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Isle of Genesis - Avalon

Isle of Genesis - Avalon for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Wonderland Game located at LEVEL 54 HOPEWELL CTR 183 QUEEN'S ROAD EAST WAN CHAI HK. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Insanely p2w. I play a lot of gacha games, but this one is insane. Flooding you with options to buy and bonuses over bonuses for daily recharges etc. The graphics are nice but stay away from this game.
Game is still buggy as hell but honestly, fell in love with it. Lots of rewards, devs aren't overgreedy. Been testing it as F2P but I am ready to dunk money in now. Good job!
I recommend this game its so good and fun plus its really F2P Friendly i played this game for so long already and u dont need to use money cause they give free VIP like its so good u just need time to grind this game is fun dont mind the other people that has a bad comment.. They hust dont spent time thats why.
It's gods quality, but the Tutorial was annoying and the ad i had installed this for was not what was in the game. I thought I could somewhat costumize my character because the ad showed that, but instead you have to collect people like they're pokemon...
the game has so many loopholes and bug, how can i even get killed in minewar safezone? is that even possible? and the game has so many p2w features, while f2p players can only suffer, if this keep happening, the server will be empty for sure and the game will be dead... please reconsider it...
This is not the game I was expecting to play on a regular basis. I thought it would be just another gacha game that I would gacha and go, but it's one of the few games I ended up sticking to. I really like the free currency they give us in game, so it's nice to be able to do most of the other things that require diamonds other than gacha. Like auction. That's something I never expected to be able to do in a gacha game. Anyway, I like it. Look forward to future updates.
5 minutes into the game, I still didn't have control and was just tapping where the tutorial said. The characters they give you during the tutorial are also so generic that it could be copy pasted into similar games.
My only problem is the crashing, everything is great it's just that I'm annoyed of the black screen popping out or sometimes logging in again. Please fix this thank you.
Yes, finally I found the turnbased type rpg game that I was looking for, good graphics, friendly f2p, cool story and gameplay, and also very fun to play, I forgot the time when playing this game😙, btw clovis is my waifu :D
I really like the gameplay, the characters and the storyline. I see that there is a lot of people complaining about the tutorial being too long but i don't see the issue. There are a lot of people who don't play these games and when you recommend them the tutorial is a Godsend.The tutorial isn't that long at all, it lasts about 10 to 15 minutes to give you a grasp on how everything works. Also i really like that i don't have to p2w, you can enjoy the game the same as a paying member. Love it ❤️
This game deserve more 5-stars.I love the characters,combos, animation,etc. Definitely recommend it ❤️
F2P, you can get 3SSSR heroes and free vip but needs effort. Gacha has 20 pull Ssr guarantee and resources are easy to get. Been playing for a day now and I'm already in top 100 in my server, i also got a SSSR without finishing the event but it was because of luck. The only thing I'm not satisfied with is the jp voice is kind of low quality but not much of a problem. Overall a really good game with waifu and husbando so it's for everyone.
Its looks like it'll be a fun game...but the tutorial is frustrating and long for experienced players. It control's the game for the first chapter and a half. With occasional pop ups here and there. Other then that it looks like the game may turn out to be fun...just got past the really long tutorial so a little frustrated and annoyed at its length right now. Still going to play and give the game a fair chance.
I love this game i mean i love the japanese voice and english/british hehe but its really a good game and plus i love the story line also u cant read it by your own becouse theirs voice line even your own character had a voice i mean this is awesome so yeee i give it 5 hehe
The graphics and the game are great ...the reason for the 1 star is the tutorial is over but it keeps interrupting my gameplay to tell what "THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER" keeps directing me to claim gifts for no reason other than to frustrate the player
Can't even play it. Everytime I open it I can see a text box flash and the game closes. Don't waste your time downloading it
This game is similar to the first pocket knights game that ended service a few years ago. Thank you for making this game. Brings back a ton of memories. Check it out.
Don't play this game I topped off my account with 1$ and bound it to google then I uninstalled the game and my account is gone also I saw an ad for a collab event with demon slayer I go in the game nothing
Another gacha game with guild auction why do you add this stupid feature that stifles player growth, annoying as hell to get kicked because people are in line wating to upgrade their ranks cuz you need to auction a item that is needed to upgrade player rank.stop adding this damn feature. Dropped most games that has this damn feature.
I mean i like the game but everytime i try to equip The steel sword it makes me go to line up an back to my character please Fix the game at that exact part an the guild area Thanks! And Bye# :D
Hello 👋 so i experience 1 bug I don't actually know is it bug or something but i experience when i played like 10 mins(minutes) the game is crashing. If it's a bug pls fix it soon for great game experience. Thank you
Great game but the tutorial is too long and the update made my cp low again not only that it gets boring the longer you play
the tutorial is long and awful. it completely babies the player without any consideration for what is fairly common sense. it forcibly spoon feeds every little thing, which is not only tedious and irritating but completely unnecessary. visuals are lovely, but players aren't stupid. it's so drawn out that I wonder if the rest of the game is worth it. it's just so off-putting to be given absolutely no freedom for so long, even when everything we need to know could be condensed and simplified.
It's a good game with one thing though I wish you could trade servers without starting over because server 1 is pretty much dead there are only two active guilds but the highest level cps are all in one guild so you get attacked fifty times a day when your in a different guild then them. It's a struggle to get rewards because it's dominated by that one guild with the highest cp users. If the game wasn't so good I would've stopped playing, but it's becoming unplayable because of them.
Well since I was forced to either rate you or close my app, here's your rating. Laggy, buggy, choppy mess. It was a struggle just to get through the initial tutorial since half of the images don't load and it keeps freezing. Also no way to enter gift codes unless you sit there for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to close the keyboard without closing the code box (Hint: You have to touch and hold to very top of your screen and drag your finger down to the code box otherwise everything closes)
Tutorial is way too long! This game has the longest tutorial ever. Like they really dumb it down for you. I'm so annoyed that idk if I can even make it through. Like quit telling me what to do and let me play the game geez... the game isn't complicated. It's like every other gatcha game so i don't know why ya gotta act like it's a bunch of babies playing the game... super annoying. I don't need a walk through to know to collect mission prizes and quit trying to show me all the packages to buy.
I'm enjoying the game but I can't play since the update. Anyone else crashing? Edit: I can finally play the game, but I dislike the direction the game is taking. I don't like the change to skills, equipment, and the adventure side quests. It undid a lot of the work I had put in and I now have to grind all over again. It also merged some of the side quest so it's not as easy to aquire resources.
I like the character designs, and the dialogue is at least better-written than in other games I've seen like this, but there's a few seconds of lag whenever I click on anything, and the forced tutorial goes on for waaaaay too long- I'm in chapter 2 and I want to upgrade my older characters, but I can't because the tutorial forces me to focus on my newer ones, and that's actually kind of annoying. But other than those, it's at least decent. So far.
Tutorial is so long it kinda kills first impression. Perhaps find a way to condense it? Seems to be a cash grab game but at the sametime its not like it isnt playable if you happen to favor this one over the other games similar to it.
The game is so good lots of free diamonds and free vip the game is indeed a f2p friendly, don't hesitate to play this game and I guarantee you will enjoy this compare to other gacha games that are pay to win.
Hey my game bugging I just spent money on this game and just started playing it today.... FIX IT.... NOT COOL If you not go fix my game play send me my money back 😤
Seen a Ad with a demon slayer character on it, Which is Misleading and the only reason I looked at this game. One star Since Clickbait/False advertising is frowned upon by me. It's like making a batman movie and having Spiderman on the cover and he isn't even in the movie, You knew it would generate some downloads.
This game is good overall great rewards and generous developers giving free VIP, Bu I have a problem whenever 15 or 20 Minutes the game exit Itself while in combat, If you change this bug, I will change my rating 4 to 5.
I love the game itself. Very f2p friendly. Although the pull rate is a bit low for SSSR but its fine. My main concern is the connectivity issue. In one day, I get to reconnect to the game more than 4x and its not funny.
I'm stuck in tutorials because it is bugged. It keeps making me go back and forth between two options. The festive costume event and home screen.
When I press start and try to play, it says that it doesn't work or it couldn't connect, I could never play it, I've been waiting for like 2 weeks to be able to play this game. If you could fix this or check out the problem, that would great.
Forced rating (no option, says "thanks for rating us!" With only a confirm button that brings me here.) Laggy, tutorial lasts 20 minutes+. I'll be bored of this in a day most likely.
The game was fun I skipped all the story since it was boring...but the SSSR drop rate is so bad...that needs to be fixed!! But the graphics, game play and characters are great
Please help me.....my game stuck at guide that show event button and I cannot do anything until the guide for new event solve.....it happen after new update
What a terrible game i ever play, not like the other gacha game who allowed more than one account, this is make no chance for f2p, although they give free vip4, but you dont have a chance to get a better hero.. if you want startover, you must try in another server, so annoying..
Please fix the game When I got to level 8, it asks me to equip gear, but the thing is whenever I click on the character it wants me to put gear on, it tell me to press the back button, and then it tells me to press the character again, and it just puts me in a infinite loop and I can't progress further into the game, and the thing is, its forcefully making me do the equip gear task, and I can't press anything else but the area it suggests, so there's nothing I can do, Please fix your game
Ive played off and on for a while now and have yet to be able to play with forced tutorial mmaking me do the same stuoid garbage over and over again im getting really friggin angry
The game seems fine so far, but I'm very frustrated with the seemingly false advertising. I only downloaded this app because the ad I saw on Instagram told me that there were Demon Slayer characters in the game. After downloading the game, I can't find a even a single hint of a Demon Slayer crossover. I've checked the character scrolls, the Facebook page, and Google. Nothing comes up at all. Maybe I've just missed it, but I have yet to find any proof of the characters actually being available.
Pretty annoyed at the false advertising. Go to use the code and it literally won't work no matter how I try it. Games a bummer in this case. It's glitch to.
CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND it's either hacked or there are exploitable bugs. I can't beat opponents that are 2/3 or less of my 'strength' level. Plus they will just change your serve so whales have new fish to beat up on. Wow, pretty impressed. Really very balanced game. Plenty of earnable currency and haven't seen an obvious, only p2p will get super powerful whatever. Nice depth to mechanics and lots of alt activities so the grind is camo'd. Plenty of usable heroes and lots of earnable summons.
This game has a stupid long tutorial. By the time you're done with it, you've just about reached end game content.
I really recommend this game its cute and fun and really good graphics but they have to keep updating this game pls🥺 so it can be smoother and add more music pls and add a trade option so we can trade heros and exclusives
Server spamming whale hunting garbage. Horrible tutorial that just forces clicks until you get to the banner to pay your way to the top. Mind you, there has been absolutely zero non scripted interaction by the 'player' before they slam these offers in your face. Avoid.
So far really enjoying this game. The only complaint I have is, the tutorial and beginning instruction, goes really quickly, but once you catch on, really fun to play
It's a great story, decent P2W however since the developers prefer to create servers 24-48 hour between the game itself gets down pretty hard in stars, due to this actions servers quickly become half-empty, guilds become inactive and the competition is either Extreme P2W or nothing.
Not good but not bad either. Pros: Cartoons graphics, simplistic fighting, combos. Cons: forced tutorial (that leads to buying things. Minus 1 star), the forced tutorial being longer than most I have seen, requesting access to make calls on my phone (Sorry you're a mobile game not a phone calling service. Get back in your lane.) It's an easy and straight forward game but the tutorial is just too long for my taste and the fake "random" chance characters in the beginning when they are scripted.
Hour events are annoying and i cannot play it.. how do you supposed to go to the auction to bid the upgrade thingy for your main char at the specific time when you have a job irl? guess the dev never think about that huh...
Game seems fine but I'm stuck on a tutorial portion that just repeatedly loops itself not allowing me to do anything to progress, it's also kind of frustrating because a little while prior I had just spent money on this game so itd be great if you guys fixed that.
Yes, finally I found the turnbased type rpg game that I was looking for, good graphics, friendly f2p, cool story and gameplay, and also very fun to play, I forgot the time when playing this game😆
180x pull only pity ssr... No sssr kinda bit disapointed on how abyssmal the rate is....nc game tho but cant say F2P..i can climb ranks and got rank39 but it was uphill battle and not worthy..only wish is better rate or sssr or even a pity pull on 100x which is ok...1% heh other game has 3-4% which is not great but better odds uninstall atm
Game play is decent and not bad at all, but guild boss and mine war pvp needs major work, one person being able to take all of a person's points and even put them into negative points in guild boss shouldn't be allowed, needs to be a set limit to how many times one person can hit someone so that 1 guy cant just constantly farm 1 person none stop
This game is very fun and cute and I dont really have any problems with it also if you want to play this game somethings you should know is that its boring at first due to a lot of tutorials but once you stop getting them every minute the game is much better
They released an update making the game boring and uninteresting. It took away from the parts of the game that are unique and different from the rest of the other games
Buggy game. I'm stuck at an infinite loop tutorial for equipping weapons and gears. I can't press anywhere else. And i spent money on this game too, totally not cool.
The game is alright the tutorial is far too long and the reason i started playing the game was a advertisement on ig that showed off character from demon slayer which dont seem to be in the game I don't know if this is coming at a later date but so far I see nothing to indicate that this will happen
Great game but not for f2p player. Graphic design and unique game plays style can make this game 5/5 but major downside to this game is $$$ f2p can never catch up with spenders, heavy spenders can purchase as little as ranging $0.99 to $14.99 from daily, weekly to monthly to gain huge benefit from getting huge amount of gems and mats for upgrading your heroes. F2P will be 10x to 100x behind to those who spends. New server every 3 days, old server turn into ghost town(2 weeks after new server). As i go deeper into the game, more and more event regarding spending!!! it just a pure $$$ grab game and garbage to play it anymore!!!
Annoying tutorial. Forces use to spend resources we don't want to on heroes we don't want. The tutorial is excessive. Over 5minutes long. Makes me want to quit before I even get to start playing.
I really like the game but imo Clark teams need a nerf, like I can see counters for almost all teams when looking at companions and such, yet dont see a single one for Clark teams unless i'm missing something, Like Rolloa kills my entire back row on his first turn even when im stronger than the other guy CP wise, and Zorro with certain lifecards instakills hero with lowest hp and gets to attack another twice almost killing him as well
Good graphics, nice gameplay and didn't encounter any bugs yet. The downside of this game there is forced tutorial and there is no way to skip tutorial. Also you can't leave mid battle or you can't cancel your battle. If you start a battle, you have to wait until finish if you are not in high level where you can skip battle. And also, a pay to win game. You can't properly grow in the game unless you are going recharge.
Asks for permissions it doesn't need. Game works fine when you deny them. About the game itself... The artwork is top notch, but the numbers are ridiculously inflated for some ineffable reason. Having all the chat scrolling over the conversations by default is utterly annoying. The text itself for the... "story"... is gibberish more often than not. Too bad, honestly, because it's so darn pretty I tried to overlook all the negatives.oh well.
Great game, very f2p friendly. I've been playing here from the start and the amount of content and daily events just keep getting better. Of course this is not your casual AFK game, you need to play it at least 1-2 hours daily to complete all daily quests and participate in guild vs guild action.
Good game and the rewards are very generous especially the free vip and SSSR. It is also easy to get SSR from the gacha. The problem is there is a bug probably in the recycle option esp. fast recycle. even if you only check blue and green it also recycles your orange cards but not all.
Good game, very addicting but with some issues like pay-to-win players significantly over powers non p2w players at lvl 50 above that makes impossible to contend them. The best non p2w players can barely catch up below ranks 9-11 but having a 6M cp gap from rank 1. Also being on rank 1-3 has an insurance prizes to be in that place always.
The game has a lot of potential. In the beginning, I had a lot of fun with the different activities you can do, and they do have a lot! But the longer you played, the easier it was to see the bad points. SSSR have such low pull rate, its horrible. To upgrade SSSR you'll need more of that character. And with the rates, it takes forever and isnt fun. Many items are locked behind guild auctions and only guild auctions. It slows progress a whole lot. Theres more but I hit the limit lol.
another typical p2w game with rigged 0,5% gacha rate and all that feature and VIP system that benefit whales, nothing to see and nothing new about this. Oh yea I forgot, adding server weekly, expect it will be hundreads of servers and your old server became ghost server and merged, the newer server will lost his standing against the older one, and so on the vicious cycle continues...