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Jamaican Style Dominoes

Jamaican Style Dominoes for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by AxiomJa located at 77 Spring Garden Drive, Bushy Park, St. Catherine, Jamaica JABWI. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
looks good but since I can't play without logging in it's a dud to me. I wanted a game I can play on my own time not tethered online
More than once I have had problems playing online partner, no available tables coming up for me to play,it has happened once already which made me have to uninstall the game and reinstall it again, plz address
I just paid ยฃ1.19 for adverts to be removed, however still popping up. Just wasted money on this app which i find a good app. Just dont buy anything.
It take too long to find online match and there is a log after someone win even against the boys. But over it's a good app infact one of the best Dominoes apps but you guys need to link it to Facebook you'll get more people playing. Oh give away some free stuff
Absolutely love this version. As a Jamaican we play a particular format of the game and it's amazing to experience it online. Not to mention the patois here and there throughout. Love it. One little thing for 5 stars - PLEASE MAKE ALL THE DOMINOES VISIBLE AFTER A ROUND SO I CAN DO A QUICK ANALYSIS AND LEARN FROM MY FAILURE OR SUCCESS.
Overwhelmingly very good & positive. However, it is not clear how you play 1) "With Friends & then 2) As Partners or Cutthroat when within "With Friends" Option. Please advise & correct.
Absolute garbage.. When you're playing partner dominoes your partner plays the opposite of what you're playing. It's like we're playing partner and cut-throat at the same time. That makes no sense
I strongly recommend this app. I love this game I have been using this app for a while now and no issues found. However,whilst going through some darkest days and months in 2019. This game has helped me alot to recover in 2020. Therapeutically/mentally with prayers and support from friends and love ones. Congrats๐Ÿ‘ to those who designed this application. May God continue to you all.
I spent a lot of time in this app and initially i liked it, but the glitches have been getting worse and hurting the integrity of the game which is annoying because it keeps a record of your performance... The last straw was when another person i was playing against, got to play 2 cards back to back as if it skipped over everyone ... I don't know if the individual bought 'cheats' that can be purchased in app... But i now deemed it a waste of time...
I love is game you get to communicate with nice friendly people who got mad love for the game and some who don't have a clue both the game my only problem is when its start to play up ๐Ÿ˜’
They took a great game and ruined it because at times you cannot join game and when you have play the computer bypasses you as if you do not have play. Too many glitches to mention! I have contacted support too many times to remember and nothing was done. Typical
This app is behind like 10 updates....great vibes but very poor connections and it doesn not matter if your are on wifi or cell network same thing.....poor execution on keeping up with other games out there
The good. Excellent Caribbean dominoes experience all around. Nice graphics. The Bad. The placing of dominoes requires very precise screen inputs which can get annoying. All plays come with a slamming sound that gets stale fast. Slamming should be gameplay to get xp for slamming which causes passes, key victories, etc. The Ugly. Wonky and incorrect rules. Key victories are awarded to plays where the last card is a couple. And players in love are awarded blocked game count victories.
Good game, but I would like some improvements: 1. Bug: keeps saving my password incorrectly forcing me to re-enter each time. 2. Tutorial mode to colour each piece to remind who played what. 3. Improve amination so you see the piece moving from player's pack to the table. 4. At end of game allow showing all pieces. 5. Tutorial mode at end of game to highlight who played what and allow removing pieces and playing alternative outcome (even though you still lost). 6. Needs to be more obvious when players passes, animation maybe. 7. Some reggae music ๐Ÿ˜. Keep up good work.
Great app. Need to have sounds to indicate start of game, and end of game. Need to implement round board pass. And it should just take you to the game once all players are selected. Felt Jamaican right through.
Problem loading online games.the game sometimes make you miss your turn when you could play a domino.
Very good, finally something that I can relate to. Need to check totals when the game is blocked, my partner and I have least, yet opponents win, otherwise I love it (Barbados)
I enjoy playing this game but I have some problems. I learned domino game in Jamaica. Question: Why when you need one game to win the set and you win with key then the game continue until someone else gets six? The next person or set is credited with winning the set. Also sometimes when the game is drawn it freezes and you have to start all over. You need to fix these problems. Thank you.
The game isn't the worse but could use some improving to be more realistic. For example your opponent tends to kill his own double unnecessarily which inaccurately allows you to win the game. Otherwise not a bad version of Jamaican style dominoes.
This is a great pass time... But of lately there's a bug where the game is skipping even when the player has a play in hand which sometimes dictates who wins and who loses. Kindly could this be addressed but all in all a great game!! Also wouldnt mind a chat section outside of the game itself would be appreciated.
When a game is complete the big covering that comes up after is a problem. Would love to see all the dominoes at the end of the game
it's fast, hard to tell who's turn it is or who skipped. wish the tiles would disappear from the person's hand before it's flung on the table. I'm sure it would play better on a tablet than on my phone.
Dont be discouraged by my score. The concept is great. And most of the function is good. It just wants some fixing. Connection trouble. After a win...the game doesnt exit the table and score my win in the stat column. And the game is recognizing a double as 2 points instead of 1 in the end game scenario. You cant win 'key' on a double inna real domino game! Look forward to updates!
I had alot of fun with this game for years. But one day it stopped letting me login to my account. Which is depressing. Even tried after a new cellphone. But still no. Hopefully one day I can log in again.
Very bad reception! I can't enjoy a game without it trow me out of the game, or keep on connecting! You need to do something about it!
A couple bugs to work out. Trouble logging in and when I win sometimes it doesn't register, the game gets stuck on the end of round screen and the controls suddenly start lagging.
This is one of the best online domino games I've played in a long time. Played against AI and felt as if it was real persons who knows the game. Loved it all the way๐Ÿ’ฏ
1) I really enjoyed playing this app until I realized ppl are able to buy CHEATS in the game. What's the point if players are cheating! Take away those cheats and let people have an HONEST GAME. 2) It would be nice to arrange the dominoes in your hand 3) When you join a table you should be able to leave it I hope to see these improvements soon! Until #1 (cheat codes are taken away) I don't recommend this app.
Nice game feels very real and interactive ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฟ but too many glitches. Online paadie is always offline now. Whack
The app is fun and it feels like you are playing in real life, but it has so many glitches, it will stop working in the middle of a game.
Fun but FULL OF BUGS. Its annoying having to sign in everytime open the app. Its annoying when I try to play online by joining a table and it doesn't automatically put you in the game but you have to scroll and find your table to play. It disconnects randomly. Once in a game its pretty much smooth but getting to that point is a hassle.
Its a good game when it works but it barely works. Always losing connection... ai always playing for you.... always a glitch
I love playing dominoes so I was really excited to play this game. My excitement was short lived as my paadie constantly kills his own doubles, played rounds for the other team and killed my hands. I tried to play online but i keep getting kickedout of the rooms just before the game starts. I know the coding for this game is extremely hard so I took that into consideration but with a little improvement it can be much better.
Tooooo mannnny glichessssss ! What is the point of support when everyone is reporting glitches and everyone is ignored? Obviously we will migrate elsewhere! Fix up !
The game is very good love the graphics. Only small issue I had was I could not see my score. I could see everyone else's score just not mine. Great app though.
a five star rating app. love it!!!!! would love for the addition of hot spot multiplayer mode. where we can play with friends offline. but overall its crazy fun. thank you very much
Quickly uninstalled as soon as I found out you can buy cheats such as peeping others hands and slamming the table to end a round you're losing. No thank you. Defeats the purpose.
Some features are hard to understand. Can't see your own score when signed in. Not able to play against others or it's not clear how to do so. Still enjoyable though
Loved this game at first but too many malfunctions.. can't sign in,moving slow,can't join a game,skipping when am not pass... Why can't spectators see players hand
The options are great re: solo and pairs. I don't like the ads but it can be played without internet.
It's a good approach game design-wise; however, I found a bug where all four players were at 4 in a cut-throat session of first to six. The game blocked with two players in a tie. As is customary, the next game would be worth two points and not 1. Someone won, but the game did not stop. So, you could look into that.
Online cut throat is wack! 2x I'm at my last domino for the win, and it skips me and goes to the next guy, and I lose. This app is RUBBISH!!
Best domino app on the market. Real caribbean dominos with real players... The only problem I have is that it takes too long for playerd to join table.. but still the best domino experience
This game is really a good game however some of the wins need to change if someone has two dominoes counting four and the other has one domino counting four it should be called a tie no one should win the same with a double and an odd number it should be a tie as long as they are both counting the same in number. Another thing is that the game sometimes malfunctions where I will be playing and the game stops and when you go back in sometimes if not all times the game is completed.
Very good game, but I only have one complaint when the last playable domino is played the popup blocks the dominoes on the board and you are unable to see the final dominoes. He popup should be moved so as not to block the board
Yeah Mon! Only thing different is that you can get key by blocking in with a double. To me and my overstanding is that the key card is the 7th piece from 2 different numbers. Also the option to bow winning hands could be added (saves time). If you could take away the cheats then people will learn how to play this sacred game. Still worth the 5 stars after two years.
online play is good but offline, the AI could use some work as even on the hardest difficulty, the players make alot of shots that arent rational.
Good game just like in Jamaica.... please fix iPhone experience, as Logging into the account is non existent. It basically gives an error on either option. Please fix issue where while in game you can't see your own score . An in game tutorial to teach the style of game would be ideal as well.