fired by now. Almost nothing works consistently. The episodes also cost so much money but they are worthless because the game bugs out 50% of the time and you have to start over. Moreover, the voice recognition only works half the time and if you choose to type your answer there isn't enough time. It's very sad tonsee such a great idea executed so poorly.
Unplayable. Attempted on both Android and iOS phones while game was loaded on Fire stick. Kept booting us out, and then game never loaded.
One of the worst experiences. Downloaded the app but couldn't get on the server because the app doesn't allow me to type letters. So I used the website. THEN the voice to text was wrong almost every. single. time. Paid $25 for the PS4 app and what a waste.
Couldn't get it to work. I was able to add the app on my Google TV Chromecast, but when I was in the phone app, the keyboard wouldn't load, and therefore couldn't even create an account or login and play the game. Disappointing.
I want my money back. I bought one of the packs and I get the same load error message every single time I try to play!!! I've emailed customer support and nothing!!! I am really mad about this!
The keyboard wont open on my phone to sign up.. like the concept but come on.. reinstalling, hopefully it works.
Does not match the interface on my PA4. Can't connect to play. Can't get any support for it. Worst thing I've expwrienced. 0/10
I can't even create a profile. When attempting to create a profile it never even brings up the virtual keyboard. I don't know how you mess up an app this bad.
When trying to use the app to log in, it will not pull up the keyboard, so you can neither create an account, nor login. In other words, the app is useless.
Can't even create a profile! I downloaded the app, opened it and tried to create a profile, but a keyboard doesn't open when you select a text box. Horrible app!
This is as close to the real thing as you can get. Just like at home, you answer before the contestants and keep score. Very intuitive. However, Playshow ruins the experience with a frustrating, poorly designed, glitchy app. Consistent issues include failure of the mic or keyboard, and the garbling of speech to text translation, resulting in a wrong answer you just got right. Ruins the game. I'd prefer to use my PS4 controller instead of the glitchy "buzzer" app, but unfortunately it's required
This is all over horrible. I'd gladly give it zero stars. It doesn't load right. The game doesn't understand you when you use the microphone. It freezes in parts so you miss the clue. PLEASE don't waste your money.
Such a perfect concept, but such poor execution. About 50% of the time it counts you wrong when answering correctly because the voice recognition feature just isn't up to task. For example, on one question I correctly answered Thanksgiving.. it heard "thinks giving" and counted me wrong. Also, it is one of the buggiest games I've ever played. Constantly getting disconnected. I paid $5 for the starter pack episodes and it ruined two of them by kicking us out halfway through & making us restart.
Horrible. Have to sign in via companion app but create profile didn't work (does not accept input). Tapping Xfinity account let's you enter the code but then app constantly disconnects. Back to JackBox.
It is an amazing idea and I'm keeping the app only because of future updates and stuff. I have 3 issues though. When I buzz in to answer the question, it goes away and says I have been disconnected. And the voice recognition is off. It also only allows ne to play 2 episodes for free. It's a shame because this is such an amazing idea and I would love to play it if there were more episodes or if you could play live with the actual show, and if the bug is fixed.
Horrendous gameplay experience! first you cannot even log in or create an account because the keyboard is not visible! If you choose Comcast for some reason it just lets you in as a guest. The audio video is completely out of sync on the Sony Bravia TV, half the time my input is not recognized from my phone to the TV. The demo game was horrible there's no way I will pay money for more packs!
Would've been fun but got kicked out halfway through game, wouldn't let me create my own profile. Only 1 game is free. Developers definitely need to work on it
can't even get started, dame issue as everyone else, cannot create account because no keyboard! Why would they advertise this on commercials during the show, seen it for the first time tonight...Hopefully they fix this but sounds like it's been over 9 months and still no fixes!
Cannot enter a code. Computer/TV is giving a 4 digit alphanumeric code while I can only enter a 6 digit numerical-only code to join a game. Have to get this fixed. Would give less stars if possible since gameplay cannot even take place until a code is entered.
The app wouldn't even let me type in my information to create a profile. I've never seen an app missing that basic functionality/triggering the keyboard before. No wonder everyone else says it doesn't work.
This is the worst app EVER. Awesome idea but I can't even make it all the way through without it crashing. Of course, I made it all the way through the initial free game. Only started glitching after paying. Why in the world would you release this to the public without completely debugging, let alone charging for it? SMH.
Not only is it difficult to create a profile, but once done and in the episode, none of the features to make the game useful appear. Additionally, I see no response from the makers that these issues are fixed.
Useless. Does not give ability to type to create a profile. Will try again in a few weeks to see if they figure it out then will remove it.
I wanted nothing more than this to be awesome because I love jeopardy, but it is sooo frustrating! Constant glitches, word recognition is absolutely horrible and even when you type in they often don't give you credit for correct answers. Waste of money as of how it performs now.
Keyboard doesn't show up can't even create an account. Which doesn't use OAuth so you're stuck actually entering an email and password.
App wants a 6 digit numeric code but the game gives a 4 digit code with letters and numbers so cant sync it up and play. Sure hope I can get a refund for the actual game on xbox
I paid 25 dollars to buy this game on Xbox One bc my LG TV didn't have it available. Xbox game gives me a 4 digit game code with letters and numbers...yet this app only asks me to link my TV and asks for a 6 digit consisting of numbers only. I'll be chasing down a refund on the Xbox game and telling everyone that this is hot garbage.
Tried to create an account to play and when I clicked the boxes to type my keyboard wouldn't show up.
Holy cow, I was hoping to have a decent experience. No keyboard appears for any of text fields--can't even login/create account. Sony showing off what a great company they used to be....decades ago. If it says Sony you know its sh**.
The horrible reviews are from 2 years ago. It finally got released to Xbox so I finally bought the game. Can't play it because of the same complaints from 2 years ago. The app won't work. So, I don't even know it the game works and there's no review button on the Xbox game. My only solace is that I gave a few bucks to the Alex estate and hope they fix this game and app soon. Zero stars.
Couldn't even create an account to get started, because the app won't display the keyboard when asking for an email/password. Oh well. Was looking forward to trying this
This game is poorly created. It stalls, misspells words and hangs up so that you have to start the episode over. How do I get my money back for the episodes I've purchased?
It says enter code on tv but there's nothing on my TV and I don't know how it would get on my TV it didn't ask any questions
when I go to make a profile and select the email tab it won't bring up my keyboard to let me type anything.
The worst. The app asks for a 6-digit code, but there is a 4-character room ID or a QR only on the screen. If I accidentally tap the buzzer more than once, the game locks up completely. The game cannot understand my answers and puts in gibberish instead of what I really said while my husband's answers are taken down perfectly. I grew up in Southern California and have no accent. Unplayable.
The app on the Amazon Fire TV ecosystem doesn't seem to work anymore it says there's a problem with the media player and throws me out of the app when it was first released it works great but now nothing please help
Unable to Create Profile because the keyboard does not show up when I tap in the email or password fields. I wanted to like this game, but that would require me to be able to play the game!
"The Price Is Wrong" renagging my original review. Game play is fun, but I tried to paly another game after the freebie and was shocked by the pricing. I haven't paid but don't feel the price is very good value. The game is essential Dragon's Lair: jeopardy edition. So it's FMV that you kind of interact with. My concern is that I'll pay 8 bucks , get 10 episodes, play once then have all the answers and not be able to honestly replay the game as the questions and answers won't change.. what is that? 606 static questions and answers? Idk hoping you can offer some kind of all you can quiz offering for a better price. HQ can offer up new content for free, daily. Sony already has all of the content in the archives.
Answer: Embarrassing bad. It will not bring up the keyboard when trying to create a new profile or sign in with an existing one. There is no way to use this app. Question: "What is the Jeopardy! PlayShow app on Android?" Correct!! You still lose!!
Cash grab. The previous version let you play one episode a day for free. With the new implementation, you now get a free trial for 5 episodes and then have to pay for episodes after that. It is literally all over the place on pricing. Some packs are 4.99, some packs are 14.99. You have to keep shelling out money to play in the end. Obvious cash grab is obvious. Avoid this like the plague.
Can't even create an account because the keyboard doesn't show up when you click into a field. Stupid. (Pixel 4 XL, Android 11)
The speech function does not work very well. It doesn't pick up the answers correctly and there is no way to fix it, so you end up getting it wrong even if you're right. There is an option to type in your answer, except that function does not read/submit your typed answers, so again, you end up getting a correct answer wrong. Only one game is free and everything else must be purchased. If there were more options for free games and the text and or speech functions for answering worked better, I may consider keeping the app. Other than that, meh.
Great idea, terrible execution smdh. I can't even sign up because my keyboard doesn't show up to register. My family loves jeopardy and would love this game. I'm just glad I found out the app doesn't work before I bought the game smdh
Awful implementation of great idea Registration & game joining is klunky. Poor voice recognition makes losing answers. So bad couldn't play through 1 round. Only positive element is buzzing in to answer seems to work but worthless if it won't record correct answer (question)
Unusable. The app asks for an Alpha-Numeric code, but gives you a numeric keyboard to type with. Even copying and pasting the code doesn't work.
Cannot even type to setup an account. Hope we can get a refund for the xbox game since we can't play it :-(
First of all, what kind of developer requires an email to fix issues? No. Answer on here like everyone else. You should be aware that EVERYONE is having the same issue right now. Worked fine and now I can't connect. Keeps saying "Disconnected". Get it together or give me my money for the season passes back. I'm not taking the time to write down some 15 character random id assigned to me to then send an email. If you care about your customers then get this fixed.