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Is It Love? Ryan - Your virtual relationship

Is It Love? Ryan - Your virtual relationship for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 1492 Studio located at Parc de Bellegarde 1 Chemin de Borie 34170 Castelnau Le Lez. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Sex, Nudity) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a very intriguing game which has a good storyline. I find it very interesting and I'm very into the game and what the outcome will be based on your decisions. However, the reason why I gave this a 4 not a 5 was because when winning the energies, they run out to quickly as if you only get a taste. The recharge is the next day unless you wanna play the mini game or spend money. For me this is not a problem because I do not mind waiting for such a good game however it would be better if the energies didn't run out as much or the time period was shorter. That is my only nag, all in all this is a great game and I definitely think you should install.
I enjoy it but there are to little energy. 300 is not enough and I can't buy energy or instead of use 10 energy why not use 5 for each chat. Plus the extra stories should be free and the love sense to.
I'm not sure if anyone else is facing this issue but happens very often game didn't start I stuck on its home screen as click doesn't respond.
Could you please tell me wheather or not the mini game has been removed or if there's a problem in the game.i was reading chapter 5 in season 3 the story went blank & no mini game to earn points. This really sucks.
Been playing since the beginning and I just installed all the ones from before. Thankfully I had logged in on fb so I saved all my files. Even if its "annoying" to have only 500energies a day let me remind you before it used to be 300+100 and also its a FREE game. So don't complain if you don't have patience.
I love all of your games I hope that you read this. I haven't played all of them and I had to stop for awhile cause of life. But I never forgot about them(your games) my favorite guy so far that I have played is Matt all the way. I was wondering if you plan on making a Mark levils game or with the other male characters/side characters in the game. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. You have allot of potential I love and enjoy every minute of these games. Just wish had more energy.
Is very nice and great story. Very entertaining but only one little honest comment; considered little costly for the points. It consumed 10points per statement conversation. You probably get 130points for free per day or more. Sadly to say only 13sentences you can read up with this and you need to wait the next day for free points. Otherwise you would have to buy it. Other than this, is really fun to read! I love it and enjoy very much!
The story is pretty good. But the fact that you have to wait for 24 hours just to play it free is just ... whatever. I'll just uninstall the app. I already wasted money just for energies and I still wasn't able to finish even 2chapters. Way too expensive and the scenes took too much energy.
I went through the energy so fast I wish I had more and I watched ads to get them for free and now I have to wait for nine hours to watch more ads.
I enjoy playing this game, the storyline is great. Picture quality is well thought out, with attention to detail. No problems with loading when playing. Only negative is Energy doesn't last as long. Developers please consider energy to last a whole chapter to allow the player to be more involved in the game ;)
The story line is good but having to wait an entire day for points to continue is not worth it. Also even if you select the right choices and get the secret scene, you have to buy the app to play it which again is just mental. The developers really need to rethink how this game works.
honestly even though i've been enjoying the story, the energy system is UTTERLY rediculous. 10 points out of 300 for 1 dialogue? Even for a very short 3 words sentence? That's greedy. Why can't you just change the system to: 5 energy bars for a chapter? Look at typical japanese otome games for your reference like Ikemen Sengoku. There are 10 parts for a chapter, each part spends 1 energy. Each part can take you around 3 minutes to read. UNLIKE THIS ONE, NOT EVEN 2 MINS I'M ALREADY DONE.
Ok. Right then. I have a reason for knocking off stars. The energies. Why would you make it so that it costs more than one energy to show a slide? Why make it 300 when in reality its only less than 20? The text is really slow, but if you tap it so you can speed it up you end up missing something important. The main character is an idiot, she basically accepts - you could probably go as far as to say she condones - rape. Is this just me or......?
Rediculous how fast your energy goes. You can maybe have one conversion in 3 days in the game. You can buy energy but I wouldn't recommend that, as I did buy a ยฃ3.99 package. For it to last 10 minutes. And in that time I made a cup of tea and put tea on.
It's a great game, very steamy and hot, but the lack of energy is terrible. I would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for the energy problem. I understand that you are trying to make money, but many other people have left reviews about the same issue. Please fix this. Thanks.
I feel we should get more energies TBH. Always got me looking forward to the next energy refill. Besides the prices for the energies are ..... Coughs..... Expensive. And what's about the updates sef
Glitchy. Freezes often, requiring windows to be cleared and have to restart, especially after purchases. I paid for an extra scene, it froze up (but my money sure was deducted!) and it requests me to buy it again after I already purchased (and emailed the reciept).
Storyline is very interesting. Graphic is good too. Just that it is very hard to even finish one chapter because the energy runs out very fast. One day we are given 300 energy which is only a few paragraph. If you want to continue to read the story you need to buy energy which is very expensive.
Since I updated the game it asks me to connect to an Internet network, and I have already checked any problem detected and there is none. When I open the game it doesn't load me! Please contact the supervisors of this game for a solution. It also wouldn't let me go back to my game, luckily I got it back, but it still won't let me start playing, it keeps asking me to connect to a network when in fact my Internet is perfect and it is also linked without any problem to my Facebook account.
If I could give this 0 stars I would. This game uses energy and after less than 5 minutes of reading, the energy is all used up. That's frustrating. I can't even get into it. How did you think this was a good idea? I have to wait the next day to read, but what I'm given to read is so short, I still don't know whats happening. I don't recommend anyone to spend money on their apps. The energy you get won't last. You can barely finish a chapter with the pace this story and the others one are going
Before I would have given a 5 star but since the season 2 is "out" there's always something wrong with the game. Now even if I finished season one and I am at the point where they ask if I want to stay there or try the "Jake's ending" I can't play season 2 at all. Do something please!
The story line and everything is amazing. However, the energy is too less. It really pisses me off. Like 10 energies are used up for literal 2 lines. The game play ends up being only 2 to 3 mins. Pls, fix this. Add tickets for each chapter or pls decrease the waiting time for energies. Waiting till the next day is too much and so is the 9 hour waiting period for ads based energies.
I love this game and I'm super excited for Season 3, but what happened to the energy in the update? The free energy timer is frozen and it doesn't offer to double your rewards at the end of the minigame!
I have to rewrite my rating after reading season 3, because Ryan suddenly become stupid and out of character in this season. Amnesia is okay, happened and we can understand that, but what happen to rational, sharp and smart Ryan? As far as i remember, Ryan know how to observe and judge people, so how come when he had amnesia he suddenly become stupid and can't think rationaly? Its okay to not remember but to denied everything especially his son is totally unacceptable and so out of character.
Was very promising at first... Interesting story, choices that seemed to actually impact the story, good visuals. The problem is, you start with 300 energy for the story, and are supposed to earn another 300 every day so you can keep going. It doesn't work that way. Each new day you play you don't receive any energy, and have to watch ads for about 30 seconds of story. Fix that, and it would be about a 4 star game.
Love the story! Wish there was an actual novel, I'd read it over and over again! I really wish the story could continue beyond 2 seasons ๐Ÿ˜ญ
This game is so addicting. Although if you didnt have to pay for extra energy part is stupid....why should i spend my money on energy that runs out after 1/8 of a conversation? then i wait hours for enough energy to get to 1/4 of the conversation. The plot of the story is REALLY good they just need to fix the energy system.
I feel we should get more energies TBH. Always got me looking forward to the next energy refill. Besides the prices for the energies are expensive ๐Ÿ™‚
This game is so cheap on story read, you only get 450 energy, 150 of that is only after watching ads. My game reset without me choosing to restart the story, and now I have to waste another month just to get back to were I was. Yes if the game restarts even if you read through the story before you still only get the base 300 energy. What a ripp off. This games whole system needs to be redone.
Very annoying. Energy runs out very quickly yet it takes AGES to fill up. 300 energies per day is far too few and worse, we don't even know the energy level. I play for less than 5 mins and energy is gone... sometimes I don't even make any choices only read like 5 sentences. There should be other option to recharge energy such as watching video adds, downloading other games, etc and energy should only be used for making choices!!! We shouldn't have to use energy just to read dialogues... unless they don't fix this then this game is just a rip off.
Way to go for creeping me the heck out with charchters fromy real life. You have got to be kidding me. This just proves that god is real. Thats all i jave to say. Ive only beenbplaying a short while but legit creeped out.
I just installed this game and I'm about to uninstall it already. It keeps saying I need to be connected to the internet and I am! I saw another review saying to contact the support from the in app menu but I can't even select that cause it immediately makes me attempt to connect to the internet and won't load. My router has three different networks I can choose from and they all are working perfectly fine but the game still won't load. I've tried using data as well and it still won't work.
Great story if you could ever read it. The minuscule amount of energy you get each day makes it difficult to stay engaged. Even if you purchase energy, you can't go back and read anything you missed or get a summary of what you've already read without starting the whole chapter over and paying for it again.
This game had so much potential. Great storyline, amazing artwork. But sadly it got boring way too quickly due to one thing: energy. This is the only free otome game I've played where you literally read for maybe a minute (about 6 lines) then bam your energy is out. The price of energy is way too high too. It's absolutely absurd. And if you don't want to pay you literally lose interest because it takes so long to even get into the story since you can't go far each day. I was considering the other is it love games but not anymore. Sad that such talent is being wasted for money greed. I don't mind paying a little bit of money but I have my own bills to pay too. I can't waste it on a game that barely let's me get my money's worth out of it.
I love it but I think that you should make one about Mark cause he is in some of the stories so he deserves a story and also I have a crush on Ryan he's so sweet.
Up until the upgrade I have been playing with 700pa, now I barely have 400pa, all because there are no longer ads to watch
Played this everyday for about a year. Only got up to somewhere between chapter 4 and 6 without in-app purchases. I logged in almost everyday. I ended up just giving up on it. It's a real shame, I was enjoying the story, but it just wasn't worth waiting everyday for such a small amount of energy to use.
Ok so apparently the one line eats up 10 points of your energy , sadly though when i buy energy .. it seems that there's an issue , it eats up a load at a time like I'm 550 and then suddenly I'm 430 after just two lines !! Pls fix this
Love this game, BUT there is definately a problem with the extra event. I spent money to unlock it then when i unlocked it, it asked me to pay to unlock another secret scene. I payed then it told me Im out of points even though i still have over plenty of points plus the free points. I restarted the game. And it asked me to pay again???? Something tells me Im not going to see that money again. And yes i had the latest version installed when this happened so PLEASE FIX YOUR APP!!!
I love the story it just... Do we really have to wait a whole day to get 300 credit like could you make so we could get it again in like 3 hours or so. It's OK if this doesn't happen it was just a suggestion. I love this tho I'm starting to read Daryl and so far it so good
I would like to give it 5 star but the energy potion is too less and you just have to play for sec I wish I could play for half hour or 1 hours . I love everything about this game. It'll be will more enjoyable if you could make this game for half hour or 2 hours..
for me, it doesn't work, but i bet if i played it it would be average, after all everyone is commenting good bad or some what good posts, the app just doesn't open up for me, either it's my computer or this game, i mostly think it's my computer because its always soo laggy and glitchy. But, anyways i bet this game would of been decent if i played it, if u read this whole, have a great day!
I love it, everything is dazzling, I feel like I meet my soulmate โค๏ธ. But, could you make some other game like this, but as like Christian, and some gangs of atheist, so maybe it will be very glad, if that type of games exist. Fallen Road was also really good, but what if it comes to human love instead of angels and demons.
, I love the game play, it is so good and very clear that I just can continue watching it forever is just so cute, I love trying between the guy that she met in the elevator, his secret love scenes are so cheesy and funny, but they're also really good at the same time, I feel like this game is actually really better than love struck. and that's surprising to me, because love struck is a really good one of the highest rated who love sorry, you know, Pyandoms
It's not loading the game it keep saying it network must have internet connection. I connected to internet and it still wont load my internet is fine my sons game systems are connected and working fine. Im about to uninstall because its whack that I cant play
would give more but unfortunately the app decides to kick me out the minute i press start. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM (SAME FOR THE JAMES APP!!)
Honesty this game is enjoyable but the only thing which sucks is how little energy yiu get it berly lasts a long time and it takes a whole day to rechange. Whats nice is the the exclusive sences don't cost anything it just igf yiu choose to see an exclusive secen it will take up your energy fast but u can play min games to win some energy but still i wish the energy would be more
I really don't like the 3rd season,it's very disappointing, after reading the first two seasons I expected a better ending
Im currently playing the game, I love the story so far but I wish it would give you more energy than 300 per day. It doesn't last that long.
Great game but cheat you out of energy if you don't use it. I tried an experiment I saved my 300 energy to try and add them up so I could read more of the story and the next day when I went back i won the 300 energy but instead of having 600 energy I only had 300. So while the story is great and I'm greatful even good choices are free i don't appreciate the non option, other than purchasing energy. To be able to read the story longer.
The story is good and I like the graphics however I get to only play for about 5 minutes each day. I'm growing impatient and bored of it to be honest. There needs to be more energy earned per day, not just "300". Also maybe it would help it there were chapters. It just starts and stops in the middle of a story or action. This game is kind of a mess.
I am at the point in the game were Ryan has a speed boat accident. I'm about ready to delete this game. Somebody please tell me this gets better? Update: I didn't want to put spoiler in my review, but since your snarky reply, here I go. I absolutely HATE that Ryan has amnesia.
The game is cool the graphics are beautiful and the characters are unique in a way but it has well written S2 Marks update is epic and pls pls do make a story on him next. We want a route on him pls pls pls pls
Great game. Just wish it was easier to obtain more points (technical names escapes me atm) to play with. Majority of the people can't really afford to spend their earnings on getting play points so they can continue the story. I always have to wait EVERY day to play the next part and it's not EVER enough points to play with! So utterly frustrating and annoying.
I really enjoyed this game! It's a fun and addictive game that almost anyone can enjoy. I'm glad you dont have to pay too much. other games such as Choices or Episodes requires you to buy coins in order to unlock options. I personally don't like that, cause you have to waste so much money. I love the minigame. It's really fun. Thank you for this amazing game!!!!
This game is amazing, this is my fourth time installing it,but the energies fry like no bodies business....but am glad that l got to play this game,l give it three stars but damn the energies I just need them to not end too soon if it is possible
I like the story, and art work and it's game play is easy like other vertual novels. I just wish I was had more options to collect energy other than paying out of pocket. I can only play for a short period of time before it runs out. But I get it. Developers gotta make money to live on and keep making free games. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿป No biggie. There is my two cents. ๐Ÿ˜… lol
I love this game and I'm last to chapters away from season two finale but ever since i redownloaded it in my new phone, i can't connect to my Facebook account no matter what...it just takes me back to the start..Aaggghhh!
This game is exciting, and yet so romantic! I love the way Ryan takes care of his gf and especially after moving in together!๐Ÿ’– just wish it never taken so much energy to play the game.๐Ÿ˜’ but it's all good!!๐Ÿ˜‰
Nicely-drawn, well-scripted, intriguing game. Characters & story are a bit clichรฉd, but I wasn't expecting a masterpiece. I'm giving it such a low rating because of the energies system. You need energies to keep reading, and an insane amount! You can get up to 500 free every day, but those only amount to two minutes of gameplay at best! it doesn't help that the energies are damn expensive. So, if you don't want to spend a ton, you're forced to read just a couple lines x day. Poor game experience
The story line is nice and everything but the energy is really pissing me off I think it is really stupid. the six hundred energy didn't even last for five minutes like every two lines and then here it is popping up saying that i have to wait till the next day to get a free refill and it leaves me hooked! It is just my opinion but i would be happy if you replaced the energy thing into tickets for each chapter like every interactive story app or game
I love the game but the down side is the energy consumption which takes 10 per dialogue and then the refill of the energy takes 24 hours so I had to wait for another day? As well as gaining free energy. It's not fair enough you get to play a minigame that is once per day for 100. I wish I could at least earn a lot of energy for a day to continue. Too many negatives but damn I love the story line. Please do something about what I complain here.
I like this game. It's too interesting story. Worth playing. I would mostly recommend it for singles, it makes you feel like you are not single and have some who really want to take care of you. I really love this game. It's very awesome. I can feel the slow step by step love story. So what if you run out of energy? It doesn't actually waste time like other addictive games. Don't forget to play everyday. My suggestion is that can you get us, Is-it Love? Mark (from carter corp). He's sweet (โ‰งโ–ฝโ‰ฆ)
I really don't want to complain about the amount of energy, I'm happy enough that I don't have to use diamonds or anything for secrete scenes; however it would be nice if we could earn a bit more from the minigames. Also the graphics are great, the writing is lovely and the layout is unique.
Am giving it just a star cos of the energy potion and problems with the new update. Yes ,provided energy potion is very very less and have to wait for a whole day to refill it otherwise its a 5 starred . But after updating am not being able to watch videos which we usually get to watch after playing the mini game plus extra vidoes are also not available to earn few refills. Updates sucks..!
I I'm Obviously Obsessed With Ryan And Isitlove? It's not joke this game has An amazing story once the Mc starts dating ryan and the Fandon Is just everything!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– There are so many isitlove Instagram Pages and Theres the Best, I Even Have One๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’
I love this game but just got the new update but it won't let me in it does not sy tap o start there in nohig and i cant play what's going on
As much as I love the stories and romance and whatever, it doesnt make up for the fact that you, not only use energy for EVERY bit of dialogue, but its 10 energy you use. So when you recharge 300 you're really just recharging 30 lines of FILLER dialogue. talking about how "he's as handsome as the ocean", and how "his breath glistens in the light." But! To make up for it, you can watch an ad to give them money, and get a whole 2 LINES of dialogue. Or play a mini game and get up to 10 lines! Yay!
Have to uninstall. Been hacking at this every day for 2 weeks and I'm not even done with chapter one. The dialogue is a handful or words or less per click and you only get 300 energies a day which amounts to about 5 minutes of play. At this point... I dont care what happens to the character. I'm not spending the next 6 months trying to finish this ONE story. Uninstalling asap
I didn't install it because I can't install it this is driving me crazy I have strong signal so I connected to the wifi to see if it will install and It can't I have so many storage so "PLEASE FIX YOUR APP"
I like the app, but waiting for energy and then getting to read only several lines I am still on chapter 1. I would buy energy if it would help get me somewhere, but the energy just goes to fast, and I can not get into the story. Sorry but if this does not improve I will just read my other book apps that have better incentives.
Ryan's course is by far the most nerve racking for me, i could never actually talk to a journalist. It's exciting to have to really think about the options you get to choose from, even if it does't turn out the way you expected. Character development like Mark's is fun too. His new style fits alot better than his old style. I know that theres already six characters that you've done for this universe, and it may just be me, but a Mark route would be fun too after you guys finish the other games.
Since it updated it got problem with internet connection but I check our internet everything is fine. Please fix it since it updated already
Is it bad that i fell in love with his sister instead๐Ÿ˜‚. But no lie this is by far my fav character of yours and i look forward to playing all the way till the end
I had problems with my tablet and had to restore to factory. Reloaded this game and the beginning elevator scene has been changed. Been starting over and over and over changing my choices and cannot recover the way it happened. Did you change the story????
I appreciate all your hard work that u do &, I want u to know that if I put these types of ๐ŸŽฎ pc desk &, I don't like trying to devices that be so ๐Ÿ˜Ž.... Plus I'd recommend these types of ๐ŸŽฎ to my family &, friends, have u keep up with maybe adding Mark as one of the ๐ŸŽฎ lover character &, also maybe u can add vampires &, werewolves to to these types of ๐ŸŽฎ because that would be ๐Ÿ˜Ž to...... ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ’•โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹
Honestly Energy is very little & ya will have to find ways to get a Bit more BUT the Story is AMAZING Honestly Ryan's story is the BEST one from the rest They're all really Good too but My Favorite is Ryan's route I'm still WAITING FOR A MARK LEVIEL's Story like The man Is hot and adorable in every Story Involving Carter Corp, Please Realease Mark's story!!! EDIT: there isn't a vid for extra points after playing the minigame * trouble with reg extra energy videos.
actually I enjoy reading this story, but it is very regrettable, there is one problem, before I spent a lot of money to buy energy to read this story in the first season, but when I wanted to re-read the story of the first season, I was not allowed to read it again and I have to buy energy again, it really doesn't make sense, I've bought and spent a lot of money and finally I can't reread the story of the first season, I'm really disappointed