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Is It Love? Gabriel - Virtual relationship game

Is It Love? Gabriel - Virtual relationship game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by 1492 Studio located at Parc de Bellegarde 1 Chemin de Borie 34170 Castelnau Le Lez. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Sex, Nudity) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Honestly when I downloaded it it just kept skipping to different parts of the story and it got really confusing. And by the way I think you guys should make a game about Mark , Lisa and Cassidy so we can get to know them a bit better.
It's a great game, but the second time I try to watch an ad to get extra potions, the app doesn't bring an ad in, also 300 potions honestly isn't enough, we don't even get to make an option within those 300 potions, 300 potions isn't enough
Um, It's needs a little more change. I mean it's great and all but it's not perfect. You should add some more updates. Like fixing the game? I don't love it or hate it. I think it's okay.
Love the game. No glitches and I dont really bother abt the energy cause we get free energy everyday.
I have all but the new hospital "Is it Love?" games and I love the stories BUT I ended up deleting this app due to the wait for the second part to come out as it was just taking up space at that point. I redownload it MONTHS LATER to try finishing it thinking by now something would've come up but nada. I also wish that all apps in this series had more energy options or gave you more energy for signing in but oh well.
it's really unfair.. can you guys just... SLOW the energy.. i'm getting frusturated, and i'm not that paitent i mean just like 6 minutes or less, boom! loss all the energy again and wait for many hours again its like the same thing over and over again..
Game o.k. , Storyline o.k. But sometimes 3-5 clicks for 130 energy=rediculous or 3 clicks for 3 times miau + 3 or 4 more clicks to feed and pet the cat!!!! Honestly? And this is like that in all games.(Dog,Bird or what ever animal is in it) Don't expect me to pay 1cent for this. In this game the meaning of "you get what you pay for " is definitely wrong.
I am so obsessed with this game. I didnt realised I have ended up paying so much for gettng energies. I m totally in love with this game the only error i see is we get very less free energy atleast it should be 1000 so that we can enjoy more.
Seriously 50$ for energy 🙄 not even the whole story to read or reread. You all know how to give plenty of energy in beginning to you hooked then like two minutes of ten sentences of everyday😤 Well i tole my whole Family an Friends to stay away ripe of cant remember the story next day😤 I buy my kids PS4 games for 60$ or my Hakouki for 65$ for the whole game😤 Hey isnt that good for over 100$ good luck? Will raise when it becomes affordable and longer sentences a day👎
There was absolutely nothing attractive or interesting about the love interest. And the main character was so bland that you could replace her with a rice cake and no one would notice.
Its a beautiful story, and Gabriel looks really good, but we often dont have enough energy to continue with spicy scenes.
I didn't mind this game but the adds which I saw in order to get free energy made picture files on my phone. I checked and is exact adverts advertised,,, ontop of that has made my camera malfunction files wise. This saddens me tbh ,, I was even going to buy energy... Not anymore....
This game was ok but the thing that I really hated about it is you had to wait the next day just to continue playing witch I think is not right this game is a waist of time..
I love this game, a little surprised by Gabriel and his father..... I love Mark hidden stories.... I really want Mark story💟
Love it then I hate. I created a FB account just to save game progress cause I was going to reset my phone, reinstall back the app and boom back from the beginning. Glad I didn't spend any money.
This game is designed only for you to spend money. 300 points to read are a trick. it's not 300 points. I begun an other story at the same time and with 300 points I'm at chapter 9 today. the story really advance and the secrete scenes do play depending on your choices. really, no matter your choices, you have a secret scene playable. if you want to know the story of ryan search on google "isitlove?" and you'll find all the stories or ask around you, one of your friends might have the books.
This game is a good game and it jumps right to the point immediately is very lovely game it gives you a lot description and when it gets a scription understand the story more and it is so good good good good good good great great great great djfbfifbfjfnffnfjfifbeudisnndsobwxodbdkdbsjxsjhshdudbeiddbbdisjdbsibsbedjdjbszisnbeidsjbeidjdbdidjdbdidndbdieisjdnbdbf
Got this one issue with Gabriel's game only. It keeps loading forever and never launches. Usually it's fixed when I uninstall and reinstall it but now it's no longer working. And like everyone else THE ⚡ I could go on without the secret scenes but you guys seriously need to consider doing smtg about the energy. That's e everyone's problem.
As for complaints I've been seeing about having to pay to see secret scenes..WRONG. You have to make the right choices to see the CG's, if you didn't you can purchase them, back up a chapter, or reread the whole story and try again. I've been playing all but one in the Is It Love series, they're Fantastic, and purchases ( for extra story or CG's ) are optional. Issues after update have been fixed.
Overall it is a good story but the the energy makes it hard to play and enjoy the story. Other than that the story is amazing.
I'm glad I'm not the only one having so many problems. I actually paid for a secret scene, finally got through it with lots of issues, then it didn't give me the picture in my album. I was talking with CS for awhile but they ended up saying "we'll tell the developers" and that was it. I heard nothing more from them and they haven't updated anything. I would also think, being the very first one, it would have gotten ans3cond chapter before the others.
not bad. more energy points per day and plenty of chances to refill once they are depleted would be more encouraging
No energy! or at least replenish the energy every hour or two it's quite frustrating, please fix that for all of the games. But you guys make pretty good story's though keep up the good work
I had fun playing the game but I wish there was more to the store then just 11 chapters and I'm hoping you guys came with a other store for him and l would like to see one with Jake
It take forever to finish the story so little each day to read .. purchase are so costly.. can't collect more in a day.. patience level needs to be high enough to collect each extra points with vedios to know the story for one day. I uninstalled few times coz it tends to get interesting and boring with waiting.
not one of my favorites but i really like the Carter Corp series. again, very expensive for energy. a higher rating would come with cheaper energy costs and possibly a better storyline in session 2. Gabriel is a bit of a Jerk.
The stories are great but can u just dont put engery cause i tired waiting until tom.cause it said i have to wait until tom. so it can be full energy so i waited an till tom. and then i woke up and i opened this app and it said i have to buy or play mini games so i just played mini games just to win the energy so i winned i got 20 engery and they added more energy for me 50 engery and then i started reading and it said u got to buy more energy to read more i the 20 and 50 energy is already gone
Really liked to have given this the 5 stars, but there is never enough energy to read a full chapter.
I love choose-your-story media. Is It Love series is my first try at romance games. The artwork is nice. The stories and quality could use work. Plenty of grammar errors, which is to be expected. I don't relate to my character at times, making the reactions and romance feel forced. Of all the Carter Corp stories, I like Gabriel the least.
I have pretty much all of these stories and today I noticed that my energy is running out too quickly in all of them. I checked after every click and sometimes it took ten, sometimes 20 and sometimes more when reading. I'm highly disappointed in this and won't be purchasing anymore energy for any of the stories. I hope this gets fixed quickly because I am quite interested in the stories themselves. Please, someone look into this issue.
Energy was dreadful! I hate having to wait like that! AND Secret sense 2 dollors after the first one?!? I am 13, I have NO MONEY! Solve this prolem please! I love the story line and art, everything else is amazing!!!
So I played this game many years ago, and I'd like to play it again. But it's not letting me play from the beginning, even if I select chapter 1 it still brings me to chapter 2. I don't remember what happens or my choices I made in the last one and would like to play it over. How can I delete my progress so I can start over
Worst story from this author in my opinion, but either way good luck ever reading it. The minuscule amount of energy you get each day makes it difficult to stay engaged. Even if you purchase energy, you can't go back and read anything you missed or get a summary of what you've already read without starting the whole chapter over and paying for it again.
I don't know why but the game is recently not loading at all although my network is superb..im in the 11th chapter n i was very excited but this disturbance is just not getting solved,i seriously don't wanna give up in between the game coz this is really a very interesting game. It's is just shows loading but never loads 😫plz help asap
From 2 days its not working. When i open the game it only shows Loading... I can't manage to play it. Please do something. I really like the game but this problem make me sad😒
i love it and I love the people in the game it is really good for me too play with your game so far so good but I don't think it would be better if I was there and play with your company and I will be in a little to far from you yet but eye on it and y at e even eat and I emailed everyone else will it e even e to y to turn on my computer at the moment but will see if you have heard of it and everything you need extra time for a call today y to your place and we can I come by your email you Hav
Well I love this game 💖 I played it long before and I quite enjoyed it I enjoyed the characters and the stories I love the art. I'm gonna play it again right now. Im also playing the other games too. My fav so far is Matt and his story I wish this was an anime. All your stories and characters got me hooked even if I can't buy for more time or the special scenes I wait patiently till my energy is refilled. I love your games and can't wait to see what you come up with next keep up the great work
Would be 5 stars if we could have more energy or have it filled faster. Was a great story line, cant wait to see if there will be another part to see what happens with Gabriel.
It's a great game........ But you only get 300 energy a 24 hour period, so you only get like 6 sentences in. No they have no plans of fix it.
Best app ever! loved this because it make me feel good while reading the characters in it . Really nice app.
Season 1 was fine. Since season 2 has come out I've had multiple glitches, had to buy the same love scenes several times, when I attached my progress to Facebook I lost all of it including all of my pictures. That and the fact that they have made Gabriel even more of a chauvinistic, controlling douchebag.
Why does your energy system so less? Only to play once a day! Dislike it ! You should provide options to earn free gems Alot and refill time every 2 hours at least !!
This game is a total joke. You have no choices or influence on the direction of the story. Slow moving, boring, and lacking input from the user. Uninstalling!
I love Gabriel, is a very nice story and there is a lot of movement between breakup and all. Really suggest this story. 😍😍