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Island War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Fastone Games HK located at WAYSONCOMMERCIAL BUILDING 28CONNAUGHT ROAD WEST SHEUNG WANHONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't want to email you. The lagging is worse and makes game impossible to play. Make update through play store. Fun game but lags so bad that it is almost impossible to play.
What is up with this games horrible scaling? Everytime I play battle, I'm matched with someone with significantly higher power. Sometimes even twice the amount. How is that fair? How am I supposed to enjoy the game and progress? The only good thing about the game is that I can keep playing without running out of energy like other games. Editing and giving slightly higher rating because the developer responded quickly with a positive message. Hoping for the best!
Generally good game, although sometimes when you attack other players your warriors can destroy fence which they can just get around. Also, the process of gaining tropheys can be quite long, so that could be quite boring. But, as I said earlier this game is quite good and has interesting ideas
Used to be 5 stars, but latest update made in-app purchases more important. I used to love the game, and not even mind the ads, when purchases weren't necessary.
Don't waste your time playing this game. This company tried to instill fair game policy but itself is already cheating players off by limiting on the incentives/rewards that any player can obtain after player played more than 150 games... 200 games in a day continuously. To players, this is NOT even fair play at all. Then, they turned around and suspended your account because they detected this as abnormal activity. Basically, you are just trying to cheat players off !! What a cheater!!
Used to love this game, but new update was b.s.! Normal battles pit you against players with 20k strength higher than you so it's unwinnable, battle rewards are next to nothing and a joke. I was a high level player and played for a long time. It's sad that a good game turned into a pay to play money trap. Oh well, uninstalled and on to the next! Don't download!
Horribly mismatched battles, a blatant cash grab with the most recent update, and its now impossible for new players to ever compete with early adopters. Don't waste your time.
The recent negative reviews are spot-on. The game went from a mild grind with regular rewards for completing challenges to either a pay-to-win, or neverending grind. I haven't done the math on how much more I'd have to play than a month ago to progress, but I honestly can't be bothered. It's supposed to be fun, so if I have to calculate how to fit in hours a day of play, I'll just find something else to do. Too bad, because it was a fun game. Uninstalled and moved on.
You can't binge play. This is the only game that stops rewards after playing 200 matches a day. Matching is way off the more you play. Now that I'm around 48k power level I only get matched with 80k and higher. Even got matched with a 120k. Like why even try. Every 20 or 30 attempts I get someone within 10k power level but they are still higher than me. The only way to progress is to do those raids where you choose who you match with. Then you have to wait half a day to do it again.
Game is very fun, just bought the battle pass the other day but, the app keeps crashing every time I try to send out more than one boat. Running on a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra tried on a galaxy s20 and an android tablet but, I am getting the same issue. Update: Issue Resolved game is great and support team is quick to respond!
I enjoy playing this game BUT you don't get the reward for watching ads- you get the option of trebling the reward for watching an ad, worth doing if you are grinding for cash, but after a few days of playing I suspected my gems were not going up as quick as they should do. THIS NEEDS FIXING AS THE DEVS ARE GETTING THE AD MONEY BUT YOU'RE NIT GETTING THE REWARD.
They keep changing the game making it harder to progress. They are being greasy and wanting people to pay cash more. They are just out for a money grab!
Used to be good, but agree with the other reviews regarding the update. I can't progress at all in the game any further. Stop watching their ads, maybe that will force some changes.
This game is fun, and the only ads are for multiplying your winnings,and only every third match or so. My only complaint is that you have to spend $4 every two weeks just to speed up the matches. Not a deal breaker for most I am sure, but $96 a year will get you a basic netflix plan.
This game is more of a cross between boom beach and clash of clans. Its a great hybrid baby! Nothing like Clash Royale. This game takes knowledge of the troops skills to understand plans of attack and counter defenses. Can be slow to start. Which tends to be a lot of grinding for coins for upgrading troops. Though it's a time waster for a reason. Once you get the hang of the gameplay. This game gets alot more addicting.
I just barely downloaded this game, and only did around 8 battles. The hole game moves slow. It feeling almost in slow motion. When you get new coins, the coins counter moves slow, the raft when deployed is slow, they battle is slow, ect. It feels like it would take ages to get anywhere in this game.
New update destroyed the game. I feel cheated after spending money here. I'm hoping for a fix but, I will uninstall if it isn't fixed soon Reply to developer: You had a great game but, you destroyed it. You know what needs to happen. Are you going to refund battle passes? Sneaky business turning off comments on FB page. You may not hear us but, we are still angry. If you are unhappy with the game please leave a rating
A good game but bloody hell it's frustrating, I probably win 50% of battles, but if I could control who attacked where, I'd be lethal, more like 80-90% success rate. Half the time you'd have the enemy defeated apart from 1 key building some fences and a turret and what do your soldiers do, THEY WILL GO AND CUT DOWN FENCES FOR FIREWOOD EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! GGRRRRR!
The game has a lot of potential and is really fun but the devs REALLY need to fix their ai. Sometimes they attack the walls, sometimes they walk all around it to the other side of the Island. Sometimes the archers just run into enemy troops without attacking them because they want to attack some troops that are like 500 km away so they get slaughtered and all of them die. If they fix that 5/5 otherwise it's really annoying
Not sure what LB was saying but its not pay to win. It is however a game where you should keep on it to progress. The whole game is a solid play and i havnt found any issues except people having their buildings on stairs. Clans are REALLY active and good advice is always given. If you get near the 200,000 mark people will start just having hordes of frost archers though so this is an OP unit and should be nerfed, maybe reduce their fire rate.
Response below is complete BS. They made it P2P by completely devaluing in game currency while subsequently making it 3 times harder to earn. The only way to advance after a few days/weeks to compete with higher lvls will be to spend thousands of dollars. Even when you do spend in game currency the chances have been lowered so you can't even get good troops anymore. The only strategy moving forward is how big your wallet is.
Last few updates have really ruined the game. This was an incredibly fun time waster and I invested a lot of time getting higher ranked. The last few updates however completely changed the pace of leveling and are encouraging more "Pay to Win" incentives. Its become increasingly difficult to progress unless you spend money. Too bad, greedy developers ruin another one.
Game is simple but could get tricky and skills matters and that makes it more adictive, not delay time between attacks makes the game a GAME and not a boring app contdown. I love the fact that the pay to win currency in the game could be generated for free so it is more balanced. Maybe bigger islands would be good to see in the future and more incentives once the highers arena is achieved as only daily challenges are worth then..Maybe a extra coins/gems based arena level if victory is achieved.
Used to be fun now , to trade cards its so expensive, the gems that you trade give you only 1 star cards and the reward for daily challenges are so small its not even worth it. Already playing less and less.
Enjoy many aspects of the game, but i don't think the people making decisions realize they made it impossible for new player to even compete with others. they made the best troops soo much more difficult to get than it used to be so anybody that was playing this 3 months ago or longer probably, now is stacked and new player are stuck leveling up the first and second teir troops a million times and maybe getting 1 or 2 of the better troops every once in a while
Like everyone else complaining about the recent update destroying the game I'll add my two cents. Prior to the update you could optionally virlew adds or spend a few dollars a month to get a little ahead but it did not feel pay to win and you had a chance at catching up to veteran players. After the update the only way is to play for literally years instead of weeks or pay hundreds of dollars. The game desperately needs to add new features or roll back these changes before noone is left.
If I had added this review 2 months ago it would have been an easy 5 stars, the gameplay was perfect, it was challenging but rewarding, as a clan Leader I looked forward to logging in daily and playing. Unfortunately the recent updates have killed the game completely, the rewarding aspect has gone completely, you can no longer get legendary troops from card packs and the epic troops drop rate is so low its practically impossible. It's a real shame, this game had massive potential at one point.
Fun enough but I've had a lot of issues with the game crashing. It can also be hard to control sometimes. Units both on the map and when filling boats are tiny and selecting the right one can take a few tries. I've also noticed issues where deploying boats during an attack doesn't always work and you need to either tap a bunch of times to get it to work or you have to find the exact right area to tap in order for it to be recognized.
I love the game.. but the past 2 days, the game isn't letting me do anything. It won't let me click on anything. 3 stars on controls because the editing of your island gets to be a pain. The walls are a pain to move around, and the camera display is off. Also wanted to put in that on islands that have mines multiple floors up, if you don't zoom in, then when you put your parachute troops on the mine, it doesn't deploy the paratrooper rather than deploy one of your boats.
Look the game is all together amazing... I mean it's easy to play and enjoyable..... Until I reached 750 trophies my progress was good but then I was stuck in a loop.. I upgrade my base but I only got three boats then I realized that of I got more boats to play with it would be great... It has totally of 6 boats so it's kinda boring and there are not many characters to play with.. And can you give a option of customized deck because sometimes it's really confusing to select..Btw I enjoy the game
Love what the game can/will hopefully become but the controls are annoying as all hell. Placing or switching walls and/or troops is a nightmare. Trying to tap all 6 boats just freaks the game out, makes it lag, and you dont get all 6 out where you want them. The screen wigs out and zooms in and out like a broken camera. And thats very bad when you are doing pvp. I will update my review pending better gameplay updates
Changing my review from a 5 to 1. My paid battle pass is now useless, all opponents in battles are 40k+ stronger then me. Standard and premium recruit nerfed dramatically, gold won from battles reduced by 1/3, and fusion is now FIVE times more expensive. Amazing, in one month a great game reduced to garbage.
-This is the only game ive played where you get a generous amount of gems(rarer currency for buying better things) to further your game. Most games you will get like 1-5 free gems a day (unless you watch videos) which is basicly nothing to work with. -i dont get my×3 loot -walls are not very helpful -needs noticable changes when upgrading characters/village.-clans should offer more benefits.
This game is great i love it BUT it needs some polishing, devs you need to make better describtions such as army camps release soldiers when somoene is attacked but it doesnt tell you. The building is imprecise and very difficult to work with, the two nitpicks i have left is i love the rotating camera angles makes it cool but i also need to be able to just move side to side sometimes as well. Ps think about adding a seperate area for soldier combineing so three stars only, now 4 for response
This is my 2nd editing review. I cant give you more than 1 star because each update make the game less enjoyable. Most vets player quit the game because of it. This is not win win situation game anymore. 4x gem cost of fusion is too drastic. Standard and premium recruit like no meaning. The challenge bracket adjustment is ridiculous. Latest points not live results.
Fun game but this is a pay to win subscription based game. If you aren't willing to empty your wallet then you have zero chance of advancing to the late game competing against the wallet whales. Edit to the developer response: I'm not an idiot. Stick your response where the sun don't shine. I lowered my review from two star to one star. Have a good day.
Last update made this game dumb it's a pay to play game now since the last update stupid can't go past upgrade lvl 9 unless you want to be there for years.greed is what it is .they say it's for making it more valuable but it's greed and now like everyother pay to play game.and from you update people are dropping the app like a bad habit cuz of greed might have been a good intention but it turned to greed
It is a fairly simple game, but there are times that the game freezes in the middle of a battle. The only way to get out of it, is to use the arrow in the upper left corner. The downside is, that if you do that, even if you know you're gonna win, you will lose. Unless you want to wait and see IF the game is gonna unfreeze, but I've sat waited upwards of 15 minutes, and still game was frozen.
Wow it has been a long time since I've come across and game that is built around paying so much money to get such a ridiculous resource that it's like why even call it Island War just call it who can pay more. Edit Reply to dev comment: paying to process faster in a game that is about unit level is 100% the definition of pay-to-win where is how i judge pay to win the $7.25 Federal minimum wage times 8hrs= one day which is 58 US$ if one days wage is spent in your game would make you take such a big leap that it would take someone who never pays to play your game over a month to catch up if they spent that 8 hours a day playing your game with even watching ads. Edit Reply 2: I can understand that thought process but you also need to realize that isn't true because you will always be encountering those people who are paying rushing passed you in the game play to win players stop playing and start paying at all stages of the game so you will encounter ethier while they are " progressing to the higher rank" or dropped some real dough and stopped playing
This game is excellent! At first it is really fun but the only problem is you level up so fast that when you get further it goes way slower, also you only play people the next level not the level you are on. Other wise great game.
Recent updates have ruined what used to be a great game. Now, it is next to impossible to get legend level troops. I have seen the standard response from the devs to other reviews stating that they are making in-game currency more valuable. That's a whole lot of hog-wash as it now costs substantially more in-game currency to get the same value as before. How can that make in-game currency more valuable? Used to be fun to play to relax. Not worth the effort anymore. Uninstalling.
MANY people have been saying the new update sucks BUT its not that bad becuase even tho prices are higher and make for more grinding its not that hard to get coins when your on a higher level its not hard to get on a higher level, In 1 day i went from 0 power to 55,876 in the new update so even with the update its not that hard to get a high power. BUT OMG IT IS TO HARD TO GET WOOD PLS LOWER THE AMOUNT OF WOOD IT TAKES TO GET NEW BOATS OR HIGHER THE WOOD U GET. i do recomend this game to all
I agree that recent updates have ruined this game. I don't pay for games and will endure certain amount of ads to help advance instead of paying. Now everything is so expensive that it takes forever to increase your strength. If you're a person who likes to pay be warned stuff in this game is extremely expensive. This game is just no longer worth the time. They did the same thing with Art of War.
after the last update the game is well balanced. and what's more important, no matter what lvl you are, you have the same chances of winning at regular prize competitions. same chances with those are much stronger or milt weaker. I'm waiting for the next updates to see if jump to 5 stars !
New card probabilities suck. It's just an excuse to encourage more in-game purchases. Ruins the balance of the game as it basically makes it impossible for new players to scale against players that already have several legendary characters. I did enjoy the game for a while, but it looks like I'll have to find a new one to play.
Truly Amazing work! I dont think this game is pay 2 win since even without spending we can grow strong and competitive too..this game is really chill and easy going, i really loves it !🔥 we dont need to grind that much, just play it casually and its still really fun! ( I recommend that you play it with your friends )..I dont know why people is experiencing lag or crash, i've been playing it for 2-3 weeks using Snapdragon 835 device and the game run really smoothly so far..Keep up the good work!
*READ ME: Great game, updated recently and is now a complete and utter money grab. DONT waste your time. Before the update you could farm ads and dailys and be competitive without money, they have doubled the cost of almost everything now and have cut the rewards in half. On top of that your chances of getting purples and yellows is so much worse. It's pathetic what these companies will do for a buck. I will not be returning to the game.
I have to give the developers credit, they do seem to be listening to things seriously... like privacy issue concerns and the massive disappointment by old players on the sudden and big changes to the game. They have moved to making it harder to progress and made items far more expensive to try to make in game currency "worth more"
Not only was the game simple and fun to play, it also was one of the few that didn't have pay to win. But now the game has gotten way more repetative, you need a Facebook account to properly play and it has hidden most of the good stuff behind a paywall. I deinstalled the game today.
Was good. Now its a bit unfair as the developers try to figure themselves out a bit. The weighting is off with how powerful some troops are. Great game but they need to get back to basics and make it better quick
This was a great game - and would have had 5 stars on its older version. I nearly gave it 1 star, but, the game is fun and the devs were very helpful when I had an account problem. I'd love to see more in game currency gained for unit kills.
One star too many. The developers devalued the currency used in the game making it completely useless, its now impossible to catch up to anyone that has been playing before the change. *developer response below is a lie, they are just trying to exploit the people that have already invested time and money into the game.
Lies upon lies, Island War has become monotonous. It used to be a good game, its now focused on buying gems to progress otherwise its impossible to grow. Devs sending threating message to all players instead of fixing game mechanics. Lazy and Crazy!! Ratings has dropped. Lots of players have retired. Don't bother downloading this. Rip IW ⚰
I had an issue with the battlepass system. However, thankfully, they have a very responsive team. The gameplay for this type of game is pretty good. I have yet to come across a game mechanic that punishes you. Such as losing resources if you get raided. So that a plus in my books, and the gameplay overal is very rewarding. So it a good game to play.
When I got the game yesterday, I was expecting a game that I would delete. It turned out to be much better! However, it keeps crashing after I open it now and it's currently unplayable. Could you please fix this? Update: The crashes are from the graphics glitching out on the home screen and in battle.
It's just like the clash games, if you like them you'll like this. I found it a bit frustrating. Very little point to the game. Like other card collecting games it can be a bit addictive at the start as you get a few different cards early on and see what each one does. But after only a short while playing it gets extremely repetitive, you click battle and then send your troops in and then wait for it to tell you if you've won or not. Then you find yourself either waiting or paying for progress.
I used to love this game but the last update they reduced the rewards and made them 1/3 of what it was. As I've ranked up, I end up matching with players 2 times stronger than me, I lose against players even way weaker than me because the AI is broken and my troops end up getting crushed by weak enemy troops.
Nice little update! Very good time passing game. I will admit I get the boost to get a little more out of it but I figure the creators deserve it for a fun, functional little game.
Honestly one of the better games I've played. Feels like a knock off a game I played a while ago. Same combine, then attack game. Not bad. Just not what I'd put my time into. Good for young children. Can help with adding, and spacial awareness. Complex things like, is my big number, bigger than their big number. Easy stuff for the next generation of games to grasp, and learn strategy.
No Incentive There is no incentive to play the game which is in stasis. Just had 12x lucky draw and not a single epic card. Since they got overzealous with the rewards system you can grind for hours, days, without much progress till it just resembles Grey Goo. Waiting like most to see the updates. Please, please, please give us something to do in the meantime. I can't be bothered to collect the free gems daily now. Look closely at my Island and you will notice HELP Bored made from Coconut Shells
Game was fun and fair. More updates meant less rewards, unfair matching and higher leveling requirements. Instead of adding more premium content, developers decided to force you to buy more from them. They lost good players with their decision
Fun game In the beginning u get lot of rewards and unlock new levels and then at some point u just stop getting the rewards and the line of excitement goes flat. I wish there were more of the arena exploring fun in it Also, I'd like the makers to add more effects into the weather and make it look more intense Now it looks like a bunch of blobs running around in a joyland Also the shape of the island doesn't always have to be square Get creative and make it more challenging
Ads aren't intrusive at all, they are completely optional which is very refreshing since every other game on the play store seems to try and shove them down your throat whenever they can. Gameplay is fun, and can sometimes make you feel on edge as you watch your army get smaller and smaller as they attack the enemies. Community is very nice and helpful to new players. The game isn't pay to win, and the in game currency is very plentiful, meaning you can progress fast. Art style is nice aswell.
Paid for stuff. Didn't get it. Now they want me to jump through hoops. Then after I talk to someone kind of they give me away message. Don't buy this boring game. I tried to see if a couple battle passes would help; it doesn't. Monotony at it's worst.
This game is very fun! I like the way everything's looks and I like how there is no ads so far at least. This game didn't have a tutorial but it was very easy to figure out and I think the gameplay is nice. It is also a great way to pass time if your bored I think this is a great game and the devs did a great job on it!!!
Great game, but riddled with bugs that have completely worn down my enthusiasm for the game. The devs/game managers seem focused on the wrong things. I was even told just don't do that when reporting one bug. Edit: Now the only way to get legends is fusion, but oh wait now fusion costs way more gems. Now it is pay to win. Also the changes to clan war so you just have to keep refreshing ruins it, and adding the trench layout so everyone just has a trench now which has AI bug. Ruined the game.
Was a great game till the developers decided to ruin the game and make it a pay to win. When challenged in the community discord they instantly BAN users and will not listen to veteran players opinions. And when responding to reviews they don't address the issue at hand. They haven't got a clue.
This game is ridiculous. Latest update really messed it up. They don't even give you the cards you are supposed to get according to they say. 60 percent chance to get a rare card with 10 cards and all you get is common ones with multiple draws. Even I can do that math
It's a great game to spend a few minutes here and there. They have a lot of different units so different strategies are possible and viable. They make updates that makes things a bit easier to look at and manage. If I could ask for something, I would enjoy a feature to either save the ship and unit choice so I can recall all and try out new strategies without hoping I remember the way I had it before or, give a total of 2 or 3 ship/unit builds instead of the 1 it has now.
This game was great... until the last update You didnt need to spend money if you were active although like all games it moved things along faster. After the last update though they increased the amount of gems required to fuse by over 5x! They also reduced the chances of getting epic or legendary cards to almost nothing! It is now 100% pay 2 play/win and if things don't change soon they will continue losing tons of active players. BTW the canned repetitive replies show how much they care!
Developers got greedy used to get more rewards when you won a battle now they cut them down 60% so new players will have a disadvantage against vet players who have had larger bonuses all along and will run to store and pay money on upgrades to catch up. If it isn't fixed in next update I'm deleting the game. Many others are quitting based off convos in the clan chats.
Entertaining at first. But after a certain point, it becomes very difficult to successfully invade islands. Perhaps I'm not playing the strategy well but they don't really teach you how to use the different units either. Edit after looking at the app pictures: Most of those aren't really accurate. You can't "lure" the enemy in and the effective route picture doesn't exist in game. Everyone gets a square island, period. Some have mountains, some don't.
I was playing the game so far so good. Then when I got to choose a card after opening 100 the game froze. After reopening it I missed the card. Sucks because I could have chosen the templar. No help request available inside the game. Ps.: After the review I was able to get a contact email in the comments, and my response was basically to wait a day. Didn't help! Uninstalling the game.
While this is a very fun game to play occasionally but fails to engage me for longer periods of time and I think this is what you went for and the biggest plus is they don't Shove ads down my throat like other games but it is a little pay to win in the later stages I hope you found my review helpful
This was a five star game tha I would always buy the season pass for until a few weeks ago when the Devs majorly changed the drop rates for higher tier cards in an attempt to squeeze more money out. Now the ratios make it pointless and ridiculous to grind. Won't be buying anything else and don't recommend playing unless there are major changes. Edit in response to developer: No You made in game currently LESS valuable as you now need 10x as much to do the same thing, to drive people to buy more.
I've played this for a few months. It was fun but it's been killed in the past few updates. I'm always matched against stronger players who defend with frost giants and frost archers which is impossible to win against. Secondly, you spend 1800 gems but YOU NO LONGER have a guaranteed chance of getting legendary troops. Got 1 legendary in the last 5400 gems i spent. It's not worth the time anymore. Gems aren't more valuable as they say but now worthless. Devs became greedy. Another player down!
I liked this game in the beginning. Now it feels nearly impossible to get the funds or supplies worthy to upgrade or keep the game interesting. Making the in game currency a hot commodity is one thing, but the significant jumps in supplies needed to upgrade your island while getting next to nothing in supplies for winning a match? There's no rhyme or reason. Strategy is winning the match. Not playing trying to get 100k pieces of wood yo upgrade when the average match gives you 100.
They ruined a good game. I am now permanently stuck at the same level. They got greedy and raised the fighting levels while lowering the rewards by about 80%. Now the "increase in strategy" means you have to spend money or days trying to find a way to increase your level. Just like any other pay to play game out there now. You'll notice by their canned response to almost all the recent reviews that they don't really care what the players think...wait for it...they will add one to mine as well.
Developers decided to raise the cost of fusions. And lower rewards for daily battles. This game was fun because it wasn't a pay to win game, but unfortunately greed always takes over.
Had a blast the first time playing it, probably played for 2 hours straight. Now when I open the game it completely freezes. Quite annoying after buying the battle pass and other purchases. Looks like I'll be getting a refund from Google Play as the game is unplayable.
great game im a newbie and cus of that rewards are beneficial no matter the amount,so i participated in the elite challenge under head hunt i came out 2 place the event ended today which was the 30 season when i went to the rewards section noting on the 30th season was there please fix or give why and how to prevent username cloudest BTW
Matchmaking is borderline retarded as is the ai. "Strategic positioning" bs devs are plastering in every semi negative feedback is laughable. Played this since day 1, and it is now glaringly obvious that devs are no longer interested in keeping the game fair. It is becoming more and more pay to play game.
This was one of my favorite games. I gave it 5 stars but they suddenty changed the reward system, cost of fusion and chance of getting legendaries. That sucks. I and many others will uninstall and leave this game if they don't fix it soon.
The game would be much better if the Fost archers were not so over powering. Several groups of frost archers on a hill behind a wall can decimate even a powerful army. With no way to target them (paratroopers stand no chance) with your own troops you're left to watch as they get frozen and picked off easily. Reducing all archers attack speed or power would go a long way to leveling the playing field.
I have been playing for a while now and it's staring to get a bit stale. Every day playing is very repetitive. The clan war is the same everyday and you fight the same people. The legion conquest is also very repetitive and it's the same thing everyday. The limit on the gold mine is kinda dumb. There is no reason to upgrade it if there is such a small cap on the amount you can store. Updates have been positive but after a while it's just the same thing over and over.
Very repetitive game. No help at all from customer support. You wont get any of the good warriors without putting money into the game. What started off as good was ruined by money hungry developers.
Was fun for the first 30 minutes of play, then proceeded to repeatedly crash. Its unplayable, tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still won't work. Hope this is fixed because it seems fun
1 star for greedy developers. Thy say nhe last update was for a more ballanced game, to give movre value to in game currency. For players to develope more tactics. It seems to me that the only new tactic, that they introduced is buying gems with real life money. They doubbled the the time and effort you need to get the same amout of gold. There is no longer a chance to get legendary troops, just fusion and offcourse fusion is much more expensive than it was. FREE HONG KONG, FREE TAIWAN.
Far better than I expected! I thought I was downloading a game I'd delete an hour later, but I was pleasantly surprised. Awesome time waster, and very simple yet intriguing. There's a lot more to the game than it seems at first. The controls can be a bit difficult, but I'm sure that'll be fixed eventually. Highly recommend you at least try it! Seems like a game made by Supercell.
Fun game, but some very annoying bugs keep coming up. For example, today I played ten elite challenge battles, winning them all, with all but one opponent worth less than 400 points. This should give me a total score of over 4000, but for some reason the game has cheated me by only giving me a score of 1254.
This a fun game game but one thing you could add is that for us to go and gather wood instead fighting and stealing other people resource everytime and make the legion conqueror resoure high and a litte hard like make it challange the wood and coins should go up at least 10 up everytime we close to the last island and you should put a boss the has a lot of resources but hard to kill but the chance of you wining is like at least 50/50 and the boss should atleast 200gems and one thingthat you can
An enjoyable clash of clan-esque game. Where it differs is that for defense, you cant have all your troops out. So you have to pick and choose what you think is best. On offense you dont have to wait for your troops to retrain. There are improvements that need made For the UI its difficult to pick and move your troops and building when making changes to the base. Also identifying level of troops or walls is difficult. I would like to be able to see and review the attacks made against your base.
This WAS a good game until the new update that is a complete money-grab and destroyed the game by making rewards impossible to earn. This has been pathetically justified by the team as trying to get players to "spend tactically". So disappointing and pure greed from developers.
I have to agree with posts. During battle I am being constantly matched up against higher rated bases. If I do happen to find a lower level base to attack it sometimes seems the is almost invulnerable. With the new update it's no longer clan against clan but one on one battle between higher and lower clan members.
Its a fun concept for sure but its executed poorly. Everytime you battle it puts you against a random opponent, making it complete potluck who youll go against. You could face someone way behind where you are, or youll go against someone who's got way more stuff and theres no chance of you winning. I was gonna rate lower but the developers do seem like they care about the community and the game doesnt have too many crazy microtransactions, which is rare in modern mobile games.
Ever since I downloaded this game, I haven't stopped playing it. Its very simple, yet has a lot of room for strategy. Ads are not forced, it just has a multiplier affect on winnings. This game has both offense and defense. I strongly recommend this game!👌
Missing depth in features. Eg allow toggling of troops preferred target. Silly limitations on merging due to raft space. Insanely easy start compared to long term play. No choice in target when going to battle. Eg can't find a town that might have more gold to take. Played clash of clans for year's before I hit a wall and lost interest. Youd be better off playing that. Respose to reply; what is wrong? YOUR REPLY. Start reading and stop marketing. Listen to what ive alredy said. Down to one star
I made 2 purchases, one for the first battle pass then again for the second. I still do not have the 2nd battle pass. Everything else is awesome. Easy to play you don't have to pay to win.
After an update, we can't upgrade our troops, just stucked at lvl.15, it's has gone to worse, no doubt it's an addictive game, I stopped playing COD for this but maybe I should switch back, for me an update means new weapon or soldier or island upgradation but our troop is stuck there and the gameplay seems impossible to win.
This game has most of everything you want from it. Each boat, hero you put on each boat, and paratrooper you place needs to be planned out precisely. One misclick or misplace, and the enemy's defense will make your army crumble. I give it a 3-star because the AI is some of the worst I've ever seen for these battle games. If there's one opening on the exact opposite end of the island, believe that half your army will trek the entire outer border and die before entering the inner walls
This is a great game!! It's menu is like clash royal it doesnt force you to watch ads (but you can for extra stuff) making a base is fun because you can put your whole army defending it It's basically like a combination of boom beach clash royal and clash of clans and and one of those combining games just without the ads this is a great game to try out there are some issues i have but they are very minor one of them being how the screen moves around it could be a little better but great game
I loved this game till it glitched and I didn't get my first place prize. I contacted the game development and explained what happened we had a couple emails back and forth.They said they would fix it that day after the update.the update happened and I never got the reward. I then contacted them a couple days later saying they never sent the reward. They then started asking for proof despite them saying they checked the logs a couple days ago and it showed I never received the reward.
Would give more but when doing my daily shuffle chances it says I won 200 gems. So instead of giving up I use those 200 I just earned to put towards the 400 for a chance to get the air bender. Well I never received the 600 gems that I did win. Please fix this and I'll change my rating.
Simple yet a ton of fun. Got tired of all intricate and complicated games, which have their place, this is a great game that is tons of fun. Worth a shot. Had to add the one issue I see so far, is when you have those parachute soldiers come in, sometimes the game will send out troops instead of the parachute and kinda screw you over.
It's only gotten worse over time. Glitches, easy to cheat, can't attack people because they say they are on a different version. Basically you have 30-50 of the exact same types of attacks to do per day and that's it. Little strategy, only overpower. Luck of the draw on points. Don't bother playing, this game doesn't have the right trajectory to get better.
Really fun. Just wish there were more things to do. Add some more ways to enjoy your game with levels or more combat missions. Island features. Still really fun.
Don't bother playing this game until the develops restructure their in-game currencies. Their recent update significantly raised the costs of fusing troops for higher grade ones, and removed legendary drop rates entirely from their card packs and lucky drawings. The devs claim this is to make the resources "more valuable." This is a cash grab, and it's made improving your troops nearly impossible for beginners to veterans alike...unless you're willing to drop big bucks on gems. Don't bother.
Overall the game is good, a very nice time killer which is good, but it can get a little boring if you play it for an extended time. My only problem with this game is the mechanics and the choices of the AI, it's sometimes inconsistent and dumb. Just an Ex: The archers, Idk why sometimes they don't shoot when there's literally an enemy troop right in front of them, they just walk around them and most of the time die because of this decision, it's just those issues that need to be worked on.
Very bright, colorful and addictive. Easy to jump in and get going. There are in-game purchases to advance faster but you can grind for free & get the same stuff so I really appreciate that. I gave 3 stars ONLY bc there are some nuances that make the interface user UNfriendly. Can be difficult to place a troop exactly where you want on your island for defense & sometimes merges troops without your consent. Sometimes crashes in the temple of fusion which is annoying-fixed w/ a restart or 2.
I find it disappointing the images shown do not reflect the game play at all. In addition the ranking system has recently become one where to make progress you need to spend money. The standard replies from Dev team will likely be posted after this, but the reality is they have a right to make money, you need to decide if you want to pay them! I have enjoyed the game to this point, but I have not and do not intend to spend money on this, so my time is likely done. Farewell and enjoy.
Was awesome, until they killed the drop rates of high tier cards and jacked the cost to upgrade your troops. I'm just glad they decided to braek the game before the current season started so that i didn't waste a couple bucks on this season pass. this would have been a 1 star review, but the second star is for saving me $4.
At first, gameplay was great, there was a simple lose/win ratio. But as you got higher in the ranks you seemed to lose more often. More time has to be put into keeping your rank at the same place than to actually process in the game; overall this game is worth the playtime
Really addicting and fun, I love how ads are not every second, matter of a fact they aren't even common so thank you for that, There is just so much to do and think about to get the best army, I found this game really fun and HIGHLY RECOMMEND to people who like strategy and war!