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Jane's story: design adventure

Jane's story: design adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Amrita Studio located at Kritis, 32 PAPACHRISTOFOROU BUILD., 4th floor 3087, Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app hung on me TWICE right when the statue should be placed in the Cabaret!!! Eventhough I liked their Facebook page, my progress was not saved & ofcourse along with that, all my boosters were gone!! NO customer service πŸ˜•
I'm giving this game 4 stars. Yes it's a good game but when I get the boost that gets all colours I can't use it as sometimes it lands where the boosters are
I really am enjoying this game so far. I like how the design portion is set up. The game portion is a little slow and occasionally moves the pieces differently than I moved them.. although level 14 seemed like an increase in difficulty, please don't do like other developers and make it frustrating & hard to beat? Please?
I do like this game, the story is nice. Just one criticism, it's too slow loading once you have played a level. Unfortunately I get a bit put off with waiting times. You would have got 5 stars other than this one problem.πŸ‘
I really enjoy the game very much. As you see, I only rated the game at 4 stars. The reason is because I feel there should be more moves to solve the "ticket - making" puzzles. If you are a tech who designed this game, it may only take the amount of moves that you have provided. But, I am 71 years old and my mind isn't as sharp as it used to be. So, please think it through once more. Thank you.
Wow! It takes 2 much time 2 get anywhere! Cost 2 much for ugly furniture! Im deleting looking for a better game
I do like this game it's better then the usual games with the same theme. I'm at the beginning of it so not sure how the higher levels will look like but at this point I can recommend it to anyone πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€
Deleting now. 2nd day of having the game and yesterday I was at least able to get into the part where you earn cash and it would freeze after that every single time resulting in me having to reload the game but today it wont even load that for me. Tried closing and reopening a few times but still not working. Just deleting now.
I love this game so much! The grafic and all. 10/10 I will rate 10star if can hehe. Recommended for releasing stress. πŸ‘
I was set to like the game, the design elements are unique and the graphics pleasing, but every time i finished a level and the cash came out of the briefcase there was no way to get back into the game. Just the screen with the open briefcase. I only give it a 2 because of the graphics. I would love to play if that glitch got fixed.
May have gotten 5 stars... Except I was asked to rate too soon in the game for my taste. Also I dont like that the boosts overlap onto the board. You have to manuver around them which is inconvienient. Gameplay is fun. Really like the graphics and the concept.
Brilliant game...All the required products of this game is astonishing... But two things are really disappointing .,,and that are if we want extra lives then the WATCH VIDEO option is not working at all and another one is that the paint colors are very less and also quite auckward But besides all these I love the concept of Jane' lottery tickets it is very playful and mindbogglingπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
is a awesome n nice game but some of the levels are quite hard to pass, so far so good i quite enjoy myself playing n the storyline is good i gave four stars hope to see more of this decorating games keep it up.
I would give a 5 star if the game didn't have so many glitches. Love the concept and design of the game but it freezes after every game and I have to close and restart, after paying for some items they don't show up in the room, keep up the good work, I'll def keep playing if fixes are made πŸ’œ
Fun way to pass time. Nice graphics and game play. I only have one issue. It will not connect with Facebook so maybe that option should be removed.
Unfortunately I had to change my 5 star rating to 1 star. I was at level 58, saved up tons of money & ready to go to 2nd level, Hawaii. Unfortunately screen went black. Waited over 10 mins, nothing. Closed/reopened app many times -nothing. Uninstalled app and reinstalled- ALL of my progress deleted!! I was connected to Facebook so I figured it was saving my data... nope! All gone!! Please give me back my game and fix the Hawaii level. Then I will go back to 5 stars bc great game. Thanx.
Great game and boosters if you could play it. It takes forever to load and freezes on choices. It'll allow you to choose but the delay just amps up my anxiety. Although i enjoy it i had to remove it for my health.
So far, really enjoying game! Storyline is engaging & player chooses some directions the story will go. Match games are challenging but passable (so far) & some unique features in comparison to similar games. I like the decor options & space I'm decorating. Highly recommend! (update after further gameplay).
This is fun and relaxing, but you need a lot of coins that are rather expensive. So 4 stars rather than 5. But the add on extra plays for cities are so off the wall with their blue tickets and for each match game you get only one. There is a coin showing when the match games, but you don't receive any coins. Then to add to your frustration the items need 2! blue tickets, come on. So, I decided to ignore the extra cities with the blue tickets. Am enjoying the game more so now it's up to 4 stars.
So far pretty cool. Luv design options. Mostly not so hard as to take the fun out of it - but not easy! Lol. Little glitchy on ads for bonuses - works half time. Developers please fix. Advertisers & players missing out. Plus Please more Annie's book pages! Accumulated lots of pallettes & now just gone. Changed to 4 stars - toom me to support when tried to give it 3
This game is a really good enjoyable game, but you should be able to earn coins as well hence the 4 stars.
This game keeps freezing up, no matter what I've tried it still continues. Ok,..the game would freeze up after I played a short time. Now it freezes up as it's opening. It's a cute game and I've enjoyed the short bits I was able to play. Will delete it and open again later on. Hopefully you'll have this problem fixed.
I have completed the first location but can't play anymore because now whenever i start the game the screen gets totally black. Please fix the issue cause i really want to play this game and was enjoying the same untill now. Please fix and i will change the ratings to 5 stars.
The game is ok, but some of the options for furniture are really ugly, also there's no way to earn coins.
I really like the game only complaint is it runs slow freezes up sometimes hopefully that kink will get better. Recommend it to all cute little game. I have played awhile now it's a cute little game just runs slow
It's okay. I wish you could skip the tutorial. And it would be nice to get a bonus piece when you put pieces in a square. Also, the bonus pieces don't really clear as much of the board as some games do. I do like the decorating part, though it would be nice if the skip button actually worked since I don't want to read everything.
Graphics could be better. The boosters should be a smaller size, sometimes it interferes with the game. I love the storyline.
Already the game is boring and to top it all the watch the video button for free boosters, moves, etc is just for show.. it DOESN'T work.. u tap it 100 times and it doesn't work.. stupid waste of time game.. uninstalled
Very frustrating game. It takes a long time to load on every level. Most of them are hard to complete 1st try. Shame, because the rooms are fun to decorate, managed to get to 18 but it's doing my head in. Sorry uninstalled
This game is frustrating I downloaded it and the only thing I get is play, I press play it takes me to the beginning, I can't even enjoy playing it because I can't start it, so I guess I have to find another to download, sucks because I was looking forward to playing it
i love this. its fun to design and i love that it starts off designing a hotel with a native american theme. i cant wait for more stories to be added. im glad you can get gold every so often by watching ads and get surprise boosters while playing besides getting your daily login bonus. please keep up the great work.again i do hope to see more stories. this is a fun way to pass the time. sadly the video tabs dont work 100% of the time and unable to connect to facebook or contact in game support
It takes several minutes to load when opening. Once opened it freezes and goes to a black screen whenever I select to play the next level and if I close it my phone freezes for about 30 seconds. When I click on a decorative option I have to choose the first option I select and cannot change it. I've been trying to play for 20 minutes and only made it through level 3. The game is a good concept and I like it, but it has way too many glitches, especially for an E game.
Great game but it froze when i put the statue now i have to delete the game and restart dumb. Restarted the game played from the beginning just to freeze again at the same place. Deleting game😏
Absolutely enjoying this game so much the whole story line has been really thought about in depth & detail i like the parts where we control which way the story goes by choosing what Jane says it's so different from other designer games,the characters definitely have their own style/personality that comes together in the story i really recommend the game the only criticism the price of coins is expensive & the owners haven't thought of those who can't afford it plz lower price so all can play
Love the room design in this game although i didnt get pass the first room. I also was enjoying the storyline. However the game is REAL glitchy and by just level 12 i was stuck and out of lives and money packages do not give incentive to buy due to prices. A real bummer counting how much i loved the design and where the storyline could lead which are the only reasons im rating it a 2 star. Has potential.
One of the most underrated game... The designs are fabulous and worth your time. One of the most beautiful "design your hotel" game.. the puzzles were a bit challenging though, i hope they would make it a little bit easier.
Game freezes up after each level is completed. It's totally frustrating, as this seems like a fun game.
IDK. When I first played it yesterday it worked well and I really like it but it crashed when I was only an hour into the game. I ignored it, did not play until now and surprise surprise, it crashes only 2 mins in it. I didnt even get to start the actual game. I closed and then re opened it, same thing. Decided not to waste my time and just uninstalled it.
They fixed the Glitch. Now it is fun again. Hooray. Oh no! The same glitch came back. And I almost started liking this game. : (
I love the story. The game itself needs work. It's too slow when changing from match 3 mode to decorating mode. I just tried to do the color matching story and the message that says "click here to begin" would not go away so that I could continue the event. Is this game in beta mode? Needs lots of kinks worked out.
GAME needs an overhaul. Takes tooooooo many minutes to load and closes during play. It started as a great game. AS OF 7.14.20, GAME STILLLLLLLLLLLL TAKES TOOOOOOOO LOMG TO LOAD. BGE FOR GOOD.
Absolutely amazing, fun, addicting game...Challenging puzzles, with a cute story line...I LITERALLY can't stop playing...And you're given many opportunities for power ups, and boosters...As they're DEFINITELY needed when the puzzles get hard...But if you like match puzzles, and decorating games like I do...You'll truly love this game...There are even cute mini games as well, to add to your cache of MUCH NEEDED boosters...Give it a try...You'll get lost for hours...πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Šβ€β€β€!!!
This seems like a fun game but I am only on level 15 and it is already getting difficult to finish levels without bonus items. Seems like soon unless I am willing to spend a bunch of money I will be stuck, which is too bad because it is the type of game I really enjoy. But I have found if it is difficult so early I will need to delete it. I refuse to pay lots to play and feel like the least a game can do is let me get hooked with it and be able to play at least a good part of it for free at 1st
Its slow and the narative scenes are ao boring. Theres no way to skip (even with a skip button) it forces you to choose from three pointless options, all the scenes take too long and there are too many of them. Its just ao boring so so boring
Works now after the update but, the new design of the layouts don't match the dialogue. I liked adding the Native American cultural items in the hotel in the other version. I wish they would have kept those elements in t he game.
It would be great if the game would hook up with the Google server so you could purchase coins but it doesn't instead I get this error message that says that it can't reach the server which is weird because I can purchase things in all my other games so whatever is wrong with yours needs to be fixed or I guess you won't be making any money! But if you fix it then I'll come back and rate 5 stars until then 3.
Love this game! My only complaint is that the ticket game is near impossible to win, and then if You don't win the ENTIRE thing You lose everything You HAVE one. I don't think that's fair at all. At least let us keep what we do win then at Ill definately change to 5 stars.
Different. That's what I need. After awhile the games can become boring. I like the graphics. The cost of the decorations is only like 500 coins, which is good and it will not take forever to purchase. I haven't stopped playing yet.
Too slow between acts, after solving puzzle, you have to wait 5 minutes, like it's hung up. Your waiting more than you're playing!! Please check it out. Thanks XOX 😘β™₯️
So far so good. A little latency between scenes and changes. Different story line. That helps. Love the furniture options. Very different. Will keep the reviews updated.
This is fun and relaxing, but you need a lot of coins that are rather expensive. So 4 stars rather than 5. But the add on extra plays for cities are so off the wall with their blue tickets and for each match game you get only one. There is a coin showing when the match games, but you don't receive any coins. Then to add to your frustration the items need 2! blue tickets, come on. Hence the 3 star rating rather the original 4 I was awarding.
Fun with different storyline please add more furniture color options. Please fix lag when opening decorating options. Please fix i hate the music shut off option but removes sound effects. I want sound effects. The room does not give close up of furniture need zoom please. I add bar chairs barely see them. Hawaii is not working. I bought gold but game needs improvement. The options of 3 furniture is boring. No tutorial how to color furniture. When gold is gone i will un install.
Love the game ive played other design games this by far is my favourite cause i like the native India story in the beginning
Awful. Settings button doesn't open if you tap on a design choice like the floor but havent chosen it, you have to choose that one. You cant tap on the other 2 options to see which one you like better
Everything was fine great graphics,nice mini game then when I was going to the next city it when blank tried to reboot my phone still no response,don't waste your time
Love this game. I am sick and I should be getting rest but I can't put this game down. Thank you for sharing this game with everyone.
It's very difficult if you don't spend real money, far too much so, and they give you tons of ways to spend IRL, I don't recommend this one at all. Also, been waiting for the "continuation" update forever....
I play a game until it frustrates me. This one has reached that polnt. I feel I have to pay for bonuses and I won't do that. So it's delete for me. To many other games that are better for me. Some of the ads make the games look really fun, but once you play them, it's the same old thing. You never seem to reach the fun part unless you buy bonuses.
Great game however only 3 stars because it is to hard and have to buy to many powerups. Probably at least one per level. That's not fun, to expensive but fun!
I only started an hour ago but so far I really like it. It's different than the others I've played it has u interact and choose decisions that alter the story . It's pretty cool. So far I'd give it 5 stars! I'm gonna play a little longer and then edit my review according to how it plays out