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Jacky's Farm: Match-3 Adventure

Jacky's Farm: Match-3 Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Integra Games Global OU located at Tornimae 5, Tallinn, Estonia, 10145. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The only way to play the side games is with stars. 99% of the time, with so few move, you can't get but 1 or 2. I wiped a board 3 times and still just got 1 star. Bull.
Game is really cleaver and original . No ads. Problem is that the game uses beans for currancy to buy everything including extra lives etc. There is absolutely no way to win or earn beans after you get your initial 15 at the beginning. (you can get 20 more for going through fb). Game is extremely stingy about giving out anything. Also, many of the levels are impossible to get more than 2 stars in. I finished 1 difficult round with 28 out of 40 moves left and still only got 2 stars. You need a certain number of stars to play bonus rounds. That's almost impossible, at least by playing for free, after the first 2 sections. If you don't mind continuously paying the dev, this is a great game!
The graphics are good. The game play is the same as most match 3 games. No slow as molasses tutorials and the storyline doesn't drag out which I enjoyed. I really wanted to love this game but it just fell short. First, the 3 star rating is majorly hard to achieve. I finished a level with 2 stars and 28 extra moves and still couldn't get that last star. This is common through out the game. Second, I loved the levels where you take turns against the giant and they are only available (at least through the 3rd episode) in the barn levels, which surprise! You have to have stars to unlock. You also need the stars to unlock the mailbox. I'm cool with a good challenge but I spent an hour replaying a level and used special items, and it seemed no matter how well I did, that 3rd star was unattainable. If the scoring system was adjusted, it would be an awesome game.
easy game to play. lot of fun and love the characters. relaxing after a hectic day. graphics are great. love how things are set up. thanks.
Level 18. I had 2 hours of unlimited lives. I tried for 2hours to beat it plus the lives after unlimited was done. Still never passed. No thanks. Thats ridiculous. Uninstalled
After 22lv is not relaxing as i c see is written in most reviews...loosing life at first trial cause i dont understand the puzzle and after replay finishing with no probs. Its nothing new,its a copycat just with a way much better graphics
I really enjoy playing this game and I have played over 300 levels however I feel its more for people who have the money to keep pouring into the game as it costs quite a bit to keep going. The levels get harder and harder with less and less moves available. So I thinks its best I delete the game. Most of the games on Memu are aimed to do the same. I miss being able to buy games on Big Fish, for some unknown reason I was unable to download the games and so I end up here instead.
Love the game please get rid of the hand and arrows so annoying and let me work things out for myself hate tutorials so much get me so worked up when are gone to get rid of tutorials they are driving me up the wall in every game you play
All good, player friendly... And it IS possible to advance without spending money and frustration! I do love this game!!
Despite all negatives reviews i desided to try the game and really quickly understood how right they were.Its Impossible to progress, premium currency not available to earn, life recharge is way to long, game is full of bugs and way way to hard to play. And they spam you to spend money every where you go.Its lovely that you paid for all the nice review's and you have such a high rating but this game doesn't even deserve 0 star.Dont waist you time and effort its a total cash grab!!
I played this game some years ago. Its a joy to come back and play it again. Still love the music and graphics and better on my tablet than my phone.
This game keeps kicking me off the net! Love the game but about ready to remove it. And that is sad!!
fun new twist on match 3 building keep up the good work...though it does need button to skip animations after u beat a level thats my only complaint really
It's a great game. Cute graphics and story. Levels are not too hard (yet). I would like to see more options to choose from when building/painting/decorating. But still 5 stars
Like your app but I have to rely on wifi for use of my web you can play the game offline but have to use web for the story lineup that doesnt make any sense all other apps are offline with storyline offline change yours too if you want more people to enjoy playing
I really enjoy the game, but I'm having troubles in the farm section. I'm stuck on level 35 I have enough experience to level up but the game will not go any higher. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but that didn't help so I'm stuck. I've completed all the task.
This game is a little different but is still fun to play once you pass the easy stages. This is a match 3 game, with slightly different rewards. It is a slow pace for us old folks.
Can I please kno why did it get stuck in level 35 of farmer's levels? I keep taking experience points but its been a week now and nothing changed. I even updated it. I don't know what to else to do. Can you please tell me? Or I'll just uninstall it... 😐
Super fun game WHEN I get to play it. I dont know if its just my phone or the app but but it kicks me out quite often. If I'm in the middle of a stage when this happens I lose a life and any booster I've selected before the level
Wish i hadnt done the update. My experience on the level I am on went from 8,500 to 32,500. That's quite a jump. I really like the game but don't make it so hard people aren't going to want to keep playing it.
In the beginning it was a great game. Now I am stuck on level 35. All tasks and upgrades for this level are completed, but the game won't let me advance to the next level. I would have given this game 5 stars if only I could get to level 36.
Average game. Takes forever to get enough coins to upgrade the farm, unless you spend real money. So that is enough to give up in frustration. Match 3 gameplay is ok though.
Excellent match 3 time management farming game. With excellent game graphics and cute story line as well.
Love the game I just wish there wasn't such a long wait between defeating the Giant and starting next set. I still have the Easter picture has been way too long
Too bad...way too hard levels way too fast. A frustrating game is not a game to me, a game should have challenges, yes but too many in a row is not fun. Uninstalled!
I belive i have finally fount a game like candy crush that i absoulty love!! I love the cute little story line and i love the fact that i can built and play a farm game while playing a candy crush game!! All my favorite games in one so i dont get bored of just one game!! Thank you
now this game seems simple but its not. It's challenging right away. Wish music was more up beat. it does not work with the game.
I love this game, but I wish there was a way to buy the game outright or get free coins it is costing me too much money to keep playingh much longer
I like the game a lot. I just wish that there were more renovation tasks to do. Also I don't like the fact that you need to be use your stars to unlock garden plots. Apart from that it's great :)
I like the game, it's very cute until u can't pass the levels without spending money. I rather spend my money to buy an extra pack of toilet papers ( more useful) than spending on silly games. .. 😭
I don't like that the boards move. I have a good match and the board moves. I also feel that you are not given enough moves. I am thinking about uninstalling the game because it is very frustrating. A game is supposed to be entertaining and not frustrating.
game is alot of fun. i like the graphics when i can see everything. the info is written to small, the little cottages and things she creates are to small. i cant tell how many thinhs im supposed to be getting in the game. please make things BIGGER so it wont create a struggle to see them
Fun and challenging game. So far I've been able to play ( sometimes several tries) to win games without having to buy things but I have a feeling it will start requiring me to buy in order to keep playing and when that happens I will have to uninstall. That will be to bad because I enjoy the game play.
Definitely, delightful! I'm enjoying this cute and colorful game. By the way, my name is Jacky, too. Haha. And the cow dancing with the music at the end of each level completed, it is so funny I laugh almost every time I see her! Haha. Good job, creators!! Thanks!
fun game as long as they don't come up with crazy idea. that I play the game , and win the stars or gold and they want me to buy them back to be able to use them that's just straight ludacris that's just wrong and these companies need to be ashamed of themselves!!!!🤑😝☹😒
I really love this game! I am at Level 1151 and can't go on any further until new levels are added. Do you know when this will happen? I am ready to get back playing.
never enough water . a good challenge . I have been on level 35 for a couple weeks and have done every challenge and task . I have asked tech for a reason for almost 2 weeks why cant I advance ? love the game ,but if I cant advance , I will look for a new game
Awesome game, really cute graphics. Hats off to whom ever invented this game. He or she should get a noble prize. Keep up the awesome work. L💖ve it. Must go back to restoring my farm.
Graphics are great and enjoyable. There is so much cool adventures that it really is a de-stresser. Congrats to the ones who created this game. I recommend to anyone of all ages.
It's very hard to get 3 stars on level 25. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of moves left and some of the power ups you have left doesn't add up to your score.
I find it a lot of fun. Love having a game play to earn stars to help your farm grow! It can be challenging at times, and a fun way to start your day. Thank you developers!
Funky game because it changes, i.e. the board changes shape or rotates. Be careful, my one negative is instead of receiving resources that one earns, one has to keep shelling out $3.49. After paying to play twice, I'm deleting it.