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Island King

Island King for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Forever9 Games located at Suite 1701-02, 17/F,. FWD FINANCIAL CENTRE 308, DES VOEUX ROAD CENTRAL, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Since the upgrade Island king is so much more exciting to play. Love the voices of the fish and bear. They've added more chances to win spins. The only this is that the bubble poppers are useless. For as many bets like x10 or 20 the bubbles are rarely popping up. When they do it's usually when all the ads come and you miss them .
Benn on here few months, game keeps having server problems,which means losing attacks and steals,wheel keeps giving low amounts,which means your having to use more spins,not giving gold cards to complete sets.. spent billions to get 1 gold card.. played for 4 weeks buying chests for 1 gold card... just robbing everyone!!
This is an awesome game. For some reason it freezes alot. Like the wheel will not stop spinning and i have to stop the game. Dont trust putting a bank card on this game. If you slightly hit buying something you bought it. Theres no asking you sure? Cost me over 150.00 and im pissed. I Love the little games within the game. Its a great game really just be careful scrolling for free chests cause you slighly hit something while scrolling your out 100.00 , or 50.00 or whichever. FAVORITE GAME THO!
Why did my coin disappear when I had already collected a few thousand coins. I really like this game but feel cheated by all my efforts to be in vain. I was not so disappointed because I could not redeem the money because the amount was not very much but I felt cheated. I do not like this feeling. However this game is very interesting to play but please fix this issue. Should get five stars without this issue.
You need to fix your game Something has seriously gone wrong Lost sets of cards I spent Billions on to get them - 2k set and 5k set at least Fix the game ASAP please My patience is wearing thin - VIP is not worth it for the way you are messing with this game It used to be fun - now it's just hard work :(
I thought I was enjoying this game however the lives are only issued every 24 hours. You really need cash to keep playing. Buildings get destroyed and you have to start all over. Your money gets stolen. It doesn't work if you can't afford to pay for items like Shields to protect yourself. I just got tired of dealing with these issues.
Not too bad, but still have some room for improvement, first off will b the amount needed for buildings & why does the amount required for chests also increase in tandem? & as for shields, why doesn't it gets increased to 5 instead of remaining at 3, thankful for the mini shield but if I get selected for attacks & raids repeatedly until my buildings are damaged, how am I going to complete all the buildings on one island before I get attacked & raided again?
Was so much fun but now your kicking all us long timers to the curb to let new suckers (I mean people) in. Pity them cuz they don't know you'll keep them til they stop lining your pockets. Quite a shame really.
So interesting game, a lot of activities and we can chit chat with other friends around the globe. If you dont have time so much, please dont play as it is addictive. Now, I'm playing everyday and spend about 18 hours a day.
This game is great. Alot of ways to get spins. i really enjoy logging in every day to play. I'm so addicted to this game I get angry when I run out of spinsπŸ˜‚
Very enjoyable, very good since updated, still enjoyable game, new cards are hard to get though. Just getting used to new update, enjoying game very much, game much improved and very enjoyable, still waiting for the gold cards but still enjoying, enjoying the game but still need the gold cards to come. Really enjoying the game at the moment, really enjoy this game. Really having a great time with this game, but would really like to get more gold cards. Great game but still not getting any gold c
this game is so addicting, i love this game but the farther i advance the game is glitching and not giving rewards and prizes. Ive lost spins cards and coins. Please fix this problem so i dont have to delete game....
I love this game but I hate the fact that they give u the same cards but everything else cool, gotta have a lil cash too but I love attacking ppl island got me thru coronavirus. I'm addicted to it πŸ˜‰
I love this game! It gives you so many things to do, unlike coin masters! Island kings has so many fun things to do to help you make more money to advance to a new Island!
So far it's a good time. They give u plenty of rewards to start, game play is easy and fun and it passes the time well. I've only spent 99 cents so far, just because it was a good deal, but didn't need to necessarily. Overall, so far anyway, it's worth the download.
I love the game as it has a lot of great features. My only issue is the fact you can only have a max bet of x50 and it is a little frustrating when you have a few thousand spins and you can't have any higher bets then x50
much better than coin master and other such games. i just wishi could multiply my bets on the spinning wheel
Been playing since day 1. And I can say Im very close to deleting the game. Rankings out of wack, rewards not being given, everything too expensive, duplicate cards in chests, bots constantly stealing your money. Sort it out guys, if not, people will be leaving in droves. Oh, I have already said my peace on IK page and via email, no reply, so don't fob me off with that line. Updated.. now 1st October and no help and the game is worse then ever. Can't log in. Uggggg
this game is fun and competitive with friends and a great way to relieve stress I absolutely love this game
It's a really fun game , but I am wondering why there isn't any diamond gem ingame rewards , like the spins, pick ax , cards , can you all work on something like that for those of us who can't afford to pay for them !!!!!
Was good when first started but now got that many sets just need 1 gold card buying hundreds of chests and not getting any gold at all absolute joke about ready for removing the game
i've made payment through T&G ewallet (malaysia) but did not receive the reward as per advertised in the game. Support team still did not resolve my issue. The promotion is running out of time. Don't take my issue lightly!!!!
This game is so different in many ways. It's not stressful and you don't have to come out of pocket for anything in order to advance.. (but throwing a few dollars here & there does help the dev which keeps it as free as they come!) The different mini-games switch out nicely.. I could go on & on...πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
love! not a game for the faint of heart. if you get upset easy, don't play! but if you enjoy taking revenge after having your island destroyed and your coins tsken... this is for you! i enjoy it.
I downloaded this game because the ads says you can get real money when you played this game. After 2 days of downloading this game the ads that you can accumulate point to get real money has been removed. Totally a scam!! Don't download this game guys, wasting your time to view their ads. They got money from you viewing the ads for playing their stupid game only but you don't!!
Extremely irritating amount of constant popup adverts trying to lure you into buying spins and gold I mean it's just constant from when you log into game each time get hit with about 5 or 6 ads to buy stuff or pay for a pass or buy crates. Then advert after advert in between doing some spins on your wheel then it's back to adverts. Super annoying having to tap on an x constantly on ads that sometimes changes its position on some ads only in order to trick you into tapping the ad and buying. πŸ’©
absolutely love this game, it's just as good as coin master if not better. the only reason I gave 4 stars is you don't ever hardly get attacks or stole. it just basically gives you coins. if that could be fixed I'd give 5 stars.
I like the prehistoric look is very nice and she's the little girl is so cute. and I really enjoyed the large bonuses that you get for building
Fun to play, the side games are great. The side game with the octopus is great. Luv the game. Love the specials. Specials seem to go to fast. Challenging. It's becoming increasingly difficult. My favorite game
Seems like once you start spending real money on this game, the rewards become less than when you did not spend money and I have spent a lot of money. In addition to using my own cash, I have spent billions of island king money on chest and there are no new cards. I need like 5 red cards to close set. You are becoming like cmaster. Greedy! Don't spend real money on this game!
Duplicate of Smash Island, with refinements. So far so good, but I've only been playing 10 minutes lol!
Very fun game with a cute story. Freebies daily to keep you going and progressing. Check on it several times a day. 😁 Challenging and entertaining! One thing I find AWFUL is spending BILLIONS on Gold chests with no new card to complete sets. JUST TERRIBLE! Gets more and more expensive to complete islands. Being part of a tribe is awesome! Gets harder to complete ANYTHING without purchasing. Get pulled in...$$$$$$$
great easy and difficult game at times, depending how many times u visit the game( I suggest ever 4 hrs unless you are sleeping)
Please make it a little easier to earning.. And make it free for the global chat thou..this is fun earning game,but instead of earning this cost a penny. I've been watch all the ads thou come on.. Dont be to greedy. If this continued soon..no one will keep this on their phones. Keep the other 3stars till saw some changes made.
Why can't upload free video???...system shows failure...its nothing to do with the telecomunication...its game problem.... 22/2/20 This game give free shield by spin but not talking about mini shield,its difficult to get if not enough spin,its better shield can get free once upgrade mining and the worst part is if get shield from spin even how many double number you spin when got attack shield are gone, hopefully this game should upgrade shield to more power
Games fun and all. But I've had it with all the constant nagging me to buy something... Run out of spins 4 pop ups come up one after the other. Soon as you log in, pop up for this you can spend money on and that you can spend money on... If I decide I want to spend money I will, but stop nagging me really kills the fun! Very poor marketing!
the game is really fun to play in also is close to talk to other people that is a very good game you get to meet and chat with different people from different countries and different places and I really like it thank you for making a game so fun
Edit, comment to the devoloper. I have litterally messaged in the game settings over a dozen times, on at least 4 different occasions starting 3ish weeks ago. Your team has not responded once to me. The same on facebook messenger. I will try the email address you posted. I have not received quite a few things. I'd appreciate if your team actually responds now Loved the game till they cheated me out of a lot of money and 1st place in a tournament. Still waiting on customer service a month later
Been playing since day 1. And I can say Im very close to deleting the game. Rankings out of wack, rewards not being given, everything too expensive, duplicate cards in chests, bots constantly stealing your money. Sort it out guys, if not, people will be leaving in droves. Oh, I have already said my peace on IK page and via email, no reply, so don't fob me off with that line.
I love this game it has great graphics, super cute story, good for all ages & family play. There are tribes you can join mine it's KINDNESS 1/ Tribe members help you, you help them, we have messenger group for help & fun. Great way to make friends!Plus you can watch commercials for free spins, free items, free money for game, etc, Message me on messenger & I will send you a link for extra free spins and I can help you in game. UID 2790020
i have not figured it all out yet. im a new player. I have to say I like hunting for things so it's nice all the little different apps inside the app. in the fact that I can get spins and stuff by watching a video does not bother me
I love this game! the more I play the more I want too. love all the different ways you can earn more spins, and progress.
This game sucks.It needs a total overhaul. It gives you 100 free spins,but after that you will only get coins on nearly ever spin until you have used about 70 or 80 of your free spins. I understand why everybody is deleting this game and going back to Coin Master it makes sense I'm doing the same, oh and I agree with everyone else when it comes to the cards I haven't received the cards I needed to collect prizes since day one. I mean never, even though I play alot I mean a lot.
I love this game!! Way better than coin master it has different things to do and doesn't get boring just constantly doing the same thing and the VIP option was genius this game is my all time favorite I never play games but I can't put this one down I play for hours my only issue is when I purchase packages I don't get everything they say is in it I purchased king pass and didn't get any chests and that's the reason I purchased package if I can just get reimbursed for tht I will have not oneissu
Very fun game with a cute story. Freebies daily to keep you going and progressing. Check on it several times a day. 😁 Challenging and entertaining! One thing I find AWFUL is spending BILLIONS on Gold chests with no new card to complete sets. JUST TERRIBLE! Otherwise entertaining.
Everytime they put the freeze event in the game everytime I'm spinning all I'm hitting is freeze I hit that on the wheel more then anything else I'm about tired of this game and I spend my money on ot to if things dont change o will be deleting I'm hitting to many freeze will yall fix yall wheel thanks!! Then I'll change my stars back to 5...I've been having a lot of problems sense the update fix asap thanks..
It is fun only having been attacked twice while building and having shields does not go well. This game is a ball, it is just that after the pets are fed, they do not last long.
1st time play this game was awesome, after 3 to 4 day.. Biggest bug happened, in game said server was disconnected, and try to Restart the game.. And I lost my castle shielding, my gold coin and my green water to due to game failed to connect to the server, And for your information, I restart the game so many time, and result was disappointed..
Awesome to find so much to do Tasks ect...but it keeps locking up.. The wheel wont quit spinning and right when i wake up and feed a pet and get a reward or add spins and cards ect... Please pay me back for all the times my whole phone locked up and also ill spin ... Land on steal or attack the deal is not fulfilled ..... This has happened at least two weeks now.... Not Always But Very Often here lately!!!!!!
a very good game, lots of islands to build but beware, i have built 5 islands only to find there is not a new island to go on too, a new island come's out every tuesday, if you build and there is not a new island to go to, your whole island is blown to bit's buy the next day,
So far this is a blast! cant wait to see what happens! when i really get into it! loving this game!!!!! Really loving this game! Keep it up!!!! There is not enough ways to earn spins! Paul should bevthere everday! mine was defeated and i didnt get my spins bcuz it ended!! I dont think its fair, that you can't get your reward for beating Paul becuz it ended! Keep buying chests, but got 4 of the same card in one chest! not good!!!! Getting better!
I love this game but when you get on the higher levels you should get more spins that's the only thing that holds everybody back I don't have money to pay for to buy spins but I get extra coins but never extra spins and not enough 50 spins when you get higher and higher levels is just not enough spends to build your city please give more spins other than that this game is awesome
I really enjoy these types of games.. Relaxing.. Only thing you gotta play like every couple of hours cus u run out of shields and your place gets ruined!! They should give you more spins every hour.
I was looking for something like coin master, at first I was very skeptical and didn't think I would like it, but after playing for a while there are some things that I like better than coin master, it doesn't run out of spins nearly as fast as C M and game play is cool
Its very interesting, cant stop playing it. I like the island and how you could destroy other peoples island. I like it and im going to keep playing it till the end.
I really enjoy this game and look forward to playing every day.excidingly cute and fun. a great way to pass the time!
Great game. Love so much about it. BUT... I absolutely hate all of the pop ups wanting you to buy spins or gems. At least 3 pop ups, individually no less, come at you from the start of the game and each time you run out of spins. Or whatever else it may be at the time. Its ridiculous how many there are and how often. Also, the ability to win gems is almost obsolete. A year I've bren playing. Once is how many times I've won them. Fix that and you really got something!!
It's not that it's a bad game. You are often NOT given rewards that are earned, just a message of please check your network and try again or can't connect to the server. Especially when the internet is connected on this end. It can be frustrating when you've completed the orders and can't collect the chest prize before the game times out.
Really enjoyable game! There's one really annoying thing though which is that it sticks on a bit that requires you to buy something for around 5 minutes at a time. I hate these little tricks to exhort money from people so I am changing my rating.
This is a really fun game to play. l really enjoy playing Island King. It's relaxing and just alot of fun. It's just fun to play. You should try it. Really enjoy the game.
I am digging this game so much fun easy to follow fabulous graphics and I get to destroy things what more could I ask for
Island King is a very friendly playing game which gives you a lot of rewards. It's a little bit hard to figure out but once you figure it out you'll recognize there's so many rewards that you just want to keep playing. coin Master only cares about charging you which sucks. Unlike this game
The game keeps on freezing when you attack or when you go to steal. The only way to get out is to quit. When you turn it back on your put back on the same page thats frozen. This is the 2nd time ive downloded hopeing you had fixed the problem. You have not! I will not be playing any longer.
A very fun and addictive game the only thing I dislike about the game is it takes a really really long time to get rolls when you only get 5 rolls every hour it gets a lil annoying if the time was shorter or you got more rolls it would be a lot better and I would give 5 stars if it changes
I like playing island king however for those that like to play solo like me, you sure make it hard to collect items or cards to complete collections. I also agree with others that once you spend money in the game it makes it harder to win on the wheel and everything else.
I play this game everyday and it seems to me the money on the wheel is far more small than what it costs to build everything. Also it would be nice to get more free spins every now and again.
This game was fun. The updates they do is taking away the ways to get spins from game. Making it very very expensive to play. They will short you in spins that you can things towards spins. Dont play this game unless you plan on spending $$ to $$$.
No cash or no easy cash like ads. Just wasting time on waiting for spin. U hv to make atleast 1hr waiting time to make the gauge full not 6hours but only few drops! The apps already making money and yet still want money from players.
The game is cool but don't get the VIP they take your money, don't give you your VIP, don't refund you or compensate you for what you paid for. Now I have to file with Google and the BBB. Theres always glitches and the game is always messing up now.
Really great game where you build up your island and attack friends islands. Lots of small mini games to earn cash and upgrades. Great graphics and atmosphere. Brilliant, love it.
I use to like this game a lot, but now it is too much going on. You can never get all the cards to get more spins. The game isn't exciting before it takes forever to finish and island if you don't purchase more spins.
Surely damn interesting game that can pull anyone in play and stuck with it. No answers for a simple chances for claiming cash even one cent as per introduced in the other websites but precisely a great money digging game ever built people will simply loose their cash for complete some stages. Bravo and excellent guy's only because of this reason I'm giving full star's
I keep buying the game pass and I DON'T GET IT..... IT TAKES MY MONEY THOUGH SAME WITH THE CHRISTMAS TREE The new feature where we get puzzle pieces does not give you puzzle pieces. If you use your game money to buy cards you ALWAYS get one you already have.... I've been playing EVERYDAY for months and I've not gotten ANY new cards. I love the game, but I'm not ok with losing my money with NO WAY TO GET WHAT I PAID FOR AND YOU KEEP MY MONEY
I love the game!!! Very cute. I dont like that it doesnt let you times your spins. 2X is better than 1X. I dont like that you dont get treasure chests when you win.
awesome game. I just started playing and so far I like it. Many ways to get coins and love the effects.
LOVE the game. But a lot of the rules and extras that really add to the fun not explained. And it can be expensive. Can't play without spins. And spin goals are really hard to achieve. Since all of your updates the game is terrible. The players lost in every possible way. Spin times are longer so we don't play and win reward as much as before . Rewards are less. Not only did you take away diamond discounts, you have chameleon the opportunity to play the multiply wheel. And so much more
the cost of building is WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN THE MONEY YOU WIN ON THE WHEEL IS SO VERY SMALL IN COMPARISON!!!!!!!!!!!! You really need to not worry so much about trying to get players to spend money on the game more because you already have a cool game and players will spend money but if you make it so players don't have a choice eventually you'll lose every player you have...GREED RUINS ALL GAMES JUST LIKE ROYAL STORY...great game but the devs made it so you had to spend spend!!!
Very enjoyable, very good since updated, still enjoyable game, new cards are hard to get though. Just getting used to new update, enjoying game very much, game much improved and very enjoyable, still waiting for the gold cards but still enjoying, enjoying the game but still need the gold cards to come. Really enjoying the game at the moment
At first it was awesome until they started putting your tribe mate to the only people you attack which is a big no no coz you can get kicked out from the group, this happened not just once but a lot of times the higher level you get, so im not playing until they figure out how to fix it.
This game blows the rest out of the water πŸ˜‰ The mini games are ever changing and extra fun to play. Tribes, trophies, and treasure chests to explore. Along with Luna awarding amazing gifts to help you become an Island King. You'll never get bored or be granted impossible missions with this game. Forever ENTERTAINING!
I love this game!!!! Very cool! Way better than a lot of the others seems like there's always something to do and u can actually move forward in a decent time!! Love it
Absolutely love this game. Its challenging and so much fun. You can block friends from taking your money. And you can steal their money.
Game is fixed so your cut short of your target and spend more you dont recieve items .the game glitches when you go to collect a won item and changes to you using diamands you have bought, complaints to feedback lay ignored or substituted for a few spins more trouble kicked on steals not getting points for them game lagging feedback still ignored plant unreachable takes your money and leaves you short , could be a good game If problems were ever solved to your reply problems have been sent
Absolutly love this game. I think everything about it is so adorable. Love the graphics. Very nice game. I also like the rewards and all the little games that come with it. Thank you Island King.
I do enjoy the game and most it's side games. It's a bit irritating that your ability to collect on free rewards and sometimes participation in side games is limited to the availability of videos. Sometimes you can get them and a second later you no longer can. More often you can't get any at all. REALLY IRRITATING! In general though I do enjoy the time I spend zoning out with the help of this game. I do think the progressing dollar amounts are a bit "off" feeling to me.#'sToo high for level 50.
I love the graphics,and gameplay. I think this game is better than coin master simply because of all the extra tactical techniques and ways to improve your own game. Options for getting social media help for more gameplay, I love it.
I like this game in the wheel coins 5 and the rewards 5 but when you spins it's always stopped in coins not in rewards and when finished the spins they want you buy people cannot buy it's bored and chest too worst , when you buy chess it's always bring old cards not bring ew cards you want and this can make people tired to play this game they should make this game more fiun
Absolutely love this game became addicted almost immediately! Lol I've really always preferred this game compared to some of the other games similar to island king.
The updates ruined the game certain elements aren't working properly.. i am not getting any puzzle pieces.. that sucks. I love this game thecgraphics are fantastic never boring, and I love the little side shows that go with it
I like the game is good but after certain level it stops and it doesn't works doesn't let you collect your prices and keeps saying networks is not connected and it suck so badly after all the investment and it just doesn't works ask you to reinstall I have reinstall 5 times and I keep loosing my mind and people keep attacking meanwhile it installing this really suck
5πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“β­ from me, causes this was first time of my life addicted with cutest game likes this Island King apps, really in love with this games. For newbie's and impatient person πŸ˜… like me, this game is very recommended. It's also not harmed if my nephew was take over my turn for cover me, while I have some duties to do. So I decided for share this cutests sweeties amazing games with my family members and clique πŸ₯°.. Last but not least, this apps was make me breathtaking and made my day 😍.
*Well 1st. I started playing "CoinMaster" & then, I came across this app. And figured I'd give it a try and see if I liked it. **---->>{"Well needless to say, .Yea' !! } Of course I got hooked-->{{βš“}} on these 2 other games just as bad. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š. So go atleast *"TryOut"*-->> "PiggyBoom" & "PiggyGo" Theyre sooooo much fun! & In one of rhw games there's like 3 or 4different parts to the game! Its AWESOME!!! ✌️
The creator (s) of this amazing game oh they never cease to amaze me. You keep coming up with new and exciting graphics and contest's to keep everyone entertained. Not to mention the awesome work on the graphics. I'm a avid player and I just want to say Thank You for always going far beyond and above to keep the consumer (s) wanting more. BravoπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―.
too much words that i need to use to describe on this apps πŸ˜‚ bcuz i think i already addicted to this adventure game πŸ˜‚ sounds weird.. but i love this game much πŸ˜‚ my friends already play to this game also when they seeing me playing. Great apps for everyone. once played, it been so hard to stop πŸ˜‚ i said what i said ✌️
I love this game. Good story line, very addictive. If I could I'd play 24/7. I definitely recomend it to everyone.
I'm having fun it's something new little different meeting new people helping out people waiting to be able to join a tribe as I am very new at this game Graphics are cute
So as of a few seconds ago I have 120 stars , which is basically your level. The game has had my stuck on my phone running for a charger.yes it's that good, multiple events going on at any given time, they are more than generous with free spins unlike other games like this one example CoinMaster u get to play for maybe.10 mins or so then ur stuck able to do nothing so far.key words here, in about 2-3hours of gameplay have yet to be bored not have I ran out of spins and I'm 2nd in the tourney g2g
Very enjoyable, very good since updated, still enjoyable game, new cards are hard to get though. Just getting used to new update, enjoying game very much, game much improved and very enjoyable, still waiting for the gold cards but still enjoying, enjoying the game but still need the gold cards to come
I played with island king. The red angpao were still there. But when I'm trying to play it back on the afternoon, the picture with red angpau went missing. May i know how it went missing? I already collect the coin nearly reaching 1000 coins. Two days after that, i played again. I get the red angpau again. But the coin i got before went missing as well. Then,i played again. But then, when i already collected almost two thousand coin, it went missing again. I got point from inviting friends.
I don't know whta's wrong this game but it was hang on my tablet.It must because of the perfomance of this game.I don't know why it force me to spin idle it was 0/50.I cannot go to build because it force me to spin.Should not make it high quality otherwise it will destroy your gadget.Better more among us than this game.
one of my favorite games, never expected to love it so much til i started playing and the people are very friendly in the chat when it comes to the game. i felt very welcomed in the community on my first and second day playing. one small minor flaw to the game is why we have to fight friends? instead of random people. but other than that, the game is fun.
I have been playing this game for a LONG time and always loved it but now so many glitches and the game lags. I win coins or spins and don't get them. I have done ALOT of spins this week. At least 30 thousand spins I have won but half the time I don't get them or I get them just to have them disappear. And the cards are a joke. I have spent billions of coins at one time to buy chests and not one new card. Or I get one card, but not one to complete my village. This game has become a joke. PLEASE!
Absolutely love Island King thanks so much for all the hard work you guys have put into making this game. There's always new stuff being added so it's not the same old routine all the time.
I just love this game I give it five stars because it's fun relaxing and the graphics are beautiful try it you might like it I tried it and I love it go for it you got nothing to lose thank you Island King!
A lot of glitches, I contact customer support and never get anything resolved and I spend a lot of money in this game . Bout to quit playing it or at least stop putting money into it. Frustrated!!
I love this as well as smash island. totally addictive and really fun. highly recommend this for anyone.
The game is very fun addictive at times. The game has come a long way since I started playing back in May. They still need to fix some game items if they want to retain their players. They have card sets for each island 34 card sets 9 cards per set 1star 2 star cards are tradeable the 3 star are not Each player can only trade 3 cards max a day. If you even read these reviews this is the next fix you need to make do away with trade limits or raise it up to 10 or higher a day.
Love the game. I spend money on it to advance which is worth it. I do not like the bots when it comes to tournaments. I also just did an update and it forced me to use my wild card. For that I am upset about.
Having a terrible time trying to upgrade since the game it's self was upgraded. I have 42% used storage in my phone, so I have plenty of space. Fault of the game. Very disappointing I contacted you and no response This is my third time to respond to. You here as I contacted you by email and you didn't have the manners to reply. So please read your emails!
I was a fan but having way too many issues with it lately, for example, I'm just about to get 1350 spins on bar and now it won't connect to server, I've reset everything in the house including uninstall and reinstall app, I also can't find any section to ask for help that will work, even the "ask question directly" won't work, exreamly frustrating, especially after putting money into this game.
A fast and exciting game. Graphics are easy on the eye. Shame the spins full is not a bit higher. Would be able to build quicker and attack more. Personally not into toys and trading, a bit too complicated for me. Probably because I'm an old fashioned, straight forward 60 something.
The game lands on the line litterally. That being said it takes away from the number of spins. The game tells you there are 2 - 6 gifts. It's wrong. The game freezes. Plz fix the game. Numerous issues. No free gift or super boxs. No free round bottle or guard card. It's been over a week. I love this game, it's one of my favorite. However it's getting old only playing 1/2 a game!!
great game lots of fun and enjoyment great job on the making of the Game thank you so much for sharing
Still my favorite game. Long time player here. I suggest downloading this game. It's so much fun. Just stopped for a review. Still here playing my favorite island game. Still playing. My favorite game.
Love all the new updates. I came back after a few months because it was a glitch disaster. I LOVE IT MORE NOW!!! 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Really irritated and ready to quit playing. Multiple issues. This morning I twice landed on a money spin and it took away my money instead of adding to it! Yesterday I received a gold card I needed and it took it away!
I love this game so much but I think in going to unstall it cause I been noticing that it's not allowing me on get my cards when I win them u go back to my cards collection to see if their there and they're not and other things why are some of my stars being taken from me one minute u see the amount of stars ⭐I have and when I come back to the game some amount of stars are taken away and not mentioning the gifs I won haven't receive a few of then those are just some of the issues in having.
What the heck I have been log out and log in so many times, but it still said failed to connect to server. I even change from wifi to hotspot to data, still the same. Totally lame and ridiculous
Actually a good game.. But i notice every time my spin nearly to stop on point or steal it suddenly back.. its can choose, huh?.then when play for free spin its need you to watch ads..fine! im ok with it..but after ads done when the spin automatically spin its never win big prize such as 50 green potions or bigger than that.mostly get 1or 5 potions. SOO stingy and no big rewards on free spin.come on guys.we see fulls ads and u gain money plus we support the game. Dont stingy.be generous
Fun little game. Easy enough to play, but could do with better instructions on the extras. Like how the Fruit Master works.
I luv games that don't force you to spend money to progress, and this is definitely that type of game! You can play and build your islands at your own pace, play with friends, take on tournaments,all without having to spend actual money. When and if you do decide to use money it's totally worth it! The graphics are great, gameplay is easy, bottom line the game is FUN!
Basically Smash Island with a different look! This game is good but could be better, instead of copying Smash Island tasks maybe you could think of your own or add extras, do different events.
So far I'm Loving this Game!! I take care of my terminally ill father and I can not sleep at night a lot. This game helps my mind unwind to where I can drift off to sleep. Love this game, thank you!
awesome game, incredible graphics, beautiful colors. can't stop playing it!!!I I now have my family and friends hooked on it.
Not bad. Though it's similar to cat life game. But anyway good for time pass a few minutes of the day.Some people may find it boring, because it is not that interesting; you just have have to spin to get money via attack, steal, etc. and then build some island that is it. 🀭
My husband and I love this game! It's so cute and we rarely have issues until this evening, has anyone logged off game and when u tried to connect to Facebook again u get a message "missing permissions"? It happend to both me and my husband on 2 different phones, wondered if maybe it was just a glitch or bug lol
Exciting and Fun!! Great Game and Very Challenging To Make The Next Island!! Highly Addictive!! Can't Stop Playing!! Fun For All Ages!!
I like the game, but been having trouble getting my spins to stay when I leave and come back. Plus spending my money for chances to get the money fish when I'm supposed to already have a day pass and also supposed to of been able to of gotten the money fish back when the app was down and yet still haven't been given another chance to get it, one would think that yall would give it to us; just saying. Need to think how much real money I've used playing this game. Thinking of deleting if no fish.
I don't know why people love this game...... Its just spin, attack, steal, get shield, and go to the other island. Its just simple, but online! If you attack your friend, you will happy only 1 minutes, after that... what? MARIO IS BETTER!
This Game Is Sooo Much Fun!!! I cant believe i have finally found 1 that the entire family can en j oyy!!! Thank You Island King!!! You Rock!!!
EDIT....IF I COULD GIVE -10 STARS I WOULD. GAME IS A RIP OFF Really wish there weren't constant glitches. Im really sick of earning rewards then trying to claim you are told to restart game and you loose everything!!!. Wow just wow
I would HIGHLY recommend this game to all! It's amazing I absolutely LOVE it. Its entertaining, keeps you occupied and constantly has you wanting to play! Theres activities within the game to play as well that helps u gain rewards so if your reading this DOWNLOAD NOW you can see for yourself how awesome island king is!!
Awesome game. The graphics are beautiful and they are constantly upgrading, adding new bonus games and giving a nice amount of free spins.
I honestly can say that this game is challenging, and very entertaining. You are in a battle with so many different people from all over the world. I give it 5 stars!! I definitely recommend this game to all adults who love to play games.
I love this game. It has great graphics and if you know how you can unlock different things. Your skill must be high to keep playing. come. sit play. I double dog date you to start playing
This App is fun and i enjoyed to play. Have a problem sometimes like in puzzle festival cant get any always fruits. I spent 2000 spin and buy but still nothing. I reinstalled the game to try again its the same.
I just love most everything about the game! From the colors to the the graphics and the enjoyment of the time out I get from my chores! The amount of money one gets from ATTACKING other islands could be larger though! $40,0000 and $12,000 are pretty small compared to other games. In general it's a kool game! Thanks for the hard work you've put into it and sharing it with us!!
Absolutely love this game first thing I do in the morning with my cup of coffee I've been playing it for several months and it has not disappointed me like so many other downloaded games I've tried over the years keep up the good work the gifts are incredible the transparency of the gaming app is awesome and all the people that I've met in my tribe have been very nice and caring they send spins you know they reciprocate which is great don't change a thing.
I have liked this game since I began playing especialy during this covid 19 has kept us at home. It's very challegening to keeping your village from being destroyed. I do think the rewards could be higher especially the higher levels you reached.
Everything about this game has been good up until I no longer can collect or see my tribe check ins. Been 2 weeks and I know a few others have reached out about the same thing. Please fix?
Love it..but its getting to expensive to pass levels and the wheel is not right only win 1 to 3 things ..and buying chest over and over for the same cards ..i like the game but it needs alot of improvement....
i like this game a great game my play it all day long , i am help her the people who call my wife name i will report them for her, me and my play this game, she really love it I know she dream about Island King I know it help wife to learn math you have it the fruit is the best let help my with math, thank you for making this game
I have been playing island king for a while but lately when you win coins they get taken off.Free ads not working.Being attacked with mini shield on.Spent too much money if not fixed uninstalling previous problems were rectified now slingshot function not letting me in to play?Not letting me update even though i have enough storage.Also have no other apps installed that i can uninstall?
Complete garbage. Just another money grabbing app. They took away the weekly VIP subscription which was the only reason I stuck around as long as I did. That subscription at least made it somewhat better. Of course, anything that helps Joe six pack can't be allowed by the greedy scumbags running this app. If you enjoy having to spend a small fortune to be competitive? This is the game for you.
I like playing island king however for those that like to play solo like me, you sure make it hard to collect items or cards to complete collections.
Game is fixed so your cut short of your target and spend more you dont recieve items .the game glitches when you go to collect a won item and changes to you using diamands you have bought, complaints to feedback lay ignored or substituted for a few spins more trouble kicked on steals not getting points for them game lagging feedback still ignored plant unreachable takes your money and leaves you short , could be a good game If problems were ever solved
I am hooked! 3 mos. of playing this game, I mean I am checking in at least 3x a day to make sure I don't get robbed, get my island(s) damaged, collected all ingredients or share with friends and the WORLD! Of course when I can I try ro be number 1 the level that I could. FANTASTIC GAME!❀❀❀❀❀ Just started playing this cute game! It's fun and will keep u buzy and entertained. Check it out and download...NOW!😎
only gave it a 1 because a 0 wasn't an option. worst game ever. says you are connected to Facebook but won't give you credit for being connect. wants your info every five minutes. I am deleting it.
I love this game very addictive,and i enjoy it so far but my only problem here is about the option to attack there supposed to be a "FRIENDS OF FRIEND" on revenge section list but it doesn't show. Hope you can fix this in my account ( UID :3670816) .Waiting for your response, Thank you!
Can't do anything unless you have a Facebook account. Love the game, but come on why do I have to sign in with Facebook? can't trade and can't join a tribe.
It was fun at frist but now you can not get anything but coin what's up with that ain' t this game is to take reveage on others stil there cash and then you get the same ads when you start the game get the same ads at the end why.is that. When go it there free stuff it's the same ads or the game don' t give you your free spins after you win them
I'm lovin this game, I've already asked friends to join. You should join also.still livin it. Been playing for a while now and its only getting better.
I have liked this game since I began playing especialy during this covid 19 has kept us at home. It's very challegening to keeping your village from being destroyed. I do think the rewards could be higher especially the higher levels you reached. I don't think is was fair to discard the 5 dice bet and force us to bet 10 dice.
Senseless limited functions, like horns to talks in world chat, I hadn't had a horn in days so I can't chat in world chat, barely anyone chats in my tribe ( got 34 members) 3 is the limited cards you can give. Rare guarantee is not true on buying premium chest, which they don't specify what rare is! Luck spin,I still NEVER landed on the warrant spot, Emailing Developers, NO response 3 attempts. Many people quitting, problem areas need to be fixed! HIT HELPFUL IF YOU AGREE!
Its fun to play and waste a little time if the day. Cheers. Easy as controls and nice steady graphics. Havent had a drama with any glitches so overall one of the many games wirth having. Does require internet.
Fun game but you won't get far unless you spending money. Would not recommend anyone to waste space on their phones, computer etc
Nice game actually . But a few days ago I just got a new phone & after I finish setting new phone then I try to install this game back . From last night till now I cant get in . I try log in by FB then I wait almost 5minutes then the game give notification " time out error problem connection " something like that . Please get this thing to be solve . I have been spent a much real money in this game 😒😒😒
Update: all bugs fixed!! TY IK Fun, addicting game... however since latest update the game freezes all the time & the mini game doesn't work!!! I've uninstalled, reinstalled, & contacted the developer but they still haven't got back to me!!!!
Love this game! I play it every time I get a spare moment:) However Its very frustrating that you only get 6 spins an hour and only 50 total. It really only allows you to play for a few minutes Then you can't bet more spins and it takes forever to get enough of whatever the object is to claim the prize. By the time you finally do it's too late that side game is over.. Also explaining the tribes and how to move up levels. I think everyone should get VIP for covid .
Im happy playing it, but later on im disappointsd that you cancel giving 300 bonus spins after completing a village...as of sept 17,2020 im experiencing glitches... I don't receive the rewards in my games... Im disappointed today..
Love the its just that it leaves me hanging at times with connection error or it just hang or freeze i have to restart the game and lost what i have in the event.
The game was fun at one point now all different things are going on having problems having more then 370 spins & can't even get 1 attack,or steal to get into the tournament πŸ€” that's not good cards a other problem its a lot of different things it has it good days & it has days that it takes from you like the puzzles,sling shot, I finish & don't get my price you know what your doing please fix thank you
Fun game . a lot like Smash Island. characters are adorable, game play is fast. islands are almost identical to smash island but it's still FUN!!
What happened. Was a good game now it's freezing up when you win spins and you lose them. Plus when video's are played. It's really went down hill. If you play good luck☹☹☹
When I discovered island king in May 2020, it was love at first sight! In just a short time I was addicted & spending real cash to feed my addiction & it got worse month after month (esp.July) As this game continues to have problems (many with new update) I continue to play, but I'm no longer a VIP member & this game is no longer a fan favorite of mine. So sailing off to explore more on the new island I discovered. I'll be back. Official day TBA For now, hasta luego! UID: 2911209
For the last 3 days i have been unable to load the game. It will start to open and then close. I have tried multiple times and even tried restarting my phone and nothing has worked.
I loved the game ever since I began playing but I made a mistake and accidentally promoted someone else to president when i thought i was making them an elder! When I emailed to ask to have it fixxed several weeks ago I got bo response and no action was taken to fix it! I spend alot of time amd $ p ayong and I am seriously considering uninstalling it all together!
My game has been frozen since yesterday can't get on lost my island coins and the money i spent on your game i was in 3rd place and i lost that i contacted your support 5 times sent screen shot of problem and nothing this is unecxceptable i will be contacting my lawyer i have spent a lot of money and now can't get on your i have proof from paypal and play store of my purchases if this is not fixed you will be hearing from lawyer!!!!
This game my kids love it so when they get out school and done with there homework tgey sit down play they love it so we all sat down and play it like wr get out or mind it like me my girlfriend become kids all over again then when i run out coins and one my kids come help me i like for one we can mesage each other txt reach one and other and play with or family out state my kids are older kids they have kids put it like it a good way we all can still have fun with because i dont see all them
So tired of things not working finally getting vip rewards again but nothing for days i didnt. No tournament not working getting steals and attacks nothing in tournament . I love the game but the glitches are getting old. From events to missing spins and vip now tournaments.
very addictive and fun to play with friends , the graphics are alsome ! and theres always new challenges to do and win and best part it you play with your close friends and ppl you never met before but its cool how everyone comes together on here to help someone else out , only if the world worked like that !!!
played before and stopped, missed it too much . had too get back into it . addictive & many laughs, and make good friends playing !πŸ˜€Still loving it , but i don't know how too get or find my code # too enter other contests on with island king . ?.
it so addictive and fun make friends who play I have it 5 star but I would give it 10 stars...i been playing over a year now and buy the subscription every week and as you get higher up in the game it sure is so hard all i keep getting now is doublers in all sets of cards i now only have one set but have ti wait till i get to a higher level to get cards not right and you should be able to send the gold cards more often i would love it if i can ever get a gold card i waiting on .IS GAME RIGGED?
Very fun game with a cute story. Freebies daily to keep you going and progressing. Check on it several times a day. 😁 Challenging and entertaining! One thing I find AWFUL is spending BILLIONS on Gold chests with no new card to complete sets. JUST TERRIBLE! Otherwise entertaining. Being part of a tribe is awesome!
So much fun!! I love the graphics, its an all over fun game for any age!!! Its BEAUTIFUL 😍 ❀ Thank you for making a very fun game
This game is the Best. I love it. There are so many ways of collecting coins, spins and prizes. You make new friends can chat and they have super fun tournaments. I can play for hours on this game it's so much fun. I give it β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†s
Takes to long to play, I use all the extras after going thru 100 videos of other worthless games and still have to wait hours for it to build up enough to play, then when I get down to 1 spin it had connection problems!πŸ€”
I always get a ads for this game to make money..and ill try to download this game and play..woahh this game so fun,enjoyable and can be great time killing! Even though idk how to make money from this,but i just like to play this game more and more! So satisfying if u get draw and get more money and energy to build your island.