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JapaneseDoll for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by (株)面白革命capsule+. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Sexual Themes) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a little bit scary but i love scary spooky games and im 10 years old and other kids play it its like 6,7,8,9 and 10 lol i love this game i give this a 5star
Virtual pet with a horror twist! I really loved this game, the art is creepy but awesome, and while I don't know a lick of Japanese, with some trial and error I managed to collect all the medals and get all four endings. For those trying to get more candles, watch an Ad in the candle room, and then touch all new candles in the mini game. It adds up fast! Another thing I loved about this game is that there are no microtransactions, no wait times or any of that mess.
I have been a big fan of dark elements and learning Japanese for a long time. This app will grant me my dark wishes and help me get some practice in as well.
Very scary at first, but you get used to the unsettling music which makes it much easier to play. I love it!
Okay, I absolutely love this game. I've had it for maybe close to 2 years. The only downside is that it's all in Japanese. But with an easy search of "My haunted Japanese doll capsule translation" you might find a translation, I did, and it was very good. It has an amazing story, it's so sad, heartwarming, and chilling. It all depends on the route. If you're fine with not knowing what's going on and you just wanna see how the doll changes, that's fine two. As you watch the transformations, you see such great pieces of art! It's a really easy game, and it feels very rewarding. It's easy to collect the candles to evolve your doll quickly, and then it takes longer during the endings, so getting it to its last stage just feels wonderful. Don't be intimidated by it if you think it looks scary, it's a masterpiece.
I do like this game its a peaceful creepy doll i try it and it was not scary i played this the whole time to see my secret ending at this game and i did it and guys download this game its very very peaceful in this game guys make sure download it and i got my ending but she's a bad doll but it'll be okay so i have so much played this game so much and its not that scary ok just download it and bye!
So basically, I was playing, and it started freezing, so I got freaked out and tried to back out, but instead it shut my chromebook down and locked me out of my whole account for a good solid hour. And it was not in English.
I hate this game a little bit!!! THIS IS VERY SCARY SO FIRST OF ALL WHILE I WAS GROWING THE DOLL THE LIGHTS FLICKERD OUT AND MY HANDS WERE TIED AND THE DOLL WAS ON MY SCREEN!! AND ANOTHER REASON IT JUST FLICKED BLOOD WHEN I REACHED THE 20 SOMETHING LEVEL!! But the nice thing that I completed the doll and I wanted to see if it could hear me and every time I asked a question it flicked it's scary thing well it's not scary. But the other really scary it just wisper a creepy way and I was tied again
I LOVE THIS GAME!! the creepy vibes hit well with a good horror lover. Just wish they had english. But otherwise 5 stars from me⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Its legit awesome but to me its not scary or really creepy in that matter I can play it in the dark at night too but the thing I wish this had was translations for certain things other than that its pretty good for a free game this is why I love Japanese games and things.
lovely coming of age story, five stars😄 i keep her picture in my locket always, first time i felt like a true mom and even grandmother (im 84 and none of m children loved me as much as this app did😘)
I love this game so much because it's just making a doll the doll is so scary and cute and the only thing that important is feeding the doll candles
Wow. I am at a loss for words. It's a beautiful game. Very emotional if you have the correct translations. Its about you (mother) taking care of a doll and evolving it. There are jump scares (nightmares) and the design of the character does get messed up which may turn people down. Do note, it is not in English, but there are people that have translated this game. But this game puts another perspective on children by showing the character self loathing loving, and caring for the mother.
It was amazing. Other than waiting for candles, it was great to go from a plain doll to a nice doll. It seems scary at first but as you play it more it gets cuter. Highly recomend!
I absolutly love this game! Its an amazing mix of spooky, fun, and quite a bit wholesome. I love the aspect of the game that you have to take care of the doll and they refer to you as "mother," it is very cute. And many of the evolutions are very pretty and cute, my favorites are the twins from ending 1. Overall i think this game is a very nice game to play when you have random time on your hands or your bored. 9/10 ^^
I wish it came with subtitles, I didn't know you could interact with the doll in another section of the game, which may have been crucial to know early in evolving the doll so it was friendlier, less deformed?
I like it! Sadly i cant find the song the lalala the one that she evolve :( I love it! Ive been playing this game over a 5 years :D
Amazing app! 😘 I like it soo creppy but it is beautiful and also if u wait a little longer on the doll without doing anything its like ☺-👹and so cool thx u for the app.
It's a really fun game and Im not halfway done though... I do translate it into google lens so you should also download it! I can't wait to see what the doll looks like! Keep up the great work 😃
Best game ever, I totally reccomended this to people who love scary stuff. The Japanese makes it even more scarier because of the font and you won't even understand if you're gonna get dragged away from the world or not! But it's kinda boring because I understand Japanese and it's less scary >:V But Totally reccomend it
I love this game and it's music! I do not know how to read japanese but I figured out the controls pretty fast so if you think it's hard, it's definitely not that hard for sure and I love it's creepy yet majestic unknown vibe I suggest you get used to creppy stuff! (By the way how do you get past the part where you have to decide Wich doll it keeps on dying I think and I don't know what I'm choosing aswell)
This game is super creepy and I don't know why anyone would make a game like this. It's creepy, scary and you can't you can't even understand what the Japanese words are. I don't recommend this game to ANYONE .
quite a fun app! it's easy to figure out, despite my not speaking any Japanese. I would like to see an English translation in the future though, just so I know what all of the text says
The ending 4 is absolute shocking...will appreciate it if it can be translated to english, I really want to know what is the story about
3 stars, some people think its scary while I think it's pretty addicting but my only problem is I want them to make it English bc it asked me something in japanese when I got to a sertain point, I clicked randomly the one on the right and it took me 7 stages above where I was and I cant go back so I missed 7 stages.
A very cute time killer! I love the creepiness and storyline, if your looking for somethinf to kill time please do try this game! Its a bit slow I will admit but it felt so worth it in the end! I hope others enjoy this as much as I did :)
I like how I was scared to play this at first but the doll was so cute when she told how much she loves you! the art style in this game is amazing too, just kinda wished there was english in this but anyways this game was beatuiful and the story too💕
this game is scary but fun! the doll is mean to me though... she's ok though. i decided to name the doll, kukona! have fun playing this game! dont get to scared though!
A very pleasant experience, I enjoyed this game very much. A translation would be ideal but it's not a big priority.
It was good I played it with my sister and my cousin it looked creepy though but I didn't mind. Then soon I had to go home because I was not at my house I was walking to the car and my dad said "Bub, can you close the back door" but then 5 seconds later.... It closed by it self and we weren't even parked on an angle.....
it's so cool, it's fun to send screenshots of your progress to your friends. love the reactions! It would be awesome to have some subtitles, but besides that I love the game!
This game is very scary...... don't download if you wanna have nightmares.....this game may look normal in the photos but it is not for the scardey cats.... I'd be better if there would be English translations so we can understand the story and controls better......You can download this is you wanna have nightmares. Cuz it seriously gave me nightmares that the doll came wearing a beautiful kimono and tons of flowers on her hair and then suddenly it turned into a scary old lady n kill me.........
I'd give it a 5 star but it's not in English please someone make an English version I'm 10 and it's a pretty fun tiny horror game:)
So kawaii! I just wish you could have the game in English but it's worth it. Very adorable game, couldn't be happier with it
This game slaps, it's perfect for my type of horror experience, as a die hard silent hill fan I appreciate this in the psychological gut wrench horror. The sound design and background tracks really involve you into the game and sends chills, the evolutions of the dolls can at times be underwhelming but most of the time. Good job guys, please keep updating!!
you should make it wher the scary thing in the window some thing that will jump scare you and wher the doll will fight it to stop it and make it xher you have to swipe up and down and right and left to do moves so if you dont swipe zt the right time you get jump scared by the thing in the window
I really like the cursed Japan games I got three now, But in the doll game the second one once you finish all foutlr from the first one the second one hard so please change it
AMAZING!!! This app is creepy, unexpected,and cool the only app that I'm thankful that it has ads because that is my break time.
Its a great scary game! In my opinion But the only flaw is thats it has way too many ads. But the game is really fun and i wish theres a eng version. Keep up the great work💖💖
Honestly I'm crying. It's the best game ever! I love the graphics. Yes yes it may show up on your screen but. Its kinda cool to have a doll on your screen♡~ . Thx for the app
This game is very spooky even tho its not even close to spooky season but it can make you have nightmares if you wish! I already have nightmares of random stuff and never any good dreams really.....I have never had a great dream sence i was 2 its been a long time sence And i highly think that if you like nightmares get this app if you dont dont get the app
I love this game! I wish it was English too, but I figured it out when I started and was half way. To me Its a time killer, and it's not even scary. People post bad reviews about it being scary! You knew what to expect from the picture. But this is an Amazing game! Keep up the great work!! ❤️❤️❤️
Tbh its not that bad. The warning actually states that this doll sees you as a mother and i find that kinda sweet. I honestly think the doll is adorable. But people can have their opinions. I have finished this completely. Once you finish the three paths, a fourth one will appear. and that fourth path is absolutely adorable.
Really love this game! Not gonna lie having the Mad Father soundtrack music in the beginning of the game when you start and when you play with it (When you tap or rub to make it sing) is nice to hear cause it's my favourite game. The only thing is that there is no English translation so mostly I have to guess what I'm doing. Other than that the art style is amazing and the music (Other than the Mad Father soundtrack lol) is great too. Creepy and awesome game this is just the way I like it. 😎👌
Very good for a horror game. I dont understand the text so if you can make a translation option it would be great. This game gives me the spooks and I dont understand why people hate it because of it. Its a horror game what did you guys expect?
I love how creepy it is and how I can just choose which way to go while growing up and I just love this game all together would give more stars if I could but honestly get this app!!! it's so fun and mysterious I love it I know you're thinking this is fake well it's not I love this game
The game is pretty creepy but really peacful and over all i cant read japanese but i still fairly enjoyed the game! I suggest you should check it out.
WARNING: I love this app, and it's really addicting, and it's just great! But here's the warning: it looks scary at the beginning, then it gets cute, but then it gets TERRIFYING I had to delete it I watched my friend play and TRUST ME if you can't handle creepy stuff, don't download. I can usually handle scary stuff, but even this freaked me out. Overall though a great game! Amazing graphics Great quality Great fun! Until you have nightmares forever :D
My only complaint is there's absolutely no English, and there are paths in the game, but I have no idea what's being said, but other than that the game slaps
This game is great! Alough it looks creepy its really fun growing the doll. I first didn't wanna download it cuz i watched this lankybox video and they said that this app shouldn't be downloaded cuz it does weird and creepy things, that is until i read the reviews and tried the game myself. It only took me a week till i was done. Its really fun seeing the doll transform each time. I really recomend downloading this 👍
I love my doll Sally, she makes me so happy she's like a daughter to me.. even though I tell her not to go in the forest and she does anyway... she loves her shadow friend Susin aswell and her old mother in the mirror is so quiet.... no offense but I think Susin isn't real... but Sally wont believe.. Sally always sheds her clay skin and she loses her hair and gets new black hair, when she melts from the candle she grows alot of hair and stops her from melting like a basket.
stating the obvious, subtitles or a English translation would make this game a LOT more fun. Despite that, the art style is hauntingly beautiful. The storyline (I used a website that translated most of the game to help me along) is eerie, sad and envoking. the soundtrack while repetetive is also beautiful.
It is pretty fun if you mute your device.It is not Scary considering that I am 8.The dolls glitch every so often to reveal a scary extra body part,creepy doll,etc. DO NOT PLAY AT NIGHT!!!!( I also speak English and cannot read the language)
I do find this game extremely scary. But the art is gorgeous! And its very surprising! I did not expect the doll to start melting!
It's just a creepy little cute doll thing I really like it it's really fun to play when you're bored 😺😁
to my experiance of this game I think that this is a game of a broken doll who needs help and different things can cause actions to your doll like there figure and ect. I showed this to my sister and she got scared but me im like dang I feel sorry for this doll I dunno what is wrong with me I just LOVE THIS GAME!!
I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!! I was watching lankbox play and I thought that it was not that scary but when I was collecting the candles I went back to the doll it was getting very near to me so I left the app I tried to go back to the app and my screen was red and my hands were tied up in the game I got really really scared and I unstalled the app can you please try to make it less scary and if it is a glitch please solve this problem and please do a English version and I don't recommend this for kids
I personally love this game! Even though I can't read what language it's in, its really fun and easy to evolve your doll. It's a great way to kill some time, and I definitely recommend it!
Omg I just love this app it is so satisfying it just grew and grew It is Creepy at first but then she turns like a really cute doll ♡♡
I really think that this is.... REALLY CREEPYYY.... but fun to play. WARNING: if you get scared easily, do not download the game. I just found it out of a video and the title of the name is "DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE GAMES, THEY ARE HAUNTED." So I tried it and I really didn't believe the video,
I really like this game. I just wish I could read it. I'm sure the story is probably amazing. I also don't know how to unlock everything. I finished the game but I still have more to unlock and it started me over. I only made it to 70%
AMAZING! Like really! I am a 8 years old *I know i am not supose to play cuz it's 12+ but still* It is fun! This sounds really weird but i really love it! It is not that scary! I am actully used to it being scary! So, i give this a 5star! Thank u for making this app! I really love it!
BOOTY-FUL!!!! My time with this app,was wonderful! There were sime times where i was scared af but,overall,i think it's a pretty nice game if you love spooks like me!
Good game and the graphics are good I like it I think for my self is a creepy but for me the song is relaxing for me that's good not creepy DOWNLOAD NOW THIS APP AND ENJOY IT
This game is only scary to those who have not yet lifted there veil. The best part of it is seeing her grow into someone beautiful, but the irony of the game is the beast that lives inside all beauty. There are no real curses or demons wat so ever. Different aspects of the game are very stress relieving like collecting candles and watching her flip out instead of you.
i love the game, even though i cant read the letters [its all in japanese] it a good game! i would play it. have fun playing it! i have finished the game ;D ~Good Luck~
Ok so... Laurenzside played this game and it was my first time playing this so I'm not really good at it yet I was thinking that you guys could add some more dolls but yeah other than that the game is amazing
First off, not haunted. Creepy yes, but not haunted. I rather like this game, I find the music oddly soothing and the graphics are good. Translations into other languages would be nice, its a bit hard to learn otherwise, have to play around to figure it out, but you do eventually. The true depth of the story is lost without translation, but for those who are curious enough, you can look it up to find out. You progress really fast in the game, which i prefer over slower paced games. Overall good!
I like this game alot, but the dolls you get are really creepy. Like the three headed doll. I don't like it when they jumpscare u. Everytime I play this game, I fell like the doll is going to come out of the screen and attack me, but it isn't. But it is very interesting to see all the different dolls in the game. I just don't like that they are creepy 😨😨
Which game is weird but they should really updated so it you can just see what is its becomes it is very hard to make it very last stage
I used to think it was a good game until I realized that whoever made diesnt know what their doing, they mixed multiple dialects which is basically impossible to understand
I loved it too much!!!! Cause this is absolutely The best horror game for people who loved horror game or anything horror or creepy or some scary things!! And it kinda gave me a heart attack and on more thing when the time that I'm collecting some candle it was really Satisfying!! 私はそれをとても愛していました!!!!これはホラーを愛する人々にとって絶対に最高のホラーゲームであり、それに加えて心臓発作を引き起こします😂And one more thing the time that I'm collecting some candle it was really Satisfying plus it's kinda funny too!!
I like the game great graphics but the only thing I can criticize is that there is no translation so for those who dont know Japanese you will have to just try it an hope for the best.
Its boring but definitely not creepy. I think it would need more ambiance and more noises to create a more horror like theme
I played this game and its not scary at all so its a total waste of time.I dont recomend this at all download it and you will delete it right after you pass a level.It sucks.
PEAPLE dont play.after I played strange things started happening...now I have a terrible pain in my leg and when the candle was pointing to the heart my heart felt like it was burning AGAIN DONT PLAY ThIS ITS CUrSED!!!!!
I like it its scary but kinda cute I just started playing and its pretty cool I just wish it was in English so we could read it
I tried the game, its my first time anyway, i grew the doll to a longer arm length, then, things started to change, im starting to hate my doll child, thinking to delete the app off of my phone, not really sure why i am doing this, trying to go back to it, couldn't resist the hatred I have for the doll, I am wishing it to have a better life on her own, with better people to take care of her. I hope everyone understands why I am deleting it.
It's in a different language, which I can't read, and all you do is wait for candles to spawn. Also, if you're a collector, just know that the first five medals are impossible to get. In the middle of the game, there is a choice of three. That's when I deleted the game.
download this game if your brave enough it has a warning for me as a seizure so if you have seizures dont play! i love it!
Its a good game me and my sister has been at the end and I would love if you made more of japanese doll
I so impress because the doll is so very cute but if you first time to play your gonna be scared to play and the sound is so creepy. Then if she grow she is gonna be cute.😊😊.
Wow this game is pretty good ! I can play with her like idk what's the point for that. It's not scared at all for my opinion. First,I saw a cute little doll until when I grow it up, it grows perfectly.Until it more worse,everyone thinks it is ugly and scary but for me,I feel bad for it and...a little bit scary tho
It's not really "creepy." I've seen a lot if reviews on this saying it's cute and I believe it, I can't read (Japanese?) This yet so it's kinda hard to tell what your doing. I like it
I always liked dolls but since I played this game it's more fun!! I treat the doll like my child :D I suggest this game for a scary game night!
guys DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. I played it in the bus to school with my friends and I play a joke saying show ur inner darkness .I know I shouldn't say that but heck.sooon something poped up and a car crash us . so yeah DO NOT PLAY THIS. I bet u will .but I'm telling the truth
The game is amazing I grew the doll a lot now my doll has hair and it's starting to look like a real doll
Please give a option for this game english and what else but this game was very interesting and also good
Scary!!! Great for people who get scared easily. Edit: I love this game and I get scared easily. 😱😆 and the more u beat the heart with candles the more it grows! Creepy 100% BTW u can get cute dolls on version 2. Some dolls on version 2, are CREEPY. Version 2 is in the same app.
Great app people may think it's scary but the music is nice and growing the doll is so satisfieing I just love it keep up the great work!
I like it. It's simple yet macabre, though I wish I could read it. Despite the fact that i don't understand what the dolls saying, it's a creative and visceral way to spend my time and I very much enjoyed it. I believe the only flaw was that I couldn't change the language.
The only thing I would love is if you made an English option other than that this game is amazing there are some things that scare me and I love that this game will is definitely a time killer and is utterly amazing I completely recommend this to anyone who likes scary and intriguing games
Ive seen some reviews saying its scary, I dont think its scary at all i rather enjoy this game the graphics are outstanding and the music is calming and cool if you get scared by little things and such i dont reccomend this game but other than that i think this game is really good the controls i dont mind being Japanese i myself am trying to teach myself Japanese so this gives me a boost i really love this game and think its amazing! Thank you to the person who made this game i appreciate it!
Amazing I love this game, I lowkey feel loved. Although its kinda creepy. I love the details put into the game.
I mean it's a good game but this game is freaking TEFFING I didn't know I was going to walk into a nightmare whenever I downloaded this I like oh cute Japanese doll games I love little Japanese doll games but whenever I open this and I tried to delete it I couldn't it popped right back up the next day like and I have a dreamcatcher I still have nightmares about that freaking game if you see this DONT download it me and Lauren Z side both made that same mistake I've been seeing creepy stuff!!!!!!
A beautiful game. Ive seen a lot of young children saying they hated the game because it was scary, but you saw the icon, what did you expect? I love the conecpt, very unique. I understand that this is a japanese company that made this, which would make it hard to give an english version. But I still have no trouble playing the game even if I dont understand the text. Great way to kill time.
The Game is great imo.. I finished the Regular Ending. But the bonus ending is confusing.. I kept dying and dying. Can you do an English Version of this game So i can finish the bonud Ending??
i couldnt read anything Bc i speak english but it was still fun and i got to maks jokds out if it. I gave mine a name, Child , but currently her face melted off and she died. Since i cant read any thing i cant tell what happend but still its a realy cool time killer game.
This game is great. I love spooky things and this game had some really cool scares. I do wish there were more dolls or maybe a way to customize the clothes and hair. I'm learning Japanese, so this wasn't hard to navigate. If you need a translator, please contact me. I'm currently playing your other games.
I love the game I'm giving it five stars but you cannot change the language like how about this for the next update you are able to change the language so I know what I'm reading cuz I'm addicted to this game and I don't speak this language some people should get this app and they should be able to translate it for me because I really want this app to get an update I really want to know what they're saying so you should get the game it's really addicting I've been playing for at least a month