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ISEKAI: Demon Waifu

ISEKAI: Demon Waifu for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by TAPZEN PTE. LTD. located at SANTA MONICA BLVD. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The fact that you spend money on a gatcha is fine. I don't mind spending on a game I like. But you have burned me to hard with this crossover event. That fact is that there is no pity system so no matter what it's the same rates. That is horrible to treat your players like that. A well you will not be getting anymore money from me. I spent well over 1k on the game and now that I find this out I'm done.
As i started playing this game it went smooth and all, but after a while it becomes really pay to play. The events are also unfair as you are literally UNABLE to get everything in them without having to spend money, which is very sad.
Hello creators and designers and programmers I love this game so far. I have a couple of things if you wouldn't mind considering for one of the next updates. For random dates maybe you guys can put in different scenes like at a Cafe, movies, park and just pretty much date stuff. I believe you guys have much more potential than you guys let off but those things would draw people in. I have some more ideas if this one was any use I'm sorry if I sounded criticizing cause I do love this game.
Harambe approved but he said to always hit it from the back. It's a fun game for sure but the VIP section needs a way for f2p to access it how about a consumable for f2p players can buy with gold since gold is pretty free to get like VIP card exp and maybe to turn on VIP but much more expensive bought for gold for like 3 days 7days that way the f2p players won't miss completely out on anything. Anyways who knows if devs decide to delete this post like my last one. But remember HitItFromTheBack
Isekai: Demon Waifu is a decent casual game with loads of interesting events and activities, and I especially enjoy that subordinates in the game are able to take on multiple roles at once, especially since they can boost the stats of your consorts as well, which is something that makes the game way more interesting and not just about porn.
First, I believe this app should have kind of 16+ or 17+ rating for the... Anyway, potrait mode while the base is landscape, it isn't comfortable. The animation is kinda weird. Classic graphics, some is perfectly done, and the rest is just... weird. This day I found this app didn't work perfectly. It always said updating, 100/100, but I see 0 storage and 0 network activity. I tried to clear data and the app just didn't work at all. Stuck on the welcome page.
The primary reason I installed this game was because it was having a crossover event with an anime I like; How to Not Summon a Demon Lord. However, there are a couple issues I have: 1. The game itself is not fully reliant on the Gatcha system. But this event apparently is. 2. The rates for the event characters are abhorrent, and free pulls are few. 3. The event characters themselves are NOT even playable characters. Rather they act as mere powerups, which is easily the most dissapointing fact.
I love this game, but I have a couple of suggestions: 1.) Each subordinate should have their own battle sprite, and 2.) There should be a version of this game for mature audiences. Why keep something like this PG?
I really enjoy the game but not being able to get the crossover event sprites without paying (actually they give you one chance per day at a max 4% chance if you do all the dailys) just goes to show how the devs feel about the player base
To preface this review, i will say that i have spent a lot of money on this game. Now to get into it, i think that this a a fun game with an active community, it has lovable characters and good story as well as nice gameplay and healthy competition. However, i to think that the vip scaling is a bit too steep, the first 4 levels are reasonable, going from nothing to 9,999 but the next step up is from 9,999 to 60k which is extortionate, also needs more package price variety.
You need wifi to play. Lame. Keep losing connection. And force to quit. Unless offline option is offered i have to skip it. Good idea but i have got as far as just wrote my name down.
Decent game, but the events keep ending prematurely before the day changes, leaving players without a way to cash in on hard earned rewards!
This game is so fun. No problems so far except earlier today I had 300 chaos elixirs III and wanted to distribute them between three subordinates, 100 each but after I put the the meter thing at 100 and went to press the button it jumped to 300 making me use all of it on one subordinate instead, so I got cheated. Please fix this problem so it doesn't happen again.
The game was fun at first and was free to play, now almost everything has to be bought through packs to get including event options, the developers have all but killed a really good game by being greedy, many players are now gone or leaving because of the Developers greed and stupidity
The game is very good but needs a little touch up, I had a good experience playing the game and I notice the Library function gives too little talent exp that is 10 talent exp. Thats too little for a 3 hours wait. It would be nice if it can provide 30 to 50 talent exp at least. Overall, the is very fun to play. Good luck on developing the game!
Played since launch. Expect to spend money endlessly if you want to do anything in game. Every event is short and requires lots of currency and the ranking system is unfair. You'll never get skins, titles, or rewards unless you're rich in disposable income.
The game is pretty fun the main problem that I have with it is that it keeps telling me that the connection timed out and that a resource pack has failed to download making me have to keep restarting the app otherwise it is a pretty fun if a bit simple casual game but there probably should be a mature version with the sexual nature of the game and whatnot
This games fun it really is.. My only problem is you cant buy outfits or such to make yourself look different if it had a clothes shop where you could buy outfits would be great.. Please add a clothes shop for this game..
I rarely give reviews on games but I'm going to give this one a review. I'm giving 4 stars I really enjoy this game and have many hours logged on it. The reason I'm not giving 5 is due to some events that happen in game. Once your stamina is out you have to wait 2 hours to receive 1 point back and if you want more you have to pay for them which I get you gotta make money somehow but 1 point ever 2 hours is a little to long to wait if you want to progress without paying in order to get a skin.
Like every other game in this vein, it massively rewards players who spend money (who arguably don't need the rewards) while not rewarding those who don't spend money. Want to place high in an event for lots of rewards? Spend more money. Don't want to spend money? The game will toss you pennies and call it good enough; they don't care about f2p. About the only thing this one has going for it is its waifus.
Fun and simple game. Pretty free to play friendly if you dont mind saving but it is HEAVILY geared towards the big spenders if you want to be on top, so something to keep in mind if that kind of thing upsets you.
I'll start by saying I dropped down coin to go up VIP. But I'm giving it away. It literally a game that caters to whales only and you will never keep up. No free VIP system so unless your spending there's no way to advance your VIP ranks. Also the drop between ranks is ridiculous. If you crunch the numbers it's $60-80 per VIP levels. And their cookie cutter response here will be were taking it under advisement to make the game better. That's BS, read the reviews. Still same issues.
This game are unbalanced, Because the game is too easy to play. And one more thing, This game reminds me of a combination of both HuniePop and the Idle games.
Whale bait design. Multiple levels of spending. Events that basicly only accept real money despite faux primo-currency. Some good designs otherwise. Could be alright if devs scale back the whale bait and make events more accessible.
Let's talk numbers and money for a moment. Speaking objectively, this is a rip off. No question, its just a good old cash grab for whales to dump money. After the first few VIP lvls you have to pay 60-100 dollars just to lvl up once. THEN at VIP lvl 9 all the VIP bonuses cap and dont go any higher but they want you to pay even more for basically nothing? Laughable. Then you need MILLIONS of VIP points to lvl up. When the packs cap a 9.999k. I'm not a genius but that's a TON of money for nothing
Great game. But it is pay to play. You literally have to pay to be allowed to play an event. The graphics are great. There are many modes to play. Lots to do but events are not for you if you don't pay. Several events literally have a requirement to finish the event by paying 99.99.
Fix the ice pick event, if there are 32 hours left in an event and literally nothing to do you know there is no point to an event. Everyone wants Styx the reward consort but it's only accessible to maybe less than 10 people per time you bring this ridiculous event back
i got some issues after downloading the game , after welcome screen fades out it will stuck on black screen , tried to remove data and reinstall it but it didn't work ... any solution?
It's a good game, but I haven't given it 5 stars, because there is a slight Paywall. Like you can get very far without actually paying anything, so it is good for f2p as well, but if you want to progress even slightly better than I think you'll need to pay. If you're willing to spend money, then go ahead the game is great, and it'll help them and you too.
Pay to play through and through. I've quit the game after a few weeks and spending a few hard earned dollars but you can't do anything much if you can't keep up and spend more money. Every event is a slog to get anything done and they constantly push offers into your face and leave notifications about a new offer. I left a full guild I lead for a long time because I can't keep up with the spenders.
I enjoy the game well enough, but everyone who calls this game pay to win is completely correct. Devs focus to much on selling the characters and needed supplies for obscene amounts of money, and if they do give some free stuff, they only give you items you could easily get playing for five minutes. Don't see this game lasting longer than a few more months if the devs don't stop the obviously predatory practices
Its a really good game. You don't need to spend all your time on it but you spend like 10 minutes or 15 minutes every like 5 to 6 hours. I know a lot of reviews say that its a pay to play game but don't worry about that. Currently Ive been playing for 3 weeks and I'm completly free to play and right now I'm in the 3rd best guild. Don't worry about paying money you can get to the top of the leaderboards with just free to play.
This is a resource management game with cute anime girls, no real gameplay. If you purely enjoy resource management, this may be for you. It is also pay to win, so in order to be competitive better open that wallet.
Dont bother playing if your new, you'll never catch up if you started late. The game caters to the players that are paying and higher levels above.
I've been in a debate with support over a charge that was double charged. I have sent them screenshots of my receipts that show in no uncertain terms that I had attempted to purchase a 20 dollar pack. It was failed, so I did it again and it succeeded. In-game it says this. I was charged twice (have receipts) for both the successful purchase and the failed one. They looked at the screenshots and told me that I am wrong, and it didn't charge twice even though I showed them both receipts.
Okay so firstly it's still exspensive, but many things have been added in 5 consort costumes (only 3 are available for free players the rest are too high up to get), their still isn't a way to slowly earn vip points freely like other games (which would reward effort and not just spending money), and some things are still needing to be fixed (consort item usage is a main one), but it's getting better.
It's just a perfect game. Drwaing, voiceovers and tactics are very good. Ofcourse, like other games it should be development. Like level ups, that takes a bit but not so much. It would also better if there were more language options Thanks
The game is really fun and you always seem to have at least something to do to pass the time, everything seems possible to get without IAP's aswell. But I have found myself to be avoiding playing the expedition mode because it gets quite annoying needing to wait 3s between each of the little duels with enemies because the game wants to show you what you go from each battle. I feel like it would be more enjoyable if I could just click skip and have my rewards shown at the end of all the battles
The most money hungry game ive ever played. There are tons of other sames similar that are far cheaper then this. Playing genshin is cheaper then this game. F2p players 0/10 dont recommend
It's fun, but I saw an ad where you could choose your gender, but when I started playing, being male was the only option.