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Jailbreak - Prison Escape

Jailbreak - Prison Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Escape Factory located at Osmussaare 8, 13811, Tallinn, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i really like to try this game so i installed it but it never load. i uninstalled and reinstalled, no joy. i can't tell if this is a bad app or not since i can't open it.
Frustrating. Ended up looking at walkthrough and found I was doing things right but unless I clicked on the exact pixel it didn't work. The electric chair formula was horrific for game control. So hard to actually change the colours. Gave up as ridiculous. Could have been a fab game but poor game control let's it down
1 level only, hard to figure out what your supposed to do or combine. Controls are tricky. Needs a lot of improvement. Was looking for something more interesting like other escape rooms you have more to look at more to fine more to figure out before your done. Don't waste time or space on your device till they improve it and add more levels.
could you make it anymore f'ing vague?... god damnit.... this is the 3rd game I've tried from you guys- all of which show massive potential, yet fall miserably short in the attempt to reach it... if I never see another one of your games, it'll be too soon... it's called logic/deductive reasoning, but it feels like I must know how mind-reading/divining works instead
The app crashes every 5 minutes. And it also lags a lot when trying to click objects. Really annoying because it could be a top 10 game if there weren't so many glitches
I got notification that the game request update to add a new level. But when the update finished and I open the game, I couldn't find the new level mentioned in the update. What a waste of data!!
this game was good but hard if you could send me a message I will download it again. but you guys must give me extra help. but over all this app was one of the best escape game ever honestly.so if you could just send me a message I will download this game again and you guy came help me.
Frustration here we go! Crashes and lags constantly. Puzzles make little sense, objects are hard to find and see. Click on everything just hoping it works... Boo.
Frustrating. There is a puzzle based on voltage/ohms which is very hard to work out unless you are lucky enough to get the randomly generated value that has been covered in a video tutorial already. Furthermore clicking on the fuses needed to do this is so precise it's almost impossible; and many of the events don't make sense in context (the full bucket, for example). Not of the standard of other games in this series, sadly.
Good start, 30 seconds later you are facing a puzzle with no clue, guidance nothing. Had to Google how to solve it. Love puzzle games but not this rubbish that it's next to impossible to solve
Not bad, only one level. Figured I would keep it to see if the next level was going to be any good but still no updates so its taking up my phone space. Uniatall for now
I've finished this game so confusing that I'm stuck thinking of what to do next, until I finally need help solving it, it's fun to find clues, but it's stressful if I don't find any more clues.
I'm so addicted to your game I love them all each and every one is makes the brain really think love them thank you
Try the found objects on every inch of surface! The first hint took 2 of my 3 coins and showed me which brick and gave me a string!
i cant get the needle on the guage to be straight up in the green because even with the right colors in the little green things im never able to get it to do anything. can somebody please give me the answer. PLEASE I DESPERATLY NEED HELP WITH IT
Love the game and the series. Unable to enter password on the "Intensive Care" level on Android phone, though! Edit: problem fixed with last update!
Was looking forward to playing it, I've liked your other games.... but when I got to the capacitor task, I could barely make the colours change; calculating the right number was really impossible! I couldn't got further, uninstalled :-(
Excellent games with intricate puzzles, but sometimes when you interact with the elements of the game, there's a lack and it's a little bit frustrating.
only the first level and it was not hard . took 1 hour .these types of games are left for the exsport ecape the room players ,that dont need any help. i liked it as felt i was really in it.....here is a tip ..think right im in this cell and need to get out so what would you do?
dude i found the code but there is nothing for the code and i hate how you walk you have to click i dont like that
Was looking forward to playing but disappointed. Game kept crashing on my kindle fire. I have been able to play your other games on this device.
Unable to tap things properly. Couldn't finish the second level due to it. I would have to tap something 20 times. Particularly the electrical box with the numbers/colors puzzle. Super irriating.
This is ok as puzzle games go. Graphics are ok and the storyline works well but objects are very spread out and most of the time is spent trying to find objects rather than solving puzzles.
well. it is a puzzles game where you randomly click things hoping one of your clicks strikes true. i tried the first level and it made little to no sense.
This was one of the hardest escape room games Ive played. You have to truly "ghetto rig" a lot of things in ways most non-criminals would never think of. There arent many codes or locks. It is mostly very abstract object use. You need to fully understand circuits and electricity for the second level. Ohm's law...look it up...it will save you a lot of mental anguish. Apparantly, this is left out of American schools.
Great! This is how games should be. You can SEE what you've picked up (instead of having to guess) and the game runs smoothly. Sadly, though it gets way too difficult. I mean, how many people actually know how an electric chair works? You need a calculator to solve its power supply! I kid you not.
Nice little escape game, I had a lot of fun with the puzzle on the box, gameplay was smooth, and everything worked well. Although, it was extremely short (for those of us who are used to playing escape games ) and I don't know what is meant by "new level added", since I only see one level and a second that's "under construction". Overall quite fun though. :-)
Game is polished, but there are lots of really illogical steps to take in order to escape, without any indications in game to lead you to take them. One must randomly try to combine items and hope for the best, or rely heavily on in-game clues Not impressed.