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Island Survival

Island Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Survival Worlds Apps located at [email protected] г. Норильск Россия 663300. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Horrible! I kept saving but kept losing everything and starting all over with nothing. Doesn't save. Controls are terrible.
I like it. If anyone complains about the ads tell them they can turn their wi fi off. The graphics look like free models but they look nice. I really like the concept
I love the gameplay and how you need food and water to move faster but at a certain point all of the animals just disappeared I walked around the whole island twice and found nothing so you should make it to where animals can spawn around the islands
Complete joke. You die after 2 minutes No matter what. You cant kill animals with fists. The trees fucjing RE-HEAL THEMSELVES! THE DEVELOPER IS pathetic and DESPERATE for your $2 w popping up ads evwry 60 seconds, LITTERALLY!! DONT DOWNLOAD NOR GIVE HIM BUISNESS. HE ABUSED IT!
I`m surprised that in the near 2 years that I haven`t played this game - there have been no updates? I first got this on my Amazon tablet, but later deleted it as for some reason my progress randomly reset. I only got this game as I was bored, and I wanted a new experience. Graphics are just passable, Controls - are basic but fine, Map- small, bland & doesn`t change, music is pretty fine. Overall - get if your extremely bored.
Way to many ads, this should be Ad simulator. I need you watch a ad to watch a ad for more equipment and to open my settings I have to watch a ad!
Dont bother downloading its only good for a day or two.cant get credit for achieved goals. Only action is hunting and building a house.
the game is good but y'all got to do something on the graphics and please do something on the saving part on the wardrobe please cause I don't see a point of having nor crafting it afterwards you put tools in there when you come back they are gone
The best survival game I've ever played. But the only problem is that every 5 seconds it keeps on giving ads. Please Fix it.
This would be a fun game if it wasn't for all the ads there's one every 30 seconds and the fact that if you died you lose everything you had and you can't recover it
The game couldn't be more enjoyable if it would acknowledge I killed a stag. I lost count of the number of stags and wolves I killed. None of them are acknowledged. My assignment to kill a stag is still a chore.
Your food and thirst go down so quick and the wolves are annoying you should make them only attack at night, please fix
Graphics not Great & need improving also give us or tell us how build our tools give us 3tools to start with would been nice
I love this game, It's just the song i do not like. I wish he was with his Family i the game you know the regular family two kids one girl and one boy and a wife.
easy contols but it has too many pop ups as soon as youre playing...also says to get 3 logs... 3 logs from $&%#@! where?? there isnt any.
When i first got in there was an add and i hit wolf with a pick and it barly even hert it but i puch a tree 6 times and it broke. if i could rate 0 stars i would
I gave the game the benefit of the doubt after seeing all the reviews say that ads were outrageous. I knew I was gonna rate lower than expected, but when I got an ad before I was even able to start a new game.. yeah okay.. When you start, you fall from the sky and immediately are introduced to bears and wolves. Why? I really wanted to give it at least a 3 star because it did look interesting. You need to try working on a good game first, before introducing ads or "starter packs". Imcomplete.
Way too many ads to enjoy the game properly. Literally every 10 seconds an ad is popping up I dided 3 times cause of it.
I think it is great all the people that say terrible graphics they should try and make a game them selves and see how good graphics they can make...bet they are terrible not your game the people that thing terrible graphics. ..love it
i hate this game the reason why is TOO MANY ADS AND ITS KEEP PUTTING "WANT A STARTER PACK" ALSO WHEN IM DONE SOMETHING IT TAKES IT AWAY FROM ME so i will never play this trash game Im saying the truth
It sucked!!! the music is crappy,ads about the starter pack kept on popping up,it had terrible graphics,takes longer than traffic just for crafting wooden planks,I personally minecraft would be better for the people who downloaded the game!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! is what this game should be called!it also lags its little heart out like bad!! I honostly think a minecraft rip off would be better!!!!
I think it could be a fun game if the ads didn't interrupt the gameplay every 30 seconds. Very disappointed!
This game is the best game ever. I love how realistic it is and there are no guns so when i play it feels like i am getting away from the modern world
Great game! There are 2 problems though. The starter pack appears every once in a while. Tip: make it appear once and allow it to be bought in the backpack. Just use the space above the pack menu. You can put ads up there too. The second problem is that the meters drop too fast. Just make them take a long time to go down. The tutorial takes a bit to get you to start getting food, so that is another reason why the drop rate of the meters is too high. But otherwise amazing game! Try to make more like this and make sure to check for gameplay issues like the ones I stated.
Ovearall, acceptable. Not the game i would play enoyably. We haven't had an update since 2018 and even that wasn't clear. The game has since remained the same. For all i know, the developer might have died and no one knows it, since they haven't showed any online activity. This game is, in some terms considered dead. While it isn't great it isn't horrible, because it is playable. It may be a first attempt at a game but the developer is russian by origin, that is all we know.
its alright but if your making a surival game do not include ads reson for this i was on a 40 second ad and i came back and i was dead -.-
its a good concept, but geedy devs. tremendous amount of ads, almost unplayable, and thats on top of in-app purchases
awful can't play the game for three minutes without multiple adds popping up. do not download not worth the time.
Nice background music ☺ I recommend add something new challenges if you want to grow this survival game. .................................................. ..............Have a nice day
I love this game but please put something were you come back to life with your same loot fix the controlls,and this game dosent have multiplayer
This game has very good graphics and is fun to play but one of the quests doesn't work which is hunting stag I have hunted 5 stag and it says I haven't completed the quest please fix this.
Its an okay game, but the ads are crazy! If you are going to bombard us with ads, at least give us a reward after watching. But other than that, good job.
Its okay, just needs to dial down on the ads. I would be in the midst of trying to kill something when the game will crash.
Food and water go down way too fast, no way to get past the first 5 minutes without dying, either get rid of that function or lengthen the time it takes to get hungry and thirsty, otherwise it is a great game
Ok...I have three problems. 1 Puting items in a chest saving and re opening the game removes all the items ,2 the stag quest doesn't work nor any other hunting or gathering quest and, 3 tnt does not work.
Game wouldn't be bad if you didn't get an ad every minute or so should put an ad every 15-20 minutes would be better
Worst survival game ever! Ads every 2 secs, animals attacking you that you cannot see. Please do not download unless you want to watch ads!
Played the game before on an old phone if you dont want to lose your stuff when you die craft a wardrobe and tips to not dying is place your hut and fire and stuff close to water and there are round disks that are mines set them about and blow things up. Oh yea and if your near an eagle statue you can find a fire there and craft a map and you can get back to your building