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Is It Love? Sebastian - Adventure & Romance

Is It Love? Sebastian - Adventure & Romance for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 1492 Studio located at Parc de Bellegarde 1 Chemin de Borie 34170 Castelnau Le Lez. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Sex, Nudity) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game irritates me. the story is interesting, for a dating sim. However, the "energy" system is dumb and clearly designed to bilk you out of a ton of money. I would rather just pay for the game, than oay 5 or more dollars everytime i want to ready a stupid, smutty, love story. It's just not worth it. I can get better book porn online for free. two thumbs down.
Literally unplayable. Cannot tap on anything within the app. Its a dribble of a story anyway. Not worth your time. Fix the issues and allow more energy that doesn't expire in 24 hours and I'll consider playing again. This game has potential and I'll be willing to edit my review to a positive one if changes are made
I absolutely love this ap, just extremely disappointed that the special offer only showed up once when it's supposed to be available for 48 hours. So pissed.
The story is good and paced well, but I wish I had read the reviews before hand. It's way too expensive to be worth the money. As others have said 300 energy a day with each tap taking up 10 energy is ridiculous. I've spent $30 to get to chapter 3 and I have no idea how many chapters there are. This is already more expensive that three quarters of my desktop games. I'm going to use the rest of the energy I've bought, uninstall, and go buy a few books instead. I'd get more for my money that way.
it is actually very nice! I really love it! I like the story and the characters and they seem very human like it was as if i was talking to a person. everything affects them. from your gestures to you actions everything affects them! I'm not saying that I dont like it I love it! of course the only problem which is a big one would be the energy and the time it generates. you get 300 to start with and you can win more energy from minigames and a potion for an ad so yeah.
Simply amazing. Its been years since I started. Playing these games n even got an inspiration to write.
Terrible! You get very little energy a day. You can only read 3 or 4 sentences before you run out and the only way to get more is by a mini game once a day and then you get 3 or more sentences. You can spend real cash but, the prices are high. There are better games out there just like this such as the Shall We Date series. I uninstalled this after 2 days. Its not worth the storage it takes.
Been playing since the beginning and I just installed all the ones from before. Thankfully I had logged in on fb so I saved all my files. Even if its "annoying" to have only 500energies a day let me remind you before it used to be 300+100 and also its a FREE game. So don't complain if you don't have patience.
Its really expensive and you have to wait so long to get to get your energy and you can't ever get more then 500 its annoying πŸ˜’
very captivating storyline, however it does have slow pacing and too little energy availability to keep up with that and still keep ones attention span for too long... the idea of being forced to buy energy so quickly is rather off-putting and kills gaming excitement & experience to a large degree -leaves little room to truly fall for the game enough to invest monies in, instead of just waiting out till the next day for a refill (& play other games in interim)
Just another app to try and take advantage of your bank account. They only get 1 star because I do enjoy the various story lines. You get a whopping 300 energies a day + you spend at least 5min getting extra energy that can be up to 2-300 more. Want to know how much 5-600 energy lasts? About 3-5min. They give you scraps and then just try to sell you obscene package prices. RIP OFF! You could buy multiple romance novels for under what their top package price is. Vultures!!!!!!
I have played Sebastian, Drogo, Peter, and Nicolae. The stories are interesting and you learn a lot about the one you're supposed to be falling for. The energy thing can be inconvenient, as is having to pay for the pictures. They can look a little wierd due to feminizing the vampires. My issue is the female characters, who are ditzes, and the fact that your decisions don't actually change the story. It kinda makes them dull to play after a while because you're stuck on a set track.
Doesn't matter whatever choices you make, the story remains the same, the whole show off of the app allowing you to make choices is just a set-up n fake. Also, you have free energy daily just to read only 30 lines! + 20 lines if u play their stupid minigame. At that speed, it would take you ur whole life to complete the novel for free.
I cant even play it ;-; I have been sitting here for how many minutes and I gave up :v It always said "you have to be online" even though I already am. It wont let me continue even though I pressed it a couple of times and so I tried to link my fb account and It didn't even linked it.
The story is good and interesting but you only get 300 energy daily which isn't enough to even get through most conversations with another character. I almost forgot what was going on with the conversation i was reading by the time I got more energy the next day. I understand money needs to be made but the daily energy should be way more, or refillable after a couple hours. Unless you have alot of patience or want to spend $100s to get through the story than this probably isn't for you.
The storyline is fun and exciting. I just wish you didn't have to have energy points to play. I'm not gonna pay a dime to play nor do I care to play another game to earn energy points. Ain't nobody got time for that. Makes no sense to play another game your not interested in, inorder to get the energy points necessary to play the game you want to play.
The game is fantastic. However, you only get 300 energies a day. That's about 3 paragraphs of words. Definitely not enough to do much with. Altogether, I spent well over $400 USD (probably closer to $600, if I'm honest) on this game just to complete it. I believe the energies system may be faulty or put together primarily so they can make money off of their clients. Again, love the game, not the prices or the micro transactions they force to get you to play.
Beware - game is unstable with Android 11. I love this game but it's massively glitchy with Android 11. Tested on 2 different devices. Works fine with Android 10
Everything about this game is intriguing and I love playing it. The art is unique and I'm a sucker for any kind supernatural romance story! The big downside and I mean the absolute MOST annoying thing is the amount of energy given and how quickly it is used! I mean I haven't even finished the first chapter and I installed this app a WEEK ago! it is extremely frustrating because I want to get further in the story but it feels like its gonna take me a full year before I get anywhere.
I want to read the story! It's taken MONTHS just t get to chapter 5. Why do we have to wait a whole day to read one paragraph worth of writing? The story is addictive, and I want to know what's going to happen next, but seriously?! I have to keep waiting. I'm not paying for extra "energy" that's stupid.
The story is good and I like the graphics however I get to only play for about 5 minutes each day. I'm growing impatient and bored of it to be honest. There needs to be more energy earned per day, not just "300". Also maybe it would help it there were chapters. It just starts and stops in the middle of a story or action. This game is kind of a mess.
At first I was quite intrigued and interested by this game, but later grew a bit bored because of how quickly the energy runs out. Because of this, the story moves really slowly and it makes people lose interest in the game. However, the story so far seems good and the characters are neat, art style could probably be improved though. In some places it looks okay but then in other scenes it looks really rushed. Despite the cons though, it's a game with potential. I'll keep playing for now.
Great story line and art, not enough daily points... I get to read this for a whole 5 minutes a day! It's too short to even stay interested... it's just annoying. The story doesn't seem worth wasting money on at this rate! It also doesn't say how or where/when your points were used. Maybe a little gauge showing when they go bye bye would help.
Hardly playable, 10 energies are used each dialogue, not enough ways to get energies, a whole excuse to steal money from people just for energies, not even good deals either...πŸ‘Ώ
i like the story a lot so far, but the energy you get each day to use for it is a joke. you barely read anything, and the price of more energy is too high. i bought it once and it wasnt worth it. Also, its silly that you can't stack up energy each day you log in but dont read. it should still add 300 energies to your account, not just keep it at 300. and theres no way to get a hold of support for the app except doing this, so I took away two stars for now. I mean one page is a sentence!
This game probably has a good story. but the energy is wasted away too quickly - energy should be used up more slowly, and there should be other methods of getting energy rather than a mini game that gives you a maximum of 4 moves.. that's ridiculous. Going to have to uninstall this as it is not doing it for me :/ otherwise i think the story line was going to be a good one....
I really love the game so far, really I do! But, oh my goodness, I barely read a few lines and I have to wait the next day to continue the story. The mini game + ad gives a boost, but the energy consumption is bothersome. Hopefully they will have a change of heart and fix it ☺️
Every one of this is it love app (6 total) I have are acting wonky today... won't open or shuts immediately after opening. Yet no other reading apps 8 total are causing similar issues. Rebooted phone, check for possible issues outside the apps themselves but nope just these is it love ones causing problems 😟
they don't use the stupid diamond system which I enjoy, however they only give you enough energy to play for maybe 5 minutes a day. they give you a mini game to play to warm more energy, however you can only earn up to 100 which isn't much at all. I really love games like these, but it seems they're all just trying to rip you off. sad this one isn't any different.
It is a very good game and I love the storyline and all. But the only problem I have is that the secret scenes force you to pay money for it to be available. But all in all I like it. I just have one more favor Please get a season 3 out. I mean those who read the bad ending don't have to continue but like I want to see the final season of Sebastian with the MC in that strong bond and as a couple but not only that but the ending is open. So what about sebastian he is gone. Still love the game tho
love the game, it has a very good story line but honestly, waiting 3 months for a more of the story to be added is ridiculous especially since you only get the last bit of the chapter that you are in. You need to release alot more of the story at once if you want to keep peoples interest, and work on other seasons for the other games i.e. Drogo, peter, Adam, Colin, etc.....
This story is very addicting and I would give it a 5 stars but it take so long to gain more energy and if I try to save the energy, it would disappear the next day T_T. For example, if I save 300 today and added 300 the next day it will become 600 but this doesn't and it is very frustrating. Hope you will consider.
This game is designed only for you to spend money. 300 points to read are a trick. it's not 300 points. I begun an other story at the same time and with 300 points I'm at chapter 9 today. the story really advance and the secrete scenes do play depending on your choices. really, no matter your choices, you have a secret scene playable. if you want to know the story of ryan search on google "isitlove?" and you'll find all the stories or ask around you, one of your friends might have the books.
actually I enjoy reading this story, but it is very regrettable, there is one problem, before I spent a lot of money to buy energy to read this story in the first season, but when I wanted to re-read the story of the first season, I was not allowed to read it again and I have to buy energy again, it really doesn't make sense, I've bought and spent a lot of money and finally I can't reread the story of the first season, I'm really disappointed
Enjoy but expensive. Energy does not last long and you either have to, wait a very long time after you have used the maximum amount of free energy, or you have to buy more. And even the energy you buy does not go far. I am enjoying and have found myself hooked on this story line, but it is costing me a great deal of money to read it. I would rather pay one fee likeca book and read it all I want.
Sebastian's story route is the best one I have ever encountered in "is it love" after is it love Drogo.... this week the game told me that I could play for free without having to wait for the next day to get my 500 energy for 2 weeks. I wish it could the same with Matt...I Love this stuff...
Captured my interest right from the beginning. Wish I could sit and read this story instead of waiting for points to be added.🐞
No star at all i was trying to connect my Facebook account to the game after i have reached chapter 5 just for it to take me back to the beginning im really pissed i liked the game but I don't think I can play it again pls if you can take me back to my progress do so because im tempted to just uninstall
The game is very beautiful, interesting and has me waiting on edge for what will happen next. But more energy is needed. I get half way through a scene and I run out of energy, and because I can't justify spend my hard earned money on games. So I'm made to wait until the next day, which is more the a little frustrating. But still it's a really enjoyable gamd/ story.
A reaally good story but... The temple mentionate here is la isla de la luna which is...In Bolivia not in the amazoni forest.. Ka ata killa name in reallity was mama Quilla. And a fox fell in love with her not a human. the story have been changed and been all wrong all the time wich is really sad because the real story is sacred in Bolivia. Mama Quilla is a defender of women, oversaw marriage and menstruarion cycle. Why changing a real legend for something else ? Thats is kinda disrespectfull...
I highly recommend this I've been obsessed with this I've read five of this and this is my sixth please do install it and stay Safe also it quenches your boredom have a good day
This would be a good app but you only start with 300 energy and it doesn't regain overtime. You only get it once a day and then a little mini game like a 130 more but every line takes 10 energy even if it's a one word!!Also the app is full of ads. The only real plus of this game is the graphics are really good. I haven't gotten far in the story because it's way too annoying to only read 30 lines a day. Whatever you do I thought I'd paid for the secret scene but you don't get any picture.
Again with the having to pay for secret scenes. These games were originally developed with a 50/50 chance of either making the correct choices and getting the scene, or paying 2.99 if you did not make the correct choices. All of the characters secret scenes should have a 50/50 chance.
Overall the game is really good and I love the artwork, but every time it comes to the secret scene it won't let me purchase it. I've been able to purchase it in the past, however, now it says that there is a problem retrieving the information from the server. Also, there have been several occasions where I have bought energies and secret scenes and have been charged but did not recieve it.
Too expensive!! I honestly love the whole concept and the story is really interesting, but i cannot afford it. It's just ridiculous how fast you use up the daily energy. Yes i know that making "some purchases" enhances gameplay and bla bla but this is totally limiting you to five minutes of daily story and that's just not fair.
Frustrating - If you're prepared to wait considerable amounts of time to continue playing a game then it's fine. You don't get a lot of the story in a day (maybe like 6 slides) in an attempt to try and get you to buy things - which is rich considering the amount of ad review they're recieving from you having to watch videos. It's ok. I just wish they'd do something about the energy situation.
I love the story and the artwork is beautiful, but the energy system is awful. It's one reason why I stopped playing the Daryl story so long ago. A suggestion to hugely improve the experience, give a time limit instead of the energy system. Give the reader 30 minutes a day, with the option to watch an ad to get a few more minutes. It's a simple change, but a hugely beneficial one for both the game Creator and readers!
If we could get more energy by watching videos that would be excellent, other than that it's a terrific game. The story line is deffinately addictive, and sudective and intruiging that you really get hooked into it, i hope there'll be more seasons being made. I have never come across a game so addictive, you wont regret playing
It would be 5 star's except for the fact that you can't save the bonus points you get for signing in and playing the in game. It would be much better if we could accumulate the points so that you can save them up to let you read for longer. Because I can't save points it puts me off reading some really good stories.
I'm not complaining about the storyline, rather the fact that I can't even get on to the story. When it comes yup with the bubble when you first open the game asking you to accept, it doesn't go away after I tap accept. I've tried redownloading it and getting off the game and going back on, but it just won't let me on. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I recommend taking a look at that.
I would say that this game is good but the problem with it is there arent enough energy to play the game and this what sucks the most . For displaying each dialouge 10 energy gets used up which is not logical and at the end there are no energy left to continue the game . Also we get energy from minigame only once for the whole day and we again have to wait for the next day for the energy to get filled up which is really very bad.
Awesome story line and awesomely unique characters. Only problem is the energy is used up way to fast! You barely get through two clicks and You've ran out of energy! Even the wait times for energy to replenish is ridiculously long. If you gave us (the customer) a little more than a two click energy sapping story, I'm sure you would have far more happy customer s than you have. Fix that and you would have alot more 5stars also.
Good read! Main characters finally made a love connection.. Waited months to see them give in to temptation
I really like this game but i wish it had like a energy card that would provide you energy for a month or.a monthly subscription to provide energy to continue playing.
Enjoyable game....stinks having to wait so long for energy to refill.....BUT I find myself looking forward to seeing what comes next..... And really able to invest in the characters
Very engaging story. takes a lot of patience to read as you can hardy read 10 lines before coins are over.
Nicely-drawn, well-scripted, intriguing game. Characters & story are a bit clichΓ©d, but I wasn't expecting a masterpiece. I'm giving it such a low rating because of the energies system. You need energies to keep reading, and an insane amount! You can get up to 500 free every day, but those only amount to two minutes of gameplay at best! it doesn't help that the energies are damn expensive. So, if you don't want to spend a ton, you're forced to read just a couple lines x day. Poor game experience
This game is very interesting and it's addicting to read it's romance really captures the moments and the secret scene especially are romantic
It is too costly, where energy is concerned. 10 energy per line. Pfft. And where you left off is not where you start. You go back two or three lines. That's 30 energy. Your game isn't that good for some one to put up with that. Oh and what's with the shaking screen. Annoying!!!!
It is amazing it is just that the energy just takes a long time and it is frustrating. Other than the fact that the energy takes FOREVER, the game is spot on and perfect. I also wonder why it runs out of energy on the best parts but when you get all excited to see what happens next, it isn't what it seems. And why do you add an extra 0 to the end of every energy? It makes it kind of confusing.
It do's not work it looks cool dat if you make games it mast work if it do not works how mast I play dis game. If it work I woed of gave it vyf stars . So make games that works . Not like Sebastian. I did just wist my time on what. I no nating I goeb of play a nader game exsep this one It is joslis wie say in my houes My moter sayed I masend play this game never agen .And I will liestn to haer So do onrt make so stopet games
It's a great game and interesting but I can't get that far without running out of energy in seconds. Wish they let us get farther than 2 sentences in before saying that I need more energy. Running out of it kinda ruins the game especially since its so expensive. It'd be great if energy drained by the chapter instead...
Yes, the storyline and graphics are nice and all but as everyone says this energy system is very faulty. I liked all the other games from the same developer and was even willing to pay before. However the support of this game is not helpful at all. I requested assistance because I bought evergy pack recently and did not receive it yet. Long story short, they brushed off as it was my own misunderstanding stating that I had already used all the energy "as intended". So guys don't waste your money.
Good story but after the first day were you get a bonus its absolutely shity except if you are into patience this guys are moneylovers not game makers
Unable to click past main screen. Really bad bug. It appears on all of 1492 studio's games. Please fix!
I love these kind of games but recently it seem I'm having issue in progressing in the story. Like when u get to secert scene in the story when u have to pay for it but when i do hit play the secert scene and pay it, doesn't go away or move. It just stay there and nothing. I've paid for it four times for it already and the new content as well.I'm not trying again till this is fixed. I also play the other ones as well and does the same thing. Please fix this issue. I really want to continue.
**in response to developer reply- the secret scenes are free to enter- NOT free to play. If there is no energy to play, you no play.** Great game. BUT for a game that follows the same overall story as 3 others who share characters, the MCs backstory is different. And it's getting too costly to play. The more days I play, the shorter time allowed for the energy received. I'm playing mere seconds now when I played a few minutes at the start. I'm done spending money until this gets fixed.
The story is good and addicted. I understand you guys need monetization, I'm a game developer too. But the way you handle the energy stuff is too bad. It makes the game much more frustrating than enjoyable. Games need to be fun, otherwise they'ld be only generic apps. And spend a few minutes reading a visual novel and be interrupted like this is so awful, mainly because after some time reading, you end up spending all your energy in annoying parts, that don't matter to the story at all.
This game is great! I love the adventure and romance in it, but I absolutely HATE how the energy runs out so quickly. Why don't you try offers (not too challenging though) to earn free energy. Most games do that for gems, or coins. You should add that for all of the "Is It Love?" games to make it easier to get energy without spending so much money for energy just to play the game, others may like it too! πŸ˜„πŸ‘βœ¨
The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars, is because Im thinking of uninstalling it do to only being able to play the game for about 5-7mins a day without spending my own money. Don't get me wrong, the story is fun & it has the capability to suck you in, but I am getting mildly frustrated with only being given 300 points.. & I found out the hard way that you can't save up those points either... All in all, it's a good read but ultimately, you'll get frustrated at the lack of reading points
looove this game i completed season 1 along with 3 other games in fact in 2 of them i was at the tail end of season 2 soo 5 all together.i do loove 1492 studio games BUT when 1492 studio games had there updates last year or before last year A LOT of the games even tho i was in the middle of playing know only give me a now black screen aand i see this game had seaaon 2 out soo i downloaded it BUT would freeze on loading the developer really needs to get in and fix the ALL games
Love The Games. BUT... I love all the games, BUT I'm begging you, PLEASE bring back Drogo, Peter, Colin, and Adam! I've been waiting over a year for Drogo! It's getting absurd. You keep making new games, and just leave the others, the first ones unfinished! I guess the maker doesn't care about the feedback they get asking for these first games to be finished. Some people have spent a lot of money on these games, and it's passed the point of being impatient and annoyed, waiting. A year? Come on!!
Again with the having to pay for secret scenes. These games were originally developed with a 50/50 chance of either making the correct choices and getting the scene, or paying 2.99 if you did not make the correct choices. All of the characters secret scenes should have a 50/50 chance.....Update: it says I have access to the scene,but is still trying to make me pay for it?
Pretty good. The more mature of the series, I think. I still roll my eyes at some of the lines, but not as much as with the others. And I'm curious to see where it all leads, so it's working in that sense. I am however getting tired of the pop-up ads (and that for all the is it love series, not just this one...) that jump on the screen whevenever I try to do the mini game, for instance. At least make those worth 20 pts too.... Incidentally... The 20-point ads that we can trigger from the icon on the left of the screen haven't been working properly in the past few days. I tap the video icon and nothing happens. I don't have that problem with any of the others, just Sebastian. No amount of cache clearing or phone restarting has helped. :/ Are there no more advertisers?