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Is It Love? Matt - Bad Boy

Is It Love? Matt - Bad Boy for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 1492 Studio located at Parc de Bellegarde 1 Chemin de Borie 34170 Castelnau Le Lez. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Sex, Nudity) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's amazing, I completely fell in love with it 😍, I loved the music, the character design and the intensity of the scenes 😏, as for the story I think it's absolutely addictive, although some scenes are a bit preddictable (for example I guessed why matt doesn't want to take the MC on his bike, and about the MC's rival identity on season 2), it's still very enjoyable to read ☺.I've been playing it for more than a year now, I've cried, loved and hated, and when it ends I'll go for his brother😏
Well I think it's a good game ... the only main issue I have is that the energy depletes so fast ... you cant really get too far without being interrupted every 5 minutes or so saying you dont have enough energy to continue. I figured out tho that I can just ignore that window and continue for a bit longer ... but still ... idk if it's a glitch but maybe you guys should fix that issue. It is honestly ridiculous how fast the energy depletes. But other than that i loved it. I just wish there would be a route for Daryl. ^^
I'm actually playing this game, it's great, the only thing that sucks is you run out of energy so fast. Everytime you proceed the dialogue, it costs 10 energy. You can watch videos (20-30 energy a piece) but to can only watch it every 5 hrs. They give you 300 energy for free every 24 hrs, but as I said, it goes quick. You can buy energy of course, but a decent amount costs $45, that'll let you go a few hours straight with the game. Like I said, great game, just hate the energy bit.
I really like it but i would die waiting for another day to gain my energy and spend it for 5 - 10 minutes reading just part of the ep. For short, the energy decrease soooo fast. But everything except for the energy thing is great.
I don't like that the amount of energy decreases so fast if you want money you should put a price on SOME of your best games, thank you thats all from me and keep up the good work.βœŒπŸ˜„πŸ˜
The story itself isn't too bad. Super cheesy and DESPERATE VIBES EVERYWHERE. The major issue here is the fact that you are only given 300 energy which lasts a couple of dialogues before you're out for a whole day and are put up to buy energy. The prices for the energy suck. As energy goes quickly, you'll be spending more than necessary. I get they have to make money but you already have ads and for watching a video only gives you 30 energy.
This is very sweet. The MC is not cheesy as I've played in many other otome games. The visuals were not bad. The scenes were also cool. As for the points(300+ per day), I saw everyone complaining about it but I am okay with it. The point system was a bit unfair since the stiry was long and you have to wait a great amount of time just for a little scene but for me it was worth it. I haven't came across such a good game in years, so it was just a blessing that I came across such a good game. Thank you for making this awesome game.
It's nice, the only problem is the energy you have to wait for too long in order for it to refill again
I just think that the energy we're given daily isn't enough to satisfy us seeing that I have to wait a whole day just to get a bit of reading the story. At this point I've only had it for about three days and I really can't handle how bored I am of waiting just to read a few lines. If you could maybe give us more energy daily just to get through at least half a chapter,that would great.Im going to uninstall this app since I doubt the developers would even read this and change anything. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Great story if you could ever read it. The minuscule amount of energy you get each day makes it difficult to stay engaged. Even if you purchase energy, you can't go back and read anything you missed or get a summary of what you've already read without starting the whole chapter over and paying for it again.
I love the plot and art, but there just isn't enough energy. Even when you buy it is doesn't last long enough for the money you're spending. Also what happened to the mini game? It was on there last time I checked but now its gone?
I'm really into the plot. I would have rated it 5* stars but I'm curious to death about what will happen while having no energy left =]]]] so I gave it just 4*. Shame on me!!! The graphic is okay, some secret scenes are hoy af =]]]] The gameplay is friendly and easy to get used to. There's no postpone while playing game so I would rate 5* for game control. If you're feeling alone, this is the game for you. If you're not, why not giving it a try ??
I love All of 1492 studios games I really do but the Only problem I have is the energy, it's kind of ridiculous. I think if not completely deleting that from the game you could at least give us more energy per day, y'know? Or add more mini games even... Energy aside everything about these games are amazing and Very well done. ❀❀❀
its a great addicting game, but i wish there was a way to get more free energy. If you login every so often you only get 300 which doesnt last long and it doesnt let you save free energy to be used all at once. These are the best stories ive read so far but i wish it wouldnt take so much energy to read a chapter.
Dont bother with this unless you're willing to either play only 3 minutes a day, or spend money. You need "energy" to get through th story. You get up to 450 a day free. That equals less than 5 minutes of game play, and thats including the video & game you have to go through to get energy
If you got more energy per day, and it didnt use so much energy then it would be a much better game. For example, i log in and i collect my 300 energy and i can only go 3 or 4 lines through the story. That sucks... if the energy enhancement was better placed it would get 5 stars
This is the first interactive story game that I've played that doesn't use passes and gems. Instead you have energy. You use ten energy to tap once though, and you can only get a max energy of 430 without in-app purchases everyday. The storyline is unique and there are no premium choices either. I really love this series, despite the sight grammar mistakes, but it's understandable since it wasn't originally English. Is-It Love? Matt is overall a very funny yet sentimental game. Very recommended.
The characters are interesting & I enjoy the choices for the main character but there definitely is not enough energy. At least allow us to do more things (like watch ads) to increase energy, please !
dont get me wrong i LOVE the game, but the only thing that is bugging me is the energy it pisses me off cuz i need to wait a whole day to continue i mean there are yt ads but its not enough i was hoping if u could at least give 1000 energy a day and maybe at least 10 above yt ads?
Overall good game but these people are cheats. I've watched ads and play the mini game multiple times to accumulate energy(up to 510) but when it gives you the daily 300, it resets mine so that all the extra energy I saved was was lost. This goes for all the other Is It Love apps. You make it tedious to get energy and then take it away after it piles up? Quite upsetting since these are otherwise really good games. It also occasionally asks me if I want to watch an ad for energy and the ad plays but no energy follows, which is rubbish as well. Game devs, you need to sort this.
I loved the game so much that I ended up downloading all of the others and now I'm completely addicted😊 I hope that they keep making more. I don't give reviews on a lot of games but these are amazing. This is a edit- I haven't played in awhile and I updated it and I noticed the mini game to get more energy is gone, I actually liked that. Now I gotta wait a whole day and watch 1 ad, I wish there was another way to get energy without having to buy, no offense but I just don't have the funds.
I want to get into this game but they just want your money. This "energy" you get free for each day takes up a lot to progress through the chapter is very frustrating. That is where the app wants you to spend money, so you dont have to wait each day for the free energy (or play 1 mini game) that barely goes any further into ONE chapter! Please do something about the energy problem where you can watch videos at least three times a day for more energy, or maybe let us go through 1 chapter a day
I'm enjoying the game. Everything is perfect story plot, characters, graphics. But there's not enough energy, pls provide more energy. Or something like watch more add to get free energy. Watching add option is not very enough. We really want to play this game, I really love playing.
This game gives so many problems I downloaded the game nd when I wanted to open it, it wouldn't open I sat here waiting for 3 hours for it to open nd it still refused to open. I'm getting tired of ur guys games not working properly like they say it does. I'm sorry that I gave one star but I couldn't bring myself to put five stars there.
I love choose-your-story media. Is It Love series is my first try at romance games. The artwork is nice. The stories and quality could use work. Plenty of grammar errors, which is to be expected. I don't relate to my character at times, making the reactions and romance feel forced. My biggest issue is inaccurate paraphrasing; choosing a dialogue option only to say something completely unintended.
Interesting story but energy drains to quickly. You can get more energy from adds but only few adds and that energy only last a minute as well.
I love the story but i hate the fact that itz very pricey, i can only read for like 3 minutes before running ojt of energy and i dont mind spending abit of money on a game but this is a fortune ti spend, i spend 9 euro today and i only got to read for 10 to 15 min and didng even finish a chapter. It is too expensive. 10 euro should be the price of the whole damn story if not less.... Uninstalled and not gonna waste money on it. Especially if youd like to read the other stories too, so pricey..
Game is good but one problem energy is not enough to continue the story πŸ’”πŸ’”β˜ΉοΈβ˜ΉοΈ please make the energy alot like 1000 a day please 😭
really addicted with this game !! although i have to wait for a whole day, but it's worth it <3. good plot ever :)
The energy system is appalling. You only get to read a tiny amount of dialogue every day and have to pay extortionate amounts of money to be able to read a little more. Sometimes one sentence you're able to read will be as little as "..."! And you're not even allowed to save up unused energy to read more the next day! Dreadful. Don't download!!
Well.. I like this game a LOT. Especially when this Matt parts is does have a connection with the Gabriel one. Idk if there's other connection but damn. When I first saw Matt at Gabriel stories my heart beating so fast likeβ€” this man are hella fineβ€”. Anyway, I love this game. The story line was very good. I don't mind waiting for 24 hours for the energy. Cuz it's worth it. I'm not the type of gamers who buy things. So yeah, but this is.. damn.. keep it up!
Great story. My only complaint is that you are given a certain amount of energies to play and each dialogue piece costs ten. They waste pretty quick and are only replenished after 24 hours of playing. EDIT: I created a Facebook account JUST so I can continue playing when I got a new phone but when I connected the game my progress was lost. Fix this!!
Theres too little energy that replenishes over a way too long period of time, plus that 'energy' is unpredictabe and doesnt even translate to clicks. I had 300 energy and got 8 clicks, then another time I got 4 clicks from 100 energy. The plot is intruiging an the interface is decent, but the energy is only for people with money. It would be perfect if the energy was related to clicks better and a generated faster. The energy problem is the same with this game and their other games too.
I don't like the new update. I won the exclusive stories but when I am trying to get into it it's asking for payment and I had to choose the normal story. It gross. I want this to be fixed. They are telling me that I can read the exclusive side without really letting me read it.
Seemed fun, but my energy ran out so quickly. If the energy lasted longer, I'd be more keen to keep it installed, but I wasn't even able to get invested in the story with the 900 starting energy given. I will be uninstalling immediately. If energy went farther, I'd be more likely to purchase some, but it's just a waste of money for how quickly the energy gets used up. Good luck with your game.
I love the game the reason I gave it one star because I hate the energy you could just remove it πŸ˜” I add something to my feedback I really love the game but I hate the energy I only have to play for a minute πŸ˜žπŸ˜žπŸ’“
I love it, the only thing I dislike about this app is that you need points in order to read on. I would like to read freely without having to pay or wait an entire day until I can read again. And once you do get more points you can only read/play for a small time. Besides that it is a really nice game.
I haven't read this in a while. I read this one and Drogo but got sick of putting money into it. I'm a speed reader so it takes me a minute or 2 to get thru the free points they giive you a day. It's not enough to even entice someone to buy only make someone mad enough to Uninstall after they get sick of spending. They plots are written well enough to where they can give more and then people would spend
I downloaded drogo and Matt there both OK but I have a suggestion can you please put my favorite kids show miraculous ladybug and turn it to a is it love? game it's exactly the same as is it love? games.A girl named Marinette is in love with a boy Adrien the girl also has a Best friend and there is also a bully a girl named Chloe exactly like in Carter Corp and Mystery Spell so please do that I will always hate this and give it a one star if you don't do it
The story is great ,however, even though the answers are correct ,still can't access the images for free the payment keeps popping up anyway I like it
I like the game, and that, but today I want to see some advertisements, so I can have more energy, but the button to see the advertisements its broken (it doesn't appears)
This story is very well written! I read a lot & I'm always excited when I read something that makes me feel genuine sadness or happiness for the characters... However this story is different in the sense that as much as I love the main characters ... I find myself actually PO'd/frustrated towards a certain antagonist that it takes me a few min after reading to stop silently fuming (Normally ZEN AF) LOL
Only issue is you need energy to read the story and it drains really fast n stops you from reading it unless you spend a lot of real money on it, which personally I find very off putting.. Get rid of that and your readers will stay interested. The story so far is quite good but it's a massive pain to wait hours to carry on reading a few scenes.
All amazing, but of course ...One thing...Energy....Like for real. Wish they can add energy just a little bit more..Can't they just add maybe 600 energy a day?? Or put 300 twice a day..That will be really nice. Its almost impossible to finish it without spending lots of money on the app. Its ridiculous.
The damn game doesn't even work on my phone, I keep tapping buh nothing happens so can u ppl fix the game or re update it AGAIN πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜ͺ
I like to give it more than 5 stars with this game I have also downloaded drogo, blue swan, colin .1 day it asked 2 update after that I cant open any is ot love games .now I cant download any is it love games it just got stuck or shows the black screen. I loved this game so much just going to finish this but it got stuck. I have been plying this game more than 1 and half year now I just cant leave like this .please do something!!!!
This is redicolous because the energy i got 300 energys and may be 5 or 6 or 7 chats and thens it's finished plz enprove your energys i like this game ENERGY IS NEEDED
Love the story but can't get enough points each day with so little to read each day tends to make it interesting and boring at same time.
I used to enjoy these stories, but now I can download them, but I am not able to open them nor can I log in to pick up where I left off! I can't even start over! And trying to use " IN GAME SUPPORT" is a HUGE waste of time because it keeps saying that there is an error and to try again later. What a waste of time, effort, AND money!
I really love this game. But its really annoying when im out of energy at the middle of the it . Cant you just please increas the energy of each day?
It's very complicated to play the game only with 300 points per day. Only can play for 2-3mins. It's very difficult to read full story. Maybe I've to take whole life time to complete the story. At least give 5000 points to play the story. Plz...
I extremely love it but the only problem is the energy we get everyday goes FAST LIKE REALLY FAST and you have to watch a LONG ads just to get 20 Energy and you can ONLY rewatch another ads when 6 HOURS HAS PASS. And why for every sentence you tap 10 energy is used WHY NOT 5 ENERGY OR 2 ENERGY I DON'T KNOW MAYBE LESS THAN 10 ENERGY??!!!
This game is really nice but the energy you need too get is not that nice soo thats why im giving it 4stars only
I really love this game but the free energies are not enough. It'll be better if you let us have more energies everyday.
Ok, so here's the thing. I'd start with stuff like you guys are amazing blah blah, how the storylines are addicting yadda yadda, but I won't. I mean, 300 energies is a joke man. Any idea how pissed I get when that stupid sign pops along saying that I don't have any energy left? It's frustrating. Give us more energy or make the 300 energies last longer. You're a pretty active game studio, so why don't you just get on with it already since this is obviously one of the major negative feedbacks you're receiving in almost every comment. -.-
I just want to know what happened to the mini game that was there after we finished up with the 500 energies that it claims that we have , then like we would go to the main menu to look at ads. Aftawards I would go to where it says " more energy " I think that's what it said and I would have this mini game with cards and stuff. Did that change?! Or is it because of the season?! ( Meaning like season 1 or 2 )
I really love the way how it goes, but the energy is still the problem, however it would be great if you could add some other games such as an alien and human falling in love,like Doctor Who. Or maybe after watching Doctor Who, you could get a great inspiration again I guess, Claire Zamora.
Its fun but you have to wait for another day to find out what happened and it gets me curious all day long but the game is super cool😁
I love this story!! It's so real and I can't tell u how many times I cried!! I HATE but love the story line!! I freak out every time Matt and "you" argue or whatever! This story makes me feel there in the game! I haven't read season 2 but I'm really excited to!! I LOVE Matt!!!! I wish there was a guy kinda like him in my life! Great storyline, love the characters, love everything! like all the others it's kinda nice to wait for the energy, it makes u think of all the possibilities! ❀️ this story!
I love it, but the problem is the energy... The energy runs out so fast because every chat costs 10⚑ and you only have one minigame entry per day. You also only have one free energy potion in the beginning so it's a real bum ;( It'll be more enjoyable if the readers read the story longer... My actual vote is: 4.5 ⭐ but there's no such thing... If the energy lasts longer and costs lower, then I guarantee that this game will have more good views.
It's boring to wait for the energy everyday and only give you '300' which is only for 30 dialogues. Can you add some ways on getting energy? This will really take a while to finish this and not all people are willing to wait. The plot is good tho.
Ok game overall, but it takes forever to make it through the story. The energy runs out way too fast, especially when you have to spend 10 energy per line and sometimes that's only one word or just dots.....very annoying and frustrating. The energy you get from the minigame and watching a couple videos is a joke. The wait time for more energy is too long and makes me lose interest in the game. More energy faster and using less energy for each line would be great.
the energy amount is miniscule. it's so hard to get into the story when you have to wait 24 hours before continuing. the story line could be interesting but the lack of lines you get from the 300 energy is pitiful. like I got this app a month ago and I'm barely into season 2 because I have to wait 24 hours to play again.
I love this game and the story line. The only complaint I have is that the energy does not roll over from day to day once the time is up for that day you have lost whatever energy you had left over and have to start fresh with the energy the next day. I think it'd be great for you to let it roll over. Thanks!!