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Its TITANIC for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Distinct Media located at PO box 52126 WierdaPark 0149 Centurion. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game isnt even fun and I paid to get the ads out. Thumbs down, one star, can't find anybody after boat crashes in iceberg, very slow speed, too many icebergs and not enough attention to detail. Don't pay to get rid of ads for a game of this quality. Major disappointment. For people who like this game well I guess it doesn't take much of a game to be good to those people. Godspeed to the creators of this..............
I like this game this game is my favourite game but the controls of this game where not good it titanic there is a staring but there is not , in titanic there is a speed directer so amke better it
Why is mine have purple light? And why that fourth funnel is so silly and when the totanic split up the two part is sinking together pls fix the bug..πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
I love it best game ever I love I can't even speak probably my mind was blown away from how realistic it is the waves the life boats the ice field best GAME EVER!!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FOR PHSYICS AND SHIPS FAN YOU WILL LOVE I THERES NOTHING WRONG I FELT LIKE I WAS WATCHING THE MOVIE YOU CANT EVEN TELL THR DIFFERENCES BETTWEEN THE MOViE AND THE CAME THERE AMAZING
This thing is amazing! The fireworks, the splitting, and even smoke stacks falling! Well, a nice update would be to brighten the surroundings so I can see the icebergs. Anyways, it is amazing.
Wow, thanks! I need a update, can this game have reverse button? Can the back of the Titanic sink first? That all. Thanks for the game!
I love that when it snaps in half you can hear people screaming.And that emergency boats are paddling away. And that you can shoot fireworks. Get this game,It Is Awesome!!!!!!!!
It's great except it's very dark and I know the Titanic sank at night but it's very hard to play. I rate it 4/5.
I like the game it sinks like tje movie and ive played it before but i would like a bright mode and a dark mode the dark mode if for the original dark area and bright mode is where iy sinks in a brighter area thats all i have to say.
The game is cool but some thing is wrong the split thing is not perfect and that guy sey he cant see the ice burg you can in the setiiings and boom
It's a fun game to pass time with but I do have a few complaints. One is that the screen is dark and hard to see. The other is the way the ship sinks. They have the second funnel collapsing before the first funnel which is inaccurate.
Love this game, love the detail, how it splits, I love everything about it! But can you make the stop button acually work plz? Other than than that, I love it!
I really like the game and and it is very nice but one thing I can't see anything a mean it has everything as the movie but it needs lights to see the icebergs.πŸ‘πŸ‘
I love the game so much but the graphics are not the same in the picture okay. Can you please change the graphics so much better it's like the singing is so good and I love it and I love your game it's so good. You are the best makers of games.
it's a great game and all, but i have a few problems: one, the fourth funnel is a dummy funnel, two, the ship splits inbetween the fourth and third funnel (like in the movie), third, the funnels should stop emitting steam when it's sinking, and fourth, make the game brighter.
It's amazing, the great graphics and the smoke stacks falling and the fireworks shining and splitting. Keep up the good work to the developers who made this game. Thank you so much πŸ˜€
I love this, and its like very difficult to turn... but it would be 5 stars because its better. But my channel art is Titanic too. But why the 4th funnel did steam but in movie/real is the 4th funnel didnt steam. But i still love this
U r just putting the ship in the ice field. Make it like a simulation game, by putting different weather conditions, day/night circle and different ports around the world like open world game With these updates this game will be great. Add it in the next update
Why is it so dark? During a day you physically cannot see the screen to play it. Had to remove for that reason
I like this game but graphics are not good and there are no passengers. The realistic is very low .The ship do not have flash lights.please make this game like the titanik film.I love titanic film and game toooooo.
Pretty simple game, although, is there any way you can make a "Its BRITANNIC" Game? Where you dodge sea mines, [Which can obviously be seen] I would really love a first ever britannic game. If so, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
It is a good game. But I deleted the app for a while and I purchased option 2 from this app. I reinstalled it but my purchase didn't come back it is rubbish it normally stored on you Google account not very happy at all.
The game is very nice and the graphics is super nice and the sinking of the titanic. So l will give it a 5 star rating And l salute the creator of this game, I hope you can read it I hope there is an update and l will wait for that. And let's download. This game
Honestly don't bother. You try to play the game for 30 seconds and a ad for tik tok. No joke this happens every 30 seconds or more.
I love the game but i have a problem i want it to be a little brighter but overall i love it I also want in the next update there is day and night cycle thank you
I love this game because you can drive it and i'm a titanic fan but the 4th funnel is steaming but in the movie/real the 4th funnel is not working but it is cool still😁
it's a great game it's just the fact that the 4th smoke stack on the titanic is fake so that is a flaw but it's still fun
good but can you make the sinking more realistic and can you make it so you can see the water flooding different parts of the ship and can you make the life boats get rescued...you don't have to do everything on here but if you did at least 1 i will give a five star.
As a titanic expert. Goid graphics, but very inaccurate sinking. The funnels dont fall right, and the way the ship splits hurts my brain. It needs major improvment.
Great game it's a fun game you can crashed the Titanic and you can also wacht pepole it's so so so fun i like it...
So far so good.But the physics are a little poor I think.Uuhh For example,If the Iceberg hits in the Stern,She starts sinking from the Bow.Which is quite bad.But I loved it.and also,please add free camera,or it's super annoying to turn our camera view.and please make the Titanic model a little bit more 3D and add a better Texture.and like someone else said,add a movie camera when she hits the floor.it would be awesome.I really liked this.and the 4th funnel isn't functionable.and please reply.TY.
I love this game!!! I'm a fan of the R.M.S. Titanic, It sinks just like it! the stern rises up, It breaks in half, It's perfect!!! Even the lights go off!!!
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Great game. Could you add a camera if the ship going under and hitting the bottom. Also when it splits could you add a camera so you could follow the bow or the stern. Thx
This game has really fun but I give four stars because when the Titanic hit an iceberg there is no one in the deck or in a lifeboat it has to been more updates
It's incredibly dark, I can hardly see anything, I realise that you are trying to recreate the conditions at the time of the disaster and for authenticity it was a clear night, the sea was flat calm so the lookouts could not see the approaching iceberg. I'll try playing it at night and perhaps review this later
Absolutely awful!!! Iceberg hit you at the stern? Oh well somehow your sinking at the bow! There's no list to the starboard side, You have to pay to rescue the survivors with the Carpathia! It's infected with ads!! Oh God, could it get any worse?
Dissappointed... So slow on 1GB WiFi. My son usually loves this game and plays it often. I shut off other apps, cleaned the phone and rebooted the router and ONT multiple times repeatedly.
In my opinion, if the Titanic hit the iceberg at the stern, it would sink at the bow. When the real Titanic sank, officer Murdoch order the ship to go left around the iceberg, then he ordered it to go right so it wouldn't hit the propellers. I also think there should also be more views and close ups of the ship as it is sinking so we can see what it looks like from more than 3 different angles.
This is look like a real game but that is a diffrent titanic but its ok when its diffeent because it is a real game
sinking: awesome why is there no interior in a weird thing is the second smokestack is the first one to fall of and not the fist one
The best free game to be found on playstore when u search Titanic. The GFX is good, but u know what it CAN BE BETTER...
Good game but wrong detailed.titanic have 4 chimney but 1 of them is just for jewelry made of star line.the crash to iceberg is very buggy.im not crash it and then...boooomm!!!...the accident has happen...not touch...just passed,but...still crash...
I love it, you should make a Britannic app,and another thing is you could maybe get some camera's allowing you to go under water and take a look at the wreck of Titanic. But overall I love this game. Just need's some updates and new features 😜
Very good and detailed, I have one request, that you make the game lighter, I can barely see any icebergs, and I can barely see the water rising when I'm sinking.
I Like, and I Love this Game , becauseThe Game doesn't have Bugs. But, The Game is too Boring and Weird.
I like the details and the sinking animation my suggestion is to build a sinking simalutor full of ships like the Titanic, the Bismarck, the Yamato, and other ships that have sink. This game and the Creator's style is very good and if a Sim is built I would buy it/download it.
It's amazing.... Specially the timing and graphics...its amazing to see how ship sinks in an exact way.... It feels like ur watching this in real
Very annoying has a black rectangle around the ship but i do like how you can see people running down the hallway so i give it 2 stars
This game is good the graphics is good to, my cousin say download this and I say ok and I downloaded this and its good,but I have to say this, I sink the titanic, but so many iceberg, but it's good I gave it have five stars, and thank you who created this.
Exeample you cant play with other players play this you need to fix and game find players world and play with them
I can fix your problems, when you past Ice field 1 and it doesn't show because it's for Ice challenge on The deluxe version and the last funnel is supposed to not steam because it is a dummy funnel put there to make it look to strong and fast and the steering is hard because did you see how hard it was to turn from the iceberg in the movie?
I like the game,its a really good opportunity to test if you can survive an ice field. Although there are some complaints like why pay for the rescue mission and how do small ice bergs sink the ship? In my world that's kinda weird.
Wow ............................................ I just can't imagine that I am driving titanic in real I will always support your app and whenever you will make a new game or app always inform me by a message sms or reminder ......................................................
Very good overall. However, maybe update the game where you can have the ability to freely move the camera. Its disappointing to not be able to move it